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15 thoughts on “Support Local Candidates! Regime Change in the Neighborhood!

  1. Chia Cha

    I will get in one only anti-system but pro-russian party here and turn them to anti-system but pro-american party. Very interesting.

    1. Chia Cha

      It is the most important thing to kill all rich white people. They are very genocidal, they committ genocide only to those they can (because that is cheaper for them), and those are white people only. Rich whites control whole economy of South Africa, same with South America and Europe, Australia, North America and half of Asia. And now it is hit for them to sell us to others to earn money and get provision. Rich people are biggest danger to capitalism and they are huge drag on us getting richer and more wealthy. Whites are very easily persuaded to become atheists, that is reason why it very easy to sell them and exterminated. Basically and sadly not very inteligent race. They also believe in feminism, communism, nazism. Very low inteligent characheristics. They also believe their ruling class, white people are almost as collective stupid as Germans or some Dutch people.

      1. Jason

        You always give the banksters a free pass, day after day. They are the Z-pinch and primary sanctioning bodies of global human suffering for centuries. Modern wealth is an illusion. A store of liquidity which is merely debt is not true wealth. They are merely chips for the casino. But so be it, remain an agent of the banksters and reap what they have always sewn, a kingdom of suffering. The only change you seem to want is to be you deciding who lives and who dies instead of someone else. That is why genocide remains a viable option in your mindset. If only your last name was Bush or Rothschild, then perhaps the world would be so different? I doubt it though.

        1. Chia Cha

          You are right I deeply apologize, banks are way how and reason why we have free market version of capitalism. Free market capitalism of Reagan is bankers capitalism. Capital is everything what banks says is capital, and only minority can start banks (for that you need capital determined by banks). And when you start one you must play by rules they set freely, without regulation (cartel rules).

          1. Jason

            That is nexus of the collective yoke upon our necks. In that agreement, we are all brothers in bondage. The banking cartel is both mouth and anus of global vampiric parasite. Try to grow independently, they raise rates. Do their bidding, and they might drop to zero. That alone implicates Obama’s tenure as one of absolute banker servitude. How many men in this world are not owned by a debt or lever? All roads lead to Rome? If you desire killing, the fewer bullets the better. We must fight with who and where and what we spend our labor and money on. All commerce is a form of sociopolitical revolution that equates to the ideal democratic interaction within a Constitutional Republic. Lead and gold are neighbors on the periodic table for a reason. Both lend a hand to wealth maintenance and the odd silver bullet isn’t a bad idea either.

          2. Chia Cha

            Liberal captialism was needed to starve PLO/KGB elements in world, economically. Yes there were meny victims on our side. But that is why Teacher and Reagan were liberators of world. War is war. Now west can finally have own non ideological economy under leadership of pramatical and non ideological Trump. Seems like good news are ahead.

          3. Jason

            Tariffs will work well against Chinese currency devaluation while protecting domestic labor. A domestic American company that does not lobby to undermine our Constitution should be protected. It sends a loud and clear message that America really is open for business. Deflation is the great fear that no one dares speak out loud. Tariffs will help to offset that pressure and begin paying into our national debt obligations. It is step one on the road to the tearing up of the fraudulent 16th amendment.

          4. Chia Cha

            Horrible amendment. Troyan horse of 1789. They allow taxation only on income from work, while texation on income from rents is forbidden.

  2. Chia Cha

    On Phillippines salaries are now 700$ for begginers (poorest asian country because they had strongest american free capitalism so far) but by siding with chinese economy and considering their costs and family infrastructure they live much better then american working class members younger then 40. Western youth and middle age is becoming face of poverty on world level and joke around world. We all know that free capitalism without strong soci@lism under, job security, regulated job markets, central planning (deciding where company will open company) etc etc is worse then full communism. FIlipinos do not even have infrastructure, no canalization therefore capitalism there without built infrascruture and laws set by rich is unable to pillage their workers there and now they have new soci@list investments coming from communist China (money from work and production) so capitalists cannot there start with free capitalism (finance) and there is no built infrastructure by which rich can spread propaganda and control to be able to lower workers rights and rise prices (for instance zoning regulations). West is in big trap, because everything what was build while soci@lism was strong on west in now used to pillage majority and youth and is used as propaganda while real salaries today are lowest on world. Western free capitalism is done… It over. We need more of soci@lism on every level of economy. Punitive taxes on finance and wall street for all those who go over one census. It is time to stop subisiding lazy and rentiers. But that will not happen therefore only KILLING of white RICH people is solution because they are producers of economic destuction and are face of poverty, feminism, drugs, abortions, s@itty gig jobs, communism, nazism, free capitalism, low birth rates, propaganda, lies, GMO… Only what is good in western world right now is infrastructure and soci@lised health care in Europe. That is all. Only what captialasits did not destroy from time of cold war. West = death = poor destroyed effete young people in combination with army of old brain damaged atheist rock and roll people. It is over.

  3. Chia Cha

    Dr. P. is again right 100%. Joining right now on local level is obligation of every capable person. And this is showcase how you confront bureaucrat on local level, it is time to stop being silent. Perception of others must be changed, now it is time.


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    In regards to the Florida school shooting, please see

  7. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    “We be tribal…” Why honor poor English speaking skills? Really? People need to learn how to speak CORRECT English instead of bastardized, ghetto, thug lingo. I’m sick and tired of hearing people speak gutter speak and not being held accountable in the school system to learn how to speak proper English. It creates a race to the lowest common denominator in America to allow people to get away with that. It also creates a race to Third World nation status. Ugh. Sorry—but no.

    On a more positive note, I think the encouragement to get involved at the local level in politics is a great idea. Thank you for that little push!

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