Pax Pacifica Deja Vu

Pax Pacifica Deja Vu

Pax Pacifica: Impending War in the South China Sea- USA & China!
Over a quarter century ago, I wrote out in long-hand on yellow paper a novel that I hoped would be wrong in its prognostication of an impending war between the two military super powers-PRC and USA.

I worked/travelled in the PRC over a thirty year period. During that time, I spotted a tiny speck of islands located in the South China Sea which if  built up could strategically control the entire navigational waters of a multitude of Asian countries. The following countries have legitimate maritime claims to different parts of the South China Sea: Philippines, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and Laos.


China claimed eminent domain over the scattered Spratly Islands. In turn, they started to fill each one of them up with sand. Next they built significant military naval/air installations allowing China to engage in any kinetic action against any other country which might declare suzerainty over the PRC’s respective areas of control [i.e. the entire South China Sea].

When Pax Pacifica was published Ambassador James R. Lilly [former CIA station chief in Beijing], was kind enough to write the following praise:

“The sweep of this book, the author’s grasp of real trends and forces that could change the face of Asia and which many of OUR POLICY WONKS  have NOT GRASPED…. His [author’s] justified cynicism about how the world turns…” It’s that last sentence that was most disturbing and unfortunately quite accurate.

Thankfully, POTUS Trump has recently ordered our celebrated former Marine General, Sec. Def. James Mattis to send Admiral Philip S. Davidson CINCPAC to patrol that expansive 1.4 million square-miles of water and interdict any PRC planes, boats, and/ or refortification efforts. So far, we have been at a stand-off.

However, given the so-called tariff wars between Chinese President Xi and POTUS Trump we have a ‘clear and present danger’.  Any unintentional mistake or over-reaction on either side could precipitate a major conflagration which would end in mutual assured destruction. It’s time for a recalibration of mutual interests and national security concerns.

And, from the very great Russian Novelist, Leo Tolstoy:

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

And from the Chinese Philosopher, Sun Tzu:

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” 

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16 thoughts on “Pax Pacifica Deja Vu

  1. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    I believe that I am responsible for the shift to NORTH KOREA as to CHINA being the “primary trigger” mechanism for the initiation of a “planned” nuclear holocaust by THE BRITISH EMPIRE! How can I be responsible???? Because, I was the one that informed Russian President Putin, though RT (“Russia Today”), about the “nuke proof” underground facilities that control “STAR WAR” WEAPONS SYSTEMS; and I further told Russian President Putin that said “STAR WARS” WEAPONS were fully operational and pointed at both Russia and China! Said “STAR WARS” WEAPONS SYSTEMS were to be used on both Russia and China, after both Russia and China “nuked” THE WEST (primarily THE UNITED STATES and Europe)! Therefore, as a result, THE BRITISH EMPIRE that reports to THE JESUIT ORDER controlled Vatican would get the “population reduction” that they wanted (about 7 BILLION PEOPLE “EXTERMINATED” or about 97% of the “entire” EARTH’S POPULATION)! As a result of my information getting to Russia, through RT (“Russia Today”), when two (2) low yield nuclear weapons were detonated in Eastern Ukraine killing possibly thousands of Russians and Eastern Ukrainians, Russian President Putin did NOT PUSH “THE BUTTON”! Therefore, THE BRITISH EMPIRE put Ukraine as to Syria and then Iran “on the “back burner;” and at that point, THE BRITISH EMPIRE went with NORTH KOREA as to CHINA being the “primary trigger” for the initiation of the “planned” nuclear holocaust! Everyone must know that both NORTH KOREA and CHINA were set-up by THE BRITISH EMPIRE! Chinese Chairman Moa Tse Tung was a “BRITISH AGENT”!

    1. Raymond Howard Carlson

      As a result of my said comments at YOU TUBE, through RT (“Russia Today”), Russian President Putin sent Russian intelligence to examine me at THE APPLE STORE at South Coast Plaza a few years ago (during or before 2014)!

      Later, because I used “Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura” (“EVIDENCE”) to substantiate my comments discussing underground facilities being run by THE C.I.A. for THE BRITISH EMPIRE, Russian President Putin invited the former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura to The Moscow Kremlin!

      Any and all supporting information that I used to substantiate my comments was already posted at YOU TUBE, therefore, public information!

      1. Chia Cha

        USA does exist as political factor. Only City of London exist. Corporations rules west. I was wrong when I said it was not banks but corporations which rule. It is corporations, but banks are also corporation, people do forget that. It started with guilds united them self in corporations. How many centuries english guilds (corporation) were trying to remove dutch guilds from high seas. All the way till Dutch left Indonesia in 1963. Why fascist corporation like innovations, to show their power and might in product they are producing.


    Why are my comments being blocked.


    My comments are being blocked!


    Steve Pieczenik, do you have a second party censoring comments or do you do it.

  5. Chia Cha

    WW3 is been delayed all the time. Yes US will beat Russia strategically in 50 days. But any attempt by US soldiers to tactically exploit strategic victory will be blocked by chinese army which would even enter Greece, chinese will not pass russia but they will go via Turkey. Also this time americans on own teritorry will pay dearly also. It is very good that is going to be end of capitalists on west. This anti-soci@list propaganda and genocidal capitalist policies toward domestic people will not help them win. Innovation/competitivnes and mass production/wealth of people are in total oppossition. Genocide is helping innovation.

  6. Chia Cha

    Problem is that Maduro had to kill all capitalists in Venezuela, they are biggest problem of Venezuela, they are intentionally causing shortages. But that would mean open war with US. Therefore russians should be more present on Cuba today. That is mistake done by russians because any US invasion force on Cuba would be repeled. Capitalists in Venezuela cannot allow Saudi soci@list model in Venezuela because american capitalists do not want funcional saudi model in south america. On middle east, american capitalists must accept saudi soci@lism.

    1. Chia Cha

      I think Maduro should start rock and roll down there and hang all off them (capitalists), together with their rat kids and their wh@re wifes. After that he can kill all entereprenours and everyone who have any member of family somewhere in any NATO and western country in civil war. After you kill enough of them and they are all neutralized public works can start with enslaved wanna be entrepreneours and well off bureaucrats from cities, which can finaly learn how to use shovels and hoes. In WW3 only aim of moral being must be to act in 0-1 mode, if it is richer then you, kill it, and do not spare kids. My recomendation to Maduro is, do not take property from them, kill them and kill all those who are in line to inherit it. Because they all would think it belongs to them after. Memory must be cleaned form their brains in full linage.

  7. Many FILIPINO AMERICANS have served faithfully and honorably in the US NAVY!

  8. Chia Cha

    Bannon does not understand one thing, rich do not want factories on west, de facto factories are generators of workers class consciousness. And factories as wealth creators are direct competitors to banks as wealth creators. Plus wealth spreaded by factories cannot be controled, it spills over too much to workers, which lowers obidience of working class as they would have more means to be economically independent. Espically with robotization happening and 3-printing workers could start building robots them self. Poor people are much more obidient and much more servile. No government can allow that.

  9. Chia Cha

    City of London playing harp for my ears. This is sound so beautiful that I hear words stability, security, consolidated imperial power on newly conquested territory, future, unity, decency, morality, ethics, but most of all, CONSOLIDATION, without consolidation, empire will fall and we can all start learning chinese… Almost super bowl. which would be Ocasio and McDomnell. Who knows maybe this all could be biggest joke of century, and they will never come to power acording to scenario, neither of them. 😀 Merkel said she would build 100,000 public homes because of super high rents, but that could all go to muslims, for rents to skyrocket even more. I think it can go only worse, right now only two normal countries are Denmark and Norawy in which worker in McDonald earns 4000 euros, and doctor 6000, in Denmark 20% of housing units are public and outside markets, and Norway after NK have smallest private sector in economy on world, smaller then China and Cuba. Just 20% because other 80% is 40% public + 40% state owned big companies. Imagine working in private sector in Norway as small company owner, no competition around, consumers filled with money, you deal with big companies in their supply chain, that is paradise on earth. All jobs unionized.

    1. Chia Cha

      In germany companies are canceling orders because there are one million and 200 000 workers missing, there are not enough workers, but salaries are falling all the time… HA HA HA, and rents are skyrocketing. Now plan is not to rise salaries, but to lower taxes for rich and companies so in theory (by law companies do not need to rise salaries) they will employ more easily (they do not need to employ more by law), nor they by law have to fulfill orders. So for them workers are not even resources to be traded but workers are not even factor to think off at all under their ideology. They will just put difference in their pocket and rape us more. So they can get even more money to become even more politically stronger to lower salaries even more. HA HA HA. More worker can earn as worker working in Syria today, while bombs are falling on his head, then what german worker can. Bigger buying power syrian workers have in soci@lism simply because in soci@list Syria he have can build home and create only value capitalism is recognizing today, simply because there is no functional market economy able to rape him and his family and stop him to breed and stoping him from creating only value capitalism recognize for member of working class today.

      1. Chia Cha

        Slaves must be cheapest possibe and in highest number possible. Under any price, nothing else is important. NOTHING. It is not that they want more money, they are not morons, they want more SLAVES. Capitalists built factories only so one day they can become slaveowner them self, take economy from slaveowners and then abolish factories and create back slavery which is going to be even cheaper and and this time with pale slaves also (left wing capitalism) (you will have right to think you can pay your own upkeeping alone, so slavewoner will not feed you and put you roof over head, so you work pay that lineray, not binary, as only difference they were fighting for). We can only prise chinese communist party and be lucky they and their communist UN will emerge victorious after WW3, and no, system will not change, it is impossible. They will just invest always some new Bannons and Ocasios just so they can be removed. That is system. Goal is not Mexico because they have at least some single payer down there, goal is Haiti populated with atheist aztecs and fascist style government of Argentina. Pray for chinese troops liberating you. Remember, those ours do not have factories nor mass production. Wealth creation is impossible.

  10. AL Tru

    If things go bad, China has to take out Australia first, correct ?

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