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7 thoughts on “STEVE PIECZENIK LIVE with Alex Jones [9-6-16]

  1. Joris K. ridder de van der Schueren

    The Rothschild are not aristocracy in the far end, not by a long shot. The Rothschild in London, U.K., BOUGHT the title of baron, so he became Lord Rothschild, why? it brought financial economic advantages

    1. the rothschild family is here in the city of london where i am now. their representatives

      satan has given them supernatural power. they drink blood and kill kill kill with underground gladiator rings and sex slave enclaves. they kill steal and destroy all day.

      the 13 representatives of the crown corporation inside the city of london corporation run this the 3 most powerful nation states. vatican washington dc and the city of london.

      wake up. follow YESHUA our MESSIAH walk with THE HOLY SPIRIT OF YAHWEH!!

      we are in a spiritual war with higher dimensional demons. they are keeping people stupid and base minded. dead. they will perish for lack of Knowledge.

    2. Steve,

      I am in London now. been traveling the world 7.5 years or so as a missionary prophet for JESUS our LORD. Demonstrating HIS Kingdom on the earth. HE is Directing me back to ft. lauderdale and florida to fight with HIM to restore common law and establish an awesome republic for this state. I am 30 in october. You have a team forming with sophisticated people who can engage with Wisdom and Knowledge to establish a new government in your area?

      I will come and help. Give insight and lead and serve wherever is needed. Bless you Steve in JESUS Mighty Name.

      Email me i will fly over and help you all ASAP.

      1. Cha Chia

        you are an idiot… so, it is going to be an capitalist state? listen, rather join my communist party and save your self… you do not even know GINI coefficient Jesus is telling you to build, idiot…

    3. State or local government revamp.
      new model template to legislate as leader:

      -eliminate toxicchemicals in the air water soil. Clean up food supply. Localize it. Promote organic culture within city or state.
      -No big corporations inside city or state boundaries
      -Issue anuities to all citizens like sarah palin in alaska
      -destroy all slush funds
      – cultivate a culture of honor and entrepreneurship
      -lend me create/promote local business local farming

      What a city in florida or state it would be. When will the leaders arise to clean up and revamp the governments.

      Florida is ready

      1. Chia Cha

        one who is most successful would be available to invest money in to election and buy them off and buy real estates to stop work and have other to work for them?

  2. Cha Cha

    Everyone is going to be equal, capitalist heads are going to roll. Yes someone would be able to have one room more in his house but that is going to be democratically decided by whole society. Simply by voting.

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