Shame that Old Fossil Murdoch and the WSJ

Shame that Old Fossil Murdoch and the WSJ

Wall Street Journal Attacks Trump: Change or Give Up!


The Wall Street Journal,ostensibly a respected conservative newspaper, gave Donald Trump an ultimatum.Change your self-referential ways or transfer the Republican race to Mike Pence, the nominal VP.

Talk about arrogance!

The WSJ has now become the mouthpiece of the disgruntled Republican party members, reflecting a hostile attitude the neo-conservatives and old Republican members have expressed in the past few months. It’s about time that WSJ realizes that they, along w/ NYTimes,Washington Post,CNN, MSNBC,have all become irrelevant to the majority of us who no longer read your collective propaganda.


For the most part, I read your psy-ops pieces on an assortment of internet sites that have very little to do with your particular brand name. Your newspapers and TV shows of today are in fact the news of yesterday.

The reason Trump and his advisors do not respond to the collective entreaties of the WSJ and its cohorts is because for the past year, Trump has found success in the real polls by trusting only one important variable—his own instincts. The Trump movement is a revolution based on raw emotions of a fed-up citizenry and not on trivial points of a policy paper a la Hillary Clinton.


No one cares whether Trump will bomb, eviscerate or enucleate ISIS, his point is quite simple—over fifteen years of war, we Americans, are still engaged in savage futility of no lasting consequence to the American way of life –i.e. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Afghanistan. Six months ago,I said that Trump could and would sweep the elections regardless of who his opponent would be. Six months later, the voting patterns of a fixed election have nothing to do with the one vote- one person rule.

The voting agenda has now entered into an imaginary world of super electoral delegates, once supplanted by state delegates, which in total have no correspondence to reality of the present race. Goebbels would be proud of the state of our media. I am sure Putin is chuckling yet slightly envious of the American “controlled media”.


Instead of critiquing the ongoing corruption of the Clinton Foundation ‘pay-to-play’ schemes or the sad disintegration of Hillary’s health; the WSJ and their NY/Washington cohorts have decided to band together and denounce Trump as inept, childish, boring. As Donald might say “so weak, low energy”. Never has a journalistic conspiracy been so transparent. Without looking at the letter head, I can go from one newspaper to the next one and read almost the same words,denouncing Trump, word-for-word.

I have never been a fan of the Murdoch family from the time that I remembered Rupert leaving Australia to join the New World some decades ago.

I don’t trust a man who hides the fact that his mother was an Orthodox Jew and bequeathed him a fortune upon her death from which, Rupert, extracted a series of newspapers starting in Perth, Australia. Then he moved across the Pacific Ocean to acquire 20thC Fox [both TV/movies] and the WSJ.

Before pouncing again on Trump, it would be wise for the Murdoch family to reconsider their obsession to destroy a man who never lied about his ancestry let alone that his daughter and son-in-law are very serious practicing Jews.


We can expect hysterical nonsense from the NY Times, Washington Post and cable news.

Shame on the WSJ! and that old fossil, Murdoch.

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2 thoughts on “Shame that Old Fossil Murdoch and the WSJ

  1. Chia Cha

    This end of one era. Sick Hillary represent sick liberal democracy. Liberal democracy is not checked therefore it cannot stand. It is history. Computerized democracy is what age, wants, but rich does not want that. It is going to be interested how this is going to work out.

  2. Leslie Miller

    I don’t claim to understand the neo-conservative mind. Surely they have to see how ridiculous their demands are.

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