POTUS TRUMP: No War in Syria!

POTUS TRUMP: No War in Syria!

Major News Headlines: Syria Hiding Mass Killings in a Crematory~ Prelude to US Invasion!

The recent discovery, still unconfirmed, is a signal to me that our generals McMaster and Mattis, are preparing for full scale an invasion of Syria.

How do I know?
Whenever America initiates a war in some foreign country, there usually arises a causa belli, a reason for that particular war. This time around it is innocent children being killed as well as anti-Syrian combatants being tortured and then incinerated in hide-a-way mystery.

Next we will hear that Americans have to fight for “moral justice” [CIA claptrap].

We know when LBJ falsely informed the American public that our navy had been attacked by North Vietnamese gunboats, our legislators immediately voted a complete falsehood [north Vietnam never attacked us] into legislation justifying our subsequent incursion into Vietnam. That legislation, a mark of legislative disgrace, had been sanctified as the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Subsequently, fifty thousand American soldiers died needlessly and 250,000 were wounded. No one was sent to jail for this act of treason against the American public and the world.

Ironically, one upstart general named McMaster wrote his PhD thesis on the totality of generals who committed a Dereliction of Duty by sending our draftees into Harm’s Way. McMaster claims the generals did this for personal gain, fame and fortune. Maybe this guy McMaster should go back and re-read his own thesis.

Since the Vietnam War, our generals/admirals have sent us into countless meaningless lethal wars where we have needlessly killed or maimed thousands of our soldiers. At the same time, we injured and displaced millions of refugees from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, et. al.

We are a ‘warmongering’ nation led by draft-dodging POTUSs [Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama] and overwhelmed by generals who have no concept of effective, strategic warfare other than to initiate an invasion and pray that it all works out. Let’s not forget our legislators that are bought and sold by weapons manufacturers.

So now we have this fifteen year war against the so-called nefarious Taliban. Remember when POTUS Reagan invited them to the White House!? Don’t forget that the CIA constructed Al Qaeda/ISIS to be the new ‘boogey man’ in our ersatz War Against Terrorism [oxymoron]. This “War of Terror’ was brought to us by the clever team of CIA/MI/ Bush Jr/Cheney. These wackos produced the “mother of all false flags 9/11” to get the boys/girls juiced for fighting to save our country. What a crock!

Some years back, I first visited Syria on behalf of one of our more intelligent generals [Keith Alexander, Director of G2]. I reported back to my colleagues that there was no reason to decapitate the Syrian regime and subsequently neutralize ‘Dr. Bashar Assad’. Moreover, I had reiterated that Bashar was protecting the minority Druze, Christians, Alawites and Jews remaining in a predominantly Sunni Muslim country.

The rest is history.

Now, our incompetent new Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki R. Hailey, has misspoken and embarrassed our State Department by falsely claiming that Bashar Assad has burned thousands of anti-Syrian combatants in a fake crematorium. She is an instrument for the Military Industrial Machine, a tool.

Next, Sec Def. James Mattis has sent over six thousand additional troops into Syria [not including another six thousand into Iraq] along with heavy weapons to initiate a military offensive against Bashar Assad and his well-trained Syrian soldiers.

Our “Doll House” advisor, Ivanka Trump, bemoaned the presence of slaughtered children gassed by Bashar. Unfortunately, she did not want to admit that this fiction had not occurred.

So we have a multiplicity of contrived, incorrect statements, and inept actions which are culminating into one strategic end: eliminate Bashar Assad’s regime.

Easier said than done!

Starting another full scale war which we are not able to effectively fight [witness both Iraq and Afghanistan] will lead to the intervention of war –wearied Hezbollah fighters [about 8000 highly-trained Lebanese combatants]. Alongside these seven year battle-tested combatants will be the Iran Revolutionary Guard [IRG] and Russian Special Forces which will brook no leniency whatsoever against our poorly trained/ill-equipped desert soldiers.

This impending Syrian incursion will be as close to a WWIII scenario as one can imagine. It will involve so many terrorist groups fighting alongside US and allied forces that it would take a very sophisticated battle field commander to know what, where, how, and when this amalgam of incompetency could achieve any modicum of success.

REMEMBER: We have no national security interest in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, or Africa. We simply feed the voracious appetite of KBR, Halliburton, L3, SAIC, and many other military industrial companies by offering up our children to become their eventual cannon fodder. Let me quote Pope John Paul II [who helped me take down the Soviet Union without firing a shot] one the absurdity of this invasion/war:

“Wars generally do not resolve the problems for which they are fought and therefore… prove ultimately FUTILE.” 


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36 thoughts on “POTUS TRUMP: No War in Syria!

  1. AL Tru

    Should we be nervous about Trumps visit to the Middle East ?

    1. MrTuvok

      Dr Pieczenik advised against it on infowars.

      I was thrilled to learn that he also would be willing to help Trump in the Whitehouse. Mr Trump should take advantage. He would be a godsend for him.

    2. anonymous

      Doctor Pieczenik: You and other serving Intelligence/Military Commanders and Veteran retirees must surely have the ability to exert influence over the war-mongers influencing the White House. In fact, it is your duty – since you all had a part in installing these relics, albeit honorable, of 20th Century warfare. The ends justify any means of saving our Republic – everytime I see CNN – I find myself thinking an EMP attack might not be so bad…but I digress. Your many former State Department colleagues can surely impact the U.N. Secretary – Nimrata Randhawa Haley’s irresponsible bloviating, Mossad World Wide’s Weiner and his ding-a-ling cover, geriatric/compromised/self-serving congresspersons, propaganda newsprint and media conglomerates, etc. – are nothing but a dastardly distraction from the urgent issues facing The Republic. Please help purge the White House, and provide the President with the counsel he deserves. I am so sick of seeing our President surrounded by ignorance, weakness, deceit and subversion, both inside and outside of the White House.
      Finally, without freedom of speech, we the people are sunk. Free speech is under attack by a cabal of fascist technocrats in collaboration with domestic and foreign intelligence. Please provide some insight into Google and The Black Cube. Thank you for your service. Both of my grandfathers served in WWII, and my own father’s life was lost for The Republic.

      1. Chia Cha

        There is no more The Republic, now there is The Empire. Trump must become Ceasar. US should proclaim continous war, and president should be military leader, nothing for congress to be involved there. We need draft, everyone gets 2 years of military service. 6 months of war. Iran must be occupied and there any kind of resistance crushed. Then finally economy will start to work. Causalites of enemy must be count in millions, like in Korean war with those B52. Comrade Mao fooled by Soviets, had to send his 3rd army to Korea. Same should be again. Good thing is that Russians and Chinese will have to help Iran as hard they could. If someone from west starts to s@it about it, then some muslim terrorist should blow something there.

        1. Chia Cha

          That is much better then having those imported muslims, g@ys, aztecs imported by captialists destroying whole civilization. And whole Sahara must be annexed, muslim from there can go live to Saudi Arabia if they like islam. But Iran is key. Clean from Islam, only happy people there, with smile, like western Germany. North Korea non aligned, orthodox europe split among catholics and secular ottoman empire. Sri Lanka annexed also. And there you have ti. Next is carving of Russia, China and India and annexation of Siberia. Than we can start talking.

  2. Chia Cha

    This wars right now are not enough to support all those papers written (by temple), temple have function to count division of future pillaged good taken from other temples, or to be more precise future class positions among unequala, meaning who will go more down or up relative to other after pillage in their chance to survive longer with less pain. Best temple owners on market are one whos temple takes smalest provision to investor or to be or whose propaganda says, provision is smallest.

    1. Chia Cha

      We need democratically decided class positions of all members, especially of members of hyrarchical castes, meaning class position of every member of bureocratic, military, aristocratic and clergy caste should be decided by net democracy of workers in real time. Life condition of members of caste depends on will of those above to them in hyerarchy. Life condition of members of working class depend on will of those who are consuming their work (and those are other workers). Meaning only rule of working class is able to produce more peace then we have now.

      1. R. Frank

        Democratically decided is an interesting phrase. If a family of 8 that is two parents and 6 children from 18 to 6 years of age Democratically decided how to spend dad’s paycheck how would it be spent? On rent? food? future medical needs? Investment? trip to Disney Land?
        In an experiment led by Kyle Dropp of Morning Consult, he asked 1,746 American adults to point to where North Korea is on the world map.
        here is where they pointed http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user5/imageroot/2017/05/12/nkorea%20map.jpg

        1. Chia Cha

          I am sure even your kid knows that Ferrai is better then Ford Pinto, so if we let democratic consumers pools we would not waste resources and material on s@it products like Ford Pinto because Pitno would never exist. No one would drive such horrible waste of resources. Ford Pinto exist only so rich can be better then you so they can laugh at you. New Ferrari if ordered in advance in 50M examples, would cost 10,000$ but that system cannot function in capitalism. Therefore capitalism is past tense, after WW3, I hope starts sooner then later.

          1. Chia Cha

            Rich will be able to work in Gualg system, together with communists. In commnunism central planner is deciding that you need to drive Lada wile politbureau member ZIL, and because they rule when he gets ZIL he sexually enjoys while you drive Lada. Same with Ford Pinto. You also wants your kids to drive Ford Pinto or some Chevy? Someone driving Ford Pinto is totally unneccecary. Such thing would not exist, I mean they would be able to exist but they would cost 200,000$ because no one would order them, and rich would be in Gulag.

  3. Patriarch

    The swamp loves Mueller.

    Kindly append your past post 4-23-13 on this man of “scrupulous integrity” , John Kerry’s brother from another mother.

    “Were you or any of your representatives of the FBI involved in anyway in the 9/11 FALSE FLAG EPISODE or the ATTACK ON THE TWIN TOWERS?
    Remember —if you lie, that means PERJURY—and that is a long sentence for a FEDERAL OFFICIAL!! As you KNOW ALL TOO WELL!!

    Were you in any way as FBI Director involved in the final ‘assassination’ of Osama bin Laden during President Obama’s tenure?”

    1. Patriarch

      Dr Pieczenik writes about the less than lawful Robert Mueller

    2. Furtive



      Rosenstein at DOJ IS OPPOSITION.
      Trump is not clever.. He has been checkmated by the Klinton Krime family.
      Trump didn’t want to “hurt” Hillary, the feelings are definitely nit mutual.


  4. Chia Cha

    Why Trump took that photo session with republicans in garden after that healthcare law. He will not loose everything. If he does not attack republicans for that law, he is done. So little was missing there. Alex Jones is guilty most of all for Trump loosing if he loose. Alex is private only healthcare.

    1. Chia Cha

      Neocons are now promising healthcare to people, I am telling you. They are not stupid like David Kinght and Alex Jones, are, obviously. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC_MLiM9Pdc

  5. Joseph Chiara

    For the second time I posted something to this site and it was never put up or taken down quickly. They contained no terrible language, not rants and ad hominem attacks. They were pretty well presented perspective based on observational evidence and such.

    It is disappointing that this has happened. After the first time I thought I may have made a mistake which led to this result. But the process is so simple, it is hard to go wrong. Now I think something else is at work, and it is disappointing for this to happen particularly on this site.

    Anyone else have the same experience?

    1. Chia Cha

      No… I just have some post not put at all, but nothing never removed. But those post not put at all (refused automatically) are based on anti-spam program. Like too many posts in row, some words, it is algorithm, maybe even some psychology. Rule is when you do not know how ruled you are 🙂

      1. Hannah

        So how come you seem to write 90% of the comments on this site and get them posted? Also, now that I’ve seen my first comment actually appear, I can ask you why the fake foreign accent in your writing? It’s obvious that you have a very sophisticated grasp of the English language and it is equally obvious, and very annoying to read, that you deliberately fake the errors in grammar. You spout so much gobbledegook that I wonder why so many of your comments are allowed through or are you Dr Pieczenik’s alter ego?

        1. Chia Cha

          I learned how to write them. Also, posts better to be not too long, so you will not be able to do mistakes. Plus i think there is some DARPA developed technology combining pshyology of line structure. Too violent, too depressing, some words, like sociali.m, some words not for kids to read. And I like it. It makes you better human. It shows how rich people loves us. Alos from now i will look more on grammatical errors.

    2. Petra

      Yes I have had the same experience….

    3. Hannah

      Yes. I have never had anything I’ve written posted here.

  6. Chia Cha

    I am now starting some private business of creating souverniers from leather for tourism here. I could employ only those evil people who wants to one day employ others. Such derserve to be exploited because they are evil. So better that I expoit them because I would use money for revolution and overthorw of such evil people like they are. So they can be free.

  7. R. Frank

    American ignorance of the religious war that is in progress in the middle East is baffling. Religion to the east IS NOT like religion to Americans. Will an American sacrifice his life for his religion? The war is over the interpretation of the Quran (Koran) . It is similar to the Protestant/Catholic wars of the 17th century Europe. The difference is unlike the Bible centered around the Messiah to bring peace; It is an interpretation of leadership and treatment of others believes it is the Sunni/Shai War. Prior to the 1970’s the Sunni ruled as declared by the Quran and the Shai would serve the Sunni; that is why they have different prophets, different mosques, different religious schools. This is why they DO NOT intermarry. The rise of the Wahhabi interpretation of the Quran has dominated the Shai and broken into a war. The first Sunni casualty was Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, The Shah of Iran overthrown and killed in 1979 making Iran the first Shai contry. This has fueled the flame of conquest and Jihad. The Arabic proverb ” Do not kill the viper with your own hand but with the hand of your enemy” has been manifested with the American “hand” attacking and destroying every Sunni leader then the Shai swoop in and take power destroying the Sunni holy places, shrines and reeducation or massacre of the Sunni populous. Bashar Assad is a Sunni !! He is sworn to protect all irrespective of their beliefs, Christians, Druze, and Jews That is the Sunni way. If Syria becomes Shai they ALL die because they will not convert! Once the hand of the enemy has destroyed all the vipers then guess who’s turn it is to be destroyed?

  8. MrTuvok

    A little bit off-topic, but please dr Pieczenik if you can stop Mr Trump from appointing Lieberman as the new FBI director. He is never going to prosecute the Clintons or drain the swamp.

    Trump is under attack, but then he is reportedly about to make a move like this, which is not to push back. It makes all look like a charade.

  9. Chia Cha

    US corporations adopted command economy of COMMECON, and abolished trade which is real forward to reduce rents, that shows how good things always gets adopted. Americans were smart enough just only to keep competitions among corporations. When part from Leningrad factory went to Warszaw to be assambled for redistribution in Moscow, it was interraction not trade. Noam Chomsky is right. Only problems for US economy are that still:
    1. money is deciding class positions of those who are doing interraction (it is not democratically decided), it must be based on % fulfilled demands inside democratically decided needs
    2. and there are still rents, which can be supplanted by my solutions HE HE and that is secret.

  10. What is a causa belli? It is the push to an action. In this case, the push is to outward involvement. An elicitation to sympathy or empathy, by use of appeals to emotional ties to second or third persons being projected on strangers. While Russia is demonized and Trump is being tainted by notions of treason by traitors guilty of their insinuations to a much greater scale.

    In so doing, they are creating the conditions for a first person causa belli, against Trump personally. Rather than worry about the causa belli of Syria, or defending against a torrent of accusations by liars that fabricate new false allegations every minute, faster than they can be dealt with, the focus should be on the more personally significant causa belli to Trump, the narrative that Trump is a traitor because Russia is the bad guy. Trump is not the bad guy. Russia is not the bad guy. Liberals are the bad guy. Global elites are the bad guy.

    The greater causa belli is that these people are trying to hurt him, they are trying to destroy him, and they are doing it so they can hurt America. They want war with Russia. They created ISIS. They created the Arab Spring. They brought death to Syrian women and Children. They created the violent revolution to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukrane. That they would do no less with our women and children, evidenced by their sabotage of actual immigration policy.

    They must be stopped. If is worth war abroad to protect others, are we worth any less? Do we send our sons and our daughters abroad to fight and die for others, but not for America when the enemy is within? Can we not at least charge them with their admitted crimes, the traitors bring false insinuation of treason against the President of the United States Donald Trump, can they not be tried for their crimes?

  11. Dr. Pieczenik,

    Trump will listen to you and take the military into a default state where no wars are happening!!!! Favor is upon you to Change up a lot of things shaking the chaff out of the two levels below Trump!!!! Favor is upon you to See our Republic Manifest in its entirety!!!! FATHER is Putting everything in place Good Fruits will be born from your time at the White House with our president!!!! Taking our nation to the place we have been Praying for!!!! President Trump will take your advice on north korea and you will save countless lives over there too Amen!!!!

    Shalom Shalom

    1. Chia Cha

      Elites are not so crazy, they know they will have to run away to south america after ww3. Their only problem right now is that they are afriad to leave us with all those weapons when they run away. Plus it is easy to download how to build Gulags for all those rich who were so poor to not go with elites. Ask Doug Casey. He talks non stop against homeless people.

  12. Littlefaith

    I pray Dr Steve gets inside the White House and inside Trumps head! Trump is acting like another Zio lap dog! He has a choice..change the meme..prosecute all involved in 911 foreign and domestic is a good start, this will set the insane media a blaze! Once the Genie is out of the bottle PUBLICLY and the (((shadow government))) is officially exposed the neo communists will run for the hills! Public perception of the Zionists and their minions must be changed to proceed with real change!

    1. Chia Cha

      It will be impossible, here your big capitalists are importing muslims and at you they are importing Aztecs. You like free markets (meaning open deregulated markets of Ron Paul and Reagan), so markets will self regulate this kebab free capitalist entrepreneurs so better will win. Capitalists are putting too high cost race where they deserve. Capitalists want all those who are expensive and with property in kebabs or addicted to mexican drug delers. Like they did with a-indians. Jeb bush married aztec women named Columba. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e848Bat0VE

      1. Chia Cha

        He already created own young parasites of azec race to inherit their drug empire. Imagine how many of his kids we white workers will have to feed, you think they are cheap. Already right now to get medicaid you need 8 months to wait for letter on Florida, just for cancer to spread if you get one. The more kids rich have the more months you will wait. There are no reasources for all.

  13. Hannah

    Why are my comments not getting through again?

  14. Hannah

    I’ll try again, in simple form.
    Dr Pieczenik, is Trump right to support the Sunnis over the Shiites?

  15. R. Frank

    Why would the CIA admit to this loss?
    It appears to be a gambit. Gambit is a Chess term in which a player seeks to obtain some advantage by sacrificing a pawn or piece.
    What advantage could the CIA have by releasing this loss?
    Chess requires thinking multiple moves ahead.
    So what is happening that the CIA must respond to?
    There is a growing demand for the investigation of the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.
    Which will likely lead to Hillary which will likely lead to the State Department which will like the lead to the CIA.
    Check Mate!

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