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22 thoughts on “Render on to Caesar his due credit: KOREA

  1. R Storm

    Thanks for the fact patterns, perspective and education.
    I imagine the trilateral kids are in a kerfuffle right now.


    Since when do we have 100,000 American troops in South Korea? Trumps is a blowhard Zionist puppet, and as I voted for him as the lesser of two evils, he is an embarrassment to the office of POTUS.

    To see how the communist regime came about , read L. Fletcher Proutys book , JFK , the CIA and VIETNAM, the regime in North Korea is a Zionist creation.

    1. Embrey

      You voted for Trump huh?
      I guess that makes you a Zionist.

      Sarcasm aside, I was also unaware that the US had 100,000 soldiers in South Korea.

      1. DESERT FOX

        I voted for the lesser of two evils and came to find out Trump and Helliary are the same except for their plumbing.

        Elections since JFK are a scam as we are given a choice between two Israeli Zionist puppets everytime and there is no difference between the demonrats and the replicons.

        1. Jason

          Are you a zionist?

  3. Chia Cha

    Everything left from right should be hospitalized. We need to treat them with care and always with respect, because it is us to be blamed for letting them grow that way. Society and institutions failed. Tusk, Soros, Merkel they all are victims of insane ideology. We must help them.

    1. Chia Cha

      Germans are again obviously united with muslims in attempt to conquer Europe. Only America can make out of German civilized european person. I am worried will asian germans (german living in europe) survive genocide they are inflicting on them self. Dutch people are also genocidal to them self, look how what they are harming them self in South Africa under preassure by americans. Heck look how many mexicans americans are (main americans are mix of germans and english) are importing in america doing same. Obviously is that Marx was born in Germany. Self-genocidal people.

      1. Chia Cha

        From genocide to self-genocide. Totally histerical behaviour. What is next, allowing females to drive cars?

        1. Chia Cha

          Maybe globalists were right, to survive if you are already contaminated you must export that hysterical model to others. Best would be to clone Philip Mudd as hybrid with Blitzer and then export him to China, something as talking organs reading Marx to kids. Only problem of West is that too much testing is done on own people because that is cheaper. I am against that.

  4. Carolyn Blake

    Dr. Steve, I deeply appreciate your talks because of your history as an “insider.” When I listen to you I realize how much I do not know, and how much of what I think I know is incorrect, or at the least woefully truncated. You help us to see behind the scenes. My ongoing goal is to avoid being manipulated, and in today’s climate that is such a danger. I read through your credentials and decided you are a trustworthy source. Thank you for taking the time to speak out. Watching the MSM drama about NK is very different from getting the perspective you provide. Would you be willing to discuss Trump’s recent meeting with Kissinger?

  5. Chia Cha

    Left is killing american children’s in their own schools. Before left existed in USA in 1950es, in Houston no one had to lock house doors. Left is vile dangerous ideology. They cannot operate without subsidising crime and poverty and normalizing everything which goes against any functional culture people developed them self via pressure by government. Roger Stone wants give corporations right to sell drug to kids. I mean things must be put in order. I respect Roger Stone, but not that much.

  6. Chia Cha

    We are living in system where communism is pumped in to fashion and trends with full force, to avoid falling in nazism, all as way of protecting richer from getting more richer. They are showing to parents we rich are only protectors you have, And that is total lie. You can have economy of Adolf Hitler without killing black and Jews, and without becomeing one party nazi system (one corporation – fascist economy).

    1. Embrey

      Even without the killing that occurred during the Nazi regime there is that little problem with territorial expansion. The neighbors don’t like it.
      Could the Nazi economy have thrived without expansion into the territory of others?
      The real economic question is can a one corporate/fascist economy thrive without being on a war footing.
      I’ll give them one thing: They figured out that you print your own currency (without external Central bankers) and your economy can recover and strengthen quickly.

      1. Chia Cha

        Price of homes and medical services must be as lowest as possible, private sector does not have intentive to build or even exist in that sector when price of something is low, therefore then it is obligation of anyone else (heck even government) to start offering product in that sector under lower price. For instance look Silicon Valley, demand is huge there, private sector is intentionally not offering homes there so price and credits can be higher and higher even economy wants more workes coming to silicon valley, and because of high price of real estates there producers must give bigger salaries to workers to pay to parasite (rent seekers) money. Whole sector of economy is suffering because of parasites. Private sector is good for innovation (when price of something is high and it is very needed), but it does not want to lower prices if they are controling prices them self only already. You can have growth of economy only when prices of thing which are in huge demand are LOW, not high.

        1. Embrey

          We simply disagree. Government would not have any incentive to innovate or provide goods or services at a lower price. The exception is p, for example, when Iran subsidizes the price of a liter of fuel. The government doesn’t do this out of any loyalty or duty to the people. They do it because the masses would remove them if they don’t provide cheap fuel.
          It seems you are really arguing against profit, private property, etc.
          I have no problem with you constructing imaginary worlds and your theories are helpful to me often as metaphors but it appears we will never reach consensus.

          1. Chia Cha

            You obviously do not understand. Wealthy and advanced society is when things what are in huge demand are as cheap as possible therefore provided with help of government. Compeition in private sector is unable to provide low prices and fullfil demand if private sector is only sector which is by the force of laws enforced via brute force of governemnt and under brute force of propaganda owned by private capitalists toward working class people, to be only sector allowed to build houses. Private sector when something is essential (like medicine and housing) cannot be allowed to be only one which is allowed to provide housing and medicine, because than that if forced parasitism of rentier and capitalist class over blood of working class. I do not care if private sector is only one providing cars, heck i do not have to buy car and I can buy used one. But private sector is via zoning laws and property taxes forrbiding to working class to build houses alone without paying to owner of company money or by getting credit from bank. I mean you can dream you can suck people more, but US western capitalism in unable to fullfil demand, therefore it must break. Western models is eating western families and living of blood of own people demands to much blood. No wonder birth rate is collapsing and old people will have to dig trash to feed them self or learn spanish to survive. Government not building houses in Silicon Valley and NY city can only mean that US will lose edge in both trade and computers, as only foundation of US wealth. Had US government built 5 million homes in Silicon Valley, US would have secured future for 200 years. But US society is unable to do that, therefore it must go down. The more you give wealth to people, the more people there are.

          2. Chia Cha

            You are supporter of property taxes for those who have only house, zoning laws, liberal rentier class in coastal cities, artificially high cost of medicine and housing. Heck, you have property tax on only house while US taxpayers are giving tax breaks to those who have house they do not need to rent them out to working class because they need to create more parasites to there are more workers which must work to support biggest export of US government and rich toward rich of the world – namely US dollar.

          3. Chia Cha

            Smaller number of houses = bigger profit of those who have extra house they do not need = bigger rents = rich have more money to buy laws which are forbiding building of houses where there is higest demand = less housowners = more parasites = more workers working more hours for less money = more or real blood in 1 USD, rich arab and chinese gets more american blood when he buys USD US rich are issuing. I am advocating less american blood to be spiled by starting colonial war and expansion. Because too much of blood is used this way. It simply does not work. Or you will expand or you will impode territorially. Look how many territory is getting occupied by Mexico this way. Half of Texas and Califoria is lost already. There cannot be free luch. All those yacht driven by rich, someone must work for that every day. You should read Huntington.

          4. Embrey

            I am a supporter of only those who own property and pay property taxes should be able to vote on raising those taxes.

      2. Chia Cha

        Here are Hitler view of economy. Sound totally sane, respect for private property and supporting private intiative. Same like economy of Israel today. His only problem was introducing one party system – coping communist model. That is aboslutelly forrbiden. It is even better to abolish political parties then having just one.

  7. Francesca

    Thank You Dr. Pieczenik,
    Your insight is valuable and appreciated on matters of Geo politics. Dr. Jerome Corsi of infowars is always decoding this Q anon character. Would you know if this is legitimate member of the Intelligence community? Dr. Corsi seems to think so in your next video could you elaborate on this topic. Thank you.

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