Rex Tillerson is a Good Choice!

Rex Tillerson is a Good Choice!

Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson:  Good Choice for Secretary of State.

Donald has trumped the world with his choice for Sec. State. Although, he had trotted out a number of possible candidates, Donald held one back. The one he never talked about publicly, Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon-Mobil, is a very good choice for Sec State.

Rex has negotiated very complex oil/gas deals all over the world. According to Trump, Rex “is a world class player.” I cannot argue with that assertion.

Rex received the “Order of Friendship” from Putin for having been a loyal partner in business. Some people find that offensive. I don’t! If someone has been loyal to the Russians [Rosneft] and still manages to maintain his political/financial integrity, I don’t find that ‘dangerous’ or even ‘disconcerting’.

Rex has a successful history of negotiating with a myriad of different countries including Mexico, Qatar, UAE, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Morocco, Invariably, Rex has also been a very useful ‘agent of influence’ in the parlance of the intelligence community as a highly experienced transnational negotiator. It’s been quite a few decades that Americans had anyone who was as well prepared as Rex has been.

For some time now, our previous POTUSs have had what I call ineffectual affirmative action candidates. Bill Clinton chose Madeleine Albright, a woman without any significant talent whatsoever. Bush Jr picked the “political general” Colin Powell whose rise through the Republican establishment was in large part due to his skin color and not some major past achievement. He did assure the world at the UN that there was anthrax in a small medicine bottle as the non-existing evidence of Sadam Hussein’s lethality.


Next Bush Jr, doubling down on the black card, anointed a complete pathological liar, Condi Rice, a Stanford prof whose past achievements in foreign policy were zippo just like the other candidates. Along came Obama, a wistful CIA operative with a history of some covert travels to Pakistan and some other esoteric locations in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa. Of course, he chose a white woman, Hillary R Clinton, who happened to have even less talent than anyone who had proceeded her. She was proud of the fact that she had travelled to 120 countries on our taxpayers’ dollars.

HRC lost the 2008 election to Obama. Once again, HRC was literally ‘screwed’ by Bill Clinton, who made certain that HRC would never be able to become POTUS, thanks to his ceaseless forays into the land of fornication.


Finally, we get John Kerry, the crypto-Jew who has never met a wealthy, alcoholic woman whom he did not want to marry just for her inheritance. His ignoble past will be written in the Sanskrit letters of the Lost Ark where he gave away more cash [USD, EU, YEN, etc.], credits, and financial goodies to make the K street whores content for the rest of their collective lives.

Even the so-called “distinguished ambassador”, Thomas Pickering, like many other State Dept. flunkies, began to lobby for years to eliminate the effective economic sanctions on Iran. They did this for huge sums of money paid to them by our military/industrial complex, including Boeing, which had just culminated a multi-billion $$ letter of intent with Iran.

One can be certain that, unlike our former public officials in the State Dept, we do not have to worry that the multi-millionaire Rex will sell any of his convictions for a few shekels.

Nor is he an affirmative action candidate …. Oops I am mistaken there. Rex Tillerson is a white, Christian, heterosexual male who had even been an Eagle Scout. Of course, he is now a minority candidate.

How fortunate for America!

Good luck, Rex!

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19 thoughts on “Rex Tillerson is a Good Choice!

  1. A friend

    Good reading – I like him too – he has that natural power that Reagan and Crock Dundee have. Genuine power of virtue.

  2. Chia Cha

    When faroh were building pyramids, slaves would work, work, work…Also they were working in fields… We need someone with economical skills on power, luckily for pyramids, Trump is choosing such.

  3. Eileen

    Thanks for the insight. I knew very little about Tillerson until I read this.

  4. Patriarch

    Didn’t he say Trump was a “cancer” on the country.?

    Trump is far too magnanimous .
    I would have selected Ryan Lance

    “You are going to be ok – you’re going to be a better citizen, father, husband, member of the community.”

  5. Joseph Chiara

    Rice was never a student at Stanford. Her PhD is from the U of Denver. She is a fellow at Hoover Institute and was provost at Stanford.

    1. You are correct, thanks for catching, has been changed. TY! for reading and commenting.



  7. Petra

    This is great… He worked with Jack Copeland.. Knows the world well. Not some entitled SOB.

  8. Bill

    Just a note to correct something: Can’t ever say someone WAS an Eagle Scout. Once they achieve that rank in the BSA, they ARE an Eagle Scout, for life.

    1. thx for correction, obviously…I was NOT. lots of respect for those who are.

  9. Timothy J. Wulff

    Dr. Steve,

    Each of us is given our own special gifts.

    One of my gifts is the power of empathic perception and of affirmation of positive traits in others.

    Today, I had the opportunity to affirm a moral and an ethical man for his kindness and correct behavior and to affirm to him that his action to seek a balance of restoration from damage from one who did not reciprocate to his kind treatment as a landlord was not only proper, but his duty as a citizen.

    I watched as he recognized the truth in the words I spoke to him, finding resonance in his sense of himself and the reality that right and wrong are real and that they affect us all, and further that in this context each moral man bears an obligation to stand up for what is right and to assert it in confrontation of those who would damage us all by committing immoral and unethical acts.

    In this small way, we tend our own garden and do what is given to us to make the world a better place.

    I told him that it is the nature of life that all things cycle. Change is the only constant of existence. Just as our nation has descended into hypocrisy, lies and evil, so too is it natural that there will be a cyclical response to this.

    Such a cycle is now occurring.

    We are entering a time when we must decide what is our identity as a nation. Are we a lawful people or an unlawful people?

    I believe we are in a time were we will witness a previously unforeseen resurgence of the moral and the ethical, as good people realize the necessity to assert their very goodness, and that such aggressive assertion is not only not a bad thing, but rather a requirement of that very goodness itself.

    This man left my office with the firmest handshake, a straightened spine, and a glow in his eyes that I cannot describe.

    Each of us can do this for one another.

    It is all about us, every day.

    It is our duty.

    And it is time.

    Timothy J. Wulff

  10. Jill Rivera

    With all the competency being brought into Trumps Cabinet and Advisory positions it will prove to be a stark contrast to many of the current corrupt imbeciles who occupy these positions presently. I love to see smart, excellent people in these positions. It will be very exciting to see what happens with these folks at the helm!

    1. Chia Cha

      It depends, if you are one who when tomorrow stops working, would live same as day before, it is going to be great. I you are one who s tomorrow depends, will you, tomorrow work, it is going to be hell on earth, where Romanian style communism is something you wish come true right away.

  11. Petra

    Interesting to see the photo and mention to Colin Powell. My father and Powell were the Col. representatives to the Senate Arms Committee in the 1970’s together. Powell for the Army. My Dad for the Air Force. My Father had great respect for Powell. Both ended up being 4 Stars. Powell went the political route. My Dad went the Military route. In the end Powell essentially was brain washed and lied before the U.N. His stellar reputation was destroyed. His endorsement of Clinton solidified that. It still is sad to me. If you stay being co-opted for such a long time it could happen. It is so fresh to have people come in to the Cabinet that it is not a top position for them. And they really can make decisions from a place of confidence. Not from a place of ‘I have arrived’…. This is similar to Washington’s Administration. Arrival is not the goal. Fixing what is broken is the goal. He is exactly the structure needed. “Winning, Winning, Winning.”

    1. William

      Well said truth

  12. Furtive

    The ““The Festrunk Brothers – 2 wild & crazy guys”, clapper & Brennan refuse to brief con-GROSS on their “Russian hacking” ruse.

    They have obviously taken this too far…

    Bill Clinton got Brennan to swing a curved ball & now they know they can be banished into the gulag.

    Promised of Money compensation doesn’t pay, does it , Johnny?

  13. Embrey

    You cannot admit to your Russian hacking propaganda scheme until after the Electoral College casts their votes for President.
    After you will never admit it because then you would be no better than the pesky Russians you are demonizing.
    Silence is deafening

  14. BillUK

    Loved the picture of Trump with all the tech heads who all failed to get Hitlery elected, their faces
    are a sight to behold.

  15. Joseph Chiara

    I am very concerned about the threats, intimidation of electors within the context of lies that are being unleashed in an attempt to bring into question Trump’s victory. The popular vote claim is nonsense for three reasons 1. the rules for winning have been in place for 240 years, and by these rules Trump wins handily 2. If it was popular vote, campaigning would be very different, and under those circumstances I think Trump also wins 3. The popular vote is very suspect and likely very false. Illegals voted, the dead voted, and vote counting was rigged for Clinton. In Detroit paper ballots were scanned up to six times, in Chicago 119 dead people voted 229 times, and who can say how much the vote was padded in CA, IL, NY, and other Clinton states, and some Trump states like PA and FL.

    What do you see happening with this very aggressive effort to steal and flip he electoral college from Trump to Clinton? Is it possible the intelligence community, not CIA, and the military will step in to preserve the integrity of the election?

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