Seal Team 6 / Bin Laden Lies Predicted 14 Years in Advance

Seal Team 6 / Bin Laden Lies Predicted 14 Years in Advance
Once¬† Dr. Steve’s
14 year prediction after the false flag 9/11 stand own was right on what he
predicted that a future president will claim that SEAL Team would kill Oasma. But Osama was already dead with Marfan Syndrome! There was no SEAL execution –
all a lie by Obama admirals MacRaven –team leader- Adm Mullen — also Panetta
and John Brennan DCI.

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29 thoughts on “Seal Team 6 / Bin Laden Lies Predicted 14 Years in Advance

  1. Read about this in our press this morning and there is NO doubt about the cover up regarding Bin Laden however hersch fails to address or acknowledge Dr Pieczenik's expose some years ago and indeed why he hasn't even mentioned Dr P's account! Here we have Seymour Hersch delivering an account that still works within the official account in so far as Bin Laden was indeed in his compound likely protected by Pakistani military yet when an ex top government official clearly sticks his head and reputation above the parapet nobody takes notice! Especially when this prediction was indeed backed up albeit accidently I presume by the bold miss madeline!! More needs to be investigated by hersch given the information we readers and infowars listeners received first especially when Dr Steve has not shirked from this most important issue and even stated a willingness to be challenged by a court and name names!!! Yes hersch may well be grabbing headlines but he's missed the bus on this engrossing topic of Bin Ladens non execution

    1. Hersch is open lefty, only left can make moves which are going to be proclaimed as non conspiracy and mainstream even when they steal from Dr. Pieczenik, mostly because of left hollywood. So then corporate media have to mentioned it and react or it would be conspiracy by media not to mention it. Like at me, they had to mention it, even they said how that is not true— lol Dr. P should cooperate with left… Sean Pen, Angelina Jolie, Oliver Stone…

    2. Hersh never said bin Laden wasn't killed by American personnel in Abbottabad.

      Hersh only said that he was found through different methods and that the Pakistani government knew he was there and might have been aware of the raid….that's all.

      Nothing in Hersh's or anyone else's work indicates that bin Laden died years earlier of disease.

    3. Now It is on national TV, channel 2, Woddy Allen, Mighty Aphrodite… What high level of culture… Him, Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld and Jews… Jews and blacks are authentic american culture. Everything else is Roman Empire and capitalists. Ok, ok, cowboys, Dixie's, Poe, Hemingway… Gee do something…

  2. It wasn't just Dr. P… Everyone from Rush Limbaugh to John Boehner (in private) was saying Osama was dead before he was "killed"…

    1. Just read that piece i0vae, yet again reinforced the argument! People really need to know this stuff and more importantly people really need to be bothered to know this stuff! In my opinion it doesn't get any more explosive! The whole reason I comment on here today is through this subject and 9/11! Certainly gave me a voice so if I can others most certainly can

    2. yeee yeee, and who was first?
      yep right Boehner said in 2001 that some future president would kill Osama, and he said in 2001 that he was dead, right… Also that Rush, that fat neck bull with brain of cow was so smart…

  3. The "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001 were a "MAJOR" FALSE FLAG and STAND-DOWN OPERATION (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "9/11: CONSPIRACY THEORY WITH JESSE VENTURA – Documentary" [This is a copy of "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: 9/11 – The Pentagon [Season 2, Episode 8] (FULL LENGTH)"!] posted by werdstangers on July 18, 2013) involving, but NOT limited to, THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA), BRITISH INTELLIGENCE (created in part by SKULL AND BONES), MOSSAD (controlled by CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE))! The C.I.A. was involved with the "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001 (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Marvin Bush, Stratesec, and 9/11: The Straight Facts" [Marvin P. Bush (younger brother of illegitimate George W. Bush Jr.) was the supervisor over the "new security system" installed at the WORLD TRADE CENTER ("W.T.C.") up to 2000; and I believe Marvin P. Bush sat-on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS at Stratesec (C.I.A. FRONT CORPORATION) up to September 11, 2001! Wirt D. Walker III (C.E.O. of Stratesec and cousin to THE BUSH brothers) was/is a C.I.A. AGENT; therefore, THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) was in charge of "SECURITY" at THE WORLD TRADE CENTER ("W.T.C.") up to September 11, 2001!] posted by WarCrime911 on December 14, 2012)! BRITISH INTELLIGENCE was involved with the "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001 (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "9/11: 10 Years Later" [There was a "deal" between THE BRITISH EMPIRE and Saudi Arabia brokered through BRITISH INTELLIGENCE and B.E.A. SYSTEMS (BRITISH INTELLIGENCE FRONT); and this created the "LARGEST SLUSH FUND" in WORLD HISTORY, which was used to fund some of the Al Qaeda (intelligence mercenaries) "FALL GUYS" brought into THE UNITED STATES by THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES)!] posted by LaRouche PAC Video Archive (AUTHENTIC) on September 11, 2010)! MOSSAD (controlled by CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)) was involved with the "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001 (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Mossad Truck Bombs on Sept 11" posted by Nephilim70 on February 26, 2008; "9/11: Truck/Vanload of Explosives (CBS-ABC-WABC-CNN-NBC)" posted by Nathan Flach on October 26, 2008; "Jews Did 9/11 Proven Part 4. Israeli Mossad Agents Confessing To 9/11 On Israeli TV Inside Israel" posted by Jews Did 9/11, 7/7 & Madrid on June 10, 2011; and "Four MOSSAD Agents in World Trade Center Pre 9-11" Doing Construction" (Interview/Photo Evidence)" posted by UtubularBalls on October 24, 2010)!

  4. The second death of Bin Laden is almost laughable in the way it was projected by the media. We are expected to believe that in the land of the big spiel, there are no still pictures, movies of the 'bogie' man being killed or DNA. Nor any witnesses locally(who thought the whole idea hilarious!) or any among the thousands of Sailors for OBL's traditional Muslim burial…at sea! At least if you are going to do 'smoke and mirrors' make it at a level that someone with a brain cell might buy it. I had an Uncle and a Cousin with Marfans they died at 45 and 36. My Cousin even had a heart transplant which did not save him they both were about 6' 4'' like Abe and OBL with long pianist fingers. As I understand it you outgrow your Aorta and other organs like Kidneys which start to fail. Hence the visit to the American Hospital in Dubai by a Dr and the CIA section chief 2 months before 9/11 to see the ailing OBL. As regards 'conspiracy' It follows the playbook perfectly, people involved (Seal Team 6) having 'accidents' the flattening of the compound and destruction of evidence (Sandy Hook, Diana and JFK etc). Frankly there are a section of the population that if CNN had reported that Obama had knocked OBL of a winged Unicorn with the Spear of Destiny, they would have bought it. At what point will folk ask questions? I suspect when this all comes out in 50 years or so in kids History classes, like Tonkin did. All the major players are gone and no one will care because they will not have the context.

    1. absolute enlighten corporate workers-self management monarchy, monarch crowned by pope… i hope we will get this out of all of this… we need also add to senate and congress, also corporate-consumer representative body…

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    3. Chia Cha the problem is not capitalism it is human nature as whether socialist or capitalist the people at the top are greedy little fuckers. In fact it is not even capitalism, it is cronyism if it was pure capitalism banks would be allowed to fail and bankster's go to prison. When I was about 18 I worked briefly for Chemical Bank they were very pleasant and rewarded their workers well but everything was always about money. I could have had a very safe (they never fired anyone!) well funded career but I could not stand how 'dry' it was so I went to University instead. Real Capitalism and entrepreneurship are what makes the world turn, otherwise it all turns to mashed potatoes and Tractor production is up this year bollocks.

    4. Yes i agree. But what to do now, those who made this economy communist are capitalists, and as long they do not formalize their relationships (central committee) they are capitalists, meaning you can kill them only by communist revolution if you want to change economy from communist (where all money in banks are government money) back in to capitalist, cause if you try anything else they will just buy that new position with their communist money… China have capitalistic economy and is ruled by communists, USA have communist economy and is ruled by capitalists.

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    6. It is sad to see how USA instead to take Spanish Empire model of colonization is choosing to be suicidal and adopting Haiti model because it is inept to go to war because of nuclar weapons. USA is choosing to eat own supstance and not admitt that Spanish empire based on Catholic church is best concept of colonization there is, you do not have to invest anything just in to Churches, and only for once, also Catholicism is best because it is able to coopt all local pagan concepts thru concept of saints. When UK adopted liberal capitalism UK capitalists was free to move capital to USA. India today have better relationship with France than UK:), South Africa also, liberal free capitalism is suicide of those who are strongest but which are unable to keep position and going rapidly down.

    7. Without US and UK navy, France would just have to intervene in to Spain and Portugal (make some civil war there), block Germany with Russia and make invasion of Argentina, whole South and Central America is than ours… But we now have to wait for US to go down and watch nuclear war maybe before. It is boring to wait so much.

    8. Truman had nice chance to nuke Moscow, and Ike Beijing… But capitalistic scum counted that, why if we go there those people will demand 1$ per day to work, and now they export oil and resources for much less, this is better. Everyone who is planting plants with Satan must pay price… God s mathematics is perfect. Justice on to people is enforced collectively thru governments. All governments are from God, not Satan.

    9. Also Bill do t you see how capitalists are stupid suicidal people, UK capitalists did not send proper navy to keep US rebellion in check, they switched to India… ooooo India, spice, tea. Imagine a tea… That reminds me of Indians taking glass pearls from Dutch in exchange for Manhattan island. Even glass worth much more than tea per kg.

    10. Those circumstances are why my mind's still open on the question of whether it was actually UBL who was killed in that raid.

      But nothing in the Hersch reporting indicates it as not really him.

  5. Must say that was unfortunate about Kim Jong-un's Defence Minister being shelled for falling asleep, I have done it myself in meetings and pinched my inner thigh to stay awake. Apparently their was a bloke at the CIA who used to doze off and when called on for his contribution used to say 'where's the power coming from' apparently this covered most situations. Still I suppose the Defence Minister will not do that again…firm but fair!

    1. The bloke at CIA who fell asleep all the time was the Director, William Casey.

  6. It was the snoring, that made this a particularly heinous offense Bill. ; /

    1. The house of Lords wouldn't last long in North Korea then that's for sure! Must be terrible though residing in a country where your leaders are accountable to nobody and killing people for trumped up reasons whilst the majority will follow like sheep believing any narrative they are told! But I digress on a tangent again..could be worse where the poorest are targeted and health services cut oh and imagine having to work till after your dead

    2. and capitalists in your country are accountable to anyone? none who on position of power is innocent! north korea is state capitalism, workers there do not decide anything, just like in UK and USA

    3. I think that may of been my point!

    4. sorry, me not good_) in english, my deepest apologies

  7. Rumor has it, that the defense minister was mumbling; " I should have bought a Tempurpedic" just before facing the anti aircraft gun.

    1. We used this one in balkan wars. locally made hispano-suiza 20 mm, you put flammable, it is great for city fights, you feel like a man

    2. I would use this for rich, while they jump on field and trying to bribe me while waving with money, all from distance of 1000m. Of, them calculating and not waving with all cash they got in pocket…

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