Fred Malek “The Thug” Reprimands Trump!

Fred Malek “The Thug”  Reprimands Trump!
Senior Republican Official, Fred Malek “The Thug”  Reprimands Trump for Not Being Cordial or Inclusive!
I have witnessed absurdity repeated several fold in many types of political contests. However, Fred Malek, a true Republican “thug” whom I knew about in the Nixon and other Republican Administrations proves the axiom that “he who excuses himself, accuses himself”.
Malek, the son of a beer truck driver, has always prided himself on ‘efficiency’, ‘trustworthiness’ and ‘machismo’. He was trained at West Point and went on to become a ‘successful business man’.
Of course, his success lay in political cronyism, typical of Mitt Romney and others who could never create a start-up company and instead acquired hotel properties which were a testimony to his loyalty to the Marriott family. Presently, he is considered a ‘kingmaker’ in the Republican Party, having served Bush Sr, Bush Jr, and John McCain.
Yet, his real background is replete with anti-Semitism, crony capitalism, and absolute fiction. Like many mainstream Republicans whose narratives belie a core value of decency and entrepreneurship, Malek has spent his life trying to elevate himself from a Croatian thug to an outstanding American philanthropist.In my eyes and in that of many others who know his reputation for self-aggrandizement, minus intellectual forte, Malek is nothing but a hired-gun for the Republican establishment, writ large in the personae of the phlegmatic Paul Ryan and the Vietnam War traitor, John McCain.
In his reprimand of Trump for his so-called ‘obnoxious behavior’ [Wash.Post, May 31]  Malek  congratulates himself and Manafort [his deputy at the time] for having been responsible for erasing the fifteen point lead that Michael Dukakis had over Bush Sr. in the 1988 Presidential Race.
If anyone was responsible for that amazing coup de grace it was James Baker and Roger Ailes. Malek did not have the intellectual gravitas to develop the proper strategy. Nevertheless, Malek serves time and time again as the ‘enforcer’ for the cowardly mainstream Republican Party. The GOP that has done nothing for the American citizenry.
It is the will of those of us who have supported Trump from the very beginning that he,Trump, acts and responds according to his own highly developed instincts. The American people, be they right or wrong,wants someone who will challenge the status quo and ways of the mainstream Republicans.
Malek is neither a policy maven nor effective implementer. He has all the attributes of an egregious, self-serving ‘hit man,’ who has neither the talent nor ability to create out-of-the-box initiatives. He is primarily an illiterate, unintelligible thug who is told what he must do and implements it accordingly—often, very poorly.
Malek is the ‘enforcer’ for those who are too afraid to confront Trump on his own terms.These are the same people [McCain, Graham, Romney] who gave us the endless wars; as well as, the endless defeats marked by the relentless suicides of our brave warriors deployed five times to Iraq/Afghanistan and elsewhere.
Malek is the face, mouth, and proboscis of the dying elephant. Malek is the Jimmy Hoffa of a malignant union called the Republican Party that cannot and will not unite around Trump, nor ever be able to bring prosperity to our citizens.
Good riddance, Malek!
Good riddance, Republican Party!

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2 thoughts on “Fred Malek “The Thug” Reprimands Trump!

  1. Gary Giuffre

    The old “bait and switch” routine that was used on Ronald Reagan, is being rolled out again. Back in 1980, they were forcing Gerald Ford on Reagan as his running mate, or else they would implode the campaign like they had done against Barry Goldwater in 1964. Reagan chose “the lesser of two evils,” and asked the CFR candidate, George H. W. Bush, to be his VP. As Roger Stone says, it was the biggest mistake he ever made and almost cost him his life two months after his innaurugation. The “bait and switch” was ultimately successful as Bush took over running the government in the wake of Reagan’s near death catastrophe and slow recovery, which was never complete. Trump follows in Reagan’s footsteps. Just like Jimmy Carter in 1980, the establishment realizes that Hillary in 2016 is damaged goods and is going to loose even as they claim she is running ahead – just as with Carter in the weeks and days leading up to the 1980 presidential election. They let Reagan win to get Bush in the White House. They will let Trump win to get a “dark horse” in the White House that has been a member of their team all along. The Democrats are too hated to continue the elites’ program over the next eight years. Mike Pence is the man to whom they will pass the baton. Trump’s true and loyal supporters should warn him that he will sign his own death warrant by placing the establishment stooge, Pence, one heart beat away from the presidency. Just like Reagan, Trump has been under horrendous pressure to take as his running mate a known insider (this time, Newt Gingrich), so he “compromised” and opted unwittingly for another one of their agents, who is now suddenly acceptable to the party establishment, because he is on record as opposed to every public position championed by Trump. No doubt, a traitor inside the Trump campaign, probably party hack, Paul Manafort, pushed Pence on Trump. Another “Bait and Switch.” Just two days ago, Trump said he wanted someone who was 100% in agreement with his policies and who had experience in Congress to get his agenda put in place. Trump said that total unity within the Republican Party would be nice but not necessary. Trump has now completely reversed himself and has placed in grave jeopardy his own life as well as the mass movement that he has generated to help Americans take back their government. Senator Jeff Sessions formulated Trump’s trade and immigration policies. He would have been the logical running mate for Donald Trump so that the movement Trump started would not be brought to an abrupt halt by an assassin’s bullet or a cancer-causing virus put in Trump’s food, just like what was successfully used against six South American heads of state who were targeted by the CIA and all died of cancer. This is the third time since 1964 that the GOP has pulled off a “bait and switch” (Rockefeller shill, William E. Miller, was forced on Goldwater, just in case he had won). They keep using the ploy because it works. The “anybody but Trump” crowd has prevailed after all. The globalist program will resume full speed after a very brief pause.

    1. Robi

      Excellent post. Clear, to-the-point, and realistic. A pleasure to read.

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