POTUS Trump Takes Action in Fast Time!

POTUS Trump Takes Action in Fast Time!

POTUS TRUMP does it in FAST Time!

Donald Trump: Don’t Listen to What I Say, Look at what I do!

To “Trump” someone means that you have overcome them. In the past week in D.C., POTUS Donald Trump has:

  • met with the business leaders of the major car manufacturers as well as their union leaders.
  • appointed his Sec. Def. James Mattis and authorized him to increase the number of airstrikes against ISIS. Mattis is flying to Japan and South Korea in order to properly assess the South China Sea crisis.
  • met with construction companies to discuss the building of Mexican wall that he had promised he would build.
  • stayed strong with corrupt, unpopular Mexican president.
  • delved into the details as to how he should spend 1.6 Trillion USD for massive infrastructure  projects.
  • ordered ICE to hire another five thousand personnel to patrol the Mexican/American border.
  • rescinded Obama’s landmark Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP] which will be replaced by bilateral negotiations between the USG and relevant Southeast Asian governments.
  • began the unwind of ineffective, abusive Obamacare with the goal of replacing this disaster with a more optimal plan that serves the citizens rather than the insurers or big pharma mafia.
  • cleaned house at the top level of State Department.

What Americans are witnessing is a most unusual phenomenon, not seen for decades in our leadership. Trump is about immediate, meaningful change of USG policies and personnel; done in fast time! Most citizens have not witnessed the modus operandi of a leader in action who transforms or changes a behemoth entity, like the USG. Change is always accompanied by fear, anxiety, and anger.

In the Obama administration, we, citizens, were disappointed to witness how meaningless and ineffectual promised changes really were. Like most of our past presidents, Obama never had any leadership experience, nor had he ever created or started a business [let alone a successful business].

POTUS Trump does not suffer fools easily. He will make outrageous statements in order to cover his real intentions. He wants to position his perceived or real opponents [media, liberals, Dems.] off guard.

What the media has forgotten is the constant assurance that POTUS gave to us, Americans. He has repeatedly stated that he has selected the best candidates to head up the different parts of the USG according to how each surrogate feels that he/she should act, irrespective of the fact that he/she may/may not agree with POTUS.

Let me hark back to former Attorney General John Mitchell’s comment about the impending Nixon administration: “Don’t listen to what we say; instead, judge us according to what we do.” I do not condone lying. Unfortunately, it is part of human nature. In politics, lying has become the sine qua non of an ‘effective politician’. However, Trump is neither a politician nor a bureaucrat.

Trump is a ruthless businessman who lives by his own rules.  A while ago, I wrote a blog about Trump’s persistent use of — Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt –FUD! Right now, Donald has flooded the citizenry, especially the mainstream media, with fear. His use of uncertainty has been very effective in soliciting the concerns of possible partners in both business and politics [Mexico, Canada], forcing them to come forward and solicit his personal concerns after Donald had personally abrogated NAFTA [Bush Sr., Clinton].

POTUS Trump has done more in one week than Obama, Bush Jr., and Clinton have collectively not done in the past thirty years. There is a clear psychiatric diagnosis for fear of change or the unwillingness to change. It is called, ‘Metathesiophobia’. Often this condition is accompanied by fear of moving, “Tropophobia”. Some amount of anxiety, self-doubt and guilt are normal reactions to change.

Americans have endured so many unnecessary wars, several “false flags” and a very serious economic collapse [2008]. These have all prepared us for the Trump unknown.
Please remember what the great Democratic POTUS Franklin Delano Roosevelt said at the beginning of WWII: “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”
Or, in the words of the great hockey player, Wayne Gretzky: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”

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21 thoughts on “POTUS Trump Takes Action in Fast Time!

  1. Chia Cha

    Roosevelt… Good father of 20th century, Lenin was mother. Lots of public works was done under father, and some not so voluntary, but as taxes on rich were 94% everything was moving. Today West does not have problem of income, nor productivity, nor of innovation, but of redistribution. https://flaglerlive.com/26685/gc-fdr-and-taxes/

    1. BillUK

      Wasn’t Lenin a bit deathy for the Russian people, hardly a mum.

      1. Chia Cha

        Without Lenin, there would be no middle class on West.

  2. Furtive


    His credibility will be questioned if he continues this “magnanimity”.

    1. Chia Cha

      Why not to have few good words from Bari also, if your plan is to exalt down Paul Ryan. That evil gay pagan gerontophile.

  3. Petra

    The Mexican president looks like a school boy. He is a clearly Manchurian candidate. If he was not they I must ask – Why is Vicente Fox his mouth piece?
    Trump is such a rock star – it is so simple with trade tax.

    1. FullofFud

      Good question about Vincente. Very good question.

  4. I hope the oil pipeline won’t be Trump’s waterloo. i love his work ethic, and the fact that he keeps his promises. but it seems like a boondoggle. the Canadian tar sand field is as big as Florida, the oil hugely expensive to get out and process, the area forest which will be a polluted desert. the pipeline goes over a huge US aquafer. and there is the public relation nightmare of guys in body armor in tanks pushing indians off their land. and the pipeline goes all the way to the gulf.i assume to the existing refineries there. for shipment to other countries? who gets rich?

    1. Petra

      Fund health care with tax on the pipeline.

    2. Robert James

      Two more of USA’s M2 tanks and dozens of fighting vehicles arrived on Russia’s border in Estonia. So obviously Trump has folded to the Zionists.

  5. del stead

    Certainly hit the ground running! Even our unelected prime minister getting in early to secure trade deals ect…and announcing no more useless wars in the process! But Trump trumped her on that and made the decision for her by saying its America first and I hope she takes the same stance regarding the UK… Perhaps party politics are over and its now a case of ” hiring” the best people for the job? The best generals…best business people….best entrepreneurs…..horses for courses at long last? The days of too many chiefs and not enough Indians are hopefully over

    1. del stead

      Also the days of believing fake news and listening to bloated superstars of the entertainment world are over and only really exposed their own weaknesses and made it apparent to me the rubbish they spin proves that’s the price of success…. I’d personally put them in the same room as the bespectacled young lady whom found it really difficult to accept Mr Trumps inauguration by staging a sit in and nailed a Madonna vocal performance… Much to my delight I hasten to add!

      1. Chia Cha

        Madonna YT channel does not exist practically, therefore she is history, she exist in 1996 :), but sport is much more dangerous, they will never touch sport… If you feel bad when your team loose, you are still under their control.

    2. BillUK

      Absolutely matey!

  6. Chia Cha

    Now if office say you resisted arrest, it is hate crime, 10 years in prison… 🙂
    It will be needed now for these guys (and do not worry those are still Obama laws)… https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/get-there/wp/2017/01/27/in-unprecedented-move-pension-plan-approves-benefit-cuts-for-retired-iron-workers/?hpid=hp_hp-more-top-stories_pension-210pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.30fe07e35aff

  7. John szpara

    Steve, as I understand, you are an ex-spook. I have to ask, why hasn’t someone “taken out” that seditious son of a bitch George Soros?

  8. Ron Sanderson


  9. One suggestion: Tell congress that the people get the same health care they get. Keep it simple and be done with it

    1. Chia Cha

      Why would they do that, it is cheaper to cuddle 500 members of congress then 320M americans? Rich capitalists bailed out by future money of tax payers do not want to attack those who are giving them laws they like. Such needs to be rewarded. https://www.statnews.com/2017/01/30/medicaid-gop-plans-drug-costs/

      1. Chia Cha

        Unless Trump keep his promises, plus, do electoral reform in next 90 days. Interview by Robert Steel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxVpShdP3K0

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