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7 thoughts on “The Truth About WWII War Crimes

  1. Chia Cha

    When american capitalists (who introduced dollar credits) after occupation of Japan in 1945 asked Japanese capitalists, do they know how to build oil tankers for new american post WW2 world order, they started to laugh… I mean they were building aircraft carriers few years ago:)) No capitalist will ever get prosecuted in capitalism, even they are one who are starting wars.

  2. Great work, Dr. Steve! For those of us not lucky enough to have attended Cornell, Harvard, and MIT, these little lessons are priceless for our learning. Because they come from someone whom we hold in the highest esteem. I hope you will make many more of these and also keep educating us on geopolitics and other subjects (even cinema, which is so dear to my heart).

    God bless you sir,


  3. David Yuhas

    Steve! Big “Steve Pieczenik Issue” coming out tomorrow…800 Readers here & in Europe…but this Box won’t handle it. Regards, DY

  4. Every time I am tempted to feel sorry for the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I recall what the Japanese Biological and Chemical Warfare Unit did to Allied and other prisoners. In addition, the executed fallen prisoners and civilians of Wake Island and China and elsewhere, especially Nanking, got some measure of closure with the annihilation of these cities which brought this war to a close. However, as we know with programs such as Operation Paperclip which used the talents of Nazi scientists and did not hold them accountable for war crimes, all members of Unit 731, the biological and chemical warfare unit, were granted immunity for their actions.

  5. Addendum: To be precise, The US granted immunity to the members of Unit 731 it had in custody. The Soviets did prosecute 12 members of Unit 731 who were in their custody..

  6. Steve, Please give us an update as to the whereabouts of Julian Assange.

  7. Jan

    Dear Dr.Pieczenik,
    I was wondering if you could do a piece on the Sino-Soviet split. I vaguely recall that when you were on the Alex Jones Show about four years ago, you claimed that the official history of the Sino-Soviet split was somehow distorted; if not an outright myth.

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