Rubio Re-Runs!

Rubio Re-Runs!

Marco Rubio Re-Runs for Florida Senate!

After some self-reflection, Rubio,a man of few talents and less gravitas,has decided to try to return the U.S. Senate.This institution was aptly described by Rubio during his 2016 Republican Presidential race as “an institution which does nothing”.

Right on !

Then after the non-existent Orlando Pulse massacre of gays,Rubio,a man of significant duplicity, was “shocked by the atrocities” committed against his make-believe constituents. He felt that it was his duty to come back to the Senate apparently to do something about ‘gays’ or ‘guns’.The truth is that Rubio is completely incapable of obtaining any job that is not specifically funded by Norman Braman [who underwrites Rubio’s wife and family].Rubio is like many senators a man without skills or talents of any sort, other than pandering for a living.


Like many closeted gays, Rubio has been in the forefront of anti-gay legislation. He wanted to roll back ‘marriage equality’. He opposed parenting by LGBT. He supports the so-called First Amendment Defense Act, which would allow discrimination through the use of religion as an excuse.[Advocate, June 2016].

In reality, we see that the Senate consists of a body of legislators who really have very little to do. They spend a lot of time supposedly ‘studying issues’ and unnecessarily spending a fortune traveling to distant places. These junkets costs the tax-payer millions!

It’s time for Americans to demand an end to the Senate officers because they do nothing and cost us a fortune. More importantly, they are a body of deadbeats who are antiquated and irrelevant to the running the federal government. At the very least, TERM LIMITS!  no more than 3 six year terms.The reason they stay there forever is because its an easy, well paid life with little accountability and a big fat pension.

As the internet advances in scope, we will eventually be able to vote for any bill or piece of legislation without having to send someone to Washington DC to do nothing but occupy space and waste money.



Rubio is the prime example of the ‘can’t do nothing candidate’ as he once described the major problem of the antiquated body called the U.S. Senate. It’s time to rid ourselves of unnecessary institutions, bureaucracies and federal organizations which amount to nothing more than a welfare state of empty promises and absurd costs.

Florida needs new blood, not a loser-has-been that is out of touch with today’s citizens.  Rubio is a party hack and a Bush lackey.  WAKE UP Florida, get someone new.

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  1. Rubio the foam party candidate, the son of a man who helped assassinate JFK has the hubris to reenter the race? This country has totally lost it. I give up and I volunteered for Vietnam in the marines for this crap? Boy was I stupid and naïve. Patriotism is a sham!

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