Thanks NOT James Comey and Loretta Lynch!

Thanks NOT James Comey and Loretta Lynch!

Thanks to FBI Director James Comey, AG Loretta Lynch: The Dissipate Era of Roman Emperor Caligula has Returned in the Guise of the Clintons/Obama!
Hail Caesar!

As the shroud of disgust and shame descend on the last remnants of decency in our Republic, the debauchery of a bygone era of the Roman Empire cascades over our citizenry. Never has America found itself at such crossroads of moral imperative as the moment of what should have been the inevitable indictment of Hillary Clinton.

Neither her transgressions on her private server, nor her blatant abuse of illegal funds transferred through the Clinton Foundation, brought her to a moment of penitence or accountability. American taxpayers had the privilege of spending countless millions of dollars to watch a travesty of justice splayed out in front of us like a corpse devoured by vultures.


For all practical purposes, the American Republic is dead. Both James Comey and Loretta Lynch have driven the stake through the last remnants of Lady Justice [who clearly must be blind].

Just as in Caligula reign, our highly paid Centurion Guards are away in some distant land, certain to avoid any moral recriminations. Our numerous Roman Legions spread like cockroaches all over the world are bereft of any ability to respond to this moral treachery.

Obama has crowned himself Emperor of Pax Americana. He rules without any resistance. He has unlimited power confirmed by today’s decision that justice will never be meted out to those whom the emperor preordains as one of his favorite political concubines [along with men/boys].


Whatever the FBI was or would be is now clearly defined as a state instrument of repression, deception, and a travesty of domestic security. Since 9/11, the FBI, true to the glistening splendor of the effeminate, paranoid, and scurrilous J. Edgar Hoover, has reaffirmed that they do not serve the honorable taxpayers of this country. Instead, like eunuchs in a harem of the misanthropes, they serve to please and delight the old tiresome emperors like Clinton, Bush Jr and now the mulatto switch-hitter, Obama.

At best the FBI is a pathetic entity of cowardly, inept accountants whose ledger of justice and accountability is perishable. At worse, the FBI has, since 9/11, committed more treason and murder than any other groups/persons outside of the three former POTUSs.Their shibboleth of action is embedded in the multiple false-flags they initiated and/or abetted.

The die is cast.


We are no longer in the Republic of America. We have become an Empire of absolutely nothing. We have no ambitions or plans to become anything other than a bloated entity of political cronyism and financial corruption.

Long live the Emperor Caligula Obama! Long live his loyal eunuchs who can serve subpoenas at will for nothing more tedious than harassing the ordinary taxpayer.

Those of us who fought for our country have lost both our honor and our dignity.We have lost the battle of our own exceptionalism and are now descending into a fascist, imperial state with no available recourse other than bread and circus.If we are to die, then let us state our purpose very clearly.The Republic has descended into abyss from which there is no legitimate escape.

Racine, the French writer, wrote the following:

“Crime, like virtue, has its degrees.”



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251 thoughts on “Thanks NOT James Comey and Loretta Lynch!

  1. Kamrunner

    Does Trump really want to be President? I am thinking more and more he’s an insider that’s connected at a higher level to the powers-to-be and might be running for office to clear the Republic side of any potential candidates
    , paving the way for a Hillary victory.

    1. Iggy A

      If Trump makes Gingrich or a Gingrich-type his VP nominee, then, I have to agree with you, and it will fit to the wild, educated guess I’ve made that — the reason the Establishment is doing so many things so publicly that anger Average Americans is — they are preparing to Impeach Trump within his first year in office, and they want people to be so agitated and wear them out and demoralize them now, they won’t have much fight left in them when the Senate convicts and Trump has to leave office…

      If Trump is in on it from the beginning, he can help dampen the potential outrage after the Senate vote by saying the country doesn’t need more violent civil strife and endorses a Gingrich stepping in…

      If the Establishment can’t push a heavily baggaged Hillary over the finish line, if they have an Establishment-type as Trump’s VP, they’ll take him out in a forum where they have the votes — Congress… And Trump is the only person whose stood up in living memory to challenge the Establishment. How can he appoint a Trump 2.0 to be VP?

    2. We’ve been thinking this same thing, almost from the beginning. You don’t rise in Manhattan real estate without having made your peace with the Zio-Terrorist Mafia that runs the joint.

    3. Margaret Nieto

      By now I am sure you are watching congress attacking Comey. Not attacking AG Lynch or Hillary. No questions on removing Hillary from classified information. She could never be president without a clearance.

      Congress thinks we are fools. They are ignoring the real offernders of U.S. law.

      Trump has always wanted to run for President. He happened to pick this time to run not knowing he would be running against 16 politcians and an RNC that hates hlim.

  2. Embrey

    The focus at this point does not need to be the unlawful actions of the untouchable, elite political/business class. Although most of the criticism is valid, it is being used against those who yearn for the rule of law and a republic. Like Red Adair of oilfield fame, the tyrants are fueling the publics fire with concentrated blasts of fire to extinguish their resistance.

    A fire needs oxygen to survive.
    A freedom fighter needs hope like a fire needs oxygen.
    The entire point of the quickening of lawlessness we are experiencing is to drive home the point that our goals are hopeless.

    This is a marathon, not a sprint. Endure their injustices, there is nothing we can do about it until November. Once November comes, VOTE.

    Think your vote doesn’t count? See Brexit.

    Can the tyrants corrupt the voting process? Of course.
    The point is if we all vote and we all know that we voted, it will become obvious to all that if Hillary is elected she is illegitimate.

    1. Kamrunner

      Marathon it is!

    2. Iggy A

      “The entire point of the quickening of lawlessness we are experiencing is to drive home the point that our goals are hopeless.”

      That’s part of my thinking too. That and they might be planning for prolonged Agitation that could wear the nation out or turn it into violent mayhem to the point by the time they Impeach a President Trump we’ll be wiling to go along with it just to have peace…

  3. Peter Blom

    I hope those insiders continue to think as you. Donald Trump has to be as devious as serpent to pull this one off. It’s as hard as Brexit.

    1. Kamrunner

      Point taken.

  4. Govalde

    Congratulations. Great looking page.

  5. Robi

    Beautifully written article, heartbreaking in its realistic hopelessness. I would like to believe that the Indomitable American Spirit will soar again. However, as many others, today, I feel numb and discouraged.

    1. James Moran

      “Heartbreaking in it’s realistic hopelessness.” That’s some great wording. Nicely done.

      1. Robi

        Mr Moran, thank you for your lovely reply, which I just saw. My apologies for not acknowledging it sooner.
        I appreciate it 🙂

        1. Robi

          Dr P., is there a way to receive an “alert”if we have a reply from a fellow-blogger?

          1. really don’t know but I will ask….remember, I am a 20st Century Cave Man.

  6. Iggy A

    They are treating us like the Soviets and every other Communist dictatorship did. It’s the return to Feudalism.

    Soon, it will be law we can’t look a President or Congressman or Billionaire in the eyes…

    In democracies, criminality is hidden and harder to ferret out the more corrupt the society becomes.

    In a People’s Democracy, criminality is flaunted in everyone’s face to remind them of how separated from Power the peons are…

    1. Chia Cha

      Feudalism and socialism in total oppossition…
      Combining socialism with capitalism or socialism with slavery, yes that is possible. But with feudalism it is impossible.
      In feudalism worker is trapped to do job what lord is telling him, in socialism worker have freedom to choose.

      1. Embrey

        The entire switch is prefaced on the premise that the guns of the citizens will be confiscated. The Constitution appears long dead and the only thing between total tyranny and now is the guns that the citizenry possess. There is no 2ns Amendment. There are just us and our guns. They haven’t figured out how to confiscate them without putting their own lives in danger.

      2. Iggy A

        Can you show me one communist nation in which the socialist workers had freedom and prosperity?

        Can you show me one that did not end up a modern feudal state?

        1. Embrey

          “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

          Mark Twain

          1. Iggy A

            Hey, I’d taken the high ground, until you engage him on it…

        2. Chia Cha

          my country of croatia, and slovenia, was communist and it was rich, even today when they are twice poorer, slovenian worker lives better then US worker

          1. Iggy A

            You might have caused me to do some reading – until you added the bit about “than US workers”…

            Fantasy… I’m from the working class. I know middle class and richer intellectuals gungho for communism like to portray factory workers under capitalism as “slaves” —- which is a big reason I never bought into their BS.

  7. Alice Lee

    Been listening to you for several years on infowars. Last week you were the second person I had heard being very concerned about the Paul Manefort insertion into the Trump campaign. Alex was stunned and hardly knew what to say and I am sure you noticed it as well. I have learned a lot listening to you and I am very concerned that Trump doesn’t realize he is being coopted if he actually is. Michael Berry, a died in the wool Cruzbot and talk show host out of Houston on KTRH 740 A.M. is now on to warning all he can about Manefort and those he had worked for -the Saudis specifically is who he mentioned. Then at the end of the week Michael Savage was really on a rant about Trump being taken in by that new group, mentioning Manefort specifically . Something isn’t right, and if he chooses Gingrich it won’t work. Old neocons are NOT what we need now. Thank you for your real truths. Better say something quick in Alex’s ear.

    1. Iggy A

      Picking Gingrich will make a lot of sense — if what I think is happening is happening…

      It seems clear Trump would not have enough Republican Senators behind him to prevent conviction if a simple majority in the House were to Impeach him if he happens to win.

      Hillary was a hard candidate to sell the masses from the start.

      If they have decided to Polarize and Energize the masses this time – and if it doesn’t result in a Hillary win – if they have a Globalist as VP for Trump, they have a win-win situation – or so they might think…

      If Trump does pick Gingrich, or similar, then I’ll give it a 50%+ chance he was in on this plan from the beginning…

      Watch the Conventions. If they come off without large scale violence, then I’m probably wrong – giving too much credit to the above being a possible interpretation of what we’ve seen so far…

  8. Iggy A

    It’s beginning.

    Maybe you can find any reference to a gun being or not being found after this cop shooting. I gave it my best shot… It’s a very long article — very long — I soldiers on looking for that key detail, as they brought up all kinds of extraneous material, and I got a little irritated when far down beyond what the average reader will make it to, I found they finally stated the video seemed to have a loud “pop” and someone shouted about a gun, on a call of a man waving a gun in public…

    I kept skimming to see if they would report that a gun was found on the victim… or if none was found…

    But when I got even further and further away from the start of the article, past the point only idiots keep reading to, I came to them reporting what the victim’s criminal record was, and I got too POed to go further…

    I’d like to know if a gun was found on the victim.

    It should have been one of the first things mentioned – a yes or no key item.

    I might have missed it, because I started skimming more the more I read and didn’t find it…

    It’s begun…

    Right in time to build up to Cleveland.

    Given the size of the US – and our crime rate – and the fact that we actually favor rule of law – there will always be an event to cherry-pick right around the corner…

    If we have violence at the Cleveland Convention – especially a death — the prime is being pumped for such an event right now….

    1. Iggy A

      This also fits. I know some about Korea. I’d predicted to a friend weeks ago that North Korea stood a fair chance of doing something outrageous this election cycle, and at this point, that means some bold murder of people. Either a repeat of the sinking of a South Korean ship by submarine or shelling a South Korean island village. The one thing they have yet to do that would fit them is —- attacking a Japanese or US ship.

      I did not think North Korea would be part of Agitation the US Establishment would be planning for… but it fits…

      NK has used up all of its primary cards to play. Meaning actions that are shocking in the eyes of the global press. They have played some big cards too much to have the desired effect.

      Shaming the NK leader like this is very big in NK gangster society. It gives them perfect cover – in their eyes – to carry out the kind of bold act that will grab international attention.

      I hope all of this is wrong. But the conditions seem to be there… and it might be a plan…

  9. Iggy A

    One simple question: Does Trump have 33 Senators in his corner?

    Think about that when you look over things that have been going on that make no sense in an election year…

    1. Iggy A

      Did you see Obama just announced sanctions against NK for Human Rights Violations and this time named their leader personally?

      As a fan of “socialism” you are probably familiar with the Cult of Personality NK builds up around its leader.

      The first time North Korea allowed its cheerleading squad to go to the Asian Games held in South Korea — under the Sunshine Police of the SOuth — they saw a banner showing NK-SK Friendship over a road – and it was raining — and they came screaming out the bus, wailing like banshees, with tears in their eyes, and climbed the pole to remove the banner – because it had a picture of Kim Jong Il that was getting wet….

      NK always acts up during an election cycle in the US and during times of crisis in Western culture…. President Obama has just given them what they’ll see as a cover for doing something spectacular to grab global attention.

      Japan should worry about this. I’m glad the US has already taken its troops off the DMZ….

      1. Chia Cha

        north korea are just using socialism for propaganda, they did not spread socialism to work on terrain, workers does not decide anything about profits they make…
        only where they are good is that they are using planned economy and are very good in class equality…
        and usa enjoy using n. korea to bash communism and isolationism…
        i mean, it is better in north korea then in mexico (cia says that mexico conducted all free market capitalist reforms and cia is very glad with mexico economy even 2 M little girls lives on mexico city dump and eating trash there) … look glorious north korea compared to that hell of mexico… i mean look that level of free public space, no capitalist can own so much free space like citizen of pyongyang can… my father is having nostaligia for communism because you could piss in city where ever you like, no private property, for me as kid that was normal but even for him that was normal … those are freedoms

        1. Iggy A

          “i mean, it is better in north korea then in mexico”

          With that, I bid you adieu… No point in reading or responding to more…

          1. Chia Cha

            watch video above, gee, you blind? you see someone begging or someone exploited 🙂
            or thinking how he have to pay rent or that boss on job will yell on him… lol

      2. Chia Cha

        and do not forget that US captialists conducted genocide over poor peasants and citizens of USA in 1930es by their price controls which were pure intentional class genocide … 8M died …
        but under stalin it was maybe 3M as that was self genocide of evil and greedy peasants wich were rather killing them self then to give crop to workers collectives…
        people always must price for their greed, in capitalism and in communism, when they think it is normal to starve while someone does not… in communism they starve because they want that system to stay, in capitalism because they do not want such system to get overthrown
        God is perfect…

        1. Chia Cha

          News from HfP, they going toward escalation big time, good…
          Time for white culture to pay, it usless, it is sinfull, it is self-righteous, it is satanic…
          Imagine thinking that it is normal for poor kid in africa to starve in desert, while God gave your white ass privilge becuse you deserved something because you earned $$$, and they are YOURRRSS…
          That is sick… Pride is sin numero uno, for which satan was expeld for ever from God.

  10. Iggy A

    If Trump picks Gingrich as his VP candidate — I’m ready to bet I’m right in my hunch…

    Hillary or Gingrich will be President of the Fractured States by the mid-term elections of 2018.

    If Trump picks any Gingrich-type, the globalists can’t lose…

    1. Iggy A

      bet money….huge sums….

  11. Chia Cha

    All world media owned by global capitalists are spreding news where Clinton said that Trump earned money while destroying others.
    That is on line, what Obama was telling to that white private entrepreneur, that he wants that worker, behind, working for him to make it also…
    Poor Obama, he cannot believe ho can people trust their own propaganda so much… I just do not get it also. Even when president tells, gee, you are shit, shit who think because he holds bible, that he is not shit, you do not believe him … 🙂
    Satan made good job in USA… Now it is time to repent…

  12. Tried to post a new comment several times but it won’t take and then the entire page goes blank. Thinking James Comey and John Brennan don’t like what we’ve got to say.

    1. Stasha

      keep trying, wait till the coffee break?

  13. Iggy A

    I commented on this before, but I went back to track down links to videos where Larry Nichols – the former Clinton insider – lays out the election blueprint they created for Bill Clinton to win elections and how to stay in power.

    As I was watching stuff that made no sense happen this election year, things that were sure to make Middle America hopping mad, I remembered the things Mr. Nichols had said… He predicted what would happen with the Email Scandal over a year ago…

    It took awhile, I but I finally relocated an interview with Larry Nichols, it was on a different show, but he goes into much more detail about when he was asked by the Power Men behind the scenes to evaluate the Clintons to determine if he could make it to the top of politics…

    10:50 in – Nichols says the secret to get Bill in the Governorship was that you couldn’t make the people like Bill and Hillary — but — you could make people —- hate the Clintons.

    And for every person you can make hate Clinton, there were others who hate that person.

    Polarize the electorate….

    Look familiar? Are you looking out your window…? Do you have your eyes open…?

    Here is a montage of Larry Nichols interviews for InfoWars. I haven’t watched it all, but the start of it talks about Divide & Conquer by starting racial conflict in multiple cities.

    Sound familiar?

    In looking for the video I remembered where Mr. Nichols described the strategy of Polarization that would be Bill Clinton’s only shot at winning the Governorship and the Presidency — I came across another where he predicted Jeb Bush would be the nominee on the Republican side, because that was the one candidate Hillary could confidently beat…

    That didn’t work out…

    But he should think back to the original plan of Polarization and think about whether Trump fits that plan…

    I’m not even saying Trump has to be in on it.

    I’m saying —- as I watched the Obama administration and others do things so openly and brazenly and things sure to —- make a large chunk of America hopping mad —

    —- I immediately thought of this blueprint I’d heard Mr. Nichols describe.

    And then I thought about how Trump couldn’t withstand an impeachment trial in the Senate, because it is unlikely he could get 33 Senators to vote for acquittal…

    In trying to track down the primary video, I also ran across an interview where Mr. Nichols points out that Jack Stevens was big with the Democrats and his brother Witt was big with the Republicans —- that the big Power Men always play both sides against the middle (the middle being us…).

    (This is from a year ago – and Nichols explains how Hillary is untouchable because the people behind Hillary control the Attorney General and more…)

    If going Polarization doesn’t put Hillary into the White House, the Fail Safe could be Impeachment — because there is no other Trump to make VP.

    And if Trump picks Gingrich, then I have to consider that a big warning sign that he might be in on the plan…

    These items that I picked up over time from Larry Nichols and elsewhere about Divide & Conquer — Order to Chaos to New Order — is the only thing that makes sense out of too many things we’ve seen happen this election cycle…

    Things that are just bizarre, because they were guaranteed to make people very angry — when you’d think the people in Power would try to do the opposite ahead of elections…

  14. James Moran

    The timing to coincide with the July 4th holiday pretty much says it all for me. You can’t get any more symbolic than that. These creatures are so efficiently sadistic that I can’t imagine any of them are that clever enough to come up with these schemes. I wish to be taken to their leader…

  15. Hsaive

    Hillary goes free just like Larry Silverstein after confessing WTC-7 was destroyed by controlled demolition – not terrorism. Why is anyone surprised Hillary is benefitting from similar Zionist immunity?

  16. Tissiemoe

    I was so glad to see your article… I have been waiting for it! I don’t understand why somebody doesn’t do something and step in …I watched Comey & others testified before Congress and it sounds like they may go after her on perjury, but I have little faith that they will do so. Today could’ve just been all fluff to look like they are trying to do so.

    Trump might have Gingrich in his cabinet in a different capacity then VP. He needs a fighter to go after Hillary, but he also needs a nationalist and someone who would follow through on Trump’s policies . That would be also his security against not being done in… I hate to even write the word that begins with an a . I believe having Gingrich as his VP would be like Reagan having GWH bush as his and we all know what happened there.

    Feel so hopeless and overwhelmed and that is how the globalists including Hillery want us to feel. Trump needs to get in there so he can throw out lots of trash and garbage growing mold in DC .

    Is there a way to send Dr. Ps article to Twitter ?

    1. Stasha

      he’s on twitter!

  17. Iggy A

    Here it comes…

    Police shooting in Baton Rouge. Retaliation in Dallas? — Individuals waiting for a trigger — just like the Media — just like the Agitation groups… and in a nation our sizes – you never have to wait long… “It’s the narrative, stupid…”

    Don’t waste an election year…

    This is what we get when for too many years, the society’s approval rating for the Congress and Government and Media is under 10%… when everyone is more concerned about controlling the narrative than dealing with problems… and justice is arbitrary…

  18. Embrey

    Don’t worry about individual liberty or the rule of law any more.
    Be afraid of black people with guns.
    This is all a crock.
    I do not buy the FEAR FEAR FEAR
    Whatever color, religion, gender or sexual preference you are, if you support individual liberty and recognize the inalienable rights of mankind I am with you.
    If you are not, I am not with you.

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