The Power of the Bureaucrat!

The Power of the Bureaucrat!

Under Secretary of State for Management/Resources [M], 67-year-old Pat Kennedy, Wields More Power than Secretary of States Hillary Clinton and John Kerry!

A recent article in Foreign Policy Magazine [FP] entitled “The Bureaucrat at the Center of Hillary’s Scandals”, written by John Hudson on July 28, 2016, highlights a Washington truism: beware of the silent bureaucrat, he may be quite lethal!

I first met Pat Kennedy when I was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Management by Lawrence Eagleburger [M] in the late 1970’s. As I remembered Pat, he was always polite, accessible, and very intelligent. He was the person to whom I had to go to in order to allow the Sec State, or anyone else to cut my orders for whatever I had to do overseas. More often than not, Pat would never inquire about my overseas activities as long as I had a receipt for my meals, travel, or other incidentals.

However, I remember one particular occasion in the Reagan/Bush Sr. administration when I went into a Central American country. In that small country, I had  attempted a regime change which had failed. My efforts turned into an extended agitation propaganda, amounting to much sound and fury, signifying very little. My DIA agents, who silently hovered over me, grabbed me out of Harm’s Way and flew me back to the states, unharmed, but somewhat humiliated.

Pat demanded that I repay the USG approximately one thousand dollars which had been advanced to me.Unfortunately,I did not have the time or opportunity to collect receipts while I was being hunted down.

Quietly forceful, Pat insisted that my assignment was not his concern which was completely true. He knew that I knew that it was my obligation to obtain written receipts, irrespective of the danger inherent in my overseas sojourn.Of course, I complied with his insistent, but extremely polite demands.I had no other choice. Even then Sec. State, George Shultz, would never have intervened on my behalf.

It was then that I realized that Pat Kennedy was the supreme arbiter of what was, or was not allowed, with respect to anything relating to the U.S. State Department and its overseas commitments.


That’s why I knew right away that the only person who knew exactly what ex-Sec. State Hillary Clinton had done on two separate occasions [Benghazi/emails] was Pat Kennedy. The FP article delves into the Machiavellian machinations of Pat as the center of gravity for all State Dept. management/resources/activities.

For a very long time, I have attempted to correct the longstanding misperception that POTUS and a Sec. State have all the real power.In reality, neither position carries much power, other than initiating overseas conflicts or mandating executive orders.

Pat Kennedy, as the presumptive head of M had, has, and will have far more power to initiate, execute, and finally implement any program, any sanction or any covert activities. Perhaps more importantly, he determines personnel assignments all over the globe.

We,mere citizens,vote for the individual who has the most influence [i.e. bully pulpit] at election time.The true power lies within the bowels of a giant bureaucracy away from the glare of daylight or any form of intrusion [congressional or otherwise].

I chuckle to myself, when the FP article compares Pat to Stalin.


Pat has never initiated a purge of the State Department personnel despite the fact that someone like myself would have liked to fire many of the FSOs and Ambassadors [political appointments].If the Hillary asked Pat to cover for her on two separate occasions, then it was Pat who dealt the ace in the hole and demanded from her, something in return.
The fact that Republican congressmen grilled Pat for 13 hours as part of a two year Benghazi investigation [cost $12million] is a testimony to the incompetence of our elected representatives who should have known better than waste the taxpayers’ dollars for their exercise in collective narcissism.


The truth is that our POTUS is disposable celebratory entity of little consequence to our everyday life.Yet, the silent bureaucrat is the one who could well determine whether we have U.S. soldiers stationed in Jacksonville,Florida or Djibouti,Africa.

I always follow H.G. Well’s rule:

“To be honest, one must be inconsistent.”

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11 thoughts on “The Power of the Bureaucrat!

  1. Watchmen

    Waste, fraud, abuse.

  2. Ron Sanderson

    Knowing who has the power and how that person uses their power is key to understanding how and when things get done.NOTE TO THE NEXT POTUS. Knowing what is and is not allowed like you say is key to your self control and duty. I have found that respect for my elders be it a hard nosed football coach as a teen or a boss or just someone I admire helps me stay focused and steady and ready to serve. Someone like Pat deserves all the hard earned respect anyone can muster. They seem to like entertaining themselves and the press with political WWF contest in order to score political points. Tonight from the Hill it\’s POLITICAL NARCISSISM ! I would rather hang out with a silent bureaucrat like Pat any day of the week and seek their council than play another round of golf with another head of state. Note to next POTUS Thank you Pat and Mr. Pieczenik.

  3. Full Duke

    Hmmmm… to post…..

    1. Full Duke

      This is perplexing – why do my ‘well-thought out’ posts simply vanish into thin air?

      1. thats a problem, will find out. Comments are an important part of my site.

  4. Learn From History

    Copy your posts before sending them Full Duke, it will save some agrivation. That way if you lose them, for example if the server times out or your ISP has a problem, your thoughts are recoverable.

  5. So can a Trump Presidency FIRE this guy and put some one in who likes Americans and do you have any suggestions?

  6. Furtive

    All about General. John Allen AND General David Be-Tray -us

    Allen had aleady participated in two other attempts to sabotage peace in Syria, in June 2012 and in December 2014, and that President Obama had attempted to have him arrested three years ago, in September 2012.

    Every American must question the loyalty to our US Constitution of every ranking US military officer, active or retired, who works for, or endorses, Hillary Clinton for POTUS!!! Islam, via the Islamic puppet in the Oval Office, has infiltrated the highest levels of the US government!!!

    US security and defense has been compromised through blackmail and intimidation. Obama, Clinton and Panetta all should be tried for treason for the black ops and back door deals with ISIS. These people really do believe they are above the law….and Hillary just proved it by avoiding charges over emailgate. Hillary is one scary old bitch who if given the rains of power will make Eva Peron look like Little Bo Peep.

    General Allen:
    Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Analysis from USNA in 1976
    Master of Arts degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University
    Master of Science degree in Strategic Intelligence from the National Defense Intelligence College
    Master of Science degree in National Security Strategy from the National War College
    taught Political Science at the Naval Academy
    served as the first USMC Commandant (79th Commandant of Midshipmen) at the USNA
    has never been in combat and didn’t serve in any real commanding post until he was promoted to Brigadier General in 2003
    took him 18 months to jump from Major General (2 star) to LT General (3 star)
    after leaving the military in 2013, Allen work as an advisor to Secretary of State John Kerry and former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

    This is exactly the type of General that Obama wanted in his Pentagon!

    1. Furtive

      The White House was spying on Petraeus at least as far back as the date Michael Gottlieb arrived in Afghanistan under the cover of working as a civilian attorney there. When will the media call the Obama administration out for covering up its knowledge of his affair with Broadwell long before the date it claimed Obama first learned of it–the day after the election? When will it ask questions about why it concealed such damning information about the nation’s top spy until after the election? And when will someone finally figure out who Jill Kelley has really been working for? If this were 1972, Watergate would have been a one-week story that Richard Nixon would have survived.

      The major point missed in the mainstream media was a discussion K.T. McFarland had with Petraeus about the Obama administration’s feelings toward him. McFarland shared with Petraeus the gossip she was hearing that Obama was concerned that Petraeus might be interested in jumping into the 2012 Republican presidential race or four years later in 2016. McFarland shared with Petraeus that Obama’s folks wanted to make sure that didn’t happen and were making calculations about what they could do to keep Petraeus out of either the 2012 or 2016 presidential races. Interestingly, according to the gossip McFarland had picked up on, the Obama folks were equally concerned about 2016 when it would be critical to win a third term…

      To be continued

  7. Furtive

    ..the administration was more than happy to pigeon-hole Petraeus at the CIA in an out-of-sight, out-of-mind role that would minimize his political threat to Obama…. Appointing Petraeus as CIA Director in 2011 took care of Obama’s perceived threat in 2012. Exposing his relationship with Paula Broadwell took care of his political ambitions for 2016 and beyond.

    Of course, constitutionally Obama is barred from seeking a third term.

    Presumably she meant getting someone of like mind to succeed him in order to continue his agenda for another four years to lock up an entire generation of Obama rule, but with Obama’s dictatorial and anti-democratic views, anything is possible I suppose.

    He did, after all, manage to get elected despite not being a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution and campaigning on a patently false biographical narrative–a first in American presidential politics?

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