Oscar Snafu is a Reflection of Hollywood’s Demise!

Oscar Snafu is a Reflection of Hollywood’s Demise!

Sunday Night’s Oscars Snafu Prescient of Hollywood Demise!
If anyone was desperate enough to see three plus hours of an intolerable self-congratulatory paean from one movie star to the other, one could have witnessed the snafu where the elderly Warren Beatty and his cohost Faye Dunaway announced that “La La Land” had won the best picture award for 2016. As it turned out, the true winner was the movie, “Moonlight”.

Does anyone really give a damn?
As a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, I could barely watch “La La Land”. After about twenty minutes of watching this film, I had to turn  it off. It was a complete farce as is anything related to movie making, especially the category of “musical”.
I have always been a fan of the actor, Ryan Gosling. However, in this film he showed how inept he is as both a singer and a dancer. I do not blame him. Not even the talented Justin Timberlake could have saved this banana.

The writer/director of this self-immolation, Damien Chazelle, is none other than the talent behind the highly dramatic jewel of a film, “Whiplash.” If you didn’t see “Whiplash” please check how it shows the agonizing perfection required to become a jazz drummer. By contrast, “LaLa” is coarse imitation of a Roger & Hammerstein product manufactured in a Hollywood system that is dying a quicker death than I anticipated.

Last night’s snafu was a metaphor for the incredible mess that 21st century Hollywood has created for itself. Too many people, especially producers, have descended onto a movie project. In the case of “La La”, we have the following distribution/financing entities: Summit Entertainment; Black Label Media; Impostor Pictures; Gilbert Films; Marc Platt Productions.


That means that financing films has become more complicated and less rewarding both monetarily and in the quality of the end product. In this case, the producers tried to peddle some tired story about how hollywood wannabes get to the big time. Who cares? thats old stuff, last century!

Today, the millennials [as well as millions of other viewers] watched an average of twenty minutes of the Oscar show to assess the spirit and timbre of this particular night. I was anticipating the prerequisite Trump bashing. The incredibly non-talented Oscar host, Jimmy Kimmel, was both crass and disingenuous in his overblown need to reaffirm the evening’s presumed narrative of both diversity and inspiration.

What appeared subsequently was a Madame Tussaud’s reincarnation of the elderly [withered Shirley Maclaine]; the infirmed [Michael J. Fox with Parkinson’s Disease]; and the completely confused [Warren Beatty]. Oscars had turned away from succinct entertainment into a hegira of political correctness and patronizing speeches invoking the sad plight of disenfranchised minorities [Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims].

Needless to say, the foolish diatribes were laced with political bitterness condemning every American action from building the Mexican wall to the apparent absence of a noted Iranian film director, Asghar Farahadi. Instead of coming directly to the states, he wrote a letter condemning the “inhumane law that bans entry of immigrants to the U.S.” [NY Times, 2/27/17].

I would have been far more impressed with this  self-anointed Persian if he condemned the pandemic repressions of both Ayatollah Khomeini, and his not too bright son Ayatollah Khameini. Yet, that takes courage and self-sacrifice; not something that most movie personnel are known for.

It is disconcerting to witness the parade of movie stars who have been pampered with millions of dollars in salaries to make any relevant statements about worldwide poverty and universal inequality.  These professional pretenders have acquired countless numbers of plastic surgeries yet have not realized that they are not the inspirational motivators of anything more than box office receipts. As the internet and its expansive tentacles reach out into the world, Hollywood will mirror the statement that Billy Wilder made famous in his 1950’s movie, “Sunset Boulevard”. In his poison-pen valentine to Hollywood, an aging film star, Norma Desmond, ensnares a young screenwriter in order to resuscitate her career. She kills the writer. She ends her deplorable life in a psychiatric institution for the criminally insane. Its the demise of Hollywood. I say now is a good time to get rid of a system that was built on exploitation, victimization and sick fantasy.

Billy Wilder, a genius, said the following:

“If you’re going to tell the people the truth, be funny or they’ll kill you.”
Words to the wise are sufficient!

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24 thoughts on “Oscar Snafu is a Reflection of Hollywood’s Demise!

  1. Joh

    They are all still free…Pedofiles, Clinton, Obama. Nothing happens. This “Reveolution” has accomplished nothing. Sorry but I see nothing changing…only getting worse. Threats against the POTUS nobody in jail, …public slander nobody sued. Thought the DOJ would do something…….crikets.

    1. Joseph Chiara

      I think we are in a non-shooting (so far) civil war for control of the government bureaucracy and budget. I think there is movement in the right direction due to Trump and those who support him, but like you I am disappointed that so far the Clintons and other official criminal remain without indictment.

      It is going to be a long struggle. Perhaps 2018 will dampen it if the Dems lose badly. But the people directing actions against the Trump reformations are horrid individuals and we see that there is around 50% of the population that is going along with illogical, false, and self-damaging positions and actions. These people have he self awareness of rocks…like Streep and many other Hollywood types, MSM low-intelligence lackeys, and a large portion of the population that has been greatly dumbed down by schools, including some very elite universities. The opposition to Trump are not making arguments they are acting out in hypocritical and ignorant ways their inabilities to seek out and analyze facts. Thought is too hard for them, it gives them a headache. They are lazy and brought up to be dumb and easily manipulated, and have leaders like Jerry Brown who is anti-US citizen. If they had a hint of awareness they could be called hypocrites, but they are clueless.

      1. BillUk

        Jon if Trump goes after them straight away he will be toast he has got to create a power base and find out who he can trust. Then he can go after the obvious criminals.

  2. Petra

    When you do nothing sometimes they destroy themselves… It couldn’t be happening faster than a legal trial… Legal trials take years. They are incredibly boring and highly stressful… We are only a few months out and the whole house of cards if falling… Even on the Never Trumpers… did you see Glen Beck on CNN.. Wow what a sell out, “I’m so frightened that Bannon wants to burn down the system.” You should be Glenn. The Americans believe the President now. Not what the MSM is selling… How are they still in business?
    Wow, how about to the Governors, “I am going to give the power back to the States.” When is the last time that was done, or even said?
    Yes, there is still work to do…. but, no one could destroy them faster then they are destroying themselves.

    1. Joh

      I most certainly hope so. I always respected the FBI, SS, CIA, Congress, POTUS and FLOTUS offices as well as those in these positions regardless of their political views. Now I am rethinking my position for many of these offices. I know President Trump is trying to do the right thing but………….wow these vile people are everywhere. First time in my life I feel the need to be armed. I feel if just a few of these people were arrested publicly things would calm down but nothing is done…….no consequences for their actions enables others to continue. Thank you for the response and allowing me to vent. GB

      1. Petra

        I totally understand frustration. One thing I have learned about Trump is that he is effective. As a builder he knows you have to demolish with a certain sense of wisdom. Things cannot be built or come down all at once. I believe he is doing that. It really is important that the people of America continue to back him up. The enemy within is totally scared of the people. For example Paul Ryan is a pansy. He thinks and is planning to be the next POTUS. They know they would not be there if Americans knew who they really are. Trump is surrounded by enemies within his party and with out. He is co-opting them and getting things done. The voice of the people is actually getting stronger and stronger. The more they attack him the more people’s hearts are turning towards him. The key to his success is the support of the Americans. Truly there needs to be jail time for criminals. American survived many things… We will come out stronger after the Clinton gangster debacle… Trump is all in.

    2. Susan

      The stimulus sent money to some of the media to keep them afloat. In return the media put out the propaganda of the globalists. We the taxpayers footed the bill to be lied to, attacked and to have our country taken down. Trump will never send taxpayer money to the media. I hope they go out of business. Hollywood even got money from Obama.

  3. Ron Sanderson


  4. Chia Cha

    Democratic party need to be gone. Perez under Obama created this part time jobs growth, as way to support unorganised petty bosses, as way to protect organised corporations… AJ is selling powders, but only idiots believe commercials today, so only idiot will buy product from him, and only idiot is working for bosses, but AJ is ultimate idiot who does not understand that his house would triple in value, and his business would be 3 times bigger if idiots who are working for bosses would have norwegian standard and would be able to buy his stuff for idiots. Robert Steele also said he will go Norway when white only barrell-head Bannon destroy Trump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6on3yKqJopg&t=2s

    1. Chia Cha

      Hollywood knows very well who is destroying families, their consumer base and putting drugs on street so Hollwood cannot sell their illusion… Those are small business entrepreneurs and big capitalists. Why would new generation dress smoking or suit today if his job stinks like that fly skeletor – Perez. Minorities are only one who wants to support this system, they know white entrepreneurs are best enemy of white race. They stink same as one Philippines or in India. Just they are better because they are not american supremacists under propaganda. This meat loaf slob lied to Sanders how she cannot afford obamacare her selfe, so she is not hiring more then 49. http://fantasticsamsfranchise.com/fantastic-sams-franchise-review-single-parent-laronda-hunter-launched-four-thriving-salons/

      1. Chia Cha

        Imagine those poor people working for that slob, having to go around for that loaf, even to olds people homes. While octopus is sucking them. 98% people of Gambia are small business entrepreneur. 20% in Norway. All their oil revenue is owned by public and invested in to their public pensions, unlike Sweden where is “collapse” of private pensions after privatization. What capitalist is that kind of idiot to start repaying pensions he collected for 40 years when baby boom generation starts to go in to pension. It is time for his fund to go in to pension. HA HA HA. Idiots. Private is private. It is not yours.

    2. Fivi Zogbi

      Oh, my goodness, Chia. You have such a way with words. You must be such a genius that you’re off the grid. Everyone is an “idiot” so clearly you are supremely, superbly superior. As for AJ – I assume you’re referring to Alex Jones – I marvel at your level of sacrosanct lofty intelligence that you find AJ is an idiot too. My, my, how impressive your eloquence is.

  5. Lenard Halfacre

    Dr.P your are the best IMHO God bless you and yours!!!

  6. Chia Cha

    Sorry 8%, and in Gambia 92%. In Gambia other works as politicians protecting small business, or as those carrying fruits when they fall of head of entrepreneur. Fruits obviously rarely goes down because they are protected by entrepreneurial spirit protected by politicians, meaning us – the people. Little negro running to get cigarettes for Ron Paul’s silver coin is bucolic vision of enforced freedom, same as your white daughter running for next shoot of her hispanic drug dealer.

  7. Lena

    Agony seems to be a little light when describing the movie “Whiplash” but it is everywhere in that most excellent movie.

  8. Chia Cha

    Americans now have choice between hispanic hot dog entereprenurs working every day to destroy your white families and proudly bragging about it, while pretending to be saudi gays empowering only those white females who are not yet divorced, or and even worse, redneck christian retards, eating gum, while openly working to destroy you and everything you have while really honestly wishing your white family well, pretending to know how to ride horses and read bible, even they learn it by rote.

  9. “Sunset Boulevard” and “Patton”
    are Donald Trump’s favorite films.

  10. Furtive

    Shirley MacLaine & Younger brother Warren Beatty are decrepit.

    Both were feted.

    Not a coincidence.

  11. Fivi Zogbi

    Does anyone remember when Oregon Governor Lamm said, in 1984, that the exceedingly ill have a duty to die and not try to prolong their lives artificial means. I believe it was intended as comment on the ways of nature – that new blood replenishes the human species.

    Yet here in Hollywood (which I no longer watch at all for I will not contribute to their repulsive ways) we see people not only defying the natural cycle, but they greedily spend tons of money on plastic surgery to retain a flimsy appearance of youth where inevitably they no longer look human, and even less like their old selves. At the same time they bleat and bleed for the poor as though they care and as though we’re stupid enough to believe them.

    Ironically, one of the worst examples of grotesque ugliness, in the effort to prolong life and youth, we see George Soros whose skin’s many layers of wrinkles are like a fan that can no longer be stretched. I cringe to think I’m of the same species as these examples. When and how will it all end, I wonder?

    1. Chia Cha

      This is gettin racial. Thos people are again white. And someone will have pay for this. Let s ask brow-gray entrepreneur Darrel Issa who is going to pay for this, or we can ask Obama and Perez who will pay for this. Or we can ask Kushner? Or we are going to ask David Duke who is going to pay for this. Because we are not allowed to ask Sanders, therefore I vote we ask David Duke for this. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-28/ny-teamsters-pension-becomes-first-run-out-money-expert-warns-pension-tsunami-coming

  12. Perseus

    Thank you Dear Dr Pieczenik particularly regarding the arrogant and self-anointed Iranian director Asghar Farhadi and his attack on a nonsensical grounds.

    Farhadi is made to be a fake shining star of the Islamist regime because most of the other excellent and world class Iranian directors are either in jail or have been prevented from making films. One notable example is Jafar Panahi who is banned by the Islamist regime for 20 years! There are many other talented directors who are either imprisoned or sent to exile. In such oppressive climate created since 1979 by the Leftist Internationale to make Iran into an Islamo-Marxist hellhole and a pariah state, when Farhadi all of a sudden becomes the selected artistic face of the Islamist republic of fear.

    Farhadi and the two people who (allegedly!) he chose to accept the award on his behalf, never said a word about the criminality of the Islamist regime of Mullahs that have put thousands of Iranian people and religious minorities, gays, Sufis and others to jail and executed since 1979. Every attempt was made to attack President Trump and his wise move to investigate who can come to US and who can not.

    It is not still apparent why Farhadi did not come to the US, but there are rumors that the Obama regime gave $150 Billion locked up (Imperial Iran’s assets Pre-1979 Islamists take over) in US to Islamist Mullahs as well as 2800 Green Cards as part of the deal with Iran and Farhadi was one of the recipients of this card. It seems, President Trump’s action may have been the correct course of action to prevent the many agents and operatives of the Islamic Republic of Mullahs access to US even though many are already residents in the US! Only time will tell.

    I also wanted to thank you for your calming words to us all and everytime I hear your interview, I feel things are not as chaotic as they seem as you explain things in a very logical manner.

  13. GagaLalaWawa

    Seemed kind of ridiculous that the best picture winner, for a self consciously all black production, was an obvious make up call for the supposed slight of blacks last year. I honestly didn’t think they would be that obvious.

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