The info on vaccine preservatives and autism is out there!

The info on vaccine preservatives and autism is out there!

I asked a close associate about this Thimerosal issue in vaccines and the JFKjr appointment to study the issue. Here’s what he said (btw PhD in bio-chemistry, famous researcher in Cambridge etc, lots of credentials)…

Timerosol is a known problem. They were supposed to get rid of this as a preservative. The other problem is
the peanut oil they use as an adjuvant .  That was used historically as few had allergies to it. But, with the introduction into vaccines you have seen that many have reactions and serious ones to peanuts.
The other problem is that they don’t map the epitopes that the vaccines bind. They are just starting now.
I developed the method for that mapping. The epitopes are the sequences they bind. There are 20 amino acids.
They bind 5-7 in length of these in some order, for example A.B.C.D.E…if that order appears somewhere else
then you will have a side reaction.  It can all be analyzed as the total sequence of all known proteins are known.
But, it hasn’t been done. I have actually set up a matrix to analyze all those interactions. But, it will take a couple
of years before any science penetrates pharma. Most of them are swiss or german and give the US the tail end of the
distribution. We had problems with the rabies vaccine. It caused optic neuritis in Mimi (she died of it )…I attach the article where a Dutch marine got optic neuritis from the rabies vaccine. It cross reacts with a epitope on the nerves as the vaccine was made with virus infecting spinal chords or in neuronal tissue culture, not against the pure virus.
I had a student that got optic neuritis from the MMR ie the mumps, measles, rubella vaccine. They give cortisone tor reverse it partially.
I give the article to vets around here. They now just do an antibody titre instead of every year, now just every 3 years.
Your husband saved the world from WWIII.  Close call.

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13 thoughts on “The info on vaccine preservatives and autism is out there!

  1. Chia Cha

    Males are getting feminized, women are getting hyper feminized… All chemical processes inside our artificial surrounding are tilting us toward estrogen (plastics, plastic solvents, trans fats) and it is in food chain. Thx to deregulation by rich and because we do not have freedom as collective forbid rich to produce what only they like for profit… When males disappear, nature and genes would again switch and create males our of females. Satan is female also.

    1. Chia Cha

      In surrounding only processes to get some testosterone is by cutting balls of 1000 bulls and then extract it. Also GMO, our rich benefactors (lucky just in USA for now) are selling us apples which does not rot, so go eat apple which is reprogrammed to kills all bacteria around it self, and inside it self, what is that doing to your system of organs for digestion. Cancer.

  2. homosaps

    As I have told my ignorant M.D. who continually tries to inoculate me with a variety of vaccines, each vaccine needs to be individually evaluated for safety, composition and manufacture. Physicians do not do this. The contamination of the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines by the oncogenic virus SV40 and probably other unknown viruses is a horror story. Initial readings of what doctors were doing in places like Africa in the early to middle 20th century is the stuff of horror movies. By the way, as of two years ago, I still hadn’t seen definitive proof ruling out Hooper’s hypothesis that the HIV epidemic may have been caused by contaminated experimental vaccines originating in Africa and the book Dr. Mary’s Monkey provides some food for thought.

    1. takeoutthefeds68

      Do some research. HIV was created from SIV (Simian Immuno Virus) in a lab in New York. There was a Congressional hearing because that lab never registered HIV with the CDC. HIV does not cause AIDS. Most of the diseases that are now listed under AIDS were around since at least the 1960s, and are all caused by heavy drug use wearing down the immune system. The HIV drugs also cause AIDS for the same reason. There has never been a known case of anyone treating or caring for AIDS patients catching AIDS. It’s a hoax created to sell HIV drugs and push a chagce in FDA (Federal Death Administration) regulations to shorten drug trial period from 5 years down to 3 years. Fascism and Corporatism doing business as usual

      1. takeoutthefeds68

        Sorry…typo: change, not chagce

    2. Francesca

      we just went with the 1980’s vac schedule…

  3. Donna

    I got polio from a polio vaccine in 1957. I’ve run into two other girls, the same age as myself who also got polio in that same year and they too have paralysis in one leg. There was something evil in those vaccines, it’s called “culling the herd.” I was told The Center for Disease Control doesn’t have any records of polio cases before 1958, how convenient.

    The soaring rates of Diabetes are caused by many of the prescription drugs for cholesterol and statins given like candy to unsuspecting patients by their doctors. Food producers put corn syrup in everything, no wonder Americans are obese.

    My father is in his 80’s and was in perfect health until he went in for a gallbladder stone removal and the surgeon removed his gallbladder. My father got and still suffers from a staph infection from the dirty surgical instruments used in that surgery and he is now in deteriorating health. There are natural methods for getting rid of stones without surgery and without the use of a cutthroat doctor.

    Bayer and Monsanto have emerged to become the largest GMO/Drug company in the world. So, a company that grows your crops is also making your prescription drugs …. something wrong with that picture.

    After a heart attack, the heart immediately begins repairing itself, yet doctors put their patients on a lifetime of endless heart medications containing rat poison and making them mentally dependent on cutthroat doctors forever.

    Prozac used for Depression has the highest suicide rate for patients of any psychiatric drug out there. If your aren’t crazy, it will make you crazy.

    Doctors should only be used for emergencies. Stay away from doctors, they will kill you.

    1. Francesca

      Obamacare in some ways has been a blessing in disguise- after having to pay $25,000 per year before it covers anything- we stopped going to the Dr and go to the Naturopath- and we feel better and have healed some issues. Drs no longer cure you of anything- they dispense pills to mask it- and until Obamacare, I never realized this!

    2. Dan

      For staph infections i hear Manuka honey cures it, have him put it directly on the wound. Make sure you get raw manuka honey that is 15+ or higher activity.

  4. Helen Stronach

    My father was an obstetrician and gynaecologist and in 1980 he would not let me vaccinate my son, his grandson, because of the evidence he had seen regarding the link to Autism. So many children and families have suffered. I am thrilled Trump is opening this area of discussion up.

  5. Serena


  6. Margaret Price

    Link to table vaccines & autism only to fb but error beyond …

  7. jim dollinger

    it”s Bobby’s boy, not Jack’s

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