Same Old CIA

Same Old CIA

Once Again, the CIA Stumbles into a Vat of Disgrace, Dysfunction and Major Collateral Damage!

Michael D’Andrea, a converted American Muslim, has been assigned to implement ‘harsh operations’ against Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah. Yes, he’s the same character that led the “hunt” for the already long dead Osama bin Laden.

Michael D’Andrea likes drama. He thinks he is special and quite unusual. He carefully crafts his personality along the lines of a Jason Bourne or even a Jack Ryan but unlike either of them he likes to consider himself as the “Dark Prince”. Men who tend to hide in the shadows [Batman, Robin, the Shadow] all have a certain sexual and intellectual proclivity unlike the rest of us normal daylight creatures.

My oh My! How our CIA has become a sclerotic intelligence operation mired in a history of unconstitutional, ineffective torture. Not to mention a shameful legacy of an unwarranted deadly drone attacks which kill more innocent bystanders than High Value Targets [HVT].

I was always leery of Congressman [R-Ka.] Mike Pompeo’s appointment as DCI. He is a graduate of West Point and Harvard University [JD]. He then went on to practice law at the prestigious firm of Williams &Connolly. For a while, he was a businessman in the field of aerospace and private security.

Nowhere in his resume is there any mention that he was trained in intelligence, psy-ops, counter-intelligence or morality in interrogation.
His deputy director is Gina Haspel. According to Pompeo is “an exemplary officer and a devoted patriot who brings more than 30 years of Agency experience..”

Sounds impressive, right?

Not so fast, my friends.

In 2002, Gina oversaw the torture of two terrorism suspects and later took party in ordering the destruction of videotapes documenting the brutal, ineffectual torture held at a secret prison in Thailand. [NYTimes, 2/2/17].

Not one to miss out on the big boys’ games, Haspel also became deeply involved in the illegal practice of ‘extraordinary rendition program’ under which captured combatants were sent over to foreign governments to be held in secret prisons and tortured mercilessly.

I wonder if she has ever had her genitals attached to an electrical shock machine or had her beautiful manicured nails ripped out mercilessly?In contrast, General Mattis and I both have questioned numerous potential terrorists. We know better that a bottle of beer and a cigarette is far more effective in soliciting needed information than any form of torture. Ask your local cop/detective on the beat what he/she thinks.

Nevertheless, the inexperienced bully, DCI Pompeo, declared in an inane statement that waterboarding and other torture techniques should be considered ‘patriotic’. Following that faulty logic, Pompeo, the new Caligula of the CIA, then appointed an American operative who became a Muslim convert to better understand how to blow them up with drones flying out of sight and mind.

Now Trump has reconfigured the old CIA which had failed under Clinton, Obama, and now Trump. We wanted a #MAGA instead Trump is giving us the same old, corrupted crap from previous administrations. The list of DCI reads like an obituary of the dumb and dumber including such luminaries as John O. Brennan, George Tenet, Leon Panetta, Robert Gates, and the top banana,  George H. W. Bush Sr.

So now, what can we expect from a more ‘masculine, tough approach to Iran and Hezbollah’ thanks to Michael D’Andrea? I doubt whether anyone in the CIA has spent as much time as I have with Ayatollah Khomeini. I went to his house in Tehran, Iran. I also met the IRG and the ruthless Hezbollah group led by the genius leader, Hassan Nasrallah.

If they had met these leaders, they would understand one simple fact: Don’t MESS with IRAN and HEZBOLLAH! These are not amateurs. They won’t forget how Israel and the USA started the Iran/Iraq Wars in order to destroy both countries. These two entities have had more fighting time and successes in both covert and overt operations than our entire intelligence community combined [all 17 of them].

I warn against war in Syria, Iran or Lebanon.
Despite the fact that we already have massive troop deployments there and in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen. We will pay a very heavy price for our continuous defeat and our single-minded stupidity. America: stop feeding the Military Industrial Crime Racket and stop doing the bidding of Israel!

Nothing belies our national intelligence more than assigning the same incompetent, dysfunctional people to engage in the same ineffectual activities as they had done after their self-created 9/11 false flag and stand down.

In the words of the young American writer, Chris Colder:


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43 thoughts on “Same Old CIA

  1. Ron Sanderson

    Great advice like this has been ignored before. If we continue with the same illogical failed policies and expect different results ,well isn’t that a insane waste of our nations wealth and time. Are we acting insane ? I wouldn’t allow a insane dangerous person to drive me to the airport. So why are they driving the policies of State into the future?
    Thanks once again for sharing some truth.
    Nothing in the news is as informative as Doctor Steve P.
    A great inspiring source.
    Please keep going.
    Thank you and God bless.

  2. Chia Cha

    I do not know about most effective but I know about fastest torture. That is not even torture how fast it is. You put hosepipe in throat and then start filling lungs. Subject will start talking right away. There really are no need for twisted and cruel methods if you are normal. Especially if you do not have room, lamp, desk…

    1. lmx

      …what a sick, pathetic,… and primitive mindset. Information is the ratio between signal and noise,… with a lot of noise you loose the signal,… i.e. if you get too stupid on the whole, loose the rational spectrum of practical human understanding,… reduced to some screeching,.. well,… it depends what you are after,… I guess, …. you express the feeling of helplessness in the world. Some people refuse to give, they know what you want and you are their enemy, but the same person, will risk to die for a friend.
      My dad, loved the american invasion at the end of WWII,.. chewing gum, coke, chocolate and jazz music,.. where is the candy, bothers across the atlantic?… drop candy not bombs, make fiends,… and you will have all the ‘intelligence’ you need to win the war for peace, not oil or terror,…please,.. just work it out and watch children playing in the sand pit,..once upon a time, children used to play, carefree and content,..and felt an inner need to care for and share the candy. There are not so many planets around,.. this one seems to run out of viable motivational phantasies,.. for a candy mindset future. Are there bullet proof vests for children? … you might want one, with your mindset on winning the war on terror,… like this.

      1. Chia Cha

        But some people do not like other people kids, especially if these people are organised.

  3. Fivi Zogbi

    Memory can be an asset as well as a curse. Tribal memories are especially dangerous and, in my limited experiences, no peoples cling with such ferocity to enduring memories of humiliations and pains they’ve endured than those of the middle east. Whether it is ancestral animosities among regional inter-tribabl warfare – that Israelis have learned to exploit so well – or abuses of foreign invaders, mideastern peoples have volatile emotions arising from those enduring memories. And those memories are passed to following generations nurturing their festering hunger for revenge. It’s not unique to mideastern peoples, but it does become a central part of their reasons to live – to die and to kill. Yet how distant are those emotional drives than the revered early American call of “give me liberty or give me death”?
    Yet those from western cultures, who’ve instilled that generational hatred, are often the same ones now driving the rage of descendants to western nations. There can be little doubt that it is intentional – to create chaos, strife and bloody horrors. Who, then, is the more evil? Those who create the lust for revenge or those who act out their indoctrinated roles as terrorists. For this generation, it may be too late. It must be stopped, as Dr. Pieczenik so rightfully states.

    Yet can future generations learn the lessons people like Pieczenik try to teach? I am not optimistic.

    1. Chia Cha

      Ottoman Empire was factor of stability for loong time on middle east.

      1. Fivi Zogbi

        The Ottoman Empire was brutal and it exploited every satrapy and kept the peoples under its boots. The Ottoman Muslims used to kidnap young men and boys big enough to throw at the front lines of its invading armies in order for those young men to absorb bullets as human shields. I’ve heard horror stories from previous generations, in my hometown, that young boys sometimes drowned hiding in wells when the Ottoman armies came looking for boys to kidnap. The Ottomans had no conscience, no qualms and no reservations where inhuman abuses were possible. If one can say that brutal repression, oppression and deprivation creates stability – then, yes, the Ottomans imposed stability on their exploited colonies.
        Nothing works so well as utter brutality to keep rebels under control. It’s in the ancient world of the mideast that crucifixion was common method of preventing rebellion, or any kind of impalement as object lessons. Prevention by oppression does impose stability.

        1. Chia Cha

          Yes it does in eastern systems where leader is God him self or representative of God on earth and military leader. When ever you do not have separation of both (pope vs king) you end up with east. Where people are trained to accept all, very very well. Because that is will of God. East is anarchy.

          1. Fivi Zogbi

            That’s true where any religion becomes an “official” religion and the head of state is believed to represent God. Whether it’s a pagan religion, or any of the more common religions of today, they must always be kept as private personal beliefs or they are oppressive.
            Judaism and Christianity have evolved and separate secular rule from supernatural beliefs. Islam, on the contrary, still presumes to dictate every aspect of a person’s life. That’s why Sharia Law must be opposed. Yet it is creeping into acceptance. We must remain vigilant and resist such efforts.

      2. Chia Cha

        Judaism and Christianity are only religions which are not pagan religions. Norway also have officialy Christianity as religon, it is not about official, it is about who is God. Is God what God said is God, or God is what someone else is saying he is God.

  4. Joseph Chiara

    These wars are gross stupidity. As you say, they are for the military industrial complex and Israel.

    I had hoped Trump would reverse the policy and pull out, but that looks like a hopeless hope. No matter how many years of failure the futility and stupidity of these policy are as immune from intelligent self interest as the Clintons are immunity from prosecution of the laws they break. I think these are connected by horrible deterioration of decency, education, and ability to reason that has been engineered for decades. There is no one around with any authority in the same neighborhood as people like George C. Marshall and Ike, who were extraordinary in their time, but almost mythically decent, patriotic, thoughtful, principled human beings by today’s standards. It is not be accident that Kathy Griffin would think what she did was funny or art. Happily, that hit bottom, but it may not be bottom next time. We seem to acclimate to indecency very quickly in this media age of nonsense, deflection, misinformation and distraction. If I recall correctly, people were initially horrified by Abu Ghraib, but now those acts become part of nasty, but acceptable behavior. Even if the US was not always better than that in practice, it was better than that in principle, now it is not.

  5. To think in the 80’s I refused to believe the CIA would ever stoop to torture or drug trafficking. But I was only a kid.

    Torture only suggests the CIA lacks the technology of persuasion which is unlikely.

  6. Adama Gert

    Dr. P., is it true you wrote A Clockwork Orange? This is what George Webb is claiming…

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      Unless Anthony Burgess is a pen name used by Pieczenik, then he is not the author of the book. Anthony Burgess appears to be a real and distinct person and not a pen name. However, it’s possible Pieczenik played a role in the making of the film, perhaps as a consultant or contributed to the script for the film adaptation.

    Webb says that you just love Henry Kissinger, and that you wrote A CLOCKWORK ORANGE…I like some of what Webb does, but he recently admitted that he’s “old Mossad” and he has an agenda and is a gatekeeper.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      I could not watch the entire video. I found the dialogue to be too cryptic. I really prefer a straight forward message.

      As for anyone being a “spy” or “old mossad” (vs new Mossad?) many can make that claim but very few actually are high level spies. I would guess that dach intelligence service uses an enormous amount of low level, or street level, informants.

  8. OT: George Webb and Jason Goodman went live about two nights ago, in an ill-fated attempt to get a thumb drive from Kim Dotcom. . At about 1:15 am, Webb took a call from Jennifer of Wilmington, NC. Her parents were spies, and her father died (probably poisoned) in 1989. She said she went through her father’s things, and there were plans to destroy the World Trade Center even then!!

    At 1:37. “Plans for the destruction of the World Trade Center. I didn’t know what that was.”

    Webb– who has said he is NOT a 9/11 “truther”–paid no attention to this.
    Trish & the Thumb Drive
    Jason Goodman

    1. Chia Cha

      Yep position of George Webb on 9/11 shows he does not understands economy of wars, meaning world history, and he was not fully programmed from beggining. They forgot to put him that imput. :)) But he was full of him self to say that that was not important because he did not get that imput. And people let s not forget, if spy is discovered, or known, that is not spy.

      1. omen

        exactly chia known spy is not spy but lie ability

    2. MRW

      Barry Popik,

      Your time for whenever Jennifer comes on is wrong. Could you fix it? I have no inclination to wade through three hours of these guys.

      1. My apology. I don’t know why I had the times wrong. Jennifer comes on at the 3-hour mark. The bombshell about the World Trade Center is at about 3:10.

    3. Fivi Zogbi

      The Jennifer who called in said she was living south of Myrtle Beach. That’s in SOUTH Carolina, or am I mistaken? If it is in South Carolina, either one or both of them is ill-informed.
      As for the foul language and temper tantrum – not to mention Webb’s horrendous attempt at speaking French – that behavior lends him no credibility;; neither does posting such a flawed attempt at being a master at “investigative” journalism.
      Has Webb ever worked officially as a journalist? I also seriously question his assertion to have been Mossad. However, Mossad is not nearly as efficient as its perceived image, so maybe he is one of their castaways who retains unappealing traits.
      It just seems to me too many questionable actors are jumping on an overcrowded bandwagon – claiming “I’m a real journo” or “I’m a real spy”. Gets a bit much. However, Pieczenik is one of the uncommon legitimate commenters with inside insights.

  9. Petra

    Drums are beating to impeach Trump…. Truthers will be used to discredit one another to confuse the popular opinion…. I value George Webb and Dr. Pieczenik…. let’s let the cards fall before we make a judgement…. we must keep our Eye on the ball and keep Trump in office and on Targets…. keep pressure on congress not to go down that path or we will expose their massive heists from the fed. If America falls where will we go? Where will the world go? There is only one option…..we must win….we must keep freedom and our country together. The strength of the individual states is vital right now. The strong patriots are even more vital.

    1. Petra

      FYI they are going after Russia for a reason…. Putin does have sensitive info and they want to bury it by war with Russia… is too late….for war with Russia.

    2. Chia Cha

      This up there (equals) = military on streets. That is good, but we need good twist also. In 1990 es, under same cuts russian people at least had Marloboro sign in center of Moscow puting lights on, and Nike shoes were status symbol. I do not see such program when cuts starts in USA.

    3. USAequalsCommieIsrael

      George Webb just admitted that he’s Mossad. Same as Steve. Israelis running the gov’t & killing everyone to accomplish complete domination of the world. The greatest lie is they are they victims.

  10. Chia Cha

    I love those videos. People does not believe but it was better. Just look how much free times those people had, plus you would get free flat. Meaning people had pure profit in their pockets because you did not invest anything. No need for planned parenthood:))

  11. RabbitHoleMI

    By “certain sexual proclivity unlike the rest of us daylight creatures”, I assume you mean pedophilia? Is that the reason for conversion to Islam which sanctions it (thank you TE Lawrence)

  12. MRW

    Brilliant post, Dr. P.

  13. Doug

    Ok, let me rephrase my question since the moderator bounced it the first time. What exactly is meant by men of a certain sexual and intellectual proclivity than unlike those of f us who inhabit the daylight hours? And what does that have to do with their worldview?

  14. OT: CNN fake news, busted again.
    SHOCK VIDEO: CNN Creates #FakeNews in London Following Terror Attacks, Stages Anti-ISIS Muslim Protesters
    Carter Jun 4th, 2017 5:14 pm
    A video released a day after the Islamic terror attacks in London show a CNN crew staging a scene with Muslims holding signs saying “ISIS Will Lose”.

  15. Dr. Pieczenik,

    The war around President Trump is mighty. ! Raging with highly trained occultic practicing croulian agents subtly trying to change the decisions of Trump. They are only trying….

    Hope is Rising Mighty in you and other key people FATHER has Placed to Manifest HIS Republic!!!! Doors for Effective Change are here!!!! HOLY SPIRIT is Beginning to Speak inside him to our President Trump who will be Cutting more then just james comey!!!!

    President Trump will begin Seeing real clear!!!! The idea of Feeling the pressure Releasing over these incompetent people all around him is forcing him to Execute!!!! Peace inside his spirit will finally Manifest, as he Cuts these people!!!! But the euphoric climax of his time will be the prosecution of hitlery rotting clinton!!!! That Dream in him will Come to Pass to Do this, YESHUA is Leading him in this!!!!

    He Felt real Good about the pairs climate decision!!!! Now more Ideas from FATHER about Cutting away from the demonic darkness are Coming into him!!!! YESHUA has a Close Hold on the people’s champion our Beloved president!!!!

    FATHER is Bringing you when our president is Ready to Cut Big across the government agencies as The Closer!!!! You will Execute with precision like a neuro surgeon Seeing all facets of each problem and Delivering Justice over each agency with ease!!!! You are Truly a GOD Sent and the backbone of HIS Republic HE is Building here Dr.

    Shalom Shalom

  16. I have asked trump to contact you for help in replacing all top level hold overs! He is reaching backwards because he doesn’t have the political contacts he has business He needs help as to how to fill these spots! Very few top level are not part of the swamp intell is not his specialty! Patience dr Steve and he will listen. I urge you to send an invitation to him and he will reciprocate ! Quickly before Kissinger starts back again! I told him if nothing else just fire top three tiers of all government and just promote th the others up the ranks ! That gets him around hearing for appointments and allows for massive firing! AND GET MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD OUT OF NSA AND FBI! For peters sake! !?$@8(?’,he€>~>£¥ he need active fxxxing help from the good guys! This is your last chance! White hats or we all go down! No one man can fight this fight!!!!!

    1. Chia Cha

      We can all hope that will happen. 1%+19% really think we 80% should starve, to return their debts their bought politicians have sign us on. They are refusing haircut. They want us dead. But because they are too week to get rid of others, they will do that to their own people.

  17. patriot

    Google and read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION.

    1. Chia Cha

      I red it, and in protocols nothing is written about 1%. Therefore that book is false.

  18. Unravel

    Hello Dr. P. ,
    Can you tell us anything about George Webb Sweigert?

  19. Furtive

    Lawsuit filed against defendant James Comey for overseeing unmasking if 20 million Americans!!! Began when Mueller was FBI KING KONG.

    1. Furtive

      Plaintiff Attorney explains backstory:

  20. John

    Torture may not be an effective way to get information. However, since the 9/11 attacks were a US Government false flag operation, the purpose of torture would be to get innocent people to confess to dong things they diidn’t do. Such false confessions can be used to further dupe the public into believing the official nonsense stories about 9/11.

  21. Abo-Fares

    Frankly !?
    The correct opinions u think and truth view u have and the way You talks are the reason Alex Jones In Infowars Won’t use ur perfect ideology of Resistance Any More And The situation resulted in the deprivation Alex jones itself and observers and Infowars followers too
    and trying useing stupide stories and making a mockery By thoughts and fantasies Belongs to Mester ??I Know everyone??

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