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13 thoughts on “The MiddleEast is about to GET an UPDATE! bout Time Turkey/Iran!

  1. Chia Cha

    USS Liberty coming close to Israel before getting sunk by Israel, was demonstratuion of power aimed at Israel. Probably as a way to explain to Israel what kind of peace deals are going to be best for Israel.

    1. Chia Cha

      When Tito was sending “medical equipment” to Egypt with ship “Tisa”, ship “Tisa” was lost in great storm (official reason) near Crete 13.10.1965, even on whole Mediteranean sea that whole week there was not even one cloud on sky. One person survived. Before that antoher ship was lost also, also one person survived only, one who saw torpedo, and was running on opoosite side to bow. Others were not so agile in running because they were inside. He said to comission to it was torpedo, but comission knew better what happened. It was also around Crete. It was Italian ship di iure.


    Erdogan and MBS are peas in a pod, both are killers and wreckers and both supported ISIS aka AL CIADA which is a creation of the U.S. and ISRAEL and BRITAIN and NATO.

    Therefore if they could all just turn on each other and fight to the last man, that would be just great!

    1. Chia Cha

      Anti-semitic paganism and racism of nazis stopped us from taking both Moscow in addition to Berlin, once already. Now we just have Berlin. And as long Moscow is not in our hand, how there can be peace. Just how you need FED, because as long as Peking and Moscow are there you must have FED to fight their FED. It would be nice if you could explain peacefully to others what is best for all of us but they just do not want to listen. The Heaten Pagans.

      1. Chia Cha

        Germans nationalism is is also anti-american therefore anti-western, because major americans are mix between germans and english. Clean germans showed them self very irresposible and very unprapred in WW2. Barbarossa was badly planned operation. I mean: obiviously. They were not serious enough. Nationalism destroyed Germany.

  3. Iggy B

    Off Topic — It was noted by Gateway Pundit that Authorities have concluded all or multiple “bombs” were sent from a location in the Miami-Dade area…

    …but it was also reported the postage stamps were not canceled. That does not compute…

    Also, wasn’t the supposed Right Wing Mob that accosted Nancy Pelosi in Florida said to be made up of Cubans…?

    Is Cuban Florida the primary seat of another conspiracy to take down a sitting President…?

    How many more Watergate Parallels are we going to witness…?

  4. Chia Cha

    All those corporate immigrants all have credit cards named issued by UNHCR. I do not have so much money to go from Dhaka, Bangladesh, to Budampest, like them… They all have schedule when and where they will take money from ATM, so they must move. All are criminal profiles, of same profile as terrorists. One that immigrant have much much more moeny then 60% of americans have because in america to be dependent on government is propagated as not virtuous, because that is soci@lism. Capitalism is system where when you have less money is better because that is making innovation productivity is high. Soon racist NAZIS will be only realitically attainble alternative. Immigrants are not idiots to work for no money. That is why they will survive.

    1. Chia Cha

      And all those movements are only about money, we live in system where only hierarchy is one based on money. Conspiracies are used just to hide real reason. Capitalists cannot allow two things. They cannot allow our numbers to fall, because then we workers would inherity everything what was built in cold war cheaply in relation to our number, as then there would be too much of built infrastructure around us making us too independent from them because of abundance, (that is why they need to import criminals and terrorists just how they did in Detroit after they destroyed all factories and banned new one so infrasturcure cannot be utulized by workers cheaply), nor they can allow system where we can breed without fear, without paying needed market price for fear to be removed by them as creators of fear. Making our wish to have kid as colateral. That is why west does not exist any more. No innovation can save west. China will overrun USA just how China would easily overrun all those capitalist nations in south america today. Because US and Europe will become those same population which lives in south america and rest of 3 world. USA and Europe are model of economy of canibalistic implosion based on innovation. Innovation is possible if you have your production capacity split among many little owners. Production is capacity and is always limited in some amount, so you only can chose ratio inside you production capacty, between maximum production and no innovation (one owner), and maximum innovation and no production (sub african model where everyone is lean productive and innovative as they carry food on head) maximum number of buseinss owners and number of different products,. Innovation and production able to fullfill needs, are inverse values. Needs of markets and needs of people are 100% inverse in innovative model, because in market economy demand is set by owners of capital (those with extra accumulation)… People without extra capital are not capitalsits, they are slaves working for own expenses (upkeep) to be able to show them self again to slaveowner (capitalist). They do not have freedoms because they are part of forced expenses only:

      1. Chia Cha

        South American capitalsits are highest form of capitalism, USA is on path becoming that, while Chinese are in early stage, which makes them winners. Berthollet of Napoleon was guy able to give us industrialisation and rail road, without capitalism. Had Napoleon started producing his artillery shells he discovered, we would have today industry without capitalists. Industrial reovlution started without capitalists. And was abducted by them so they can when they remove all competitiors start total deindusrialization. First car was produced by french aristocrats in 1769. British decided to be able to control war after they won that capitalists will be those who will control industry. Even capitalism and industry are not connected at all. Aristocracy, clergy and military are only one responsible for innovations. Absolute monarchies are most developed form of human devlopment. Non of invetors are entereprenurs. That is like saying that best doctors are those who work as painters.

  5. Chia Cha

    All communists are very very dangerous, because communism and communsits showed their goals openly. Goal of all communists is to enter capitalism, like they did in 1988. Now all communsits (there are not former communists) in Poland, should try their abiities on free and open market of ideas and services. Maybe some of them could be good painters. Communists were liars telling us that by supressing capitalism while we wait for them to agree when and how is best for them to enter back capitalism, they are building socilism. Communists are product of capitalism. That is why we need military to take their desrerved aristocratic positions and cofiscate whole economy for them self. We need feudalism.

    1. Chia Cha

      Taking about cyber command. Right now in US we have model where corporations as donors in political campaigns are deciding which bureaucrats will give orders to military. Then some general wich are not that stupid and dumb are bribed by corporations to eneter corporate world by giving them some crubs, like general Clark had so he as smart does not get demoted. Under my system every general would need to have own castle bigger then crumbs given to General Jones, as only way to stop much bigger coruption happening right in model we have now. Under which General Jones must support Obama style policies, doing what bureaucrats wants to get not even small castle. It is way more cheaper to every general gets own castle then support this model. More is left for soldiers. George Washington was general and military man.

  6. Chia Cha

    Good news from EU, EU cannot stand Italy any more because Italy have socially right wing and economically left wing government. US capitalists cannot stand that either but they allowed such exception to exist so we can at least ruin this NAZI EU. Before when ever such combination would occur nukes would be on alert. NATO would start GLADIOS, because that is only anti-capitalism/globalism which works.That is why I think that right wing right wing, Poland and rest of east Europe are lost case to be split between China and STASI Germany. Becuase today they follow rules of markets/capitalism, rules (prices) set by rich wich are in Beijing and Berlin. That is why EU commission is not threathening east Europe because economically east europe is right wing capitalist, therefore globalist, even they are right wing socialty, therefore anti-globalist, anti-capitalist socialy, which is secondary threath. And they are right, if Trump is gone, east europe is gone, because then you just buy off those right wing politicans (as they are one accepting markets). In Italy if Trump goes down, Itay stays free because they are anti-market.

    1. Chia Cha

      Golbalist are united. And they rule, we are split and we do not rule. They have right wing economics and left wing cultural policies. While we are refusing left wing economics and right wing cultural policies as our way to choose what works for us. Eisenhower was great republican president.

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