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6 thoughts on “Pelosi CODEL Shutdown TG 4 Trump!

  1. Chia Cha

    Story algorithm created by story planners is again not interesting enough. Ocasio now when she entered House her only demands are lower salaries for americans (abolishment of ICE, non funding for wall, and attacking white workers on base or race to enslave them more “dehumanization”). That is not show at all. Those are standard capitalist government stories all over again. As I said, when Caesar was asked about restless people, he ordered galleys to be filled and go to Libya. When asked, with wheat, he said no, with sand for colosseum. Yellow wests are moving focus, hopes, dreams and attention of workers toward France, but long term only. How US can allow that to happen. Interesting stories would be return of pre-existing conditions, obligatory castrations by capitalist government, nuclear plant exploding, Ocasio felling down breaking her leg… Short term hopes are not addressed at all, wall is also not short term, because it would need more time to be built. Superpower must address all needs, short, medium and long term. Team is getting sleepy.

    1. Chia Cha

      Conclusion is that capitalists again are thinking they do not need to open wallets, they measured size of yellow wests, and now are they are saying, and that is all… To rebel in capitalism you need money… Slaves working from paycheck to paycheck (78% of americans) they do not have money to rebel, while those 22% are happy to not be 78%, in France workers can rebel against american capitalism (deregulation of business in combination with high taxes on workers) only because they have 35 hours working week, but free time without money in capitalism is again nothing, so they will not make it, there is no chance. Simply only solution is replacement with people who hate to work and those are muslims. They are smart people, and many muslim countries are now much wealthier then western because they are not idiots working for their business owners, there are always enough idiots willing to work for others. Idiotic cultures will be replaced. In Germany muslims do not want to work at all, and german business owners says how they are wonderful and very very needed as agents to lower salaries of whites. In most of Europe you can buy home for 5,000$ because work is so cheap that no one wants to have kids and work, not even muslims. Only new factory halls creates wealth. Nothing will change. They even made it that when there are not enough of young workers willing to work, salaries are either way going down in relation with inflation, because profit is ability to control and ability to control is lower salary. The lower it is, the more political power business owners have. Now getting old people to work is their last hit. Nothing will change.

  2. Chia Cha

    Real profit is ability to control. What is bigger capital, less of robots you are able to control more or more of robots you are able to control less. In this by american government (NAZI) innovation driven model it is case no1. Would you even as honest worker, rather have more of robots it is harder to control, or less of robots it is easier to control if you are frigid homo pedophile driven by innovation (even innovation driven model reduces innovation level). Idiots working for business owners must understand that every business owner is reincarnation of Satan. His goals are in total opposition with you. Pure Satan is small business mom and papa store owner who employs, collecting profits on markets, because he is evidence that Satan is even able to multiply him self. Only factories are wealth creators because they only business able to multiply wealth. Everything else is scam.

  3. Chia Cha

    In this, multi-corporation capitalism (capitalism), we workers have same problems like we had in one corporation capitalism (communism). Under one corporation capitalism, (under communists), only problem were people, therefore those unable to understand greatness of ideas and guidances by communist party, i.e. those unable to see how shiny future would be here, and today, had people adopted all ides just as proposed by party in full understanding. People did not adopt ideas because people were not on level of party to understand how those idea are simply fantastic. Same what is happening today under this multi-corporation capitalim. We people simply cannot understand how 30,000$ yearly gross is fantastic, because we are unable to use those freedom coins freely enough, navigating in full given freedom with them between those by freedom filled space between our multi-corporations, daring to dream while becoming next wealth and job creators, one day in shiny capitalism future, tomorrow, behind corner. Capitalism is unscientific and cannot have future because in no measurable terms we can all be all rich (richer then other), while we can in measurable units (have same amount of those units like everyone else). We need maximum and minimum wage. Mistake of today’s capitalists is they think that real capital is amount of $ you have, no real capital is what percentage of people have that maximum. Even maximum can be just twice bigger then minimum, and it is much more ecological. Twice bigger salary, can have much better effect if it is earned by minimal number people, then 1000 times bigger salary earned by minimal number of people because it looks much more achievable and it costs less. Capitalism needs to be reformed without breaking hierarchy so we have to employ racial or hereditary hierarchy.

    1. Chia Cha

      Ruling capitalists are lazy greedy un reformable feudal rent seeking morons and they need to be removed. Their system is not working at all, no one believes he would become Bill Gates. Evidence is that no one would ever play national lottery if jack pot would be only available reward you can gain, even if 10 times bigger. And how many people are not even playing national lottery, even it is bigger chance to win on lottery then become rich in capitalism. People do forget, you are not in top 1% if your salary is in 1%, you are in top 1% if your inheritance is in top 1% because 98% of newly created wealth in US, every year is inheritance. That is american capitalism. Not. It is rentier feudalism. 98% of work in US goes to pay someones private inheritance he inherited and he have more then he needs so it can be maintained via slaves even better projects are waiting. No wonder more and more cities will look like Detroit. Let s have full capitalism comrades.

  4. Judy Cozine

    Today I learned that President Trump 3 year temporary offer of protection “amnesty” for DACA kids was really an amnesty plan because when has the GOP or DEM parties ever really backtracked on their agenda to sell out the country. By the grace of God it did not pass but now it appears that Trump is considering permanent amnesty. If he does this it will end the GOP and what is left of US sovereignty. We will be ruled by abortionists gun grabbers and authoritarians who will kill imprison or harass Christians and conservatives. I am on my last legs so I will probably be gone before the worst of this takedown hits but until that time I will speak whenever I can against this destruction of America its Constitution and what is left of its morality. The worst genocide of our children is coming and is being celebrated and most Americans don’t even know it is happening.

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