Reince Preibus Has Got to Go!

Reince Preibus Has Got to Go!

Reince Priebus: Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff until….?

There is a need to shake-up the White House, a bit more. I don’t know Reince Priebus so I have nothing good or bad to say about him. However, I do know what the Chief of Staff of the White House [WH] has to do and its not happening currently.

WH staff members typically have very little operational flexibility or strategic influence. The measure of one’s presumed power in Washington DC is delineated by the proximity to that individual who happens to be POTUS. In reality, a chief of staff can wield a lot of operational power if he/she becomes the unofficial exoskeleton of POTUS. In the example of Nixon, there was no doubt that Henry Kissinger [HK] was in charge. Nothing came into or left that WH without the imprimatur of HK.

In retrospect, I have to admit the HK had done an admirable job considering that he had to steer the entire USG throughout the Watergate scandals. Finally, he steered the USG through the subsequent impeachment of Nixon.

I might add that HK had been well versed in psychology and personality disorders, including perhaps his own. During and after WWII, HK was a U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence Operative, a position which afforded him the unique opportunity to deal with an assortment of different types of people. Also his Germanic temperament made it somewhat easier for him to impose order on what could have become a chaotic Nixon administration.

In contrast, Reince Priebus comes from a completely political background bereft of military service, entrepreneurship, or any scholarly achievements. I do not begrudge him his paucity of life’s experiences. It is simply a fact of his professional life. An incisive NY Times article [Nov. 21, 2016] entitled “Reince Priebus, Normalizer in Chief” by Mark Leibovich hinted at some major personality discrepancies within Priebus that might explain why I consider him to be ineffectual as chief of staff for Trump:

“For all his well-honed sheepishness, Priebus’s ‘just a kid from Kenosha, Wisc.’ shtick belies a penchant for main stages, big-ticket rooms and high-level company. No shortage of Reince Priebus’s photos hang on the walls of the R.N.C.’s headquarters on Capitol Hill.”

One could immediately recognize how Donald could manipulate such a political panderer whose self-esteem depends completely on being liked by the Republican establishment as well as, his immediate boss, Donald Trump. Remember: Trump is the master of manipulation.

As Trump once vehemently praised Priebus’s successes, he was also setting up Priebus and Sean Spicer for major falls and dismissal. Sean Spicer has become more of an embarrassment for the WH as a result of his inability to maintain control of the herd of cats aka the WH press corps. Melissa McCarthy’s brilliant SNL caricature of Sean Spicer has made this well-intentioned gentleman a laughing-stock of America; as well as, a serious liability to the presidency.

In my past thirty years, I have witnessed some very effective Chiefs of Staff. Under both the Reagan Administration and the Bush sr. tenure, no person was more important for the smooth flow of data, intelligence, and performance than the inimitable James Baker III. He never told you what to do. Yet, if you did not know how or what to do, you were immediately dismissed without any evidence of personal umbrage or regret. It would be fair to say that his presence was felt and not really seen. If anyone messed up on a particular task, that person was absent the next day. Nothing was said. No apologies were offered. He was efficient and ruthless.

It’s time for Trump to clean out the civilians within his WH who have been found wanting in their respective performances for whatever reason. I recommend that Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer be fired before you personally, Donald, become the butt of the ridicule which encompasses your erstwhile appointees in the WH!

The famous African /American Olympic champion, Jesse Owens, said the following:

“Although I wasn’t invited to shake hands with Hitler, I wasn’t invited to shake hands with POTUS [FDR] either.”
That’s pretty much where I stand on this important issue of WH reorganization!

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18 thoughts on “Reince Preibus Has Got to Go!

  1. Embrey

    Dr. Steve,
    We all assume Mike Flynn knew that his phone calls were not secure. Was Flynn sacrificed to expose who in his administration is cooperating with:
    1. The Democratic/media cabal
    2. The neocon establishment
    3. The globalist elite

    In your opinion, is Flynn a patriot or a political hack?


      The POTUS must be the Philosopher king & The Prince simultaneously.

  2. Petra

    Absolutely!!!!!! Thank God for Men that see through the Circus.



  4. christine marais

    You appear to have quite a few opinions in common with Robert David Steele. Do you know him personally? If not, do you follow his work? He is a former intelligence man with a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

    1. Chia Cha

      He said, that there we are not going toward Marxism, quite opposite, that we are going toward extermination of undesirable. And I am saying that In 1939. in Spain fascist won civil war. From 1939. everything in Spain has been is “solved”. They are just marching forward. He gets that hierarchy and close system is incompetent. On line on mobile device, true cost economics is only democracy.

  5. Chia Cha

    Richard Holbrooke was above J. Baker. Holbrooke could mess it up (or to look like he mess it up) and Baker could not do anything about it, luckily for common sense 😀 US control mechanism was abolished in 2003. Controllers were dissolved. Capital now controls it self alone. And because WAR is most profitable enterprise, capital will accumulate it selfe for WAR automatically. And we all know who is CEO of every corporation today. CEO is one and he have suitcase.

  6. Fivi Zogbi

    Curioser and curioser. The pieces don’t fit together even as a partial picture in progress. Why appoint people to only have them turfed out so quickly?

    More significantly, why allow the impression to be created that Trump is on the defensive and is continually being betrayed or that his appointees are incompetent no matter how well-intentioned they may be. Priebus’s inadequacies have not changed. He was who he is even before he was appointed and Priebus was known to have been an active opponent of Trump during the campaign. The rationale was “…keep your enemies even closer”. Yet to find them inadequate so soon after their appointment defies logic and, more dangerously, diminishes Trump reputation for being the smart well-informed businessman.

    This is all inconsistent with the pre-inaugural hype. What am I missing in this scenario?

    1. Chia Cha

      That is standard procedure. You put scum up to put him down, and soon, to not stink for too long. Problem right now is that Sanders is old, and neoliberal capitalists (democrats) are still there. And Sanders is set up to look alone in USA, why he is there alone. Not even one american talks like him in whole USA (both on mainstream media, and “alternative” media).

  7. Fivi Zogbi

    Re: Trump’s performance with Netanyahu and Justin Trudeau. The U.S. is the senior partner in the relationships with both countries, presumably even Netanyahu’s Israel. Yet, I saw Trump – or whatever was online for I do not have cable TV nor would I pollute my mind by watching MSM – but Trump’s meeting with Trudeau had not point. Nothing of substance was discussed except Trudeau was allowed to play his usual role in which Invanka participated as a stage prop.

    Then with Netanyahu, particularly regarding the so-called settlement issue – Trump seemed to be asking Netanyahu’s consent to request Israel freeze its settlement construction.

    So where is the hard steel firm business man who normally asserts his stature as the head of his business empire and now, presumably, leader of the U.S.? Trump gets stomped on by wayward judges off in the hinterlands; then he fires Flynn; then Trump defends Flynn; then Trump plays kittenish with a kitty cat PM of Canada and seems to be submissive to Netanyahu. So where is the real Trump? Has he been cloned or his mind reprogrammed?

    1. Petra

      Fivi Zogvi – Trumps meeting had a very important point… We are neighbors… when you are in a new house you go over and shake your neighbors hand… He had a meeting with Mexico to do the same thing… it happened over the phone… The point was very big. And one more thing, you did not hear the meeting that was secure. Canada just broke up the biggest pedo ring ever… most of the clients were to the USA… Trump has unleashed the powers to prosecute these defilers of the innocent.

      Please take a little more time investigating on what Trump is doing. Look at all angles or we may have to send you to CNN.

  8. vesna

    I like Sean Spicer very much : ) He knows his stuff forwards and backwards, on the fly – I consider that very important. When he speaks, I understand him perfectly and plainly. Very warm smile, and when some nasty reporter does attack, he answers them instantly. Don’t see how he’s an embarassment to President Trump. Others come to mind who are unapproachable and their faces are mask like to the press, who probably don’t find any fun in attacking or trying to disrespect them because there’s no reaction, but by the same token. those folks feel aloof and distant and cold to me – and quite possibly to other people. I (just one of the Forgotten People) AM / was forgotten precisely because the beans they’re counting or whatever they’re doing, are not more important than human beings. Roger Stone posted a photo of President Trump which read under it, “If you throw me to the wolves, I’ll return leading the pack” President Trump has that real, personal, engaging honesty and one to one, genuine ability to communicate – it’s confronting. It’s like a light shining on people when he speaks to them “I see you. Talk to me.”, and I see the same quality in Sean. They don’t play games. I understand what you said yesterday, that switching people out is completely normal in regime change and evolution, and absolutely respect, admire and always am very, very happy when I see a new post from you – no issue there. Just saying how much I like and enjoy Sean Spicer and why: he touches and speaks to my heart. Same with President Trump. Same with you – THAT’S how I know who a person is, and when something is true or not.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      Sean Spicer does not have a commanding presence, nor does he have an authoritative air. Hid demeanor is very weak and unimpressive.

      Talking from the standpoint as a former journalist, Sean Spicer is not the right person for the job he’s trying to do. His job is to manage information release to the pack of snarling dogs waiting to find something to attack. Never, ever trust a journalist and do not be too quick to answer any of their questions. The days of honest reporters is long gone.

      When I left the “news industry” in 1991 I was quoted as saying the industry was already filled with “layers and layers of fraudulence”. The first lines in the story was that “we’re the whores, the agents are the pimps and the public is the johns”. My statement has been proven true and even worse than even I thought. It’s taken thirty years for others to see what I knew from the inside – it was a cosmetic industry and peddled fraudulence. Now they’re called “presstitutes” which is still too kind.

      Whoever is the communications manager must act as though he’s a lion tamer and he’s whipping them into their rightful place. Sean Spicer is not a lion tamer. He may be nice but this is not a school popularity contest.

  9. Jennifer Hess

    Fantastic Post! Thank You, Dr Pieczenik! Hope to see you again soon on the Alex Jones Show 🙂

  10. charlie porter


    sean spicer must go. its quite evident he lacks the ability to control the press reporters agenda of discrediting trump. spicer should be controlling the dialogue and directing/training the reporter questioning to become supportive of the trump agenda.

  11. charlie porter


    its time to put the democrats and social justice warriors who are getting away with anarchy and anarchy encouragement. I call for president trump to have ag jeff sessions arrest and prosecute all politicians, mayors, and sheriffs who defend sanctuary city aliens thru enactment of 8 usc 1324/RICO. these corrupt people wont have time harass, undermine, and threaten the trump administration when theyre too busy trying to defend themselves for violating the safety and security of America and its citizens. politicians like Pelosi and schummer who openly encourage anarchy in the streets and defend illegal immigration are violating 8 usc 1324. attorney general jeff sessions has every legal right to enact 8 usc 1324 and in fact has a constitutional obligation to do so.

  12. Walsh and Priebus both need to be fired immediately since they are the main leakers

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