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10 thoughts on “Hillary out. Election delayed?

  1. Watchmen

    Is Hillary Clinton dead?

    1. Cezar A Perez

      Thank you Dr Steve Pieczenik for your insight and contributions of hope to our nation.
      I deeply respect who you are and where you have been.
      May you continue to thrive and give us all some more insight into the real deal of our republic. God bless you sir.
      Cezar A Perez

      1. buddhabob

        question: Can an intrepid reporter who actually wishes to do his job pressure this Lisa Bardack for an interview? Can she feel some pressure? Why should she assume impunity if in fact she could be disbarred due to malpractice. Doctors have their licenses taken away for far,far less. As well, is this not an ongoing crime and coverup being perpetrated against the people of the United States behind the veil of doctor-patient privilege. If I was counseling Jeffrey Dahmer and was well versed in his dining habits, wouldn’t I be legally obliged to report him to the authorities. The bag lady is endangering the lives of all Americans, both the gullible idiots who support her and the rest by threatening to assume the mantel of power. And who is the black handler who uses hypnotic techniques of touching and whispering to manage the bag lady’s fits of disorientation, cant someone please name and locate this operative? Both of these people are in deep and have drawn up contracts with someone who is far more lethal than they can imagine IMO.

  2. Kristie

    It is a sad moment in time that those in power are so full of lies that they were going to run the election then the presidency without a president. They knew that she was very sick and they kept stealing, stealing stealing…..etc.
    The pirates within the government have exposed their lust for power at all cost. Sorta like the headless horseman.
    The saddest point will be that she may dye a martyr… And the truth that was going to be exposed at the debates will not happen. Can they suppress the truth. Or will it come out with Kerry and his laundry. Will this be Kerry’s chance to get in. His ego will always say yes.
    Why is there no talk of going to a paper ballot or at least a ballot receipt with voters name and who they voted for as a secondary record at least for the voter to keep in personal files?

  3. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. the “PLAN” is to put the Vice-President Tim Kaine in THE WHITE HO– USE! WHY??? Because, Tim Kaine is a JESUIT; and THE JESUIT ORDER is the absolute top of the NEW WORLD ORDER “ELITE”!

    They are actually “killing” Hillary Rodham Clinton; and I believe Hillary Rodham Clinton wants this and knows this!

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is too exposed; and this time there is substantial hard “EVIDENCE” to substantiate several criminal cases! Hillary Rodham Clinton is done, therefore, “get rid of her and put Kaine in;” and as stated, this is “THE PLAN”!

    1. Elizabeth Raynor Short

      DNC votes and chooses replacement. He can put his name up, but he has no leg up. If Hillary steps aside (which I do no believe will happen and DNC cannot force it) I do not believe Kaine will be chosen as her replacement.

      1. Full Duke Kodiak

        Elizabeth, you mean the DNC that rigged the primaries for Hillary and totally wasted the time of Sander’s and their supporters by knowing who they were going to nominate all along? Hmmm. Then there is Julian Assange’s snitch, Seth Rich who caught a bullet in the back. Oh yeah, I am TOTALLY sure they will be fair. Get ready for a ?????/Kaine or Biden/Kaine ticket whether you like it or not. Time to stop being naive.

        Alot of people died in the process of getting Hillary to where she is. What has changed?

        1. Full Duke

          One tangential point that Alex keeps bringing up is that is somewhat incorrect is that there is some unGodly specific drug interaction(s) between Armour Thyroid and Coumadin – there’s not. Anyone who works with Coumadin knows the old joke – COUMADIN INTERACTS WITH EVERYTHING – even Leafy GREENS!!!! LOL

          No specific Cytochrome P450 interactions; no direct interaction AT ALL. And for those who keep knocking Coumadin, one 5mg Phytodione/Mephyton (Vitamin K) reverses ALL coumadin effects fairly quickly and this drug can also be monitored by a PT INR. The Newbies; Eliqus, Pradaxa, ect. – no monitoring, no antidote. (The Armour Thyroid use isn’t as RARE as has been talked about – there are many elderly who have done well on it for years and have just decided to continue although clearly not the standard- and above else – they still manufacture it so someone is buying it).

  4. Durwood White

    For Trump’s immigration plan, why not open a back door to America in
    California and they come in like Ellis Island. Those aliens illegally in the country can sign up and become citizens. Then the government can find those who don’t sign up, and take them back to their own country

  5. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    DNC can’t force the candidate to step down.It replaces a candidate who voluntarily gets out of the race. Hillary will NEVER step down. As Bill Clinton said she is a demon.(Said she works like a demon.) She is a demon possessed and obsessed with winning the presidency. She would have to be dead for the DNC to replace her. If that happens, they could push the election back a couple of weeks, but no more because winner has to have time for transition. The day that power is peacefully turned over must stay the same -January 20, 2017.

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