The Donald and Monsieur Jr!

The Donald and Monsieur Jr!

French President Emmanuel Macron: Enough with Your Childish Diplomacy!
When Macron was elected as the youngest President of France, I had serious misgivings about his innate talents. He appeared to me as a hybrid socialist, trained in the finest French schools yet he made certain he glommed on to the Rothschild Banking house. Guess he needed the necessary ‘fric’ [money] to appear independent to his significantly older wife [by 24 years].

Nowhere in Macron’s background is there any evidence the he was tutored in psychology, transnational negotiations, or military strategy. Nor had Macron built any asset base that one might consider admirable. He appears to be a political flunky of the indentured socialism of a failing France.

I don’t say this with malice. I feel sorry for the youth of France because unlike America they are not able to enter the channel of fluidity that exists within our entrepreneurial/capitalist society. Macron’s initial stated goals were to turn around the French economy and make it the predominate country in the EU. Epic Failure on the horizon. Unlike Germany which has been gifted with the genetic drive for manufacturing and business; France is now as always in a state of constant strikes and social discontent.

Strikes in France have become so routine that the national railroad is in a three month hiatus while the workmen negotiate for better wages and retirement plans. Meanwhile, the French citizen has been provided with a schedule of non-striking days when it would be convenient for them to take the necessary train to their intended destination. WTH????

France has become a sad parody of itself. It loses all their major wars since Napoleon Bonaparte who was primarily Corsican and not really French. It bleeds of sanctity, declaring its country to be a haven for all North Africans while in reality these refugees live in ghettos and dilapidated neighborhoods.

Today, France picked a youngster bereft any significant accomplishments, unlike his esteemed- physician-parents. Macron believes that if makes ‘nice-nice’ to our POTUS,  Macron will then compel POTUS into an alliance of convenience. Unfortunately, Americans have no real need for France.

Macron’s transparent audacity is obvious. He thinks he can endear himself to Trump all the while manipulating POTUS to do what Macron wishes. Good luck with that Monsieur Jr!  Trump is by nature and socialization interested in one thing only: ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Trump’s history of narcissistic gratification is based on a gamut of successful and failed attempts at building a full range of multi-billion dollar structures: hotels, casinos, apartments, houses, and resorts. Trump will allow Macron some measure of manipulation. However, he will tender the French President with a bill which would mandate that France send their troops into Damascus to replace our own brave SOF troops. Our special forces are trying to stabilize the conflict which HRC, Obama, and the French started some decades ago. After all the French created the Alawite dynasty in Syria.

Now, Trump is invested in the making the previously un-obtainable denuclearization of North Korea possible, alongside a peace treaty with SK.

Macron: If you want to suck up to Trump then be careful that you don’t end up being completely humiliated! Please remember that you have your own problems to deal with…..

“We’ve got Islamists in our country. Their demands are incessant!”
Deal with it!

Ainsi soit-il! So be it!

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12 thoughts on “The Donald and Monsieur Jr!

  1. Chia Cha

    Germany solved problem of strikes by allowing workers to elect 50% of board members (for companies with more then 2000 people). That is why German companies today are the best, and german companies did not close and move to China, simply any such move was overruled by workers councils (workers board members). In French and in American companies that is not allowed because France and USA does not have industry worthy enough for ruling banker and capitalist class to keep because only German companies are important for capitalists military machine (Krupp Rhein Mettal, MTU), as germans are champions in industrial electronics. Sadly all others must switch Wall Street and go in to financialization (closed), such is decision by capitalist central planners. Sadly capitalists are not 100% insane. French would never copy german model because capitalsits would never allow that in France.

    1. Embrey

      Obama would agree with your German (General Motors) style solution.
      If you punish the investment class your economy will grind to a halt.
      The only reason there remains German industry is because China wills it. The European Union was created to subvert the American economy. You will lose.

    2. Embrey

      And if you don’t agree with me ask Dr. Steve.

      1. Chia Cha

        GM would have been saved by Trump also, GM will be needed to produce military vechicles… Soci@lism is needed if you want to win any war. Investors should be automated, they panic, they get sweaty, they invest only to divert competition from them self, they are expensive… etc etc… plus Trump is returning all gold to China right as we speak for Chinese to not dump that wall street paper… I just cannot accept that my advices are not accepted.

        1. Chia Cha

          I mean I would accept this financialization if ather that goal is middle class and this is only model to win, and that is needed to win, but I am afraid middle class will not exist ever again nor victory is more secured this way.

  2. Jason

    Macron is once again the young student with a crush on the teacher. “Don’t stand so close to me” -Sting.


    Macron is a Zionist and Trump is a Zionist puppet and the U.S. special forces and the other U.S. forces need to get the hell out of Syria as they are in Syria illegally and have done nothing but destroy the country.

    The Zionists who control the U.S. gov have destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen all for ISRAEL, the criminal warmongering cabal that is destroying America.

  4. Jean-Maxime Corneille

    Doc, you know Micron is a genuine caricature, as a psychiatrist you can honestly laugh about this.
    BUT of course he is very reliable fro an US point of view, as he helped to give up Alstom strategics assets to the US…
    He is a traitor and only wants to exist, to be recognized…

  5. LBZ

    It is tragic that France destroyed its monarch only to disintegrate into a faux monarchy with mini-minds like mommy-obsessed Macron. Can you imagine the costs of all the cosmetic surgery that Macron’s mommy-wife? How many hungry French families could have been fed, instead the egomaniacal woman clings to a plasticized with and her plastic boy-toy that now prances about seeking approval from Trump. As for Trump – it’s time to admit he’s betrayed everything he said during his campaign. It seems Trump is as much a fraud as those who seek his favor.

  6. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.
    What you see is just a show. It’s a movie with actors in front of t.v. for the crowd and to appease the puppet masters in the EU. Macron has to say what he has to say to please his puppet masters in Brussels. Surely you read that 2 weeks ago Macron said that France MUST accept 150-200 MILLION BLACK AFRICANS(VIRTUALLY ALL MUSLIMS) OVER THE NEXT 30 YEARS OR IT WOULD BE TREASON. His words, not mine. Juncker, president of the EC, gave Macron the usual praise for the continuation of the planned and strategic implementation of the extermination of Whites and White Christians in Europe. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Trump, Macron, Merkel, and May are actually working towards escaping the diabolical EU-NWO-Rothschild-Satanist-sex trafficking-child murdering-body part selling-drinking blood-parasite cabal.
    “EURAFRICA” – French president says Europe must accept 150 – 200 million African (mainly Muslim) migrants in the next 30 years
    APRIL 18, 2018
    In other words, Emmanuel Macron, like one of his predecessors, Nicolas Sarkozy, says Europe must finance its own white genocide because of its history of colonization. Thankfully, Eastern/Central European countries are having no part of this insanity.


    Our Lady’s Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary
    The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

  8. Tof

    Here ‘s a french guy.

    You’re right.

    The french deep state/NATO/ managed the terror attack of the Bataclan as an institutional “coup d’Etat”, followed by the “french patriot act”, now embeded in the Constitution.

    The french journalists of Charlie hebdo were slaugthered by the french deep state.

    False flags and ritual sacrifices.

    In november 1915, Hollande was politically dead, the french State authority was in danger, the COP21 15 days later, it was time to kill the french democracy.

    So it was time too to decide who will be the next President.

    Hillary was in touch with Macron even in 2012 and the globalist french network Rothschild/Attali/Minc in charge.

    Never forget : the National Front of the Le Pen family is a psy op from the beginning in 1972, a controlled opposition.

    Even a goat would have won the election against Le Pen.

    Election was rigged.

    So the french Republic is dead.

    We are leaving under a dictature.

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