Sicko Docs and the Authoritarian Personality!

Sicko Docs and the Authoritarian Personality!

Sadism and Sexual Abuse in U.S.A Gymnastics and Michigan State University reminds me of the film: “Dead Ringers”

This incredibly insightful film depicts the nefarious machinations of two highly-respected identical-twin gynecologists played by Jeremy Irons. This true story details the sadistic horrors committed by real-life Stewart and Cyril Marcus. These twins were my teachers in gynecology while they were attending physicians at the New York Hospital- Cornell University Medical College [CUMC].

What made them stand out in my mind was their incredibly sadistic, torturous techniques used in their gynecological examination of their women patients. At the time, I had enough sense to walk out of the examination room, denounce them personally and report them both to the Dean of CUMC. As one might have expected, I was designated as a troublemaker and non-compliant student.

What do I bring this up now?

  • The recent revelations about sicko Dr. Larry Nasser as well as coaches: Dan Peters, Marvin Sharp, and Steven Infante paralleled my experiences within the highly contrived, emotionally abusive hierarchical medical system where power and academic entitlements prevailed.      In the famous textbook entitled, The Authoritarian Personality, by Theodor W. Adorno and the rest of the Frankfurt School, he delineates the various characteristics required of those individuals  who imbue themselves with power, sadism, and physical/mental abuse. Adorno  identified the major traits of childhood experiences that would lead to a sadistic, abusive authoritarian figure in any institution. These traits included:
  • conventionalism
  • authoritarian submission
  • authoritarian aggression
  • anti-intellectualism
  • superstition
  • stereotype
  • power and ‘toughness’
  • destructiveness and cynicism
  • exaggerated concerns over sex.

One can see that many of these traits were replete in both the women and men who taught, supervised and oversaw the training of these hundreds of females desirous to please the coach and their authoritarian parents/society. Such personality traits lead to an organizational system that would groom, reward and then manipulate the helpless gymnast, or the aspiring medical student, into submission and eventually acquiescence. The miscreant behaviors on the part of any of the authority figures are buried in the systemic  conspiratorial silence. The victim becomes traumatized while the mentor becomes idolized.

Even to the last days of my medical school classes, after having repeatedly complained about the power abuses in anatomy, physiology, gynecology and other courses, I had the distinct privilege of watching a famous Professor of Neurology mock and denigrate a nice Irish Catholic fourth year medical student who was eager to please him. I intervened, physically and verbally calling this sicko-doc a ‘raving, sadistic asshole’. I accompanied the traumatized student back to his dorm at 1300 York Avenue. Hours later, that poor student committed suicide. Nothing was ever said about it.

A few days later, I graduated 87th in a class of 88 students. The 88th student was the medical student who had committed suicide a few days earlier. I received my MD degree in 1968 and I was immediately drafted.

Ironically, my military service hardly entailed any of the physical/emotional that I had to endure at CUMC. Respect, gratitude, and camaraderie had replaced the abominable sadism of my medical school years. Eventually, the anti-Semitic/anti-Catholic CUMC was bought outright by one of the more illustrious gonifs from Cornell University. Sandy Weill was the Corrupt-CEO-Citibank-Philanthropist who donated over $400 million USD. And so it goes that the school’s name changed from the prestigious CUMC into the present day ersatz, “Weil Cornell Medical College”. Financial and medical corruption can always triumph over the history of physical/mental abuses in any well-regarded institution .

The illustrious British novelist/intelligence operative, George Orwell, wrote in his now famous novel 1984:

“Two and Two Makes Five!”

Prove me wrong! Sayeth authority!

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19 thoughts on “Sicko Docs and the Authoritarian Personality!

  1. Petra

    True morality lie in the common man not those in authority. If only the common man understood they really hold power. If they did fewer would be abused.

    1. Embrey

      Albeit incredibly tragic, I was heartened when the father charged the man in open court.
      Right or wrong, I dare the government to charge the father and take the matter to a trial by jury.
      People are waking up.

      1. Fivi Zogbi

        Waking up is meaningless unless people take meaningful action.

        1. Embrey

          And like I said, the Dad went to kick the guy’s ass in open court. We are not only taking back our government. We are taking back our culture.
          Meaningful action

    2. Chia Cha

      Whole concept of power is missleading. Power is dangerous because you always must watch who gave you that position of power. God gave order to evil one to go and collect human souls and send those he catch to hell for ever. Media, reason, free mind and thought, society, power, justice, positions, all those are missleading dangerous concepts. Just imagine how many souls he collects just via TV Box every day. And that goes on industrial level. People asked one priest is there anything good iabout him, and priest said that he is tireless.

    3. Fivi Zogbi

      With all due respect, Petra, your generalization is not worth a damn. Common man can be equally as sadistic and corrupt as those with power. The only difference is that the powerful men and women – never deludes yourself women are free of sadistic cruelty – they are not in the public eye. So they escape detection or they simply continue their abuses in private, secluded dark corners. How many women do you think were aware of what Nassar was doing and remained silent? If not, how many were dumb enough not to see the obvious?

    4. Ron Sanderson

      Good thought.

  2. Chia Cha

    There is one show about ancient Egypt on National Geographic where they lied how one Pharaoh was inventor of monotheism and from there Moses copied that concept. Utter lie. Pharaoh was God, and when he dies, he goes on sky as one of stars. And there were many Gods. When priest caste got corrupt and with money and property got almost powerful as Pharaoh, he decided to lower number of Gods. He have put his family members in statues smaller then his statue plus he showed Sun as God next to him. Not above not under. Therefore he was inventor of dualism. Plus, It is utter discrace for this whole human civilization that we today do not have psychology of ancient egyptians. I am ashamed where we are living today, and worried about uninformed youth getting lied to via TV Box without any shame.

    1. Embrey

      Akhenaten the ‘heretic’
      Some say he was Moses.

      1. Chia Cha

        No, Hillary was Moses… For 2 months she took gender of Bill. Then someone yelled at Bill that he was rapist, leaving cattle confused.

        1. Embrey

          Valerie Jarrett believes Obama is Akhnaten reincarnated.

          Are you saying somebody removed Hillary’s male member when they pointed out the rape? I like that metaphor.

          The Hillary crazy supporters are not looking for a Moses to liberate them. They are looking for a Shiva, a destroyer of worlds, to grant them everlasting retribution, superiority and to permanently overturn the order.

          1. Chia Cha

            Yea, Hillary basically lost when liberals were reminded that Hillary who took male gender of Bill was therefore rapist also, because we know that every liberal knows that there is no male who is not rapist. Therefore Hillary lost simply because she was male. She did not went against own chemistry which would need more work. Poor Bill. Had Hillary choose gender of showdrop or tulip, she would have won. Hillary was so ignorant she was not even reading books her cattle was reading makeing her lose because even she rightly knew that cattle was just cattle, she did not treat cattle as cattle. Cowboy knows how to treat cattle, even Bill. Bill is biggest victim.

  3. Windwipper

    How traumatic for Dr. Steve and the other student. Horrible. I had a similar experience but in a workplace. However I would say that the list of “traits” Steve provides above is too vague and easily exploited; according to that list anyone who is religious, believes in God, in the supernatural (i.e angels & demons) or is a Conservative could be labeled “conventional” and “superstitious”, and even “anti-intellectual”. I’ve also known abusive, authoritarian persons who WERE extremely intellectual. I do notice that they DO tend to have exaggerated concerns over sex though; that I agree with.

  4. Jason

    “Power without perception is meaningless, and therefore of no true value.” Ryuken “Fist of the North Star”

    1. Ned Littell MD

      Steve, I appreciate what you have written here and spoken about previously of the experience of medical school and residency training. I have talked with colleagues who report that they also have nightmares about the experience, and it has been about 30 years ago now. 87th out of 88? They really had it in for you. Way to go.

      1. Fivi Zogbi

        The graduation committee at CUMC may have had it in for Pieczenik – but SP is having the last word, many meaningful words. And it is those that will count if they do not fall on deaf ears, or if the text SP writes does not fall on shallow sight.

  5. Octavia

    Yes. The medical profession opened up a way for abusive but academically smart enough students to take up positions of power over people. In my place, the College of Surgeons was known by my friend who worked there, as a workplace of bullies and corrupt over-glorified butchers.
    They and other medical faculties, lobby governments to make sure their incomes are over- inflated as well. And we are expected to respect these nasties when we are sick. Disgusting excuses for humans.

  6. Ron Sanderson

    It wan’t until I entered the 10th grade before I had the misfortune of being abused by sprots coaches. I know these types. I have fought these types. I won these fights. So many things I could say that it would take a hour of your time. Lets just say this. I was a man before most older men had become men themselves that were supposed to show me how to become a man.. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight ,but the size of the fight in the dog. Great life lessons learned that have helped me more than any ivy leauge school could have sold me the privilegeof paying for.

    1. Ron Sanderson

      “of paying for” edit

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