Revolution Brewing in Russia’s Teenage Wasteland!

Revolution Brewing in Russia’s Teenage Wasteland!

Russia’s Generation Z Teenagers: Unforeseen Revolution from Teenage Wasteland!

Every revolution has a parent. In our 1776 American  Revolution, it was initiated by our ‘founding fathers’. The 1917 Russian Revolution had Lenin and Trotsky as the instigators.

On May 26, 2017, thousands of Russian teenagers in 82 different cities protested the pervasive corruption and political cronyism embedded in Putin’s Kremlin. As Ksenia Semenova, a contributor to Stratfor, reported:

“Pictures of teens climbing street lamps, speaking to crowds and being arrested by bulky policemen flooded the internet, causing many Russian media outlets to publicly wonder whether the burgeoning movement was the most youthful the nation had ever seen.”
You betcha!

No two elements of the 21st century could conflate more easily than the youth on the internet and the invested former-KGB-agents-cum-oligarchs running the country.

Time after time, masses of deprived Russian citizens took to the streets protesting the fact that Putin and his cronies were completely unable to run Russia without resorting to bribes, intimidation, and arrests. Perhaps, in the old Soviet Union days this may have worked. Unfortunately for Putin and Dmitry Medvedev [the innocent choirboy, not!] they no longer have a grip on the power necessary to ameliorate the worsening financial and political conditions in Russia.

While Russia is playing footsies in Syria and other parts of the Middle East, it has not been able to address the major problems at home. Remember it was an unnecessary war [WWI] that brought forth the anger and the discontent of the Russian peasants who finally rebelled and killed Czar Nicholas II and his family. Similarly, the present unnecessary wars in which Russia is engaged have led the country, once again into bankruptcy.

When I first learned of Putin’s assignment as KGB Director in Moscow, I happened to be at the KGB headquarters in Dzerzhinsky Square. I explained to the Moscow operatives who Putin was and a little bit about his background as an East German operative. I had a sense that Putin was far better than Yeltsin with only one caveat: He was and would always be a “KGB Operative” working on the tactical level, very rarely on a strategic format. The article I wrote for American Intelligence described Putin as KGB through and through. In some ways, he was not all that different from the CIA operatives who had become POTUSs including Bill/Hillary Clinton, Bush Sr./Jr., Obama, et. al. For me belonging to an intelligence unit was not right, wrong or better. It was simply a matter of fact.

Once Putin consolidated his power through repression, arrests, and murder; he entered a new league of despots who eventually would have to end their lives much as they began it –through violence and terror. There is no question in my mind that for these brave teenagers to become effective in what they want to do, it will eventually end up in mass arrests and tortures.

Putin is literally fighting for his life not simply his political life. Like the Romanovs, the Stalinists knew that they would vacate the Kremlin only one way, horizontally.

More recent protests have occurred over the past week in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. Police have detained over 200 anti-corruption protesters organized by opposition candidate Alexei Navalny on June 12, 2017. [Stratfor Worldview 6/12/17]. As one might have expected both the teenagers’ riots and Alexei’s protests were orchestrated through social media, You Tube, Twitter, et. al.

Putin did not grow up in the era of the internet. I believe that his first reaction would be to suppress the internet and the flow of messages racing through the binary numbers. I think it is important for those of us on the outside to realize that Russian hackers on both sides of the political aisle are extremely talented, irrespective of what they did or did not do during the US presidential election.

This New Age teenage revolution will be won not in the streets through violence but on the internet where hacking and counter-hacking will determine the outcome. I wish the teenagers and protestors the best of luck! Remember that a revolution is not won overnight. It is a continuous struggle for what you truly want and deserve: a chance to make a decent living and afford a comfortable lifestyle without interference from above.

From the once friendly pro-American Vietnamese leader, Ho Chi Minh:

“Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.”
Then he added:
“You will kill 10 of our men, and we will kill 1 one of yours and in the end it will be you who tires of it.” 

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18 thoughts on “Revolution Brewing in Russia’s Teenage Wasteland!

  1. Chia Cha

    People do forget but Medvedev represent equalty important group of oligarchs. Problem with Russia is that Russia (oligarchs) protects own oligarchs from each other via Putin and Medvedev, not by rules going from bottom down to high up. In USA we call such lawyers and laws (they decided). Problem is that lawyers are getting harder and harder to be obtained by 99%.

    1. Chia Cha

      All until Carter such things were impossible. To have one american member of 99% detained that was scandal and serious diplomatic issue. Reagan “free” market reforms, and intoduction of concept of human rights were reason for degradation of everything. Bush family is stil very big problem.

    2. Chia Cha

      Globalism is degrading rights of american citizens at home and abroad. As such are supplanted by universal human rights.

  2. 100 years makes for a nice round number

  3. MRW

    Go to unz dot com and read “Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Navalny” by ANATOLY KARLIN.

    1. MRW

      Has photos from some of those 82 cities.

  4. Fivi Zogbi

    FALSE: “…the Russian peasants who finally rebelled and killed Czar Nicholas II and his family.”
    This statement from Pieczenik in his comments above is a disturbing distortion and disregard of the fact that it was the elite leadership – the atheist Bolshevik proto-Zionists who made the decision to slaughter, butcher and burn the children as well as the Tsar and his wife.
    No way Pieczenik does not know the facts. Why is SP covering up for the butchers of the Tsar and his family? That evil small groups could have allowed the Tsar and his family to escape. Instead they butchered them, burned some of them and buried them in a mass grave.

    1. Chia Cha

      Left (peasants and workers) does not have foundation for power. Left which is “representing” them have unfunctional religion. Had they been Zionists then USSR would work. But they went against Zionism and Gods will. Communist went to hell, because they went to serve Satan.

  5. francis reps

    Pieczenik is mistaken ; in my opinion. Too many analysts overlook Putin’s mother and father ; who had a tremendous influence on Putin’s love of his country and his Russian Orthodox faith. As clever and analytical Mr. Pieczenik seems to be { and he certainly is a very good analyst } ; he is dead wrong about Putin. In my opinion Putin is the only remaining statesman left in our world.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      We cannot know what’s beyond the surface, but from all appearances I agree with you and consider Putin to be one of the few sane and competent leaders on the global stage – and stage may be the right word. We no longer have access to real information but only spin and distortions. Whose agenda is being served by one distortion or the other is impossible to discern.
      I find some of Pieczenik’s comments contradict others he’s made.
      The problem withe teenage vandalism is that young men are not employed in a productive job. That’s a growing problem as technology and overpopulation continue to leave young men frustrated, emasculated and outraged.

  6. Cameron Freeman

    Dr. Steve, the U.N. just reported that 300 civilians have been killed in U.S.-led air strikes in Raqqa since March? This is madness!! The people do care but we’ve all been distracted by the domestic fake news circus. You’re a man of yr word. Can you please have McMaster charged w/ war crimes asap!

  7. Rick

    I think Putin has just made a deal with the Vatican, part of the Vatican’s long term goal of creating a one world religion. The Vatican seems to be planning to use the Lady of Fatima in Portugal as the trigger because Fatima is also the beloved daughter of Profit Mohammad. It seems Pope Francis will become the last Pope if all goes to plan.

  8. boriss

    Steve, I hardly can imagine that you personally believe in the nonsense you write above. My question why you write it?

  9. Bui Tyril

    I get the impression of a shallow analysis by SP, sadly, ripe with unfounded assumption about the Bolshevik revolution and President Putin’s standing in today’s Russia.

  10. Paul Barbara

    The ‘unnecessary’ ‘wars’ SP talks of were anything but – Putin was forced to respond to US-led ‘Regime Change’ machinations, in Ukraine by Fascist thugs and in Syria by bloodthirsty head-chopping Jihadi proxies. They started using Jihadis even before Russia entered Afghanistan, with the idea to draw Russia in and ‘bleed’ them. Then they used them to stir up problems in the’ Stans’.
    In Ukraine and Syria, Putin is on the side of the angels.
    The youth demos are too like the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ for them to be genuine. Fomented by money and bought influence to try to destabilise Russia, as they are doing in Venezuela, and as ‘Canvas’ has done in some 50 countries.
    SP must know without a shadow of a doubt that the ‘Arab Spring’ had ‘Made in the USA’ written all over them, as did the other more blatant ‘Regime Change’ armed insurrections of Libya and Syria.
    He should also be aware that paedophilia is not just a Democrat vice; Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush Sr. were all ‘at it’. Read ‘Access Denied – For Reasons ff National Security’ by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips.

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