The Dispensable Mike Flynn!

The Dispensable Mike Flynn!

The Dispensable Mike Flynn!
The recent firing of Mike Flynn is par for the course of any new administration. When a new POTUS comes into office, he must evaluate the performance of his subordinates.

Even more difficult is the fact that POTUS must insist that their performance and integrity [whatever that might mean] meets the standards that POTUS has set for himself and his WH.

Lt.Gen. Mike Flynn has been a loyal soldier. He did what he was supposed to do in order to facilitate Trump’s ascendancy into the WH. However, rumors were floating around that the National Security team in the WH was fragmented and not properly synchronized.

I emphasized the need for a strong national security leader in one of my former blogs. However helpful and effective Flynn may have been in the past, he became a liability in the present and for the future of Trump’s tenure.

Whether Flynn did or did not consort with the Russians or whatever other narrative is offered to the press is completely irrelevant. What does matter is that whatever POTUS decides is best for his WH becomes the sine qua non of any present or future actions that he might have to take.

The dismissal of Flynn underscores a salient point that I have repeatedly stated about all politicians, leaders, and operatives. They are dispensable.

The president has to make swift decisions in trying moments without having access to the full picture. Trump works at warp speed consistent with ruthless businessmen who are usually very successful. He may or may not allow one or two mistakes to be made.Trump will not hesitate to bring the ax down when necessary.

Please rest assured that Trump has built a very strong phalanx of operatives at the cabinet level who are effectively manning the key national security positions. In time, one must expect that more civilians and others will be dismissed. That is the nature of a vibrant capitalistic democracy where no one is guaranteed a livelihood or a sinecure.

Many civilians in the massive USG bureaucracy should be frightened. They too realize that they are disposable.That’s why we elected the “Fixer” Donald Trump to create a smaller federal government and a larger private sector.

Remember the Republic is intact and quite healthy. Heads will roll in order to make the USG more streamline and productive for the 21 st century. Thank you POTUS Trump!

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59 thoughts on “The Dispensable Mike Flynn!

  1. wotw

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dr. Pieczenik. So does this mean you are taking the MSM narrative as the actual reason why Flynn was let go? You seem to sidestep opining on this.

    The Free Beacon is reporting it was because Flynn jeopardized the Iran nuclear deal

    I’ve seen other allegations that Flynn was let go for various other, more “conspiracy theorist” reasons (pizzagate, etc.) Or setting up for a power grab via the 25th amendment.

    Meanwhile the FBI actually reviewed Flynn’s calls last month and found nothing illicit.

    So how Flynn could be dismissed for not mentioning to Pence having discussed sanctions with his Russian counterparts is beyond me given that the FBI decided that Flynn hadn’t violated the Logan Act. It feels to me that the soft coup hasn’t actually ended (or call it the counter-counter-coup), and that this is but one more brush up in a war that’s been going on since before the election.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      I think the issue is that what is perceived eventually has to become a primary point on which to take a decisions. Whatever false allegations were made about Flynn, it appears he misled Mike Pence regarding his conversation with the Russian ambassador prior to Flynn having the authority to discussion Obama’s sanctions against Russia.

      Trump is so heavily beseiged from all quarters, he had to make the decision to defend the credibility of Mike Pence who would otherwise be caught up in the rumors of miscondict. Of the two, Flynn or Pence, Flynn was the lesser symbol and thus was asked to resign. My guess is that Flynn wilingly fell on his sword for the sake of shoring up support for the Trump-Pence team. It does seem absurd that – even as a private citizen – Flynn would be attacked for discussing sanctions against Russia. It may have been a minor and brief discussion, or it may have been a promise to lift the sanctions, and that would have been inappropriate. Whoever was tapping or spying on Flynn would have known what was explicitly stated. Thus, I’d tend to surmise that Flynn may have made allusions to the effect that he favored the removal of sanctions and that he’d encourage Trump to do so or that Trump was also in favor of that decision. So, whatever the realty is, the perception becomes the guiding influence in the decision to ask Flynn to fall on his sword for Trump.

      When these hysterical idiots find their bone is not worth chewing on too much longer, they’ll let go – only to go in search of a new bone to gnaw on.

      To my mind it amounts to treachery and efforts to defeat the elected President which harms the nation and its international stature. The question we should be asking is – how long have airheads and /or malicious idiots been undermining the strength and global interests of the U.S.? I’d imagine it started decades ago, if not from the very beginning of the founding of America.

    2. Kerri

      I don’t believe this doctor. Here’s my take…
      Jan. 22
      Nearly immediately after Trump’s inauguration Jan. 20, Flynn wasted no time and ordered one of his top deputies of the National Security Council, Robin Townley(who Flynn appointed himself) to begin an investigation into the CIA and its links to international drug cartels.

      Feb. 9, 2017
      Trump’s Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking

      Feb. 10th
      the CIA rejected Robin Townley’s request for an ELITE security clearance required for service on the National Security Council (NSC). He was one of the Marine’s most secretive undercover intelligence officers and had long maintained a top-secret level security clearance. The rejection was approved by Trump’s very own CIA director Mike Pompeo. This now forces Townley out of his new NSC post.

      Feb. 10, 2017
      Jason Chaffetz sent letter to James Comey Jan. 27, ordering the FBI turn over the secure cloud storage of emails from Secretary Clinton’s private email server no later than noon, Feb. 10, 2017.

      Feb. 13, 2017
      Steven Mnuchin confirmed for Treasury secretary.

      One of Robin Townley’s first discoveries in the investigation, was the CIAs frequent use of an aircraft identified as a 2006 Israel Aircraft Industries Gulfstream 200 (tail number N200VR) owned by a company named 200G PSA Holdings LLC in Miami, Florida, and that, in turn, is owned by Samark José López Bello.

      Feb. 13, 2017
      General Flynn personally directed the US Department Of The Treasury to place immediate sanctions on Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami and his associate Samark José López Bello for being international drug traffickers linked to the CIA, Islamic radicals and the Clinton Crime Family.

      Feb. 13, 2017
      at about 10:00 p.m. Mike Flynn resigns

      To distract the People, the CIA, fake news, democrats, establishment(rinos), continue to bash Flynn, demanding an investigation, hoping they can somehow drag President Trump into the mix as having known about it all along.

      That’s my take on this matter, and I’m sticking to it!

  2. Fivi Zogbi

    Dr. Pieczenik: I assume you are up to speed on the “leader” of Canada, the person for whom I have the lowest possibly regard. However, Canada is really at the mercy of the U.S. I had hoped that Trump would have taken the spoiled brat, silver spoon, trust fund overgrown child over his knee and spanked him for all the challenges Trudeau has self-righteously tweeted out inviting those “refugees” rejected by Trump’s decision to come to Canada where they’d be welcome. Justin Trudeau, who’s donned the mantle of premiership, presuming it was his hereditary right as he is the communist loving son (superficially speaking) of a true communist die hard, his father Pierre Trudeau, and thus JT regularly plays to his audience and defies Trump by tweeting out immediately after Trump has issue a position. I am bewildered at how well JT was treated by Trump while JT is really an airhead who told 60Minutes he’d “failed a whole bunch of highschool courses” because he was so distraught living in his father’s shadow. Pierre Trueau was a well-educated seeming intellectual who was openly pro-Communist. Pierre Trudeau was Jesuit educated and was a snob of the highest tiers, along with his comrades in arms as they took over the Canadian government.

    Do you, Dr. Pieczenik, has any insights on what might have been the less publicized results of the Justin-Trump meeting? I may have been interjecting wishful thinking when I thought I saw in Trump’s eyes a recognition that JT was a bimbo while Trump’s smile seemed to contradict what I hoped I saw in his sidewise glance at JT when they were at their respective podiums. It may be that Trump sees JT as a minor issue at this point.

    1. Bert In Canada

      Actually Trump may see the boy prime minister as a useful idiot. Trudeau may be content to think he made some real feminist advancement.

      1. Fivi Zogbi

        You’re likely right that Trump sees him as a useful idiot and that would be a reasonable assessment by Trump. As for Trudeau’s posturing, he’s appointed so many unqualified people to cabinet portfolios – most significantly many of them are not born in Canada but in failed Muslim countries like Afghanistan and Somalia. Trudeau appointed a woman who claimed to be born in Afghanistan and came here at 11 yrs old to head up the overhaul of Canada’s electoral system.

        The task of creating a new electoral system is an extreme task and should be headed by someone with intense historical, democratic, constitutional and political credentials. But, no, he appointed a mouthy smart-ass woman who made ridiculous statements in the House. She was replaced but the biggest irony? She was actually born in Iran, not Afghanistan, and so that makes her citizenship questionable as based on false information.
        Citizenship in Canada has become a cheap commodity. But Trudeau could indeed be useful, somewhat like putty in the hands of Trump. I hope so, for the quality of our lives in Canada depends on US influences. Many of us are hoping desperately that Trump will restore our quality of life too. We’ve always ridden on the US coat tails in prosperous times.

  3. Jennifer Hess

    The mostly awake, informed majority, can see that POTUS is surrounded by/has surrounded himself with those who are only interested in serving their own agendas, just to name a few…
    – RINO’s/Dem’s, both within his cabinet and the majority of Congress i.e. Priebus, Spicer, Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham and Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, Feinstien, Cummings etc
    – The judicial courts ie 9th circuit
    – Local/State Governments ie Washington, Oregon, California, Virginia, Minnesota etc
    – The deep state/shadow Government, military industrial complex (Obama/Clinton Inc)
    – The MSM/Press Core.
    …And there are many others

    Yet he chooses to cut down Flynn, who America LOVES, and who has proven to be a patriotic American (with balls of granite), at a time when the left is desperately trying to reignite their “The Russians Did It” narrative?! I admit that the American people aren’t privy to the facts (they seem to be in short supply these days) surrounding the firing of Gen Flynn, but what we can see is that Pres Trump appears to be caving, trying to pacify the left, which will not be swayed by anything he could offer them. We can also see that now that there is blood in the water, the fiends have whipped themselves into a frenzy and are aggressively hunting for more blood…more heads to roll!

    We are left scratching our heads, with more questions than answers and left to our own to try and make sense of what just happened and is coming down the pipe so that we can successfully navigate our way through the nationwide turmoil Flynn’s firing has caused! Why did Trump choose this path when there are so many they are actively causing great harm to his admin as well as to America as a whole? I mean, the aforementioned treasonous, seditious, scum are now redoubling their attacks and continuing to undermine, attack, call for investigations, ignore the rule of law, slow walk OUR mandates, push propaganda, persecute law abiding citizens for expressing any feelings/opinions that the left doesn’t agree with, threaten, bully, brainwash the masses, silence honest journalists, censor/shut down social media accts for no reason/bogus reasons controlled press and God knows who else??!
    It’s rubbing the American people the wrong way. The Trump loyalists are loyal because we believe in Trump…BUT because Priebus, and his ilk have been able to successfully isolate him from the very people who elected him and because he appears to be becoming, with every passing day, more like the swamp and less like the people who elected him and his surrogates simply are not going to cut it!
    President Trump MUST NOT allow ANYONE or ANYTHING to prevent him from being the “Trump” he was during the campaign, and from bypassing the establishment control grid, to speak DIRECTLY to “We The People,” and doing so on a regular basis!
    In these very dangerous, volatile and fast paced times, we need him and he needs us to be in sync with one another, otherwise, I’m afraid that the WELL ORGANIZED leftist-Marxist revolutionaries will ultimately succeed in dividing us! With technology being a proven avenue for which POTUS is able to reach us, instantly, there has got to be some sort of a national online system, open source, where we, the American people, can go directly, electronically (i.e. Chat room), to Pres Trump, or his cabinet members, to ask questions, or even meet up as citizens to brainstorm together and come together in support of our President or to call him or his admin out if need be, and where he can go directly to the American people!
    We do not, cannot trust our local state politicians to represent us and we certainly don’t trust the media. He really should provide a path for this type of two way communication, I believe, otherwise, the left/right globalist shills will likely succeed in causing enough doubt, confusion, damage and discouragement to successfully stomp out, our attempt to restore our Constitutional Republic to a functioning, pro law and order, nation! One more thing…Americans will not breathe easy until we start seeing those who have committed crimes, across the spectrum, investigated, arrested, tried and sentenced!

    1. Chia Cha

      Do not worry, those real anti-captialist Marxist will never come on power if you stay calm and united. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi… democrats, all voted for all Trump nominees … 😀

    2. Rodney Thomas

      Jennifer, I agree with your comment. Lord knows I want to believe Mr. Pieczenik’s explanation! But now Trump is tweeting about Crimea being stolen, Obama soft on Russia etc. It is VERY HARD to see the Flynn resignation as other than a successful Neocon Coup. For a while I will keep fantasizing that Trump is a supreme strategist and will pull a rabbit out of the hat…but it is looking very dark right now. The anti-Russian madness is ramping up and remains relentless. Will Nuland or other neocon nuts now come into the administration?

      1. Byron

        Did Obama loyalists want Flynn out because Flynn knows the horrible details and deception of the Iran deal? Now that Flynn is a “citizen” again, he is unable to release those details without breaking laws. Just a thought because I am puzzled like many.

        1. Byron

          Really enjoy your work and commentary and interviews with Alex jones. Thank you for all of this.

        2. Kym Strickland

          Maybe its a strategy. Perhaps now they will have to do a congressional investigation which will expose the people that are undermining the presidency. Just a thought

  4. Helen Stronach

    I’m glad you gave your point of view on this matter as it is reassuring, thank you. I do believe Trump is doing his level best to wade through the problems he is facing, which at times must seem overwhelming. I wish we had a Steve Pieczenik and Donal Trump in Australia! Any friends down under?

    1. at a certain point ALL systems need to be “cleaned out”, its never a pretty process. Australia has a great culture and I know there is leadership brewing that will “do the right thing”… media is key because its the ONLY way to keep the citizens informed of the truth. Just remember, humans are animals and their behavior can be predicted and modified. Just use the “farm” analogy, explains a lot. When there is plenty of land, food, water etc…everyone is happy. Yet, when there is fear (terror), scarcity (or perceived fear, scarcity), humans behave very badly. Thanks for your support!!

      1. Chia Cha

        Errr, humans are not animals, they are 100% humans, just polluted with animal part of brain. Manifesting it self in capitalism. Humans are humans because human genome if nurtured in society will give us humans. Human will stay animal, if raised by animals. But because of human genome he can again become human if he come come back to society. We need to make test does person raised by monkeys is able to know that he will die, because animals do not know that.

        1. Fivi Zogbi

          I respectfully disagree. It’s a reality that humans are animals. The presumed difference is that we presumably have an intellect that is capable of higher discernment and to make more moral choices. The fact we have the capacity to behave better than amoral animals – and yet humans often choose to behave in even more depraved ways – may indicate that, on an imaginary moral scale, humans are even less moral than animals. It is the aspect of access to choices, and the willingness to make malicious choices, that would place humans in the lowest category of the animalistic realm.

          1. Chia Cha

            Humans are not animals, they are artificially modeled natural beings – animals, manifesting them self as half natural, half artificial beings because artificially modeled them. Put human brain on brain of animal. Simple as that. Of course you must encode human brain in genome, you cannot do it after :). I guess someone saw human animals as good platform to be modeled. Dr. P. is right that material determines behaviour – but i would rather say it distort behaviour.

          2. Chia Cha

            For instance, go drive fast, on narrow road. Your stupid animal part of brain will enjoy it, but your human part will say stop you can kill you self – odds are not very good. While animals does not think that way, they do not think at all, they are just biological computers not counting their death.

  5. Doug

    Trump seems to have gotten the message he needs to keep the neocons out and has managed to do so. Michael Flynn had an impressive resume and seemed to be effective in the field of operations but for whatever reason it wasn’t working out. I’m sure Trump can find an adequate replacement. Good to hear the sky isn’t falling in because of it.

  6. Full Duke

    Nice propaganda website your running here Steve. Good job, if you have any readers left – it means you fooled ’em. I wonder how you will be able to spin the stories of Bannon, Conway and Miller when the media and spies in the administration help them out the door. Any comment on the Awan brothers?

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      Nice display of envy or malice – while you also insult all of us who read this site. So what’s your problem? What is the point you’re trying to make while hiding behind an alias?

      Create your own website and see if there are enough fools to give you any credence.

      1. JCMR

        Full Duke is trolling, or one of the Black Hats arrogantly spewing his bile to Dr. Pieczneck

  7. BottomLine~

    “The president has to make swift decisions in trying moments without having access to the full picture. Trump works at warp speed consistent with ruthless businessmen who are usually very successful. He may or may not allow one or two mistakes to be made.Trump will not hesitate to bring the ax down when necessary.”

    Exactly………..and that’s all I need to know. ~

  8. james millar

    Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD what are the good guys in the intelligence services doing to help Trump with the non-stop assault by the left(communists)

    Nancy pelosi is doing a great job of hanging her self, that woman is really losing her marbles

    and why do leftys have such a crush on Islam?

    1. Chia Cha

      Because we can make humans out of them. Only we are able to remove capitalism out of religion, at least 90% of capitalism. We can make humans out of “Christians” also. You know, those deviations when priest have more property then factory worker… and similar abnormalities.

      1. atra hasis

        You mean by sending people to death camps that dont agree with you. the leftys(communists) and Islam are totalitarian thanx but no thanx.

        proper capitalism is where entrepreneurs invent products and services, the market then decades their success or faluire.

        Communism is the collective, i prefer the individual

        1. Chia Cha

          Markets are flow of goods, money and services, owned and controll by rich capitalist minority. They also have private media which gives free commercial space just for them, because they own all that media. There is no poor owner of media therefore there is no market, What are you talking about. Go create some new Papsi, or Coccky Ckolla, better one, healthier and cheaper, and go sell it around without commercial. Let s see how soon you end up on food stamps.

          1. atra hasis

            The Markets are not just the flow of good and services, theycare the preception of whatever the product or servicess success /faliure.

            When the Markets tanked in 2008 if the system really was rooted in capitalism , their would have been no bail-outs what went under would have went under, now you have to big to fail.

            when you start off with idea you get investors to bankroll you, thats how you raise the money.

            Markets have always been rigged still capitalism offered the best chance of the little guy getting a piece of the pie.
            Communism offers nothing except plenty for the central commity scarcity for the masses.
            The Soviet union and Venezuela spring to mind

          2. Chia Cha

            Yes but media owned by few tells or create context in which that product is success or failure. And, no, problem with communism, was and is that no one knows how communism looks in reality. What happened in countries ruled by “communist parties” was that by removing capitalist class, only what we got was bureaucratic caste taking position of abolished capitalist class. We got state bureaucratic capitalism and collectivist totemism.

          3. Chia Cha

            They were all anti-Marxist, because by definition every member of working class should have more material resources as individual then any member of bureaucratic caste (politicians), military caste or clerical caste. Which was 100% false. Only material evidence that we have dictatorship of working class is that any member of working class is richer then any of those above. INDIVIDUALLY. So we did not even had that.

    2. Truth Teller

      I agree. The good guys in the IC need to start staging a counter war against their anti-Trump counterparts in their midst. I really wish they’d start dropping some truth bombs. While Dr. Pieczenik seems confident that the Republican majority in Congress can prevent any impeachments, etc., let’s not forget there are many RINOs in there who are clearly compromised, and the bad IC can use this leverage to tip their votes and any support they would have for Trump. The pro-Trump IC really needs to get activated now and expose the traitors in their midst.

  9. Sethian7

    Trump is surrounded by cabal enemies. It is said that the Chinese want Ryan in after Trump resigns, which is slated to happen soon. Ryan is compromised by Soros and the cabal. The only thing that will assure me is to hear from Dr. Pieczenik that the counter-coup alliance will either ensure that Trump can stay in office OR that they will not allow the neo-cons to assume power, should he resign.

    1. Sethian7

      I know Steele is unaware of some factors about which Dr. Pieczenik has informed us, but he makes some great suggestions for the alliance.

    2. Chia Cha

      This one is his, even better interview…

  10. […] he made a phone call which was part of his work – what about those who really commit treason? Steve Pieczenik points out that Flynn (as he himself) helped to get Trump in office and was not designed to stay in […]

  11. Rodney Thomas

    I just saw Dr. Pieczenik’s interview about all of this on Infowars. As soon as it is posted here or at Infowars you must watch it. It will be give you great hope and reassurance. Also, Alex (compared to usual) barely interrupts! So, it is definitely worth watching and spreading to others.

  12. Ted Croushore

    The sentiments in the free media spans the entire spectrum from the reactionary to measured. I read them all and they all have a certain value. I deeply appreciate your experienced, measured, mature, and unemotional perspective, Dr. Pieczenik. You’re a Patriot, Sir.

  13. clarioncaller

    The media case against Gen. Flynn was based on ‘leaked’ national security material. Last time I checked, it is against the law to divulge such info. The ‘Shield Law’ does not apply in this case. These ‘so-called ‘ journalists should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. Looks to me like these ‘presstitutes’, in their zeal to capsize the new administration, may just have been caught in a ‘Canary Trap’.

  14. gotajones

    John Schindler (ex NSA) is tweeting that IC is now going nuclear on Trump. Is this what we have to look forward to for the next 4 yrs? Seems like at the time of the election there were some internecine wars going on among the agencies, but now it’s just a dogpile on Trump. Who is this John Schindler?

    1. Truth Teller

      John Scindler is a perv. Per the daily mail, he was investigated for sending lewd pics of his privates to a married woman, while he was teaching at a military college (a la Anthony Weiner. He was also investigated for harassing emails. He’s obviously corrupt and I wish the IC community that supports Trump would take him down. At minimum, the alternative media should expose him for what he is.

  15. Eileen

    Wonder if anything will happen to the journalists who leaked the information? They did commit a crime, perhaps even a bigger one than Gen Flynn.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      The journalists were not at fault. They were enjoying what was presumably a spoon fed “scoop”. The ones who committed an illegal act would be the person/s who first spied on Flynn and then “leaked” the info to the journalists.

      As a former journalist, I feel their ongoing and repeated sins or crimes are that they continually fail to name their sources. That would be the greater story. I also fault the public for accepted unattributed information for so many decades. It is now easy to falsify anything and create what is now called ‘fake news’ while falsifying the public record and creating chaos. However, another problem is that “TRUTH” is subjective and anyone can convince themselves that he/she is ‘creating truth’ for the greater good.

      Who can honestly define truth that is not subjective or contextual but meets a universal standard to which all can agree, whether or not they like the ‘truth’. Can anyone define that kind of irrefutable, universal truth?

      1. Truthteller

        The journalists DID commit a crime. Just being in possession of extremely classified information like that is a crime. The leakers of course, are guilty of a greater crimes. On a professional level, I think it’s clear that the journalists are not really “journalists” but IC plants working in mainstream media undercover. It’s not uncommon; the IC works with major media for these operations. Check out Dr. Ulfkotte, a veteran journalist, and his testimony about this problem. His videos are on the web. Unfortunately, he just passed away last month.

        1. Fivi Zogbi

          You are partially right but any reporter would be obligated to reveal information if it’s in the public interest. I should have stated that by accepting illegally obtained information and then publicizing it in a negative framework, they were guilty of knowingly attempting to bring down the democratically elected president. But the far greater crime is the intel people who had the ability and access to spy on Flynn and then to knowingly and criminally feed that info to reporters who’d gleefully run off and report this illegally obtained information.
          But why are those involved no prosecuted? I can understand the naked, hungry ambition of reporters and they’d even rationalize that their failure to report the information they were given would have been negligent. How many times in the past have reporters defied judicial demands they disclose their sources? Why does this not happen anymore? Perhaps when Trump’s people are in place and are not under siege they’ll be able to focus on prosecuting reporters and demanding they reveal their sources for while the reporters job is to reveal information, they also are citizens with obligations to protect the country’s interests and its legitimate elected leaders.

  16. I heard you on Alex Jones today. You seemed very confident that the Trump WhiteHouse is doing very well and on track.
    All the guests on Alex’s site, seem to have a much different view of how the opposition is poised to pounce on Trump.
    What is correct?

  17. Tim Ryan

    during the election you warned of a coup by intelligence people both for and against Trump. It seems the ones that are anti Trump are getting in their hits. What has happened to the pro USA/Trump folks are they going to help him out? We don’t need an impeachment we need to let the President get to work.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      @ Jim Furr and @ Tim Ryan – I share your bewilderment. However, I watched the interview and still felt there were many questions unasked and many answers that might have been offered even if not prompted. I found it an unfinished, and unsatisfying interview with too little clarity and substance.

      it seems to me Trump’s firm grasp of leadership is taking longer than necessary – or for the cavalry to come riding to Trump’s rescue over the horizon. Maybe they’re waiting for someone to sound the bugle.

      Anyone got a ram’s horn that might awaken the slumbering troops? If ever they were needed – they’re needed now!

  18. Darlene Deters

    Dr. Steve,

    Will there be any arrest for the people in Government associated with pizzagate? I have been praying and crying out to God to save those children. You hear about 72 warrants that the FBI has and they were waiting on Sessions confirmation. I guess I am just so sick of the corruption that went on, I would like to see some justice done to these people. Esp. those who kidnapped, raped, tortured and murder little children.

    Thank you Dr. Steve
    I always feel better listening to you on info wars.

  19. 492357816

    Thank you Dr Steve Pieczenik..

    You are also a very important ally for President Trump when it comes to battling against the Deep State. Kissinger, Brennan, those within the NSA etc.

    Trump’s weakness, I surmise, is that he genuinely wants to be liked. Call it being a nice guy, acting presidential etc. After what had transpired against Flynn, I would suggest that the time for being nice is over. It’s time for a purge, starting with Priebus. Paul Ryan and his Wisconsin ‘cheesehead’ buddies have to go, but to totally eliminate them would require the 2018 mid-term election.

    No more Mr Nice Guy. Time is limited. They’re obstructing and delegitimatizing President Trump at every turn, so he can’t get as much done in his first 100 days as president.

  20. entagor

    Rodney Thomas mentioned Trump’s comments on Crimea.

    Putin annexing Crimea is cited by neocons as a reason we have to battle Russia. I am not well educated on the subject, but the history I have read says Crimea was a muslim Tatar land (which imported many Ukrainians as slaves), and under Imperial Russia, Crimea was site of Russia’s only warm water port and important naval academy. Under Stalin, Tatars were exiled. Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev made the decision to merge Crimea into Ukraine in the 1950’s.

    I honestly do not know if the referendum in Crimea to side with Putin represented the wishes of Crimean citizens.

    I do know Crimea is being misrepresented in the press as if it is simply southern Ukraine. The naval access I have to assume is strategic life or death to Russia military defenses

    What bothers me is who is schooling Trump on Crimea. Any input would be greatly appreciated

  21. Dr. Pieczenik.. Thank you for your reassuring information!

  22. […] Lt.Gen. Mike Flynn has been a loyal soldier. He did what he was supposed to do in order to facilitat… […]

  23. What are the chances that it was actually Pence who mispoke or misunderstood or mis-remembered his former communications with Flynn…and Flynn was simply asked to fall on his own sword for the sake of the VPOTUS amid the flood of leaks from the IC. I have no evidence for asking this and no reason other than pure speculation. Or, at some level, could this have been somewhat orchestrated ahead of time for Pence to intentionally toss the leakers a baited public statement to draw them out and provide justification for a coalescence of investigative personel to now take action to follow the the leaks and sanitize the security around the Trump administration? (…And I’m not writing a novel. :-))) I mean….is there a proactive nature to any of this on the side of Trump’s ppl?

  24. Rosman V. M. Patterson

    It is easy to be torn between two opposing forces that dwell within the psyche. In this case I speak of the instinct one has to reassure patriotic Americans vs. a prudent cautioning voice that says do not tip the President’s hand to his adversaries. In the past, and up until very recently, I presumed that many who oppose Americana can see the fully clear picture by their own abilities and insights. I may not have been right about that presumption. Thus when offering insights in order to encourage patriots who were victimizing themselves by listening to the media, one must be constrained.

    I would not presume to ever speak for the President. I am in no position to even think of doing so. However I will say this to Americans who wonder what on earth is going on: It has been my observation that our President is a man of his word, and is fully capable of manifesting his word into reality. Judging such a man by the actions of Presidents from the recent past, or by the media reaction to those Presidents juxtaposed against their fear of and hatred for President Trump, is a mistake. His methods are vastly different, and subsequently superior. It is an art form on public display. It is immensely successful, and warrants patience from those who have yet to holistically conceptualize the multilateral reformation that is taking place at his behest.

    In closing, I would suggest to those who are worried or confused, that they do not focus too much on “how” things are being done. Instead count the positive revolutionary results of “what” has been accomplished. They are numerous (from June 2015 to present) and will increase, I believe, by orders of magnitude in the coming year. Drama is a Hollywood industry. President Trump’s strategy is not subject to, nor can be nullified by, media drama, popular opinion and imbroglio based deceit. Courage patriots. Strengthen thine hearts. Dr. Pieczenik has done us a favor here. It is not the first, nor will it be the last.

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  26. Rosie

    I heard Flynn was fired after he put sanctions on the drug ring in Venezuela and was on the move in the CIA Afghanistan opium, Bush Clinton drug dealings. Involved MI6, CIA,Saudis Israeli’s Bushs, Clintons NSA all dirty. Supposedly Pence,compromised shill stooge shut down Flynns operation …what does this say for Trump and his administration? Is it true ..will Steve Pieczenik comment? Still waiting to see my other comment. Pence is a dirt bag..LBJ wonder they hate Flynn

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  28. […] intelligence operative Steve Pieczenik dismisses the Flynn ouster as a routine, pragmatic move. According to Pieczenik, all personnel are eventually […]

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