The 2nd American Revolution Has Been Won!

The 2nd American Revolution Has Been Won!

The Second American Revolution Has Been Won: Trump Will Be POTUS!

Congratulations to all of the people who helped bring this illusory notion that we,the people, could change the course of destiny. The true spirit of America has prevailed.

Tuesday night around 3AM, the indefatigable Trump and his team won the 2016 Presidential election. However, I want to urge all of you who did not vote or support him: DO NOT fear this revolution.

Allow me to illustrate the following to those who did not support this second American Revolution:

  • The mainstream Republican Party is finished, once and for all. The Paul Ryans will no longer run this party.
  • The Clinton Foundation will be disbanded and certain people will be prosecuted for crimes committed against the state. In particular, those individuals who received or gave massive sums of payola from this money laundering machinery.
  • Mainstream Media was exposed for their incredible left wing bias and their corrupted lying frontmen. Now the alternative internet media will be far more important in terms of delivering the so-called ‘news’. Please remember: those “cable monopolies” are raping the average American households with inflated fees for delivering propaganda and contrived entertainment into your homes.
  • The Trump administration will restore confidence in our highly compromised FBI, IRS, Homeland Security as well as other domestic/foreign policy institutions.
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  • Obamacare has failed miserably. Premiums have and will continue to skyrocket. In Florida, we have been intimidated by the fact that we are only allowed to have one insurance company: Blue Cross. This type of miscreant health care will be eliminated for open competition across state lines.  
  • Christian values will be re-instituted. That does not mean that other religions will not be treated with equal respect. It just means that taking care of one another will be of paramount concern.
  • Wars will be terminated around the world. Trump must keep the war-mongering NeoCons out of his administration.

REMEMBER: Any revolution is taxing on everyone. But no one will be harmed or denigrated/displaced because of race,religion, or ethnic group.

Thank you America!
Let’s get back to work and make our country great again!


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34 thoughts on “The 2nd American Revolution Has Been Won!

  1. Carol Dillon

    Our country owes you and your fellow Patriots a debt we can never repay. THANK YOU to all of you who were working at levels we will never know about to restore legitimacy to our government, our institutions, and our modes of communication. May God Bless each and every one of you!

  2. Holly Goodman

    here! here! Sounds like a great plan to me! I DO want to see these ppl who used our govt and stole from Americans prosecuted to the fullest extent–no ifs, ands, or buts! I was a bit disturbed by Trump’s: ‘we owe Secretary Clinton a debt of gratitude for her service to our country’ comment. WTF? I VOTED TRUMP, but certainly didnt like hearing this from him. it maybe the only thing hes said that I wasnt in agreement with. A bit scary.

    1. Asdfg

      Ah, but as president he should not be involved in FBI investigations…let the AG have at her. Hope he picks Trey G. And Ted for SUpreme court….

    2. Cate


      I agree with you. However, at this critical juncture in our history, upon reflection, I feel that perhaps Trump’s statement was intended to immediately begin the process of healing and reuniting The People.

      Also, we do owe Hillary a debt of gratitude. She, more than anyone else in her camp, outed herself for all to see. Now, if she will do us all the favor of reporting to prison in a timely manner, I for one would certainly appreciate it.

      Thank you Hillary Clinton for taking your miserable, criminal self out of the game.

  3. scott haney

    If that’s the case, why are all the old republicans being considered for cabinet positions? Also if the podesta lolita express evidence doesn’t come out it will happen again, if this wasn’t some psychop, and we weren’t lied to in order to convince people to vote for Trump, we need the evidence to be out there! You were very believable.

    1. Margarita

      Rudy Guiliani, Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, Ben Carson and Jeff Sessions have shown tremendous loyalty and travelled with him throughout the campaign. They’re people whom Trump trusts for support and advice, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants them in his administration.

      Or maybe they’ll just be placeholders. I heard that the Trump team is not quite ready to fill cabinet positions yet,, having temporarily stopped making the list because, as they were watching the polls, they thought Trump would lose the race. So now that he has won, they’re cramming to fill those positions.

    2. Margarita

      No, I don’t think the Lolita express is a psychOp for us to vote for Trump. Reports about the Lolita first came from FBI Anon, who also dropped hints that an international pedophile ring might be in the picture. Those allegations didn’t come from Trump so they couldn’t have been used as psychops.

      I hope details of these reports come out from the FBI investigation of the Foundation which is still ongoing.

  4. Zach Yates

    Dr Pieczenik,
    You are a great man. Thank you for everything.

  5. Ray

    Love your work Dr. Pieczenick and I agree with your statements. About the cable news companies, what would happen if people were allowed to pick and choose the cable channels they wanted? If there were allowed to pick only one if they wanted and not be forced to buy the “package” deal, would or could the CNN’s, MSNBC’s, etc., survive?

    Should Americans have the choice to have one or only the channels they want to pay for?

  6. del stead

    Let me offer my congratulations from across the pond on a stunning victory which echoed so much our brexit campaign and in my opinion put power back in the hands of ordinary people fed up of watching the elite devour Carte Blanche whilst the rest of us engage in the race to the bottom feeding off crumbs!! My congratulations extend to Steve Pieczenik and Alex Jones for keeping there audience informed as well as many others whom played a great role in this massive event…I watched with great disappointment Hillary’s rally when Bruce Springsteen took to the stage to pledge and drum up support… The so called hero of the blue collar millions but hey ho I digress…from a global perspective I think Donald Trump will be a great president whom understands business and will I’m sure get America back to where it once was and I’m sure the knock on effect to the rest of us can only be positive… But the author is correct now really is the time to get to work and once again congratulations to you all

  7. Robi

    I cannot thank you enough for this. When I heard of “working together”, it scared me to death and envisioned some of the old establishment people being able to tunnel their way back in.I will try to relax, trust the process and our new President. Thank you Dr. Pieczenick.

  8. B

    but i have a question. were the sex trafficking and pedophile accusations true? or was it a ruse to get Trump elected. I believed, I posted about them and I want to know the truth. If true children must be protected.I’d like an answer please.

  9. Thank you for your perspective and guidance. As a hospital chaplain, I believe God has entrusted us with yet another opportunity to be the Americans we were created to be — in Spirit and in Truth. It will be a season of serious repentance and vigilance, but also a time of renewed strength and immense camaraderie in service and in prayer. Going forward into His Light, step by step, decision by decision, is our honor, as Americans, to once again serve our country as The People.

  10. Toni

    Steve Pieczenik is happy with the electoral outcome. He declares, “The Second American Revolution Has Been Won: Trump Will Be POTUS!

    As I suspected, his underlying objective has also been met, which he reveals in this bullet point from his list of benefits of the so-called Second American Revolution:

    “The Trump administration will restore confidence in our highly compromised FBI, IRS, Homeland Security as well as other domestic/foreign policy institutions.”

    With Pieczenik’s help, the authority of the most intrusive entities of government has been re-consolidated, not to mention that of various other “domestic/foreign policy institutions.”

    The status quo has been preserved. Good job, Steve!

    Except that, by definition, revolutions do not preserve the status quo.

    So stop using that word.

  11. Crystal Baldwin

    What about the conviction of Obama, Lynch, Comey, the Clintons, the Bushes and all the others who committed high treason against this country? As an American, I will not be satisfied nor will this “revolution” be over until ALL the corrupt folks are prosecuted period….
    I don’t care how any of this affects other countries or global economy. America deserves justice and should have it. That is Christian principles. That is constitutional law and justice!

  12. Chia Cha

    In mean time we communists will build new factories, new class conscious will be born… Yes today workers are not needed so much because of automatization, but over workers are going to work only 2 hours there so there will be enough of them there.

  13. Anonymous


    0) DJ Trump is a brand. And his wealth is intrinsically linked to the brand. From a distance, there is very little difference between Trump and and fashion brands in decline (Benetton, Tommy Hilfiger, Balmain, Cardin, …)

    1) DJ Trump never engaged himself in any presidential election bid without having a financial incentive to do so. His most recent one, started on an escalator trip down was triggered by the necessity of refreshing his brand to renegotiate his TV show contract.

    2) The US State agencies, patriots, republic vigilante etc… were actively looking for a way to deny the presidency to H R Clinton whose money allegiance to radical political backers and the penetration of her inner circle (no Bill, not this one…) by Middle-East agencies were presenting too big a risk for US should she access the higher office in the land. The risk being first and foremost her ability to take control of the intelligence agencies, essentially giving the keys of US to her backers. Dealing with assets becoming liabilities are to intel agencies what chapter 11 is to companies.

    3) The Clintons+Inner circle have been for so many years under constant agencies surveillance as they were a wonderful information conduit to all kinds of misfeasances home and abroad. She knew it and was trying all tricks on the book to keep these agencies busy, not to evade their surveillance (she knows it is pointless): Changing devices, setting up her server, etc…

    With the obligation of retention of data borne by the ISPs and the constant surveillance she was subject to, if someone really believes there was anything either lost or unknown by all the agencies on the planet, please contact Ed Snowden: He has a tunnel to sell. Does it cross anybody’s mind that an AT&T or Verizon wired or wireless connection to any home of any political person would be more than scrutinized and routed by proper channels? Ever heard of the services regularly sweeping places for bugs? Does anyone realize that being granted a security clearance, even at a very low level, automatically waives any right or expectation you might have of privacy?

    4) When the pied piper candidates strategy the DNC and her team was so fond became solid intel, DJ Trump was selected by the agencies and given all required support and resources. At the same time, sanitization order of all possible damaging documents against him was swiftly organized, leaving HRC with characters assassination and lewd comments as any political ammunitions. There has been a full team of handlers, cleaners, fixers and informants running 24/7 to cover the tracks of DJ Trump and carefully craft an entertaining campaign. Including her amazing picture-ready collapse on 9/11.

    5) Medias, moguls and celebrities played their assigned role, helping creating the Myth of Don Quixote Trump with a spicy topping of Batman. At times, The Don sounded so much as “Bane” that I wonder if one of his handler was not cutting corners to save time. It happened with Melania plagiarism, so…
    Note the superb performance of Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani alternatively playing Sancho Pancha. If you do not think that this entire exercise was scripted, I have a book of Statistics 101 for you. Think harder: If you control a news media or newspaper, what kind of visit would make you side with all your competitors in endorsing the same candidate and be able to successfully align all your journalists, reporters, correspondents, field analysts? I’ll make it simple for you. Select one of the following:

    a) A phone call from the Pope

    b) Men in black

    c) Your conscience

    And having as single Don Quixote endorsing newspaper in the great city of Las Vegas, ask yourself what Las Vegas is renown for: Priesthood Seminary? Puritanism? Manufacturing industry? Opposing Trade deals?

    6) You can figure out all the other dots and the connecting “leaks”. Sign of the digital times, it happened with a lower number of casualties, for a change. The DNC staffer might very well have been whacked after he accidentally found out who was really hacking into the DNC. Julian Assange was genuinely worried when he posted a reward for information on this. After all, he better than anybody understands that WikiLeaks is only allowed to publish by the very same people who leaked the information. No need for extreme prejudice. Sorry for those reading this post believing that there actually is an uncontrolled “dark web” where unchained freedom strives and prospers: I have a few untampered Cisco routers to sell you…

    7) Finally, as many have already written, shouted, said, published: “When you are offered something for free, be it a product, a show, a social network, a Russian invasion, an electoral campaign… You are the product”.

    All of this has been as ancient as Humanity. And what was once upon a time fought with Humint only had to evolve to compensate for the growth of the human race. Sigint became prevalent and spearheading revolutions via mobile devices and social media has replaced the good old storyline where political dissidents were created, arrested, beaten, jailed, heralded then selected for power.

    What will be the reaction of the currently defeated side? How do they plot their comeback?
    Stay tuned.

    As -now citizen elect- Vice-President Kane said “They Killed us, but they Ain’t Whupped us yet”.

    William Faulkner Vs Miguel De Cervantes

    1. Margarita

      I’ve read another version of this story. In it, Jeb Bush was supposed to be the Don Quixote character and everybody else, including Mrs. Clinton, was just a tool.

      When the Trump character entered the scene and hijacked the Quixote role from Jeb, it didn’t matter. The entire project simply collapsed. Thus goes the story entitled “An Election without a Winner.”

      I still don’t understand the purpose of the story.

      1. Anonymous

        The ancient links between some members of the House of Saud was a liability to the plan. There are political shifting sands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and serious feud among the branches of the family.
        On the plus side, sanitation of Jeb Bush’s past and present was probably easier than for DJ Trump.
        On the minus side, he definitely had a deficit of charisma and would never have removed his gloves facing Secretary Clinton.

        There might have been other candidates considered for the role of Don Quixote, e.g. Dr. Ben Carson, but a key part of the plan was to get a radical difference. DJ Trump could be make radically different. While he is far from an outsider -he himself refuted this several times during the campaign- he had enough bullishness, free speech, boldness and even low analytical skills to become the perfect -yet Manchurian- candidate.

  14. Joe

    Great news! Thanks for informing us, Mr. Pieczenik!

    I’m glad the counter coup was obviously successful and want to thank all Americans who made it possible with their votes for Trump!

    Now getting back to work …

  15. Liz

    Your last comment says no one will be displaced because of race, religion, or ethnic group.

    Does that mean we will not be sending people who came to this country illegally back to their home country?

    Does this also mean that we will continue to take large numbers of Muslim refugees?

  16. Tom

    Thank you Dr. Pieczenik for you service to our great country.

  17. Petra

    I feel like the shackles have fallen off. I did not even realize how heavy they were. Welcome back to kiss the ground USofA.
    God Bless America and my fellow beloved patriots.

  18. Matthew Piekutowski

    So well said.

  19. Great Job Steve! God Bless!

  20. Tangomaniac

    DIck Morris on his LUNCH talk today thinks Obama may pardon all the crooks involved with the CLinton Foundation. IS THERE A WAY TO PREVENT THAT from happening????

  21. Sherry SC

    Dr. Pieczenik:
    I want to thank you so very much for everything you have done. What we know of, and what we do not. I can express my gratitude. You were a voice of strength, light, and help in a very troubling time. Along with God’s help, others like you, a country of people who got out and voted, and a whole company of intercessor’s, we avoided a take over of satanic entities. Thank you. I look forward to learning more from you.
    Sherry S

  22. Cecelia hakes

    Thank you for your service

  23. Beckie Metcalf

    Do you mean by ‘But no one will be harmed or denigrated/displaced because of race,religion, or ethnic group’ that the illegals will not be removed?

  24. […] die USA auf sich selbst konzentrieren, wobei es eine conditio sine qua non ist, dass der Regierung keine Neocons angehören dürfen. Erst wenige Tage vor der Wahl lud Pieczenik ein Video bei Youtube hoch, indem […]

  25. DESC

    If you think that this “American Revolution” has been won and life go on hence forward with sunshine and rainbows, as Pieczenik details above, please reconsider. I do not see any of these points happening without a continued fight. Trump needs to have his feet held to the fire in order to fulfill the promises made during the campaign. All the opposition he faced during the election still exists and there will be back door dealings to save political careers and public images. Obama still has 2 months in office to change laws and create new executive orders.

    It would be foolish to think Trump winning the Presidency has this won. Just look at the riots and how the media is supporting it. The real work begins now, Mr and Mrs. America need to roll up their sleeves and get to it.

  26. Diana Zybala

    Thank you for all that you have done. Much appreciated.

  27. Furtive

    Bad form:

    Mike (liar/CIA) Rogers, Steven (911j Hadley, Jamie Dimon ( bank theft) are being considered for the Cabinet.


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