Princeling to Princeling!

Princeling to Princeling!

China’s Princeling President Xi Jinping Meets POTUS Donald Trump through American Princeling Jared Kushner!

The NYT article entitled, “China Learns How To Get Trump’s Ear: Through Jared Kushner”, written by Mark Landler [4/2/17] accurately describes the forthcoming visit between China President Xi Jinping and POTUS Trump at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

The article intentionally highlighted the phenomenon where the representative of the Middle Kingdom [PRC] travels a far distance to meet with his counterpart, POTUS [superpower]. Missing from the article is the description of an important psychological dynamic that plays out in this impending encounter.

The most important dynamic is that Chinese Princeling, President Xi, is the son of a major personality in the Communist Revolution under the leadership of Mao Zedong. In turn, the American Princeling, Jared Kushner, the trusted independently wealthy son-in-law of POTUS Trump arranged this important meeting with the help of the Chinese Ambassador to the USA, Cui Tianki.

The meeting was set up through back-channel communications obviating the need for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson or his Assistant Secretary for the Pacific and Asian Affairs. Secondly, what makes this unique dynamic so important is that it is based on an old Chinese concept for personal transactions called, ‘Xuangi’ [pronounced kwanchee]. For the past several years, the Chinese government in the presence of a cut-out banker has been intimately involved in financing and refinancing the massive Kushner properties in NYC.That type of intimate relationship is exceedingly valuable in a time when virtual diplomacy has taken over the need for ambassadors and overseas embassies.

Strategic relations between China and the USA have been somewhat rocky since the advent of tension over the Spratly Islands [described in my novel, “Pax Pacifica”]. Clearly, issues arise as to whether Jared or Ivanka are comprising their ethical standards by engaging in this type of personal, Princeling-to-Princeling diplomacy. I would say that whatever ethical concerns may arise is secondary to the fact that President Xi and his financial entourage feel extremely comfortable dealing with Kushner’s father-in-law, POTUS Donald Trump.

The Chinese know that they can rely on the word of the Kushner and/or his father-in-law because they have dealt with the Kushner [as well as the Trump] family for decades. The Chinese will try to leverage their personal relationship to their collective benefit. I would assume that POTUS will do the same thing. But this time, he will add one major factor: what is best for the USA.

I believe that POTUS has more to gain from being the representative of the USG forming strategic/tactical initiatives which are best for this country. That non-selfish approach literally Trumps his personal gains. He wants history to record him as the best POTUS in the both 20th and 21st centuries.

Yet, one princeling could deny another princeling a strategic/tactical advantage. However,  in the case of the stated Chinese axiom of ‘win-win’, they are more interested in acquiring more American investments into China and vice versa.

Concurrently to this meeting, Americans are witnessing the beginning of the end of the bloated bureaucracy of the State Department with its 20,000 employees [half of whom have no work whatsoever]. In the binary world of the internet and Skype, we have little need for assigning personnel overseas. The Trump administration is bringing back a psycho-political dynamic where understanding individual personalities will be paramount. Subsequently, policy and its bureaucrats will become increasingly irrelevant.

It’s time to cut the federal government ASAP!

The great British diplomat, Benjamin Disraeli said the following:

“A precedent embalms a principle”.


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37 thoughts on “Princeling to Princeling!

  1. Jin Wei

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik

    关系 is the term you are looking for. It is pronounced, Guan1 Xi4. It is everything that is important in China. The question is, can Kushner be trusted, or is he loyal to other parties that may not have America’s best interests in mind. We just discovered that he is in secret discussions with the criminal pervert, Joe Scarborough over at MSNBC, who is very anti-Trump. Is Kushner a long term mole that has infiltrated the Trump family? Is he operating with the best interests of America? Is he working for Neocons? Trotysky-ites?

    1. Littlefaith

      I’m with you matter what their loyalty always remains with their tribe. Kushner always looks shifty with his beedie little eyes. Today the “goblins and globalists are running the world” Alex Jones stated “Kushner is being groomed for the Presidency” is that after Trumps term or sometime during???

      1. Embrey

        Et tu Brute?

      2. Jin Wei

        I am half Jewish, and let me say it for you my friend. I am sick of these God Damn Jews running our media, our banks, our economy, the Federal Reserve and our government. Sick of it. I want America First. I want the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. I want out of these God Damned wars. I want Free Markets and I want Communists and Bolsheviks kicked out of this country. I am sick of it. I do not trust this Yid, Kushner, as far as I can throw him, and he needs to be put under surveillance as a potential Israeli spy.

        1. Fivi Zogbi

          Well said. What others need to remember is that Zionists are not the true people of ancient Judah. They are impostors and identity thieves. They also global thieves.

          1. Oh really

            Thank for providing cover for us Jews. its always the same old cover story – fact is a Jew is a Jew.

        2. Ronald Dennis Chism

          What is the solution? And, no, I’m NOT trying to be sarcastic, or pick a fight. I’m WITH you.

          I have no comment about “the Jews.” What pisses me off is THE LIES. Trump has lied. We can’t RATIONALIZE this, claiming he’s “playing 4th dimension chess,” or whatever the hell people have been saying.

          And it isn’t that he “sold out.” It’s that he was always IN, from jump street.

          Anyway, what is the solution? Politics does NOT WORK. So voting is meaningless. I believe that politics is defunct, and we have to figure out some other form of governance. We can’t see it, but politics is obsolete.

          I’m not suggesting anarchism. But, maybe I AM. We go administration after administration after administration.

          This time, Dr. Pieczenik told us that he and others “performed a coup.” That’s a lie. He’s lying. That has now been proven, with the launch of 59 Tomahawks.

          Pieczenik claimed to be against these wars, and claims that he and others had out-maneuvered the neocons, the Deep State, etc., by installing Trump. It’s a lie. I think it’s a lie.

          So, now we know we CANNOT trust Pieczenik or ANYBODY. We have to come up with something else; something new. Maybe the world’s youth will do so–unless Trump and his neocons send us all to hell, through a nuclear war.

          Pieczenik appears to be a con man, along with Trump, Roger Stone, Bannon (though I’m not sure about him, since they appear to have pushed him out of the way)

    2. Fivi Zogbi

      Yes, Kushner is a mole in the Trump family just as the Soros nephew Mezvinsky infiltrated the Clinton trash as a mole. The Trumps were being kept in ready with a mole in place just in case, and the Clintons were already well placed for Chelsea to bring into the whitehouse her filthy mole Mezvinsky.

      I always doubted the idea that the world was run by a satanic – maybe even an alien vile snake-line clan – but I no longer doubt it. In fact, the US has been both plagued and yet nurturing to that very clan of snakes. Maybe David Icke is right. Maybe the best description is they’re vile reptilians made to look good to the human eye and even better beautified by cosmetic surgeons. They’re repugnant and they’ve devour all that is devourable. And Pieczenik knows it. Ques: What is really Pieczenik’s role?

  2. Chia Cha

    Americans fought for Pacific once, they will have to fight again. Problem is Chinese does not have anything yet to fight with. China should be starved via sanction of UN, because they weaponised number of their population by 1 billion, from 0,4 to 1,4 in 25 years. There is not need for world to have large number connected in world ecological and food chain. They can eat their own rats ( which are in colour of Mao vest).

  3. Chia Cha

    Bureaucrats are the most horrible way of conducting diplomacy (ambassador inside one country is always chief of CIA for that country, secret service members are also bureaucrats, meaning caste (vertical subordination – plus their existence does not depend on what kind of work they do (result of their work is not visible nor understandable for members workers class, but his existence depends on the will of that one above). Policeman is worker, because he works with and among working class, and his results are public, even he have bureaucrats above. The best way of diplomacy therefore is by sending member of class (in this case capitalist class), because member of class is above any diplomat – bureaucrat (who is slave – one materially supported by working class). Society goes down when those supported rules those who are supporting them.

    1. Chia Cha

      Capitalists are also supported even they are in class (horizontally one to another), as capitalists are supported by working class, because workers of working class decided to falsely believe that money issued by capitalist class (in USA) makes them higher to another worker even that is impossible because class is class, you cannot go from 3rd grade to 5th grade in school, if you you in 3rd grade. That is impossible. I mean it is possible but then you must do crime.

  4. Donna

    It’s time to cut the CIA. Then we would get qualified, “good” Americans like Rand Paul instead of these CIA, unqualified puppets like Ford, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton I, Bush II, Obama, Trump, Clinton II you people “prop” up. I don’t see any changes, just more of the same old same old.

    1. Ronald Dennis Chism

      DO NOT trust Rand Paul, his daddy, Bernie Sanders, TRUMP, or ANYBODY. Haven’t we had ENOUGH of the LYING political class? There is no longer anyone to trust. There will have to be some kind of new system that is NOT political installed–some new system of governance. I have NO idea what it could be. But the political system is now defunct. It’s a thing of the past. Trump has proven that, with the launch of 59 Tomahawks. He lied.

  5. cj

    This narrative of Emperor, Princeling, dynasty is very unsettling to true American patriots who want a restoration of our constitutional Republic. Kushner represents the banana republic nepotism that we are opposed to. Kushner has been sending anti Bannon sms to Joe Scarborough, to be used on his show Morning Joe. And today Bannon is out of the NSC. THAT is who Jared Kushner is. Not a Princeling but a despot in waiting.

  6. Chia Cha

    Something about diplomacy… He he…

    1. Chia Cha

      Soros is US agent, he is destroying EU 🙂 He is doing great job.

  7. Fivi.Zogbi

    Jared Kushner and his wife, whose puppet strings Kushner controls, both are exercising unelected, undue influence on American politicies. Neither Kushner = Netanyahus’s man in the whitehouse, nor Kusher’s bimbo wife Ivanka have the democratic rights they’re exercising – only justifiably reserved for those elected.

    It’s bad enough the control Kushner has controlled Trump’s campaign and thrown out anyone who might trim his power-flying sails.

    Funny, isn’t it – how both daughters of potential presidential candidates are married to Zionist Jews – Ivanka and also Chelsea Clinton who’s married to the nephew of the sinister Soros. Why is it that the MOSSAD continues to place its people surreptitiously into key decision-making positions.

    Trump may be too blind to see that his daughter Ivanka is a seriously liability. Ivanka has done nothing on her own to reach the heights of power. Ivanka has been elevated by Trump and that makes being married to her a key strategic position..

    1. Chia Cha

      height od power, that sounds horrible, and not attractive

  8. Chia Cha

    Tadaaaa, USA now because of those idiot Neocons (idiots from Byzantium) does not understand that border between east and west from Roman Time (eastern and western empire) never moved one meter. Necones does not west to take east, they want west to become like east. Capitalsits does not understand that because for them $ is $ and they want to trade loose and long term. Do not touch east, they stink, take south… We should listen India about N. Korea and Syria. Bush junior said N. Korea, Syria and Iran. That is wrong. Every eastern country is evil. That means every eastern-orthodox nation. In easter-orthodox nations interior secretary tells to main bishop what to preach.

    1. Chia Cha

      Also this could also be good move by Trump, to show to war bureaucracy who is boss over them, bureaucracy is always vertical therefore he must be their leader, command structure needs to work until my invention goes. We have red fascists (bureaucrat fascists) – communists, and we have black fascists (military fascists) – nazis… We get such when we try to to supplant capitalist class somehow, in that moment we only get one of those too, unless we enter new model.

      1. Chia Cha

        Rand Paul proposal about negotiator in the name of collective consumer pool (for health care) is nothing else then pure feudalism. And that is great. Markets does not have any connections with price of anything, and money is too complex distortion of value, and too imaginary. Therefore feudalism is way forward, money abolished. Prices abolished. New value realistically can be only square feet of soil, because that is measurable in combination with % of given free stuff and services per democratically decided category. Plus measured effort for those small who deserve chance, meaning those who have high growth compared to given resources earlier, also democratically decided without any technocracy. Also innovation, democratically decided, by %. Every person gives % he likes.

  9. Embrey

    It looks like the South Koreans are about to receive a lot of low priced labor in their manufacturing sector. I cannot imagine China is going to absorb all the North Koreans.
    Apparently, we need to study how the citizenry of Japan were affected after the USA destroyed their god (emperor).
    Should the USA and China enact a Marshall Plan after the fall of Kim?

    1. Chia Cha

      You cannot enact Marshall Plan if todays money produced in USA is financial capital, it is not capital coming from work. One hedge fund with 20 “workers” have bigger financial value on financial “market” then GM.

  10. Charles Robinson

    Steve, I like you. You are a very smart man and I always enjoy listening to you speak. I saw you today on Infowars – and thankfully – David was interviewing you so that you were not interrupted like Alex usually does. I heard your point of view as to why Donald did this. I hope you are right and it was an intelligent chess move action and not an uninformed knee jerk blunder.

    Steve, I salute you as a good man.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      I’m not buying the narrative. If you want to know what’s really going on, look at Israel as HQ for global takeover and enslavement of us all. Only then can you understand what is happening and maybe, maybe, prevent it – this time.

  11. Pete

    Many have identified Soros as funding Syria’s resent chemical attack, a globalist trap and our President fell right in. @POTUS please stick to the promises made to #MAGA. In bombing Syria, you fell right into the hands of the NEOCON’s who want to take your power and your presidency.

    For your own good and the American people’s safety, shutdown America’s involvement in the middle east, we need those dollars at home. Only a Globalist wants war in the region as demonstrate by George Soros sucker punching you and clearly a Globalist setup, one designed to hurt your Presidency and cause a division between you and the American people. .

    Globalist’s are sneaky, they deal from the darkness and will use your empathy and compassion against you as they just did in Syria.

    All my best to you Dr. Pieczenik. I hope our President Trump will heed your advise and take action to remove ALL the Neocons from the White House. We know the dangers, and I don’t think we want our President to learn about Neocon’s the hard way. That would cost America dearly.

    Thank you.

  12. Patriarch

    Trump had no authority to attack Assad. That is a declaration from Comgress, not him.

    Assad is an MD & an opthomologist as is Rand Paul.

    MD’s don’t poison their own citizens.

    This was done to get the RUSSIA HOAX off of the headlines.

    Bad form by Trump. This will now accelerate

    His base has abandoned him.

    Because he hired all Goldman–Bush Crme family VIPs.

    Bannon will be out by Monday.

    Life imitating Art.
    This is not a tv reality show


  13. Fivi Zogbi

    Where does the US acquire the right to be imposing “regime change”. Was it god-given? Was there some divine message that I did not hear that made the U.S. the “Chosen People” or have the Chosen People just taken over the White House, congress and senate, thus making anointing them with the divine right of heavenly bodies to decide which regime is allowed to be in control of its own country.
    The U.S. cannot, with even the flimsiest of fantasies, claim to be a democracy when it decides who is to rule foreign nations. Israel is clearly calling the shots and, once again, someone else does the bleeding, dying and paying the bills.

  14. Furtive

    Ship of fools:

    “We all know too that the rebels/terrorists who are attacking the Syrian government have been instigated, trained, funded and equipped by the U.S. and its proxies in the Middle East and that their attacks are part of the Project for a New American Century implemented by the Neocons after 9/11. Trump is just the latest presidential puppet to be used for their purposes.

    These people want to blow up the world, somehow thinking they can escape the fate of the rest of us. They can’t. We are all in this together.”

  15. Ronald Dennis Chism

    Dr. Pieczenik’s repeated claims to have been part of a “coup” that was intended to wrest control of our government from the Deep State; from the neocons; from the war-mongers, has turned out to be A LIE.

    President Donald J. Trump, within a mere two days, went from declaring that regime change was NOT on the table anymore, to NOT ONLY declaring that regime change in Syria IS on the table, but also launching 59 Tomahawk missiles on Syria, a soverign country, and doing so illegally.

    It appears to me that Dr. Pieczenik HIMSELF is part of the Deep State, and promotes war-mongering. For, if, in fact, he DID help organized a coup that installed Trump, the we NOW see the REAL purpose of the coup: to install someone that would pave the way for the neocons, globalists, Deep State, elite, or whatever you want to call them, to continue their evil ways.

    And if I’m wrong, then it would be interesting for Dr. Pieczenik to EXPLAIN what the heck is going on. In my view, we’ve all be DUPED–duped by Trump; duped by Dr. Pieczenik; duped by Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Bannon, and all those who were at the head of this…ahem…”coup.”

    So, what’s it about, Dr. Pieczenik? What’s REALLY going on? My guess is: NOTHING. In short? SOS (Same old stuff. There’s a more appropriate, and more colorful, word for “stuff.”)

    1. Molon Lavee

      Not so fast buddy, we are all eager for a change, and very often loose our cool when things do not come as fast as we expect them…Rome wan’t built in a day.
      What you are suggesting and at the speed you are expecting things to change, is nothing more than an all our Military coup, which I am pretty sure that it is on the table.
      If I thought of it, so did they.

  16. Molon Lavee

    There is knowledge and then there is wisdom, and Kushner has none of the two, at 36, one knows less than nothing I don’t care how intelligent they are, much less be an advisor to anybody and especially to a President or a 70 years old, ludicrous…What is needed more, is wisdom, knowledge can be acquired, wisdom not necessarily.
    At 36 one hasn’t yet learned how to blow ones nose for God sakes, nor has he yet reached the stage of “Conscious incompetence” (not realizing that he doesn’t know)…and be given a position of Senior Advisor is not helping him, as it inflated his ego making him an easy target for special interest groups to influence and brainwash him, at the same time, it is giving him the false impression that he knows, where in fact he doesn’t…and most probably at times, he is annoying to the President…the White House is not a nursery. I am very surprised Trump has him around; no doubt because he really wants his daughter, and unfortunately not to bruise his ego, or show favoratism, he lets him in…I would have a woman next to me, and seeing that women look at thing very differently, Ivanka can be an asset simply for her point of view, him a liability.
    I would sideline him, look at him square in his eyes, tell him that he needs to keep his mouth shut, that his presence is not necessary, that he is here to learn, and do as he is told…for his own good, because if he takes himself too serious, he will eventually put both of his feet in his mouth if he hasn’t already…Every time we say something stupid, it is like we launch a boomerang, that in time, it comes around and bites us in the ass when we least expect it.

  17. Reader

    What about that new Supreme Court justice who Dr P considers unqualified?

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