Thank You Union County Florida!

Thank You Union County Florida!

The Brave Union County Commissioners Postpone Mosaic Mine Application Indefinitely! 

Congratulations to these honest servants of the people in Union County Florida. I am always impressed when I see real local government in action in a good way.

Monday night, I attended one of the most respectful, efficient, transparent county commissioners meetings in Union County [Lake Butler, Fla.]. Everyone was polite, brief, and made their respective points without interruptions or any untoward accusations. Civility and intelligence reigned supreme!

The Chairwoman, an elegant middle-aged woman, Karen Cossey, ran the meeting with the alacrity and control hardly ever seen in her counterpart in adjacent Bradford County. Russ Wade, the Union County attorney, was articulate and exceedingly helpful in pin-pointing the crucial issues that the commissioners had to understand and vote upon. He acted in complete contrast to his peer in Bradford County who has demonstrated nothing but boorish, infantile, patently self-serving, manipulative behavior.  Glad to report that the will of the people was fully in play at the Union County meeting. In contrast, political/financial cronyism over-rode any semblance of propriety at the neighboring Bradford County meetings/workshops.

The most transparent lacunae in all of the aforementioned discussions concerning Mosaic Mine’s foray into North Central Florida was that the global corporation had ‘gamed’ the beneficiaries [HPSII] in their intended scheme to re-enter Florida.

At no time was it disclosed that Mosaic Mine lost over $11B in Net Asset Value over the past six months. Nor was the fact that HPSII partners had been hoodwinked by the Hazen family [particularly cousin Julius] into coughing up over $2.3M up front  in order to purchase over 11,000 acres of land for the intended use by Mosaic Mines. The four families: Hazen, Pritchett, Shadd and Howard were financially “cuckolded” into paying for their own incessant litigation yet that fact was never discussed.

Interesting that many more details of the formulation of this “local entity for mining” are never publicly discussed. Yet we all know many of the following details:

  • Julian Hazen possibly “confabulated a tale” of wonders concerning some Middle Eastern fakir,  whose ‘intelligence background”included working for the Egyptian Embassy while residing at an American university. Possibly a “potential terrorist” harbored by the four families.
  • This university embedded ‘fakir’[also funded by Mosaic Mines and their subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia/Morocco] “magically created” some new, never tested system which allowed phosphate mining to become bereft of toxic radiation, irreparable waste, and carcinogenic elements. poof like magic!
  • The Pritchett family was willing to expose their expansive trucking company [in concert with Hazen] for possible “tax fraud” and “traffic violations” numbered in the hundreds.
  • Same “cursed Pritchett family” recently dragged into the newspapers for the nefarious deeds of one of their relatives who messed up with L3 Communications and DOD. Said individual allegedly defrauded DOD of $16M.

As a fiction writer, I could not have created a more complex, inane scenario of corrupt officials and greedy luddite landowners. I applaud Union County in their ability to break apart such highly incestuous bonds between corrupt county government and its few privileged citizens. Bradford County still has a long way to go to achieve the ordinary goal of transparency and decent governance.

As an experienced psychological warrior, nothing fascinates me more than to bear witness to the self-implosion and self-destruction of these local families who wanted to kill more innocent children, women, and men through the venue of the “terrorist Mosaic Mine Co.”  Such is the fate of greed, ignorance, and arrogance.

May God spare their perfidious souls! The British playwright Oscar Wilde wrote the following:

“Always forgive your enemies-nothing annoys them so much.” 

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7 thoughts on “Thank You Union County Florida!


    It would be wonderful if this kind of cooperation could stop the chemtrail spraying of our skies which is poisoning the air and water and soil all over the world.

    For more info see GEOENGNEERINGWATCH.ORG, and also see ANGELS DONT PLAY THIS HAARP by Nick Begich can be had on

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  3. Chia Cha

    Ufff this one was close. That is like saying that The Holocaust had to happen, or that God wanted that. Of course that God did not want that and of course it did not had to happen.

  4. Ron Sanderson

    Congradulations .

  5. Chia Cha

    This is 100% true, ask me… It is nice to feel virtuous, plus you get licence to destroy those who you think, does not understand, as those are obstacle for all of us to be happy. If communist were good, they would have be winners by now.

  6. Chia Cha

    42 countries which were not against US in UN, all are Christian majority countries. Those who were against US are Soros/Putin/Merkel/Erdogan/Marxist/KGB/Pagan – and/or Muslim import countries.

  7. AL Tru

    Any comments on the Executive Order Pres Trump just signed ?

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