The IDF Defies Israeli Civilian Bellicosity!

The IDF Defies Israeli Civilian Bellicosity!
The IDF Defies Israeli Civilian Bellicosity! 
Every Army has a master but not every master has an army.

Israel’s formidable citizen army reports to the Minister of Defense. However, in the past several weeks, IDF generals have had the incredible courage to defy their civilian handlers.In particular, General Moshe Yaalon, a conservative former Chief of Staff, has supported a group of other generals who have protested against Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s harsh criticisms of the IDF’s judicious, temperate handling of Palestinian terrorists.

In the recent NY Times article by Isabel Kershner, May 298,2016, she quotes the following:
“The military chiefs, Mr Avieneri [Hebrew University Professor] said, are ‘not wishy-washy liberals.’ The fissure is not between Israeli right and left, he said, but between ‘strategic hawks’ or pragmatists who put Israel’s security first, and ‘ideological hawks’ who are more concerned with historical rights and Jewish nationalism.”

The article goes on to explain how these senior military officers, along with the distinguished directors of the Mossad and Shin Bet, had refused to attempt an attack against the Iranian nuclear facility—as suggested by Bibi. Furthermore, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, the chief of staff of the Israeli military, informed a high school audience that he would punish an Israeli soldier who killed a 13 year old Palestinian girl holding a pair of scissors.

In contrast to the barbaric, ‘chicken-hawk’, Romanian-born [Moldava], Israeli Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, the military and intelligence chiefs have urged a policy of restraint and proportionality with respect to potential enemies.

The fissure between the IDF/ Mossad/Shin Bet and it’s civilian warlords has opened up so much that Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, the deputy chief of the IDF, gave a speech on “Holocaust Remembrance Day” saying that right wing pronouncements of the Israeli civilian military leaders reminded him of the rise of NAZI GERMANY.
That is some in-your-face-truth!
The relentless bombing of the Gaza Strip by IDF jets were the spitting image of Nazi Stuka dive-bombers destroying Guernica during the Spanish Civil War.
As you have gathered from my present and past blogs, the largest cry for greater military ruthlessness comes not from the Sabras [native born Israelis]; but from those nouveau-riche Americans who held onto two passports refusing to serve their country of birth—America.
Take Ron Dermer, like the Democratic Miami shrew, Debbie Wasserstein, he is the personification of the low-class Yiddish refugees who were fortunate enough to settle in America and become part of the middle class.To be born or grow up in Miami is a code-word for corruption, entitlement and self-aggrandizement. In turn, these hyphenated Israelis, born and nurtured in America, literally want to become more Israeli than those who had settled in Palestine over one hundred years ago.
I believe that in time, the leaders of the IDF, Mossad, Shin Bet will decide that their civilian overlords are not only incompetent; but exceedingly dangerous for the future of the state of Israel. I would not be surprised if some day soon, the Israeli/military community will arise from their imposed moral torpor and strike a blow against their civilian overlords.
The justification for this type of military/intelligence coup is quite rational.The IDF and its military officers are the true representatives of the Israeli people. Every abled bodied individual [man, woman, LGBT]  must serve two years in the IDF. Afterwards, they must remain on reserve status until the age of 40 plus years old.The IDF is the true expression of the political will of the Israelis.
Who are the only exceptions to this mandatory rule? The orthodox Jews who pray all day long in a hovel of pseudo-religiosity exempt from military service.
I have no idea, other than the fact that they are inveterate cowards who hide behind the Torah to mumble prayers of little consequences and greater absurdity. To make matters worse, they deny the existence of the State of Israel; while at the same time, receiving countless financial and political benefits.
In the long run, Israel will do well because it’s primary asset are the brains of exceptional IDF soldiers who have created world-leading cyber-tech/cyberwar capabilities like Unit 8200. Israel could become the model for a cybernation which will become encapsulated in a womb of internet protection.Yet, Israeli/Jewish hubris could spell the downfall of Israel.
If Israel truly believes that it is the “chosen land” for the “chosen people”..… they will inevitably be “chosen” for self-destruction. Remember: Israel needs the precious water they do not possess and must obtain from Turkey by way of Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.
Frederick Nietzsche, the brilliant German philosopher, wrote:
“Everyone who has ever built anywhere a ‘new heaven’ first found power thereto in his own hell.” 

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  1. Hsaive

    Good article. Awareness of the zionist, Jewish neocon involvement in 9/11 and USS Liberty is on the rise. The downfall of Israel could be the solution to Islamic terrorism since ISIS is largely funded and managed by US/Israel.

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