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4 thoughts on “PennEast PipeLine Wrong on Many Levels!

  1. Chia Cha

    We must protect mexican and jewish minority in USA from genocide which will be conducted by americans if number of mexicans continue to grow on wings of free market capitalism. Trump with amnesty is paving road for genocide and just rise of NAZISM but which is again going to be anti-christian (marxist) because no other oppositon is going to be funded. This is evidence that every take over must be done by having blood until knees on streets and by taking property of defeated. Americans must organize them self to do it without Trump?

    1. Chia Cha

      Marc Faber is right that kids on west will live poorer then their parents, but Marc Faber does not understand that by any measure life condition of slaves is totally irrelevant to anything which is relevant today. With fall of USSR, life condition of slaves is tottally irrelevant to anything which matters. Because no oppossing military power (only what matters) is spreading lies and propaganda that their goal is soci@lism. Therefore measures how 90% of peope live,are not relevant to anything which matters any more. That is like saying that confederate south was by having more cotton produced, was getting weaker. Or that life condition of factory slaves in UK in 19th ceuntry was factor which made UK weaker, facts are that oppossite was true. The more people work the more their kids will have to work for less. Because parents created better cage for them. Goal of capitalists on north in 1861 was not to liberate black slaves, goal was to have whites as their slaves on north and on south. Now with help of chinese, immigrants, marxism, feminism and atheism they finaly did it. Central government finally won. Goal is that chinese with 1$ have same amount of rights as american with 1$ – namely 1$. That is interest of priniting press. That is full free market capitalism. We just have to look at DACA. Their no1 enemy are americans. They first need to break your culture (back) by any means possible.

  2. Chia Cha

    Way how they passed DACA was also interesting. They have put lunatic Bannon on high position as face of The Wall, and now they made lunatic Bannon to destroy all that by starting his program in his lunatic head. Now Trump can pass DACA because Trump supporters are against Bannon. That is what I call system, and that is RULE. Those who rule, they rule. System can be changed only be exterminating carriers (owners) of capital who invested in system. Together with all their offspring, relatives, friends and associated carriers of information that they were rich. You practically needs to kill all those who knew that capitalist had that in ownership, because information is also inter-generational. Worker of some killed capitalists will say one day when he gets angry, to own kid: “well those today on power are also bad, because they killed innocent capitalists and took his hard earned property.” Therefore blood on streets + camps are necessity because in 1991. in eastern Europe, property of capitalists was returned to their offspring back.

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