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45 thoughts on “The Republic Needs General Kelly and so does Trump!

  1. Chia Cha

    Yes, generals are task orienteded. Most people are, some people are not, BUT society as whole is. Therefore those who are not should not bother society with their aproach. Obama is typical, who knows what this guy is doing. Who can follow that lunacy. Follow what, who, why? Why to risk my head for? Society is platform for communication among members, not for disinfo.

  2. Chia Cha

    Only tragedy of Philippines is that Philliphines are not under communist China or Japan but under USA. That is why they are such tragical case. Philippines had to stay under Spain. 10 year old boys are trained there to work on fat german tourists and play with them.

  3. Chia Cha

    Nigel is right, Philippines have just 5% of muslims and what kind of problems they have. Over there muslims are united with communists also. War is going on every day.

    1. Chia Cha

      Ann Coulter is wrong. When republicans pass amnesty and increase mexican illegal immigration, just SOME people will not vote for republicans, some will vote for democrats. System cannot allow to not have cheap replacement right now, no matter which party have majority that day. Nor system can wait democratic congress. Priorities are priorities. Number of slaves must be in highest possible number, and slaves must be cheapest as possible. And no Mexicans are not that slaves, they have Mexico, you are those slaves they are increasing.

    2. Chia Cha

      Immigration is great, you do not invest in sociali.t programs like school meals for kids, healthcare, you just open borders. In sociali.t scandinavia private TAXI-s are coming to pick up kids, everyone gets tablet, lunch and breakfast, extra personal teacher if needed. All that in sociali.t schools. And no Scandinavia is not so small, they have more people then Texas. Free hospitals looks like spacestations, prisons like apartments of 5000$ per month in coastal liberal capitalist cities. Universitiy is not just free, you get 1000$ per month as extra.

      1. Chia Cha

        Yes Sweden have vouchers and many schools are private, but those vouchers cover 100% and standards are set not by captialists – fascists, but by culture (politicians). You have worse combination. Public schools without vouchers while standards there are set by Ron Paul, Ben Shapiro, Mexico and Dinesh D Souza. Vouchers in healthcare should also exist, with line – healthcare YES, healthcare NO. If YES then they must cover all for everyone. If you are so pathetic capitalsits without money, in need of much money, then for you is Kebab business.


    Trump needs to clean out the Zionist neocons from the Whitehouse and to get some peace loving people in these positions as all he has no are neocon warmongers.

    1. Grannyshouse

      Steve, you don’t mention weather warfare that is being used. The cabal is using it against the very citizens of the world and if left unabated it is going to destroy all of mankind.

  5. BillUK

    Batten down the hatches Dr P…good luck with Irma.

  6. Mario Taillon

    Keith Schiller, the head of Donald Trump’s private security at the White House, just resigned, prettu much because of General Kelly’s policies inside the White House, according to Gotsha News reporting ! … Is this in preparation for the coup against Trump ? …

    1. Chia Cha

      Or to be more specific, capitalism, american way.

    2. Chia Cha

      Trump could end up as new Reagan, allowing another 11M comparatores to enter. He could be shoot, and then he will have to rise level of economic fascism.

  7. Chia Cha

    Like you have private property anyway. In capitalism property taxes on your only house you need to live, are in same amount like capitalist pays on his 10th house he is renting out.

    1. Chia Cha

      Of course, they will make situation like that so they can take all. 😀 De Blasio is right 🙂 Greed must be punished especially when it is allowed by government. Just look what happened with banks, now they all are filled with government money from bail out. You think owners of bank can do something he wants. He as CEO, just is allowed to take more money then other serf in line. Why he is serf now, because he was greedy.

  8. Chia Cha

    Maybe I started to panic too soon. They will leave. If Trump is not shoot. Outsourcing anything is recipe for disaster. Most rape and violence is among people you know and materially depend (you outsourced to), like drug dealing partner, marriage partner… Historically, trade is done because of espionage, before military campaign begins. Trade among nations is dangerous.

    1. Chia Cha

      Smart move by liberal reactionaries, now they will use parody. Or try to.

  9. A Generals understanding of patriotism is to order the Private to take off his mask to test for gas. That is the Generals sense of order. The Generals are not restoring order to Trump, they are cutting him off and alienating him. Trump was not elected for military solutions to civil problems at home or abroad, or to bring stability by war or threat of war, quite the opposite. The feedback loop of the Generals is going to be to command discipline through the ranks, and the ranks are the base that voted not for Trump to command them to carry out his will, but theirs. He ran on issues, they were on his campaign site, and he has done a 180 on most of them. The core of his base, and a very large segment of it are entirely sick of electing politicians who promise one thing and then deliver another, they will not be controlled. Generals will see that as the opposition and move against it. Rather than drain the Swamp, Trump will drain the base, and move to the Democrat camp. Flynn was tied not to the same think tanks that have been promoting botched policy, but to intelligence, who understands the push and pull to bring about intended change. McMaster works against this. The Generals will secure their toehold around the President, but the psychology points to a diminishing of relevancy and the resumption of the activities of the base which saw the soft overthrow of the old political paradigm, as the dynamic period of paradigm shift continues to emerge. In other words, what was early in the Foundation Series an attempt of an old system and Empire to hold on while it in actuality moves to being past tense. You can throw in with them, but it is a ship which has already begun to sink beyond saving. What is being put in place is a container of rigidity which will be unable to adjust to the new and soon to emerge pressures which will crumple it up like a heavy can reaching depth. I’ve seen the psychology of it time and again, and the human material makes the same set of bad choices for the same reasons, which can only be remedied by replacing that human material with one more cognizant of the true nature of the situation. The can crushes, and I work with the real substance that remains, it’s just a matter of time and instance for me, to achieve the desired result. But this is not the team to entangle with, it is already on the way out, even if it embraces your desires.

    1. Chia Cha

      No you do not understand. Roman emperors were diminishing influence of senate by giving more influence and positions to knights. And knights had then trading privileges in trade (therefore non-military) sector. Same should and is happening today.

      1. The forces and psychology I am speaking of can be described by a quote from the Matrix

        Oracle: And don’t worry about the vase.
        Neo: How did you know?
        Oracle: Ohh, what’s really going to bake your noodle later on is, would you still have broken it if I hadn’t said anything?

      2. These are not Knights, this is not Rome, and there is a very long history of Rome not summed up by your statement about diminishing the influence of the Senate, as it was considerably more intricate, and they largely do not apply due to the details in combination with the aspects of human nature currently in synthesis as dispersed and distributed in motion. The Empire I spoke of was the Galactic Empire of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series, in his description of decay and attempts at conservation verses propensity for change and tangential reorganization. What you present are the more mundane aspects, and what I spoke of were the more reticent aspects. The difference between standard empirical working models and an alien period of dynamic shift between paradigms, a paradigm shift. Trump is in the process of being isolated, the Generals are creating the circumstances which pave the way for. And, so long as Trump acts continues this, he and those supporting him will face negative unintended consequences. Not as a matter of proclamation, but of probability.

        1. Chia Cha

          Oh cmon, first time from WW2 we have kinghts doing something in WH and now they are bad. Cmon. What those others would do? Trump and knights are compatible. You are right in one, US is not like Roman Empire, because US is Roman Empire.

          1. The US doesn’t have knights, either in the strict sense or the figurative sense. If you mean the US has people that aren’t knights, but you want to call them knights, then I guess in that sense we have knights. I suppose if we throw out history and the dictionary, we can say we have knights. What large areas of the civilian population and land is under the control or dominion of Generals, Colonels, LtCols, Majors, whatever? Who do they directly tax or conscript from? Which ones can they execute under legal authority? What is the hereditary lineage by which their rule and station is passed? We have Generals, with the nature of modern Generals.

            The US faces certain human psychological difficulties that Rome faced, but we are not Rome. Rome faced simple greed which undermined the system. What the US faces is an intentional and very accelerated set of pushes to collapse and replace the US with something else, by orchestrating pitfalls observed of Rome not naturally present. In other words, any similarities are quite artificial, not real.

          2. Chia Cha

            That general who s son was killed in Iraq is knight and his other son (if he have one will be knight).

          3. Chia Cha

            USA = France + England (conncected by German settlers). France = Roman Galia (cleansed by Ceasar), Britain = Roman Britain (taken by Ceasar also). After fall of Rome, France and Britain just continued, nothing changed there, there were no invasion there. Rome is eternal 🙂

          4. Having a son fall in combat does not make a knight. And quite a bit happened to England and France, including 1/3 of the population of Europe being wiped out by plague and the migrations of the German peoples (who were not Roman), including the Saxons, which replaced the Britons.

        2. We don’t have an empire that has simply grown beyond out ability to absorb populations, brought in in to simply shift power by people that want greater control. What we have are agents and operatives of a foreign central power (China since the 1960s, and Soviets in the mid 20th century) which have infiltrated the system with the intention of replacing a previous system with one of their own making. One which utilizes psychological techniques to bring about the replacement. Today, it is not the spiraling out of control and breaking apart as a result, decentralizing control long term, it is the breaking apart in order to centralize control long term and consolidate. Rome centralized and fragmented into nothing over centuries, we are being centralized into something in decades designed not to fragment control. The fall of Rome was an unintended end, the US is facing a very calculated beginning. Rome’s problems were deep and would have required great effort to remedy, while those of the US are superficial and easily remedied through minimal effort. Rome faced a natural push apart by massive forces, the US faces pushes at odds with the natural inclination, the natural inclination of which would right the course away from the orchestrated pitfalls.

          1. I do believe Chia Cha, that there are those that believe the US is the Roman Empire, who seek to settle a score in effigy of blood guilt. Who see Rome, Christianity, European peoples, and Western Civilization as all part of the slighting thing of great anguish. But I don’t care, such things are trite and worn out, irrelevant. It is the other things, the things that actually matter, that interest me, that will have resolution.

          2. Let me share a glimpse of the not too distant future with you. Rapid advancements in AI, mass psychological modeling, genetic engineering, 3d printing, fetal incubators. The days of living next to a centaur, an intelligent Pegasus, a 180+ IQ genetically manufactured town with eidetic memory and enhanced cognitive ability and constructed behavioral tendencies, or in a town with a clone army or mindless labor force are quickly approaching. That’s where things are going. But I hear how we’re like Rome, or the past is describing today, when we are at the beginning of a paradigm shift. The innovators of the elites are likely very aware of this change, and it is against this global and non-provincial vision you are contending with. Contrasted to visions of invading forces of divided cultures being used to consolidate soon to be irrelevant political and cultural power. What is bread or circuses when the material of man may be changed at its foundation? If you revel in lost legacies of the past, you will have no idea what is in store. But yes, the Generals, the Senate, or whatever obsolescence is being obsessed over. What is happening is an attempt to globalize control, by people quite more brilliant than most at certain things, in order to bring about a world they desire. Orchestration, which can only be countered at such consideration and strategy. By those that recognize this is in fact the 21st century, described best not by The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, but by Zardoz.

          3. Chia Cha

            Not even one technology ever solved any social problem, for instance hunger… This civilization is Roman.

          4. Solved social problems. You might try looking up Zardoz, as in the movie. And Western Civilization ceased being Roman a long time ago,..

          5. Chia Cha

            Change of technology does not mean anything, it just show passage of time.

          6. First, hunger is not a social ill, it is part of the natural biological state of an expansive specie. Second, change of technology does not even show the passage of time, it is not necessarily on way. Thirdly, you missed the point that psychologists and AI are creating artificial pushes and pulls which have taken the population off the natural path or course of events behaviorally. And fourthly, you have missed the point that elites are in the process of beginning to fundamentally alter or replace the biological genetic code to that which is not based on what exists. Thusly, the change in technology has gotten to the point of meaning something.

          7. Let me give you another tidbit. A psychology professor I had years back said, and I tend to agree with him, that 40% of human behavior is nature, 40% environment, and 20% not determined. If an elite class can reprogram that 40%, to not be prone to rebellion or to be subservient, maybe even pushing it to 60% or so nature (genetics, etc.), or to expand the suspension of disbelief, social norms and trends of the past become irrelevant, a new norm has been genetically established. Add to that, psychology as a near hard science on the aggregate, and mental programming through education and audio video stimuli, as well as chemical, and that gives control over a large chunk of the 80%, 40% which is nearly permanent. You have a permanent slave class. Add further to that the increase in technology to make not only human physical labor but mental capacities replaceable with machine labor and ingenuity (genetic code running in a computer for a virtual human mind of far greater capacity, storage, recall, and longevity/experience), and a human class of labor becomes almost an impediment to the degree of near elimination, while maintaining or increasing the standard of living of elites, and all of your past human historical experience becomes entirely irrelevant.

          8. We are not living in Rome, we are living in something quite new and unbeknownst to the modern understanding of human history. This is a paradigm shift, not simply shadows on the wall. We’re well beyond shadows on a wall, though only in the very early stages of it. Capitalism, communism, feudalism, fascism, sedimentary, they are all no longer relevant. This is an entirely new system in current human memory. You have to go to religion and mythology for anything anywhere near comparable, and these people want to be gods as they always have wanted throughout time, and that’s what they’ll try to actually be. If you want to guide toward a better future, a different future, that has to be in the calculations, not some pointless regurgitation of and comparison to a very past history. And in that, these brilliant people have to be kept in mind, as it pertains to planning, because they don’t give up, they don’t stop, they have been very successful, and they are nearly ready to implement their designs for an endgame.

          9. Ok, enough filling a cup with a gallon, it makes such a mess, when I have such trouble even filling a cup with a cup. The Generals. Trump ran on issues. The issues were related to an active base of support for the same issues. The establishment is against those issues of Trump. That means the Democrats and the RINOs, as they are run by the elites. Generals, as anyone with any military understanding knows, are political appointees (politically promoted). Often brilliant and capable, yes, but if they don’t pass the elites litmus test, they retire as Colonels and never wear a star. These generals in particular are pushing against the base. Not to create a new center, but to move away from the issues that won the election. That means to Democrats, which then provides a convenient excuse for RINOs to reach across the aisle and move the party toward the Democrat narrative, in the effort to “get something done,” after refusing to have done what they were elected to do. And taking the lion share of the blame off of Democrats for any problems that arise. That’s what the Generals are doing, not acting as some brave knights to save the Republic or divest power from the Senate.

          10. Chia Cha

            Hunger is social ill, there were no hunger at Incas. Super nice sociali.t feudalism where, it was non existent. And technology development was also non existent because it was non western society. God and King were one. Therefore showing how technology is not important at all but society. Those idiot you are talking about, their ultimate goal it to stop every technological development to conserve society. They are fascists.

          11. Inca conducted human sacrifice, to include children. Not a lot of hunger if you kill off the excess population. Anything beyond picking berries and eating off a carcass is technology development. The idiots are not stopping technology development, they are rapidly accelerating it, and using it to retard the minds of the general population, with the long term aim of getting rid of/replacing most of humanity in the long term, and thusly are not fascist. I have actually read what Mussolini, you know, the guy who invented fascism, described fascism to be, and it doesn’t mean “anyone you don’t like.”

          12. And no, hunger is a natural phenomenon of an expansive specie. Unless other factors limit this. It is not a social ill or a social problem, as it is a physical issue, not simply a matter of moral discussion or debate. Deciding not to send food from a place of plenty to a place of scarcity may potentially be a social ill or social problem, but hunger itself is not. Convincing people they should spend their money on the shiny new car instead of putting food in their mouths may be a social ill or a social problem, but simply not having adequate locally available food to meet the needs of the area’s population is not.

          13. Chia Cha

            There were no hunger at all, therefore therewere no need to kill kids because of hunger, logic is not your strong side. Also Incas had no sacrificial killings. Technology is politicial decision if you are western. If you are not then technology is accidental. Technology cannot solve any social issue of capitalism. You obviously do not understand capitalism.

  10. Larry Clifton

    Thanks for the prayers…now we ALL need to pray for the good people of Florida….

  11. timothy J. wulff

    Dr. Steve,

    Just watched some of your, um, discussion with Alex sent from your neighbors house. and I wanted to thank you.

    Your message about self-reliance, individual creativity and love within our communities is inspiring.

    I am so grateful for your online presence.

    I am moving to the country and I have 20 different professions I have mastered….and more to come! like bee-keeping, an essential agricultural function.

    Your words have given me confidence that I am ideally prepared to face the coming decentralized environment.

    I thank you more than words can say for being you and for sharing yourself with us – We are really lucky for it.

    Timothy J. Wulff

  12. Given the comments of Rep. Steve King [R-IA], the Generals have done quite a bit of harm to the situation. “Trump Base is Blown Up, Destroyed, Irreparable.” Which of course means that the Base will continue change, and Trump can get on board or be left behind.

  13. Margaret Price

    The Generals appear to be turning the “Republic” into a dictatorship. Kelly is blocking access to a constitutionally elected President and the rule of law has been turned into a black comedy. Freedom of speech is under attack daily and the situation continues to deteriorate.

    While I know nothing of the military (suspect considered a “weakness” by Dr. P) David’s comments above about the Generals’ perspectives & world view seem most accurate and appropriate. This is not a philosophical discussion about civilizations. This is about the survival of our Republic and respectfully, Dr. P, you seem blind to the concerns of those who trusted you and believed in the MAGA approach.

    You stated that the “Republic” comes first. Perhaps your definition of it is different? Surely it means “as written in the Constitution.” I suspect I am not alone in this. Either way, we have seen, and cannot un-see, the deep criminality and corruption of the powers of the state and decades of abuse of power. Yet it continues.

    Please do not misunderstand; I hold you and your military colleagues, for the most part, in high regard and thank you-all for what you have done in the past. But this path is wrong.

    While I speak for myself, I suspect many hold the same opinion. While POTUS Trump is by no means perfect, the MAGA train must be allowed to continue, not derailed by Generals who grew up in a controlled, military environment and believe “they know what is best” for the country.
    The globalist Patreus /Clinton cabal supporters have no place in the WH and Trump needs support and guidance, not whatever destructive mechanisms are in place now.

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