Read me on Rex Tillerson!

Read me on Rex Tillerson!

Secretary State Rex Tillerson: Take Your Time to Develop a New, Improved Foreign Policy and Reduce the Staff in State Department!

The media should pipe down regarding Tillerson and stop questioning the skills of the appropriately reticent new Sec. State. Mainstream Media complains that he is too quiet and aloof. I say, so what!?!

Over the past fifty years, new administrations have taken their respective time to assess what they have to do and who has to do it. It takes careful planning to properly staff the State Dept.

The past Sec States, with whom I had worked, assessed their personal and professional needs regarding the people and positions required in their ‘new’ state department. Each Sec State brought a particular style of management and policy formulations. No two Sec States were alike which for me was both exciting and invigorating.

Dr. Henry Kissinger brought his extremely talented team from the NSC to the State Dept. He positioned his loyal friend and career FSO, Lawrence Eagleburger, as the Under Secretary of  Management [my boss]. He placed the indomitable [now infamous] Pat Kennedy in charge of administrative functions.

Next, Kissinger assigned the intelligent/humorous China expert, Winston Lloyd, as Director of Policy Planning. Helmut Sonnenfeldt [another German Jewish exile] was placed in the important position of Counselor. This position was the critical resource for a reality check. Harold Saunders became Director of Intelligence and Research [INR].  Henry’s merciless, brutal working schedule allowed him to fly over 565,000 miles and visit over 213 foreign countries. His greatest contribution was negotiating the disengagement between Syria and Israel.

As time went by, Henry depended more on the Foreign Service Officers [FSOs] as well as the civil servants in the Dept. of State. Morale was extremely high in the State Dept. because everyone realized that Henry had placed that institution in the center of the Nixon/Ford power structure.
Subsequently, the Carter Administration placed several of the most decent, elegant individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with in senior positions at State.

Sec State Cyrus Vance and Deputy Sec State Warren Christopher were quiet, effective high-powered lawyers who went out of their way to utilize some of the more talented FSOs. Despite the  mainstream media’s serious case of amnesia regarding the Carter administration, Vance and his cadre of FSO’s were the backbone of the Camp David Peace Accords [for which POTUS Carter deserves the most credit]. Those unusual FSOs included the following names:

  • Charles “Chas” Freeman [Chinese/Arab expert]
  • Hermann Eilts [Ambassador to Egypt]
  • Frank G. Wisner [later ambassador to Egypt, Zambia, Philippines, and India]
  • Benjamin Reed [management]
  • David Newsom [Ambassador to Libya, Indonesia, and Philippines]
    • Ambassador Nicholas Platt [fluent in French, Chinese, German, Japanese, father of actor Oliver Platt].


Sec. State George P. Shultz was a graduate of MIT [PhD]. He was an impressive economist and businessman [CEO Bechtel] before being appointed to State. Shultz already had extensive USG experience as Director of the Office of Management and Budget as well as Secretary of Labor. In many ways, Shultz was way ahead of the intellectual curve, focusing on a then new concept called: the internet and global interdependence. Shultz relied heavily on the FSOs and the State Dept. These professionals reciprocated by electing him one of the most popular Sec State since Dean Acheson.

Its worth mentioning that I had the pleasure of meeting the brightest, most unique FSO’s who guarded the access to the Sec State. His name was Charles Hill [Lecturer at Yale University]. I remember that he would sit at his table translating Ancient Greek manuscripts while explaining the merits of motorcycle riding, never bothering to look up at me. His riding helmet rested alongside the Greek tomes on his desk. He was strange but brilliant!!

When G.H. Bush Sr. became POTUS, he appointed James A. Baker III as Sec State. Baker accomplished amazing feats as White House Chief of Staff under POTUS Ronald Reagan. He was a soft-spoken, no-nonsense Texan who understood that being laconic was an effective tool to motivate individuals. His right hand man was Robert Zoellick, a banker/intellectual.  Baker did not use the FSOs very much. However, he allowed Dr. Richard Solomon [MIT] and me to initiate and implement the 1991 Paris Peace Accords on Cambodia. This treaty marked the end of the end of the Cambodian-Vietnamese war. It was the finest piece of work which Baker/Bush Sr. accomplished during their tenure. Yet, they never wanted to take credit for it.

The most important advice I can offer Rex Tillerson is to cement his personal relationship with Donald Trump. Next, pick out one or two major objectives which he would accomplish within the next four years. Hopefully, Tillerson will spend several weeks walking around the offices of the State Dept. and select those individuals who can best serve him and this country.

Currently, there are 20,000 employees at State. there are at least a handful of FSOs  who would be able to serve him effectively. It takes time and expert management effort. Considering that Tillerson has already run a $500B company [Exxon/Mobil], I doubt he will have problems finding the necessary talent he needs.

Lawrence Eagleburger [Ambassador, Career FSO] said the following:

“Now there is a cultural change under way in the Foreign Service.”
I follow that quote with this one from Evan G. Galbraith [CIA, Ambassador to France]:

“There’s something about the Foreign Service that takes the guts out of people”.

Good Luck, Mr. Secretary of State !

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24 thoughts on “Read me on Rex Tillerson!

  1. Chia Cha

    Alt-right and new national left should give push. Wall is not going to be built and medical high risk pools are geting back (concentration camps). Alt-right must go democrat. Because republicans needs to replace whites with Mexican nationals and put old whites in high risk pools to take their property because 50% of whites will get cancer in their life. Whites have too much property while they refuse to work for price set by capitalists united with mexicans. Same how Indians had whole continent before therefore Mexicans are new whites as measurment of being white is not any more group, but price mechanism enforced by pro-jew republicans and pro-immigrant democrats.

    1. Chia Cha

      Goal of every self-identified group ( individuals without group are not able to survive, therefore individual as anything relevant do not exist) is to have right to let s say acess to source of water in nature. Because first law of economics is saying that resources are not unlimited, group will have problem with another self-indentified group who wants same. So only way to secure water source is to kill all kids of competing group for your kids to survive. Also humans enjoy (they really do) when others are working for them. They enjoy having slaves. Group indentity is question of survival, it was needed to have organized defense around village to protect group from wolfs entering village at night.

      1. Savio Persona

        What is this you mean? Human beings they enjoy having the slaves? The best beings are the slaves to betters unseen yet. Do I like servants running quick for me with the fast feets? You bets. I have other things I could do with brain than cut, and wash and cook. Still I cut and wash and cook so I can eat safely and fresh. You tells the truth too often underneath the enigma tree. You tells truth sometime more plainly for the slaves so they can be free. Ok? Tells them this. He who has slave is slave to the ease and comfort. Yes? No? yes it is a good life, but the life without service is the waste.

        MAGA, Chia Cha Cha Cha.

        The peace.

  2. Petra

    A country does not understand where they are if they do not understand where they have been. Thank you for your specific understanding of the job of Tillerson. Thank you Dr. for your love of this country.
    I suggest all media and liberals take a therapy session. Enclosed below…

  3. Chia Cha

    Democrat politicians just said they do not want single payer, even majority of democrat and republicans voters wants one. LOL. Democrats are against public option even those who would demand one, and protect it, later, would then rule next 200 years. In Australia Labour is winning all the time just because of that. USA is fascist nazi darwinistic tyranny (economic interest (of those who owns economy) and public interest are united – and that definition of fascism). Natural selection among workers, while for those above, they get subsidies to live 15-20 years longer (like Melania and Soros), Soros is also against public option. He is rich. Now let s hear doctor who actually care about health. Imagine going to doctor who is doctor because he is so poor that he must work as doctor because he needs money to survive. USA is ZOO. EU must put visas on US citizens or allow their transportaton under veterinarian regulation. 😀

    1. Chia Cha

      Problem is that americans still have big military and good techical and informatical sector so they we cannot say americans are not still relevant, but we also cannot say that China is not working on that. Therefore we can say that policies of UK labour party toward colonies are appropriate. Beside, colonies – it sounds so romantic.

  4. Ron Sanderson

    He is teaching a class and he is explaining ‘GRAND STRATEGY ‘
    Thanks for sharing. Your insight is always comforting and it helps me see current events through the eyes of others with years of past experience. Very informative and helpful info for a serious minded person surrounded by a not so serious culture. I agree. Whats the rush ? He must build a team that will best serve our nations best interest while each individual is allowed to express his or her own unique abilities while working together as a complimentary and cohesive team under the new Boss. Good luck is right. Thank you Doctor.

  5. Joseph Chiara

    I looked up Charles Hill as well and in an interview he defends W’s Iraq war, which appears to me and I am sure many others, I think including Dr. P, to be a horrible mistake, yet he stubbornly maintains his support for this regionally destabilizing disaster and waste of money and lives. Knowledge is not understanding, and he may be great at translating ancient Greek and singing the practical praises of motorcycles, but to me Iraq views make is judgment dangerously flawed and problematic. There are plenty of neocons who would agree and support him and this is a very dangerous group for this country and the world.

  6. Luke in Texas

    Dr Pieczenik:

    I really appreciate all you’ve done for the country. I wonder why you never seem to comment on the whole Russia narrative, which I personally consider a grotesque charade (is it). But the MSM just never stops beating it to death. Its all vague innuendo massively and deceptively conflated into something sinister. I would have thought with your background in mass psychology propaganda etc, you would have a lot to say about it. But you seem unconcerned mostly.

    Let me draw your attention if I may to one current item:

    Keith Ohlbermann [sp?] has been saying that a couple of grand juries have been convened in the Russia matter, and Comey is working closely with an Obama holdover US attorney in the Justice Dept. who is completely shutting Sessions and everyone else in the Dept. out. So, this US atty is a stealth Obama operative allegedly.

    Can’t remember his name, but google news for Keith Ohlbermann recently. He also references a source in something called the Palmer Report. The source he references says the Russians even hacked voting machines, so maybe his claims about grand juries is bogus too.

    Generally I consider Ohlberman a bigger clown than even Glenn Beck, but is there a remote possibility he’s,on to something? However, even the Huffington Post seemed to be taking this latest story of his with a grain of salt. Otoh, is Ohlbermann giving the real inside, while the MSM is intentionally concealing it. I’m wondering if word needs to get to Trump (through Say Jones) about this stealth holdover in the Justice dept. drumming up indictments.

    But if Ohlbermann,is out to lunch (again), how do you explain that character (from say, a psychiatric standpoint.

    1. Furtive

      Olbermann is a seriously deranged paychopath, with a distorted view of reality.
      He cannot hold a job.
      He dated “vengeful snotty Katie Tur” when she was a young virginal.reporter.
      He was her Svengali.
      He controls & has no inner barometer for respect of others’ space.
      Anything she cannot say on MSNBC, he contributes on his twitter account.

      Olbermann needs a frontal Lobotomy, or at the very least, electric shock treatments.
      No amount of antidepressants will cure his brain damage.

    2. Petra

      Dear, He has commented on the Russian Lie…. Go back to several interviews and posts in the last six months… What was said was true then and still is true now.

      1. Luke in Texas

        What’s with the condescending tone, c*nt.

  7. Chia Cha

    Media again is on side of Conservatives in UK, therefore it will be impossible for Labour to win in UK, therefore, that means that they are going to privatise national health service. That means both UK and USA are going to scare people, how they could get more of mobilisation mass for military, parents would be glad because their kids would have VA, and now even girls can go to army, so girls will also be able to have medical care also. Plus austerirty measures, plus more of those young who have to rent house, plus more of small free enterpreneurs (meaning poor people), more heroine addicts and there you have it, ready for war. This time not even hippie movement will not have to be manufactured. As we have imported muslims. 😀 I am glad west is becoming serious. 😀

    1. Chia Cha

      French of course are not that mad to elect LePen, they see what is happening, plus Germans will elect Martin Shulz, soc.-democrat. For Scandinavians there are no chance, people over there trust their governments too much, as they had it too good, so they cannot notice how hawkish to Russia their bought governments are. Finish economy is going down, Microsoft destroyed Nokia for more mobilisation mass there. I mean I am also for some kind of war and confortation with Russia, but not by this petty way. Military must have food, people must go with smile. This time, this way it will not pass, too stingy, too much unequality.

  8. Dear Steve…You’re the Best on YouTube…but you’d be better yet if I could send you my Newsletter, “WabashTowerChicago”…this Week, entitled, “Washington MD, Chicago DC”…

    I have over 500 Readers world-wide.

    In Next week’s Issue I plan to introduce “Otto Warburg Syndrome”…which is Something you should know about…(if you don’t already).

    Do send me your Email Address. Regards, DY

  9. Furtive

    Scratch Kissinger.
    He is no role model for peace.
    His PHILOSOPHY : REAL POLITIK wage continuous small wars all over the planet, like musical chairs (neocons concur)

    1. Chia Cha

      Just this time his bosses are going to loose big time. All capitalists are history after this one.

  10. Fivi Zogbi

    The only things I can say about Kissinger is in that – in person – he was a man with an magnetic energy. I cannot say say whether it was positive or negative force, but the Kissinger I spoke with briefly was a man who radiated force. It may have been either sinister or beningn. I remain unsure. But I still believe your priase of Kissinger is grossly biased. Perhaps you, Dr. P. feel into his orbit of power and one’s inclinations tend to affect one’s judgment of the person who force attracts them. I’d suggest you review your memories of Kissinger and see if a revision is warranted.

  11. Fivi Zogbi

    Att: webmaster:
    Typing errors are easy to make when one is typing hurriedly but the faint font is not helpful. Can the font during construction of a post be made more legible?

  12. Fivi Zogbi

    Do you have any background info on Engelbert Dollfuss. He was the illegitimate son of a farmer’s daughter. His rather sad son still takes pride in calling himself a peasant. But I wonder if Dollfuss was chosen to become chancellor so that when his assassination would be necessary, Dollfuss would not have a powerful family to demand accountability from Hitler who claimed not have ordered Dollfuss’ assassination which enabled the Anschluss. Dollfuss’ wife and two very yong children were visiting Mussolini at the time of the assassination which is why I suspect it was planned in advance even though Mussolini claimed to have demanded Hitler not annex Austria. Any info?

      1. JA

        Why has no one the guts to publish the “P” list, names, photos, addresses cell phones, etc. for each individual on it. Steve. Thus, allowing “dad’s” to sort it out.

        Why is no one going after the Clintons for killing Gowdy assigned marshals? Why have the Clintons faced no black ops seizure ending in their water boarding?

        These types condone it, order it, or worse and sit back an laugh about it. Hillary in point.

        Steve, please, address the three above issues.

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