The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

Hillary and Bill Clinton are attempting a takeover of the United States and will stop at nothing. A coup d’état of this magnitude has never been affected in such a subtly calculated way.

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42 thoughts on “The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

  1. Pat

    I fear OBAMA & Hillary opposition is so strong, they won’t back down and that it will require military force to overcome. Or they flee USA for Qatar (so I have learned) where both have already purchased in which to reside.

    Will force be used if they refuse to relinquish their control of us?

    1. Edwin Duke

      Grab the pitch forks and heat up the tar.

    2. Scott

      “Will force be used if they refuse to relinquish their control of us?”


      You betcha.


  2. Andy

    Anything new happening? Steve I served in the USAF. What are saying I have been trying tell people for 4 years now. Thank you for being voice and informing us the truth. If all I can do is to pray for you guys, that is what I am doing.

  3. Sirl brand Can anyone stop Hillary from winning using this method of voter fraud? Is the lady in the video correct in saying that if she is still viable on Nov 8 she will win even if she does not win? Can you and your team stop Hillary?

  4. Enon Harris

    Things are really coming together. Up to almost the last minute it seemed the outcome was in doubt, while actually being perfectly scripted. A plot with a great plot. Hillary’s faction of the deep state was never in the same league as Trump’s. The misdirection going on with Assange was particularly artful, a real magic trick. I’m still not quite sure how it was done, or even what, but I do recognize a beautiful assistant. (Not my type, though.) I look forward to the reveal.

    All the crooks have exposed themselves so totally that there’s going back from them. The whole media-political-legal-regulatory-academic-financial. system can be flushed, and I think that’s what needs to happen. Not just messing around with a law here, a policy there, but a total reboot of law and institutions, a rational, predictable and coherent system for making decisions as a nation, a system that gets the best out of people and rewards them commensurately.

    To do that we need a way of telling who is most likely to be right about the difficult questions. First, it does less than no good to ask people whose interests are not aligned with the core nation, the posterity of the founders mentioned in the preamble to the Constitution. Second, the ability to answer hard questions is measurable – or more precisely we can measure the difficulty of questions that people are capable of answering, it’s the same scale. That is the Rasch / item response theory definition of intelligence. The probability of getting a hard question right falls off steeply when intelligence is lower than the difficulty of the question, so on hard questions the majority will always be wrong, only the people with intelligence up to the job will get it right.

    Therefore to make good decisions as a nation, we have to know the difficulty of the questions we need to answer and we need to make sure that on each question our policy is guided only those with sufficient intelligence for that question. Intelligence and difficulty are not exactly quantifiable, or even exact directions in “mindspace”, but quantifiable enough to do much better than past and present systems. Since all other options are predictably worse, putting decisions in the hands of those competent to make them is a moral imperative.

  5. MRad

    Dr. Pieczenik, I am a 60+yr old grandfather raising 2 little grandkids. Their mother is bi-polar and only calls once every 3 months or so. Not a good situation, by any means. But since I am very vocal with my dissent on-line, I have grown to be very concerned over their future, knowing I will be harshly dealt with and separated from them if the Clintons were to assume power in DC.

    Frankly, I was willing to risk that and lose those little ones because I knew their future wasn’t worth a dime in a completed tyranny Hillary would surely establish in America.

    That said, I’m just so thankful for having someone willing to risk their life in standing up to these criminals, and I know there are millions of others who would be writing much better than I to say God Bless and keep you safe, if they only knew the danger they were in. Thank you from the depth of my heart.

  6. Anonymous

    Ah, good to see your site is back. And great job on the videos Dr P. You’ve managed to raise quite a few eyebrows. Very nice to “meet” you finally.

    Though your ‘Takeover’ video is trending and has millions of views, I fear the nest of vipers is too much for the common Netizen – I don’t see much of a shift away from Clinton by the normies. They can be easily led to the water, but instead of taking a cool sip they shit in the pond. Disturbing levels of brainwashing to say the least.

    Will keep trying though. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

    Cheers, Sir, and thank you.

  7. Kathleen

    Thank you guys for all the work you are doing. You are all in my prayers.

  8. Well done Dr. Pieczenik USA will be free again!! Any demonic curse or form of witchcraft done by hitlary or her occultic witches will not touch you or your team! ! Our LORD YESHUA Has HIS Hand over this more then you Know!! HE is Bringing FATHERS Justice upon our nation Swiftly! ! You will be protected Mighty by HIS Power and angels around you!! HIS Words to you in this hour!!
    Shalom Shalom.

  9. Jodi

    Sir what is taking so long to stop & arrest Clinton and Obama!? We all see how Corrupt they are! I served in the USMC under Ronald Reagan, I believe Trump will be good for America like Reagan. I cannot believe Clinton is being allowed to run for POTUS. This is so upsetting … this must happen before she & Obama try to steal this race from Trump!

  10. Nick

    Can someone clarify for me what happened on Nov 1, 2016? What is the significance of that date? What is this “civilian coup”? Hillary has been running for a year now and has been the presumptive democratic nominee for a lot longer than that.

  11. Jente

    This sounds like a game of chicken. If Hillary and Obama don’t blink first, do you wait to pull out the big guns after the election?

  12. Full Duke

    Follow-up to original coup video here. Better, more complete explanation.

    The “Spiritcooking”emails dropped today on wikileaks. My guess is they are leaking docs that each day are increasingly in shock value, giving the DOJ time to take action – or face that which comes next. I’d say they are getting there with occult rituals and small children. FUNFACT: MSNBC’s Chris Matthew’s even now says he will vote for Trump.

  13. Jb

    What can I/we do to help?

  14. Dr. Pieczenik, I received a Letter of Commendation from Vice Admiral Murphy of Sixth Fleet in 1998/99 for some work with the American Embassy/housing situation, Tirane, Albania. I appreciate the good work you do. As an item of concern, it seems that regardless of the outcome of the US presidential election, that there is a likelihood of civil war emerging, from either the elites should they lose, or by people unwilling to simply endure should the elites win. The reality we face is that there will be a November 9th, 10th, and 11th, just as there was a July 5th, 6th, and 7th. Nothing ends there, it only begins.

  15. dj

    thank you is all I can say. In my heart I knew they were self serving, but the extent of the deception and illegal and immoral acts is staggering. Thank you for exposing this. Keep us informed. Stay safe.

  16. lock her up

    i don’t believe the fbi will carry out the indictment because they are too compromised.
    “the 7th floor group”
    I call upon the NYPD please please please take her into custody before the election
    you have the evidence, if they are allowed to steal the election, it will be too late

  17. F D

    Don’t they want the Secretary General of U N office too?

  18. Kurt

    On July 8, 2003, an article was published, by Bev Harris of Black Box Voting, elections investigator and author of Black Box Voting – Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century, stating that Johns Hopkins and Rice University technologists had discovered secret “back doors” in the Diebold GEMS software source code (which accounts for the tabulation of 50% of America’s votes) by which votes could be changed, in real time, by remote, during America’s elections. [ bushstole04 dot com/hackingelections/national_ballot_integrity.htm ]

    Now Harris is talking about GEMS, (Global Election Management System) being able to have final vote percentages for any or all ballot races for all jurisdictions, for all different types of ballots (regular, early, mail, etc.) supplied by one or more voting contractors and, based of all votes being stored as fractions, it will scale the resulting vote distribution to those percents. And, of course, hide the fractional votes. [jonrappoport dot wordpress dot com/2016/11/02/election-fraud-beware-of-early-network-projections-next-tuesday/] [ blackboxvoting dot org/fraction-magic-1/ ]

    Jim Stone has captured and published today under the heading “BUSTED, HERE ARE THE COMPLETE RIGGED ELECTION RESULTS. TRUMP LOSES.” the current FINAL voting results for next week’s election. Hillary is credited with 42% vs. 40 of the popular vote and 342 vs. 195 electoral votes – which is also 42%; such a coincidence!. ( 82 dot 221 dot 129 dot 208/basepaget2.html ) [in each pseudo-link replace each ” dot ” with “.” (no quotes)] Her credit is obviously built on fraud and theft.

    Remember that her own polls taken by Benenson Strategy Group on 9/30, 10/7, and 10/13 showed her firm support falling from 33, 21, to 13% (10% down each week). (See it at 82 dot 221 dot 129 dot 208/basepageo6.html under the heading RED ALERT: IT IS HAPPENING NOW” as “SEE THIS” (firesign3.gif magnify page 2). ) With the Weiner laptop Clinton email trove having become public since then – courtesy of the NYPD, she’s probably in the lower single digits. Really! Accept nothing more!

    We must stop the use of fractional voting (GEMS) software immediately – because its results can always show she wins 51 to 49.

    BTW, great video statement.

  19. Full Duke

    BREAKING: Finally a semi-mainstream acknowledgement of NYPD involvement in getting Comey to reopen case by none other than Blackwater Founder and forner NAVY SEAL, Eric Prince as the source-of-the-source, of the story.

  20. shawn disney

    I don’t find anything in steven’s talk to disagree with, but I think the process of identifying a properly symbolic and reassuring “Leader” is going to be a killer problem.

  21. Corynne

    I just found you. What the heck planet have I been held hostage on…geez!? Is there anyway this can be made MORE public. I have been screaming this information forEVER!! …I can use the help…I’m getting hoarse. Appreciate your courage and intelligence. I REALLY appreciate ASSANGE. He needs our help to. Hope he is not forgotten after all of this.

  22. Robin Dunfee

    This is a scary situation, it is even worse that the majority of citizens are so oblivious to what is happening.

  23. Robert Czajkowski jr

    Pat shares my sentiments.having all the American people waking up more & more.
    The white hats asked for this & I see a huge increase in last couple years of people waking up.Lets face it, I know many of us would face any Evil without fear but I feel a quiet , secluded meeting with these few top trouble makers, Soros for example,some persuasion can be used to shut them down

  24. Mesa Wind

    I sobbed with relief when I heard your message #thisiswhataPatriotLooksLIke Thank you! I would like to add this to your arsenal for cleaning house. Its key to not repeating the cycle

    Sociopaths do NOT belong in power. Check out or read Snakes In Suits to understand what we need to do to take the republic back and test for sociopathic tendencies. From now on, part of the psych eval for any position of power from cop to judge to politician to CEO is to take an EEG test to screen for malformation of the empathy center of the brain. This one thing will go a looooong way to stop the crony evil sons of bitches from taking the reins and marching us into destruction. This ONE small step will make ALL the difference.

  25. It 8s so hard to think that we are so ignorant as a nation that we didn’t see this coming! She has pull and she’s making sure that her emails are not ,ade public until after the election. We have bad basically no real vote. George @ash8ngton made sure that we p39ns couldn’t really elect a president because we weren’t smart enough. The e
    ectoral college is all we have to d3pend on and they’ve probably bought their votes. Sad

  26. In order to cover their backsides on the fraud — once altered votes come back with Hillary “winning” — for months the press is putting out polls that show how she is in the lead. Most people assume a poll is accurate. Polls can be outright fabrications, or very purposefully sampled to get the desired result, and who would know? Is there an inspector (like Weights and Measures Dept that confirms gas pumps accuracy) who goes around verifying the scientific legitimacy of every poll that is put out — to include those put out by the polling agencies? Not to my knowledge.

  27. Dave

    I cannot believe how a few people can totally take over our country.
    So we have a 1. a rogue president, 2. a rogue Attorney General 3. a rogue FBI Director
    and that’s it, the United States of America, the most powerful country in the world, is totally on it knees and it takes huge pressure to overcome these 3 people. Its absolutely disgusting!!!!!
    We need a redundant Justice System, in case (1) goes rogue.
    Maybe President Trump can implement this.

  28. Kurt

    @Steve, regardless of how the dead or live people vote, and the votes get counted by GEMS, the election is still by the electoral college.
    But the fix is already in: Soros / Clinton bought the electoral college
    See this short [1:23] video: twitter dot com/SouthLoneStar/status/771055302045237249/video/1 Soros is interviewed in a studio with World Economic Forum posters all over the walls, and a Bloomberg banner at the bottom.

    Soros: “… I think it is going to lead to a landslide for Donald Trump in the popular vote. Not in the electoral vote because there paid political announcements will have a big role, and so the electoral thing will be closer but the popular vote will be a landslide … because we are a small minority of extremists so we are all moving in that direction, and while I don’t think Donald Trump has any chance of being elected … [interviewer: but you think Hillary Clinton is a done deal?] … Yeah.”

    Twice he said the popular vote will be for Trump in a landslide.

    He said the electoral vote is decided by “paid political announcements”, Trump has no chance of being “elected” [the lie so often told] – it’s already a done deal.

  29. Kathy Micale

    I am praying to God you are telling the truth. In case you don’t have this info; I live in Queens about 2 miles from Weiner, his address is 1 Ascan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY. He is in the NYPD 112th Precinct. I also found out by accident that there is a FBI office I guess a satellite at
    Federal Bureau-Investigation
    8002 Kew Gardens Rd, Kew Gardens, NY 11415
    (718) 286-7100 I hope this info is helpful

  30. RevolutionaryGod

    Thank you thank you all. I felt God telling me for months to pray for the remnant in the gov.
    Sooo , how about no corruption ? And shouldn’t this roll into an America that cleanses itself, with God ?

  31. Darrel John

    Steve your a hero thank you sir

  32. Kirk Thomas

    I’m a very awake veteran. I’ve watched your videos and I appreciate your actions. But I also find your last video a bit troubling. It left me wondering where you and your partners loyalties lie? You all work for the government alphabet soup which has never had the people’s interest at heart. So how are we supposed to trust any of this?

  33. Alain

    As a former intelligence officer in France , and NATO J2 chief I congratulate and thank you for your courageous engagement and well coming contre-coup d’etat.
    Hoping our two country will cooperate honestly in peace with Russia.

  34. Steven Starr

    Sir, now that Comey has again given Hillary Clinton a pass, has your counter coup failed?

  35. David Abujudom 3

    Do believe Comey knows Trump is going to win and said he is not going to pursue Clinton emails so Obama can not pardon her if she was indicted.

    1. who knows? there is a lot of back door machinations going on, not privy to all. I say what I know, no one human knows everything…

  36. Donna

    Everything you have said thus far, Steve, has happened. Thank You.

  37. […] women voting for Trump“ get the blame) intelligence insiders like Steve Pieczenik tell us another story: Clinton is not only a symbol for a corrupt elite (watch Clinton Cash) she serves foreign interests […]

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