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10 thoughts on “STEVE PIECZENIK LIVE w/ Alex Jones [9-2-16]

  1. Anonymous

    Every time you’re on Jones’ show I know it’s going to be an awesome slice of truth.

    Dr. P, have you seen this video yet? It exposes Hillary’s inner nature (complete heartlessness) precisely as you’ve described all along…

    Secret Hillary Video Explodes… She Just Lost Every Single BLM Voter

    Think MSM will ever air that clip? HA!

    Thanks doc!

    1. Anonymous

      Someone made this graphic from Zerohedge – thought you might like it 😉

  2. Cha Chia

    Devolution of power, government as entity removed, capital rules… And only capital… Government was at least elected by people, democratically, now you have only capital who will rule (totally unelected and in secret), now real party starts. And that is good move, because now we communists will have one big victory to score more, we would demand government to exist to represent will of people. Thank you 🙂

  3. del stead

    Aaaargh ignore above comment been trying to post comments for a month or more but been unsuccessful due to some reason regarding my smartphone!!! Just to say great commentary on the Alex Jones show and it seems your audience has grown with the setting up of the new site Dr P….

  4. james

    Where is MIT/CIA. Miss his tales and observations.

  5. Hia Ha

    It is important to break back of private people, they are sending dogs on people, and they are attacking clean public water, as they privatized wells.

    1. Hia Ha

      On west all public water is polluted because it is more profitable to pollute it after you buy wells and sell it in bottles. Source is one, it is private, and water after that source you pollute with your own factory. Also private police is more profitable, because they use force how ever they like, that is part of power devolution.

  6. Learn From History

    Truth is power
    Power to the people
    Go Trump!

  7. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    Steve, explain why it was evil for us to build up contras against the sandanistas. Secondly, in what way was United Fruit a cut-out for CIA? Historically, the main reason for interference in Central America has been to protect United Fruit’s position, property and the status quo for its benefit. Do you mean that United Fruit gave CIA officers and/or agents cover to carry out operations against the sandanistas?

    Thank you.

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