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10 thoughts on “Some History China and Japan! not all pretty.

  1. Chia Cha

    Japanese are most problematic, because they live their non-chrisitan culture on high technological level given to them by western liberal atheist satanists in 19th cenutry.


    Read Iris Changs book The Rape of Nanking to see the horror Japan inflicted on China.

    The chemtrail spraying over America is a crime against humanity and has been going on for over 30 year and is also a biological attack on we American.

  3. Iggy B

    Lived in Korea about 8 years. Studied East Asia. Can’t see China ever partnering for real with Japan. Smells like a Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. I’m sure China won’t have trouble trying to be bought off — but being a true partner with them isn’t in the works. — Such a thing would freak the Koreans (North and South) out to no end as well… and I’d suspect the rest of Asia…. China would possibly face many of its neighbors partnering with the US far more than they would ever think of doing if they joined with Japan in a Super Pact…. I can’t see this going far….

    1. Chia Cha

      China sees them as some little sea rocks in front of their coast. For them partnering with them would be sign of insanity. You cannot talk with rocks. That is insane.

  4. Chia Cha

    It is essiential to rise taxes on everyone earning more then 120,000$ on 91%. This is one of best comment I saw. If that would be done, dollar would worth 10 times more.

    “American middle class died out by the 1980s….
    When a parent can’t be home to raise the kids…
    By the 1980s it took 2 incomes or more to reproduce what generation of the 1950s and 19 60’s had…
    My grandfather told me in 1959 he owned a 4 bedroom home …paid 29,000 for it, owned a brand new Cadillac all on one income ….this was middle class living. Today there is no middle class. ..just survival living…that sheep believe is middle class.”

  5. Chia Cha

    Americans must understand that americans are right now in WAR with world capitalists and world captialism of NAZI Ron Paul, and they think that under market rules must be followed, because they cannot accept that american army is market controler, Ron Paul NAZIS cannot accept that ideologically, that is why they want to destroy US for ever, and US army. They want to show that market forces are stronger then any army, even US army. Even market is just unicorn in which we must believe, to be non human and rightous. For belief in to that unicorn to be established by rich on world level, USA must be sacrified, but totally, and to ground. Ditched and carved, for ever. As example that markets are right, read it: chinese rule. It must HURT americans for market to be belivable. The more it will hurt americans the more believable market forces will be, even US have big army. Now question is, will americans accept to disappear from historical memory so belief in markets and belief that entrepreneurs are working something, can continue on global level. For capitalism to survive. Well I think that capitalsits will rather save capitalism then US. Plus NAZIS must help their pagan=satanist=atheist cultures of asia. To show that markets are universal. If americans do not kill every rich they can catch, that japanese created Bitcoin will kill you and your family.

  6. Chia Cha

    Liberals are pure nazis, market naizis. People think they are not dangerous but if we see how much people they kill per year all over world, they on same level as Stalin, Mao and Hitler. Yes you can escape them if you informed and have inheritance, but what it you are not? Nestle is Swiss NAZI company. Buy american. Americans are at least not so methodical, perverse and preprogrammed. If americans would have concentration camps, you would always have shop to buy cigars and whiskey near.

  7. Chia Cha

    Steve Quayle telling everything what I am telling. Just without class analysis. Rich people should understand that all their gold they have will be found very very easily. After WW2 here, communist government organized gold hunters torture operatives, which would talk with people who may had gold. Every piece of gold was found, even those pieces, people really forgeted. With bitcoins it would go even easier with Cyber command as such would be just blocked.

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