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9 thoughts on “Stop Beating the War Drums!

  1. Chia Cha

    Now lets hear what Dr. P. really said there. Dr. P. removed influence of China, from Cambodia, removed Vietnamesse military from Cambodia. Soviets were removed earlier. Simply by peace talks. Meaning same could be done in Syria today. Same could be done if we could maybe in such talks put Iran in place Vietnam had in those talks earlier. So we had China, USSR, Cambodia, Vietnam. In today talks about Syria we could put todays China in position of USSR back than. Russia in position of China back then. Iran in Position of Vietnam, Assad in position of Cambodia back then. USA in position of Europe back then, and Israel in position of USA back then.

    1. Chia Cha

      Also Assad must become monarch. And Syria monarchy. Same was done in Cambodia.

  2. del stead

    Great video post Dr Pieczenik,interesting your thoughts on how you see yourself remembered against Brzezinski as well on an earlier post.. Immediately reminded me of the Gandhi quote that “even in a minority of one the truth is still the truth” The Manchester attack should in truth be no surprise as it followed the same criteria of all other false flags in so far as there had been practice drills in the city not too long ago for such an event occurring then as one of your sharper readers pointed out there was the convoy of 50-60 ambulances racing to the scene( interesting as someone in my town had a two hour wait for an ambulance but I digress) then there are the parents whom surely should be stricken with grief and be demanding answers and understandable action against the alleged perpetrators.. But no the got a tatoo of a bumble bee as a sign of let’s maintain harmony and unity!!?!? Which in turn spread to a legion wearing t-shirts displaying the bee!!!!!… And of course all the relevant information and video footage on the suicide bomber and how he was on the radar!!! If it had been my daughter that’s where I’d be starting first instead of sporting honey making insects!!! But once again allow my digression… I’m 100% your right in it being used as a justification to invade Syria and I’m watching closely for anymore too good to be true evidence ect…as a side note I’d like to point out Manchester city council has sold great swathes of its land to the princelings of Abu Dhabi as well as the sheikhs owning the city’s second football club Manchester City FC…not to be confused with the more glamorous Manchester United owned by the Florida based Glazer family….once again a great and important video post and I’d just like to mention the passing of Noriega… The story you shared about his incarceration in a French castle made me smile so perhaps a little eulogy about the man??

  3. Petra

    As all stand in truth from their individual but, grand view points we gain clear focus on what really is. In the end will only be TRUTHERS. All facades fade away and fall apart.

  4. Fivi Zogbi

    Dr. P: Ever feel like you’re the kid crying wolf? Or, perhaps, the one whose thumb in the leaking hole in the dike forestalled a disastrous flood? Some things are inevitable because of intrinsic forces that cannot be overcome. Such is the nature of humanity. War is as inherent in human nature as its potential to dream of humans achieving the ideals of divinity or pure pacifism. Neither will be a reality while humans walk the face of the earth. Sooner or later, one or another group that forms into an identity group reverts to the common nature of all predatory beings.

    Brezezinski was a basic archetype of an earlier foreign culture that identified itself as aristocracy. If indeed he hated Russian for Soviet sins, it was inevitable that any person whose group suffered massacres or genocide at the hands of an earlier generation will nurture the hatred or contempt in their beating hearts.

    When I visualize Brezezinski, I see others like him (who you’ve indicated you know) from an earlier disdainful elitist European hierarchy. To emulate your style, I’ll end with a paraphrased quote from the grand Lippizaner dressage master, Col. Alois Podhajsky. Only substitute “draw reins” for power and “monkey” for ill-educated contemporary humans:”In the wrong hands, draw reins are as dangerous as razorblades in the hands of a monkey”

  5. Fivi Zogbi

    No War? The savages have been beating the drums for seven months. The cannibals are devouring the nation as they destroy logic and have been allowed to do so unconstrained.


    1. Chia Cha

      See, these are nice news, I was laughing when AJ was making fun of border agency attacking passenger of plane for carrying chockolade. AJ does not know what chockolade really means, because when you have “chockolade” you do not need ICBMs. But yes, this is good news.

      1. Chia Cha

        sorry chocolate

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