Stop these Useless Wars! Raqqa Syria!

Stop these Useless Wars! Raqqa Syria!

11th Marine Expeditionary Unit [Artillery Battery] Placed in Harm’s Way Fighting Against Islamic State [ISIS] in Raqqa, Syria!

WTH? What’s the Strategy??

Answer: None

Once again, we are confronted by the unexplained implant of American soldiers in distant lands where we do not belong. Nothing has been more exasperating for me and other military veterans than the deployment of American soldiers in 770+ bases in over 220 different countries. On top of that expansive network of wasted money, citizens are presented with a military fait-accompli where our kids are deployed into combat zones which have absolutely no national security value to the USA.

Witness the major military defeats of past/present centuries: Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria…We have become a major player in minor conflagrations which have been fostered by our rapacious military/industrial complex. Our well-intentioned military elites have been consistently mistaken in formulating any winning strategies or effective tactics.

Hear the echoes of Vietnam redux:

NYTimes, March 9, 2017 , “U.S. Sending 400 More Troops to Syria”, by Michael R. Gordon.

“We are preparing logistical and fire support to enable a successful assault on Raqqa…”
“… they will provide artillery support, training, and protection for improvised explosives..”
“..The USA has already carrying out airstrikes [more than 30 per day]in Syria… and has deployed surface-to-surface rockets in northern Syria.”
I will be damned, the US military has no idea which group they are supporting, given the reality of over 100 shifting terrorist cells fighting in Syria over a five year period. Our generals are at a loss of how America can define our specific role; other than ‘deter, intensify, and intercede’ among the different Russian, Kurdish, Turkey, Russian and Syrian troops.

“The Trump administration, however, has yet to make clear which fighters will seize Raqqa.”
Really ?
Gen. Joseph L. Votel, the head of US Central Command [CENTCOM] repeated the words I heard Gen. Westmoreland once pronounce: “I am concerned about maintaining the momentum.” After Westmoreland said those fateful words, my first assignment in the Nixon Administration was to prepare for the eventual evacuation of Vietnam and SE Asia.
Today, some of our soldiers have come home from Djibouti where they too were involved in ‘assistance and training’. Translated into every day terms, our American soldiers were involved in major firefights in Sudan, Yemen, and elsewhere in Africa. Yet Obama never declared a state of war. As usual, our cowardly congressional representatives never informed their constituents (the American taxpayers) exactly why we were spending countless billions of dollars in wars that are self-defeating and wasteful. We know that many leaders in Congress are graced with big bucks from weapons suppliers.  Its time to vote these whores out of office.

Unfortunately, our military leaders are falling into the very trap that Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the present National Security Advisor, wrote about in his PhD thesis—“Dereliction Of Duty”. McMaster postulated correctly that all the relevant political/military elite lied which resulted in a unwinnable war.

Sounds familiar?

Most of present day generals have very little experience in formulating a strategy for complete regime change. That is not to say, that each in his own time may have won a battle or two. Yet, not one of them has won a war. Or in the parlance of strategic singletons, ‘they never succeeded in changing one regime into another one successfully’.

The Iraq War was a complete disaster. There was no reason to invade Iraq. Predictably, the pathetic neocons under Rumsfeld [Wolfowitz, Perle, Khalizad, Feif, Bremer] never elaborated a coherent strategy for the post-invasion scenario.

That absence of a winnable strategy, according to “Dereliction of Duty,” was the fault of our present and retired generals.

  • Some history for you……
    Against my professional advice, Lawrence Eagleburger agreed with the Pentagon and POTUS Reagan to send a similar Marine deployment to Beirut, Lebanon. I had been professionally involved with PLO leader Arafat and the IRG, I warned the senior military/civilian leadership that if we sent the 1st Battalion 8th Marines [Battalion Landing Team –BLT 1/8] to Beirut in any capacity, especially as so-called “UN/MNF peacekeepers” we would rue the day. I was in the business of working with and against my constant enemy/friendly companions:
  • Iranians
  • Hezbollah
  • PLO
  • PFLP
  • Christian Phalangists

Kissinger already lost one ambassador in the Lebanese Civil War and there would be increasingly more fatalities if we were to send our warriors into Harm’s Way. On October 23 1983, two suicide bombers attacked and killed 241 US Marines, 58 French 9th Parachute Chasseur Regiment and six civilians.

That was then.

Today we have the same enemies: Iran, IRG, Syria, Hezbollah—plus different factions of the Kurds who are being destroyed by our presumable friends, the Turks. Our potential ally, Russia, is supporting Dr. Bashar Assad and the IRG. This five year conflagration has killed over 500,000 civilians and displaced another 4 million refugees. Remember that ISIS was created by our illustrious CIA and it’s natural paterfamilias:

  • Salafist Saudi Arabians
  • Hashemite Jordanians
  • corrupt UAE [oops, don’t forget the Mossad, IDF].

Could anything be more complicated?

I think not!!

I beseech both Generals James Mattis and HR McMaster to cease and desist this madness falsely entitled: training and assistance ASAP! You were placed in your respective positions by those who created and fought this Second American Revolution. We supported Trump and his team because we did not want any more of our brave men and women to end up in the mess that Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama created.

It’s time for you ex-generals to start thinking strategically. We have no political, economic, nor military reasons to be in any of those countries that we have been in for that past two decades.

Let me invoke the great plea of our great POTUS General Eisenhower:

“Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron!” 

Let me emphasize what another outstanding military strategist, Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur, repeatedly warned:

“It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it.” 


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61 thoughts on “Stop these Useless Wars! Raqqa Syria!

  1. Joseph Chiara

    Excellent post.

    I am beginning to worry that Trump’s administration, despite its promises and perhaps good intentions, will regress to the mean of Clinton-Bush-Obama. Perhaps the forces are so great that leaving that path is not doable. I don’t know why this should be the case, but after Trump’s support for the Ryan sellout on healthcare, which is likely worse than Ocare, and now this deployment to Syria, less and less appears to have changed. My cynicism is beginning to reappear, my sense that fundamental change is happening is evaporating.

    Nuts to the 4th power at least.

  2. Eileen

    Some anti-war President; wonder if this was one of the booby traps set by outgoing President Obama.

  3. Chia Cha

    That mulatto gave to capitalists every war capitalists wanted… Every… He even wanted to give them war in Syria. He was their puppy 100%. War + deindustrialisation + gender theories = mulatto.

    1. MRW

      To address him as a mulatto, fine. It’s your pointer. But to attribute “War + deindustrialisation + gender theories” to a skin mix show your lacking, not the mulatto’s.

      1. Chia Cha

        No no, obviously, seems, only mulatto can lick his white daddies so well. That was prerequisite bonus missing.

  4. Embrey

    Dr. Steve,
    What will you say if the forces loosely allied against ISIS in Syria and Iraq decimate the enemy (ISIS)?
    How would you destroy ISIS?

    1. Chia Cha

      Destroy Soros and ISIS is gone. He is red devil… He is Obama’s wars agent.

      1. Embrey

        In a way we agree but in reverse. Obama was Soros’ political agent.

    2. Fivi Zogbi

      I fear we must abandon the illusion of “destroy ISIS”. Since it was created with the collusion of purported enemies – who are postoning their battles with one another until later – ISIS will never be defeated in our lifetimes.
      If indeed (and it’s highly credible) the Saudis, the UAE, the HaShemis and MOSSAD created ISIS, then its very existence will reverberate in the minds throughout the region and not be abandoned without slaughtering far too many to make it palatable. The seeds of ISIS have been planted and will grow in one form or another, under one name, brand or slogan or another.
      The evil that humans do may be an inextractable and essential part of our nature.

      1. Embrey

        OK I will clarify a bit. When I said ‘destroy ISIS’ that obviously did not mean kill every human being that does or might support them. I meant annihilate the forces that have been occupying and attempting to occupy lands to form a nation. I do believe those forces can and should be defeated. People who imply that Trump’s detente stance with Russia during the campaign means he cannot go,to war are being dishonest. He did not create the problem. They are a problem. If you can wipe them out, wipe them out.

        1. Fivi Zogbi

          I did not misunderstand you. You cannot destroy a state of mind and the driving force behind ISIS is now deeply embedded within the minds of the people of the region. Some of the people who feel ISIS is justified will follow and even teach that ideology to their children and their children’s children. Beliefs do not go away.

          Ideas and beliefs live beyond those whose minds formulated the set of beliefs that guide a way of living and perceiving others.

          1. Embrey

            I cannot argue ideology. I agree with you. I say defeat the forces if you can because they pose a real danger. They will rise up again and will have to be put down again. Our difference appears to be in weighing the danger of military inaction while we solve the underlying problem.
            Like you said, they ideology part will take a long time.

  5. Embrey

    What was Rome’s post-invasion strategy after they sowed the Carthagenian fields with salt?

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      To serve as a lesson to those who might give rise to another HaMilcar Barca. Romans were not brutal only for the pleasure it might have given them. An empire only endures if its lessons spread far and wide and the purpose of destroying any remnant of Carthage was to take back control of the merchant sea lanes of the region and to serve as an example to other ooccupied peoples throughout the enitre empire. The destruction of HaMilacar Barca and those who gave rise to him was (to put it in childlike analogies) the boogeyman.
      Destroying any remnanat of Carthage was an act repeated throughout the endire Roman empire.
      And then Rome retreated behind the walls of Vatican to rule the globe from there through their ideas that this pope comes now to bury to enable the insular section of the Vatican to go global and secular (or satanic as some might say).

      1. Embrey

        Exactly. Annihilation and destruction gets people’s attention. And like you say, 2000+’years later they remain part of the global power elite.

  6. Chia Cha

    USA cannot win proxy wars with Russia in Middle East. Vietnam is the most what can be get, but then Kissinger would have to put money from work, not from Wall Street, because that was what Kissinger did there. To get situation like it is with Vietnam today… When North Vietnam signed economic deal to get money from work, peace was signed and South Vietnam was history. Wall Street money + ISIS + Turkey — It does not work. Money from work + secular governemnt + Egypt and Israel, that could work.

  7. Embrey

    USA + Russia + liberty = best option
    China loses influence
    China has to prepare for 2 front war
    Normalization of Russia with Europe
    United front against radical Islam
    Promote trade and free enterprise within this bloc
    Allow India, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and other countries to develop into first world nations

    1. Chia Cha

      That could work with my auction, Rand Paul is proposing also, but fascists of the world (and communists) meaning (military, bureaucracy, clergy, aristocracy in service of capitalists) will never allow it. Russian people would love to drive new Mercedes S for 5,000$ their mafia heads are driving, as we Europeans would may also. So they could overthrow their mafia scum and join us, Chinese people would also mutiny against their sucm, but capitalists would never give us right to play in time our selfe as their private banks are allowed. They will keep Putin. Putin is their needed player, they need him as enemy.

    2. Chia Cha

      India is separate, nothing with them, they are east, west must find compromise and unite with own former non eastern colonies, meaning with North (scandinavia) and south (Africa, South America)… That is ours, but not with east, with east you can only talk with Russian people directly, and try find some compromise with their people against their own mafia and put them on path to westernization. But no government of east is legitimate. They do not exist. Also all asian “scientists” should be expelled from all western institutions, they are all are spies. They are same as eastern traders in time of Roman Empire. Central Asia and Persia can be also ours if we put our communism there.

      1. Embrey

        USA + Russia + Germany + Brazil + Argentina + South Africa + India
        Wildcard = Iran
        That is where it is headed.

      2. Embrey

        And Chia, I did not suggest that the government of India is legitimate. I am suggesting that India is the easternmost outpost of Western civilization.

        1. Chia Cha

          Definition of west is system where king (president, dictator what ever) is not main bishop or arbiter among bishops, meaning he is not representative of God, on Earth, nor God him selfe… But Pope is. Where Jesus order is followed, what is of God to God, what is of king to king. In Russia Putin decides what main bishop in Moscow will preach. For instance bishop in Moscow had to say that bishop in Kiev was under possesion of Satan when Putin was angry on Kiev. That is East. Same goes in India. Without that division of power it i impossible for capitalism to emerge.

    3. Ron Sanderson

      WOW …You are inside my head…. I have these same thoughts with no one to share them with.. I am just a normal civilian with a desire to participate in the future and the future of this great nation. The U.S.A.

  8. Peggy

    I am so upset that Trump who promised no more entanglements in that part of the world seems to be dazzled by military brass . .I cannot stand these stupid wars we are in worldwide. What happened to America?Now its welfare and warfare.

  9. Donna

    Well said Dr. Piecezenik. A Third American Revolution is on the agenda if Trump doesn’t get with the program, and this time we won’t need you “intelligence” people to do it for us. We’ve been had by all of the world players. When Bruce Springsteen and his band can just fly into Syria and perform for Assad’s birthday party, that tells me that all of these world leaders are in on the poker game. They all, including Putin, McCain, Assad, the list goes on and on are making MILLIONS off of these ENDLESS wars. I have ZERO respect for any of them.

  10. Ron Sanderson

    I believe in Americas ability to endure any hardship it believes is necessary to win at anything. But we must have something to believe in first. A end game to match our might. I can only offer my can do Americana spirit and keep the faith. God Bless us all.

  11. Fivi Zogbi

    Dr. Pieczenik: Is it possible this action was taken without the approval of Trump? I cannot imagine Trump would be so foolish as to reverse himself so completely so quickly.

    My other concern has been and remains that Trump like prior administrations, either enthralled or mentally captured by Israel which is essentially run by the MOSSAD – and many within the MOSSAD have blundered badly over the years. Is there anything more cruel than playing with humans – either those caged in Palestine and non-Palestinians globally – as a cat plays with a mouse. Israel should long ago have taken a decisive actions instead of dragging out this dispute that is intractable by the will of Israel.
    BTW, perhaps I missed it but what does the acronym IRG represent? You explain BLT but not IRG.

  12. Fivi Zogbi

    An irony that so many people have overlooked. Let’s disregard that the grandfather of the half-breed (Anglo-Hashemi) present day “king” conspired with the Brits to get Transjordan. But let’s set that aside.
    Is HaShemi the true name of the trible of the bedouins who were implanted by the Brits as the kings of TransJordan? If so, how can we ignore the meaning of the name Ha Shem.
    In Aramaic (on which Hebrew is very loosely and clumsily based almost like plagiarism) Ha means The and Shem means Semite. So that means they would be of the true original semitic peoples.
    I’m curious to know your opinion on claims the vast majority of today’s Israelis (other than Mizrahi and some Sephardi) are really Khazari – at times a mercernary band of thugs.

  13. mmc

    Steve, you last quote has a typo-

    “Under the clouds of war, it is humanity handing on a cross of iron!”


    1. Star Messenger

      I thought I was the only one who spotted Steve’s typo. I guess I was wrong. Kudos to “mmc”.

    2. TY! for catching that! Appreciate your support.

      1. Fivi.Zogbi

        Since you add the MD at the end of your name, the Dr. at the front of your name is redundant.
        But be sure to remind us of your academic superiority when it was attained at the very institutions that trained the treacherous neo-cons here in the US, enabling them to conspire with the CIA and militaery after they’ve infiltrated the highest levels of government and intelligence agencies and bureaucracies, including both Houses to debitate and fracture the nation. And then to degrade the maculinty of men, the modesty and feminity of women and mothers and to turn them into street trollops and shrieking harpies – to join forces with the high testerone driven males of the middle east to sow chaos and breed the grounds for a civil war. In the end – we are enslaved to Israel as it has preached from its inception.

        1. Embrey

          Why don’t you tell him what you really think.

  14. Petra

    My question is. How do we remove ISIS? Must we first must expose and jail those in the U.S. Gov. that funded and still fund them. Is this why the vault 7 dump is so important. It will crumble the CIA and their funding power. Must there not be work on stopping them in their hiding places. ISIS is a Bush gang creation. What is the solution?

    1. Embrey

      Now we are approaching the heart of the problem. Petra keeping us over the target.

  15. Chia Cha

    This Nobel winner have point, he is right… He must put is simply feudalism is not capitalism. Rents are feudalism. And rentiers are not class, they are again hierarchical caste of new aristocracy. They are supported and are not supporting, plus they do not work. Obamanoids = NYC and SF rentiers.

    1. Embrey

      Rents are only feudalism if both the Lessor and the tenant are permanently so. If Chia wants a guarantee that he gets to be an owner rather than a renter then his solutions will never be better than those about which he constantly complains. He simply wants to displace those on top and install himself. A Chia army of one.
      If you want to be the silverback gorilla with all the chicks, Chia, go kick all the other gorillas asses. They aren’t going to give it to you.

      1. Chia Cha

        I am not, like you are maybe, I hate cheating people for profit (kicking out gorillas), In such moments I feel dirty and rotten, and I am afraid I would go to hell. I can only work if I am offering something really better for lower price. To be honest I would rather then do crime or be paid assassin killing capitalists for capitalists…So… It is feudalism, meaning it is permanent position if you are member of working class, meaning you are good and do not cheat (making extra profit) or taking profit other created… Because even if you take credit to buy house you must pay rent to money you took. Or you are paying from taxes rent to money government took from FED.

        1. Embrey

          i hope you understand that after your mythical revolution occurs and capitalism is displaced by your idea of Justice that your unwillingness to produce and compete will result in you being in the exact same position you are now.
          You act like there will be magic and rainbows after the revolution. Your condition will not change. You simply do not like the current order because you do not like your place in it.
          If you do not believe in free will I cannot help you.

          1. Chia Cha

            Nothing mythical, after WW3, free consumer associations, democratically controlled will be only possible way (Rand Paul proposal which is going to be refused by fascists)… Radiation is going to be too strong, so people will not want to go back in system where that consumer pool will again be controlled by some private person (either capitalist, either bureaucrat)… Bye bye government and old system.

  16. Fivi Zogbi

    Nothing will ever be significantly different. Anything that exists must do so at the expense of others – no matter what the species.
    The label ISIS might al Qa’eda, or it might be one of the many old names or new ones to come, or ideologies or -isms.
    I wonder if the world were run by robots if they’d eventually develop the capacity to argue over capitalism, vs communism, vs patriotism, or fascism, or naziism or zionism or pacifism – or any of the other -isms over which we churn our minds. Sometimes I feel silly over the futility of discussion.
    Those who have the power to enforce their will – ultimately will enforce their will. Those who can – do. Others debate.

  17. Deplorable Yoda

    I thought Chamberlain was dead.

  18. Chia Cha

    We would have to keep entrepreneurs in new system somehow. Mark Blyth about them.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      Here’s capitalism at its best – humor as capitalism devises new clothing market strategy.
      Maybe anti-Trump women will flock to the shops to get their own jackets for their next demo.

  19. “WAR IS A RACKET” by Marine Major General Smedley Butler a two time Medal of Honor recipient 1935. READ IT.
    washington district of corruption is the worst enemy America has ever faced.

    1. Petra

      The bigger story to Smedley Butler is that Prescot Bush tried to use him in a coup against FDR. We need to rid the Bush traitors out of this nation. We must put them on Trial.

  20. Fivi Zogbi

    Quoting from this essay “That absence of a winnable strategy…”
    Maybe the strategy is/was NOT to win, but merely to create chaos with its inevitable ripple effect globally. It also has the added benefit of population reduction.
    Are these perhaps the goals of the undeclared strategy that would be too painful for us to acknowledge?

  21. Star Messenger

    Steven, with all your “connections” in the military, CIA, NSA, etc., plus various “performance artists” (politicians), is there anyone who will listen to reason and learn from our mistakes, i.e. Korea, Vietnam, various “small wars” in Central America, the Gulf War, 12 years of sanction for Iraq, Afghanistan, the Iraq War, Libya, and now Syria (not to mention the seven countries we are currently bombing)?

    I know that everyone in government, whether in a military or in a civilian capacity, are beholden to the Military/Industrial Complex (MIC). But limits must be set otherwise in spite of all our good intentions that were demonstrated by the election of Donald Trump, ALL WILL BE LOST!

    Trump promised to “drain the swamp”. I know that is a “tall order” but it has to start somewhere. Imagine what could be done domestically with the money that would be saved by ending these endless, pointless, no-win wars. It has been reported that the Afghan/Iraq wars will eventually cost six trillion dollars (still counting) by the time the last vet from those wars will be treated from injuries incurred. What’s worse is both wars were without merit or warranted. Neither nation had ANYTHING to do with the 9-11 attacks. The “people” knew it. Congress knew it. Our military knew it. Our allies in other countries knew it with some being strongly against attacking those countries. So why did we do it?

    Trump must wrest back control of our country – by any means necessary! You (and I) are against bloodshed – as you have stated repeatedly. But you also have said that sometimes a certain few need to be “disappeared”. That was a common theme in Central and South American countries during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s in order for American companies to gain control of the agricultural markets when “the powers that be” in those countries didn’t want to “cooperate”. That’s what made America great back then and is needed again today. If the “swamp” is not drained as “The Donald” has said needs to be done, then what? The “swamp” will “fester” and spread. The time is NOW. Trump is assembling teams of experts in their respective fields. When that is completed, they must act swiftly, otherwise, the “opposition” will regroup, become more entrenched and less likely to be uprooted. It is up to you and Alex to get this message to Trump. People like me don’t have the resources and talents to do such things. But you guys do. So the burden is on YOU. Go to it and WIN!

    1. Chia Cha

      You woke up 5 till midnight… But Europe is still in neoliberal/neoconservative capitalist german dream, thinking how goal is to export more BMW s to China. Capitalists really do think how EU and USA should compete with China by lowering price of workers on their own domestic worker’s markets. First they told us only those without diplomas are going to lose, now those with diploma are loosing also. Today only doctors are protected. They have 250k salaries because german or Indian doctor still must pass US exam tests to work in US or he goes to jail if he works without it, every other sector is in deep problems thanks to deregulation.

      1. Embrey

        It is not deregulation that caused this problem. It was politicians that sold the working class and small merchants out. They took, directly or indirectly, foreign payoffs to sell us out.
        Every law that they won’t enforce is because it benefits somebody that gives money. Regulation is the way they bought off the doctors, lawyers, etc. who do you think writes banking regulations? Bankers.
        Ultimately, it is we the American people who have fallen short. We have leveraged our unborn great-grand children into debt slavery. We are morons.

        1. Embrey

          Nobody wants to pay the piper so we just create bigger and bigger bubbles.
          One day it’s gonna go boom.

          1. Fivi Zogbi

            Have you considered that most people are not “bought off” but actually seek to “buy in”. Those who seek positions of power are either on a messianic mission because they presume to know better and can remedy the sins of the exploitive classes. Or, they seek to gain the power of the exploitive classes.
            Perhaps it is impossible to create a “more perfect union” while the high falutin’ language may be appealing – all the while those who utter such oaths of fidelity to perfect the human condition may, or may not, acknowledge to themselves their goal is to benefits from the imperfections that are inextricably part of the way human behave and govern those over whom they have power.
            Nonetheless, we may need the journey of (perhaps hypocrisy) in struggling for the more perfect governance of ourselves and others.
            I believe the first rule of successful therapy is a correct (realistic) diagnosis.

          2. Embrey

            Good points. I have been having similar thoughts lately.

  22. Maggie

    Watch George Webb also on YT. Add McCabe on the drain the swamp list please.

  23. Lois

    I thought Trump handed these decisions over to his generals? Is that why this is happening? It’s not what he campaigned on. Granted he said he go after ISIS, but Assad’s forces and the Russians have been defeating them, per what I read. I thought he would have gone after their funding which is from certain Gulf States one being Saudi Arabia. Now drones are being sent to Korea and John Bolton is on TV talking regime in Syria and North Korea. I can’t take it anymore. It never changes.

  24. Embrey

    Judicial Watch released documents showing that shows Obama knew the Benghazi attack was not due to a video. The punk lied and a diplomat and several soldiers died to cover up their mess. Let’s see how quickly the press jumps on this. My guess. Never.

  25. Rédha BENDRIDI


    High Crimes – International Criminal Network – Mossad – CIA – DGSE – Barack Obama – François Hollande – Benjamin Netanyahu

    I sent this letter of Emergency SOS to many destinations, I leave it in comment because I find a difficulty to send it by e-mail. Please, give it an importance.

    Emergency SOS

    High Crimes / International Criminal Network

    Dear Madam, Sir,

    Today I address to you this letter to inform you for a situation extremely dangerous, and asking your help to stop International Crimes, and pursue their author in the justice.

    There are International Crimes against Algerian nation and against humanity in Algeria, commit by many secret services as the Mossad, the CIA, and the DGSE (french foreign secret services) and by many highly influential persons in the world as Barack Obama,
    François Hollande and Benjamin Netanyahu, in ordering the mafia who run Algeria.

    This is a long time, when I addressed many complaints and Emergency SOS, to:

    -United Nations
    -International Criminal court.
    -International Court of justice.
    -European Union.
    -General Attorney (General Prosecutors) of many countries in the world.
    -International Red cross.
    -Human rights Watch.
    -All of permanent missions to the United Nations.

    and many organizations, authorities, and press in all the world. I inform you that all of the leaders of the world know about this situation.

    unfortunately, the crimes never stopped and continue everyday.

    Dear Madam, Sir,

    I ask you to do an International Investigation and inform people for the situation, to stop the crimes and pursue their authors in the justice.

    Please, Madam, Sir, accept the assurances of my kind regards.

    Mr. Rédha BENDRIDI

    Souk Ahras



    1. Chia Cha

      You are sending letter to same those who are trying to do it again, because they failed in Algeria with arab spring. 😀 You have wrong mailing list.

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