Paris is Burning! Again!

Paris is Burning! Again!

Marine Le Pen, President of the National Front [FN], Will Probably Win the French Presidency!
For some time now, Paris has been the scene of confrontation and discordance. Contrary to its once lackadaisical image of well-dressed men and women strolling along the grand boulevards of the Champs Elysees, we are now witness to the blaring images of a sundry of fires set by a kaleidoscope of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

How did this happen?

Here is some history. As a young man, I was used to the sight of Algerians, Moroccans, and Tunisians gathering around a fountain in Paris or Toulouse to discuss the day’s events. Yet as I grew more mature, those very same meetings became more sinister. I began to hear in Arabic the greetings that one usually gives to another in a faraway land where Islam is the predominant religion and way of life. This cultural aberration in Paris or even Toulouse was jarring.

As I traveled throughout the Middle East [Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Jordan, Iran, Egypt], I could detect the underlying murmurs of domestic discontent. Back in France, I would watch the street erupt into a daguerreotype of violence and hatred as the National Gendarmerie, French Armed Forces [both police and military] would tear gas the demonstrators for one or another reason.

After a while, questions and rationalizations subsided to the concerns for personal safety, avoiding the acrid smell/taste of mustard gas.
Suddenly, these beautiful cities transformed into a series of war zones which one would enter at one’s own discretion which really meant it was ‘defendu’ [forbidden].

The last time I saw Paris, I encountered several Africans who cursed me and my lady companion, yelling ‘nigger, nigger’ as I walked away from the Eiffel Tower. I was tempted to say something in French but I was out-weighed and out-numbered several times over.

This type of gratuitous harassment [pre-violence] did not end at that particular iconic sightseeing area. Not to be outdone by the sheer crassness of the African barbarians, I next witnessed a scene where Gypsy girls no older than early teens yelled and screamed within the usually silent sanctuary of the Holy Church of Notre Dame.

Every sightseer was aghast.

The police came inside and ushered the girls away, explaining to me in French that there was a national law that forbade the police to do anything other than to gently discourage them away from their incredibly disgusting behavior.
Clearly, I am not naïve. I had seen these incidents before yet one thing was certain. France was falling apart at a much faster rate then even I had calculated. The increase in North African refugees expanded exponentially, not arithmetically. The riots became more and more prevalent and intense.The police had to use more force and greater circumspection.

The future of France has been clearly delineated for me. It was to fall asunder as it provided fewer and fewer jobs and more and more benefits. Institutional socialism had been vanquished by indolence and insolence.The Presidents, one after another, became more and more ineffectual until they all ended up to be a mock version of our POTUS Obama.

There is nothing that I can offer in terms of palliative solutions; other than to recommend that Marine Le Pen [National Front], will have to ascend into the male-dominated French Presidency in the same way that Trump had done in America.

I wish her and France—Bonne Chance!!!
It’s also the last chance for France!

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21 thoughts on “Paris is Burning! Again!

  1. Chia Cha

    Time for US and French people to absorb with little nationalism those who are lowering their wages and live with those now together. Time to try suck them up in to existing culture. People do not understand but soc. is perfect tool of capitalism. When used for private profit I can do miracles. For instance you are capitalist, and you decide to introduce food stamps. If you are Wal-Mart you are richer several times more, people get food and stability, revolution is delayed, and food is better, and cheaper because capitalists have orders in advance.

  2. Petra

    Is is too late for France… they have done it before… God bless them to do it again? They really allowed themselves to be ruined with their naivety. Le Pen is really a great hope and has awoke a sleeping giant among them… The People.

  3. Fivi Zogbi

    I shall return the disregard.

  4. Chia Cha

    Finally seizing of assets is going to be more common. But again no one will touch assets of rich capitalists. By this law, when Soros pays money to protesters, assets of protesters are going to be seized, not assets of Soros. That is like arresting assassin but not one who payed him to kill someone. From now assets of workers are going to be openly discriminated. Deal of american rich which is making rich richer and poor poorer called US constitution, which was that all their official rules are going to be enforced equality from lowest class to highest is dead. Now they will be richer by making it in blatant.

    1. Chia Cha

      Now Wall Street will be able to invest in protest, for instance you want to protest because you are insane and do not understand perfecting of system you are living in. I will give to your group 1000$ for signs, you will take it and get arrested, and then you will loose house of 125,000$ multiply that with 40 protesters, that is 5M, sherif takes cut of 1M$ I get 4M$. Capitalists vs workers, 4000000$ vs -4000000$, while investment in to police are yours (you payed it via taxes)… Sherif who does not cooperate get killed or you started to lie via local paper your friend invested in.

    2. Chia Cha

      Perez just won candidacy of DNC, I guess they want to show you in your face, that your candidate will just somehow never win. They are laughing at you every day. They even make soap opera out of it, one you will accept as logical. Power have those with power, not those without power. Resistance is futile. Government is there to govern, you. Just look Occupy Wall Street, you think they will call you to occupy Wall Street or anything else ever again… once they were taken, if you do not like Perez, be active, get active, move, move, go Occupy, you can do it 😀

    3. DocD

      Actually, anyone associated with organizing the violent protest that results in property damage is liable. That means the NGO’s and their founders and sponsors will suffer the asset forfeiture. Maybe that’s the only fast way to get to such criminals as SOROS or the ROTHCHILDS

      1. Chia Cha

        (This is right place for answer, not down sorry) How they are viable, equally? I do not think so, you will take everything from worker but 0.00001% from Soros? Sorry that is fraud again. That is even worse because then perception will be that Soros was justly punished and system continue. That is same how MF Global was punished, they stole billions and then they got fine of few millions

  5. Steve Johnson

    Chia Cha…in 4 words “You are an Idiot”. I laugh so hard when I read your incoherent dribble…Its is soooo much more sinister than you realize…but those who tend to be nefarious are also a bit doltish….but not as much as you…I’m eating pop corn watching this…When the US Embassy in Teheran was over run by those student stoges…I knew this would be fight between ideas with millions of lives lost…and sure enough it has been…Guess what cup cake…..its over….the ideas….well….they are a shiftin..the globalists/lefty stoges….already lost the battle…the new cool…is conservatism… Oh there will be a lot of lives lost….but its not going to play put like you think it will….you should go get some pop corn….here’s alittle logic for you “truth is self evident….” you should proof it cup cake…

    1. Chia Cha

      You are not going to get rich unless you move to Norway, i asked, their minimum wage per month is 4300 euros net. And over there it is forbidden to be poor. Just look prison of Brevik. It look like hotel. It was scandal when was not given new Playstation 4 to play Call of duty and practice resocialization to society after long prison sentence of 17 years. Their only problem is that they believe their own government so much they are getting dragged by americans in to war with Russia.

      1. Chia Cha

        How they are viable, equally? I do not think so, you will take everything from worker but 0.00001% from Soros? Sorry that is fraud again. That is even worse because then perception will be that Soros was justly punished. That is same how MF Global was punished, they stole billions and then they got fine of few millions.

  6. Chia Cha

    Oh looks that California could maybe get single payer, so maybe, if that happen, then USA would be again important country on world map of civilized world, respected again, and could become leader in many aspects without bad taste in mouth of anyone. Good. I am very happy. Again capitalists could earn much more now because firms producing medications and equipment will remain private and will get more stable orders, while system would be able to buy in bulk, able to gain bigger discount.

  7. dltravers

    We are a decade or two behind them but we are getting there. They have abandoned their cultural religious roots so their cultural religious roots have abandoned them.

    Paul wrote in Romans, “…And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;…” Rom 1:28

    The only option Le Pen has is mass deportation by placing French cities under military rule. Concentration camps and then forced return. That is doubtful at best.

    1. Embrey

      Her own citizens would probably depose her if she attempted to do the only thing that would allow France to remain French. Now do we all see what it looks like before the end? We would rather kill those that give our nations any chance to remain. I see parallels in our country today.

      1. Chia Cha

        Every individual want to make you poor, so much that you will become his slave. Goal of every individual is own reproduction. And they will go as much as they are allowed. Accumulation of wealth is biggest sin of this world, accumulation = manipulation, but they want accumulate and accumulate as way to reproduce and not allow other to reproduce. Look at well of water, if well is small as it is always, then you must start killing those around. But you can do it as member of international upper class going against poor of the world or as member of nation.

        1. Embrey

          You are a Marxist. To a capitalist you sound insane. It may be that I sound insane to you as well.
          The difference is I will never ask you to assume my personal responsibilities.
          Marxists have zero chance at freedom. We are not compatible.
          Carry on

  8. Even the hapless Tony Blair admitted years ago that (privately) European leaders discussed the disastrous results of Middle East and Third World migration into the UK and Europe.

    Why was nothing done about it? Cowardice. Political expedience. Corrupt (or compromised) politicians. To that end, the most impressive thing about President Donald Trump is his courage.

    Meanwhile France does not be an easy road back to sanity, even with le Pen. The same forces attacking Trump will attack her. We’re in for a bumpy ride. As the great Maurice Chevalier once sang, “I’m glad I’m not young anymore”.

  9. BillUK

    It is really strange here in Britain the media is pushing for this random mass migration. While as for Trump (and I,m sure del stead will back me up on this) Every station BBC , independent radio , comedy shows are constantly bashing Trump it is so biased it gets on my wick. While the pointless celbrities keep piping up with their asinine tripe.

  10. Ronald Dennis Chism

    It is always quite astonishing to me that Europeans, who bombed the hell out of countries of the Middle East, thus CREATING the very immigration problem that they are now bitching about, become so “forgetful.” Then, after creating the problem, they ACT as if they “don’t understand” what happened.

    It appears to be a characteristic of Euros that they never take responsibility for what THEY cause. They will create horrible conditions, and then examine those conditions IN ISOLATION of HOW those conditions were created in the first place.

    They do the same thing in the U.S. with Black people there. The Euros there (called “whites”) will look at Chicago, for instance, WHICH THEY CAUSED, through a number of evil maneuvers (destruction of the industrial base there; discrimination; collusion between City Hall (the Chicago government), real estate developers, the Chicago Police Department, GUN TRAFFICKERS and DRUG LORDS), and then they’ll say, “Why are those blacks SO violent.”

    After gutting the black community by causing black folks to leave (those that can), due to the violence that Euros [“whites”] created, using behavioral science computer modelling (for one thing), then they begin gentrification. In other words? ETHNIC CLEANSING. They have a very, very sophisticated form of ethic cleansing, which includes all of the tricks I mentioned above.

    They don’t CALL it ethnic cleansing, of course. But it’s no different than the ethnic cleansing done in other countries, except for ONE thing: It’s slicker. It’s done slowly, over a period of time, through a technique called patient gradualism.

    So, Dr. Pieczenik, of whom I have the DEEPEST RESPECT for his orchestration, along with others, of the ascension of Donald Trump to the Presidency, is FULL OF IT. 🙂

    He KNOWS one of the ways the refugees was caused. Gaddafi had control of the immigration situation, because he had control of North Africa–not just Libya. The Bedoins loved Gaddafi, and they did what he asked. Gaddafi, along with help from the Italian government, controlled immigration and drugs.

    But it was the U.S., France, England, NATO, jihadis and taqfiris that destroyed Libya and Gaddafi. And THAT caused the massive immigration we see now. The same is the case in Syria. After Libya was destroyed, Bel Hajj made his way, along with other terrorists, to Syria–AS PLANNED BY THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    And the SAME THING was done: the attempt to destroy Syria and unseat Assad. This caused massive deaths and massive immigration. But here Dr. Pieczenik talks about the “barbarians.” LOL!!!! This is, unfortunately, quite temple of Euros.

    Well, what can be done about it? Nothing, I guess. But, I speak the truth. And Dr. Pieczenik KNOWS IT.

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