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21 thoughts on “OPUS 98 FRENCH HYPOCRISY! redux

  1. Chia Cha

    French capitalists tried to sell them self to german capitalits, and they did it. American tried that with chinese capitalists but then came Trump.

    1. Chia Cha

      Operation at Galipoli done by that g@y capitalist agent of influence Churchill, that capitalist butcher of anglo peoples, sadist, without any military knowledge, guy only used for propaganda and influence, to push their capitalist projects… Killer of 200,000 english people in Gallipoli, did not want land operation, he wanted naval only operation as protege of navy, and city of London traders. And he wanted enter Constantinopole before Russians would. We must not forget that operation Galipoli started in 1915. as way to not let Romania to entered on side of Allies, joining Russians, for Russia to help Romania penetrate Austro-Hungarian Transilvania, putting preasure of Central’s power’s Bulgaria to get out of war, side with Russia and attack Constantinopole. Even Russia opposed Romanian entrance, rightly becuse that front just opened their side more, making Romania to fall to Central Powers year later because of delay caused by insistance of French and British to butcher more of their own people.

  2. Chia Cha

    America can put smile back on own faces. Very elegant couple could make america shine again. Pelosi is real lady, she is always very tidy, properly dresses, always proper make up, expresing her self, always, and always in different combination. Also society able to have such senior experienced citizens WORKING is example of society which respect work, merit and individual, and is showcase how individal fight against addictions can be fruitfull, because former addicts are not able to be functional in that age. Those who are not former addicts, but stil are in that age, do not exist, because such are all dead by that age. Respected Mrs. Waters also belongs to category, because lady works, able to do her job, and much better then many many others you never can even hear off. That is showcase of advanced exemplary society, we all must support, and tend to.


    WWI was instigated by the Zionist banking kabal and the U.S. was forced into the war via Zionist control over the degenerate Wilson and so the war to end all wars laid the seed for WWII and more profits for the Zionist banking kabal.

    Kennedy was going to withdraw from Vietnam and was shot before he could do so , read JFK the CIA and Vietnam by L. Fletcher Prouty.

    I have lived in Montana all my life and Jenette Rankin is a hero.

    1. Chia Cha

      “Jew” who is atheist is nothing else then just another dirty arab. As Bible says, atheist is mindless person. There is no any difference between american atheist and and muslim arab also. Friedman & Rothbard are two dirtiest arab muslims allowed by american cultural space to exist. Yes like many atheist “banker zionists”.

      1. Chia Cha

        That is why Stiglitz as Jew (our member) is able to have reason and morality. And be one man team, going against all, as only one supporting reason and humanity while persisting on such high level against all babylonians around him.

  4. Camus

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik,

    “The Foreign Office and French diplomacy had ardently appealed for the United States’ engagement in World War 1. The [American] troops were then joyously celebrated when they finally became a reality in the fall of 1917.

    In July [1918], during Foch’s counteroffensive, they alone held thirty-five kilometers of front.[…] Colonel Stanton’s inspired line: “Lafayette, we are here!”, [at the tomb of Lafayette in the Picpus cemetery]; [the bravura of] the dashing American youths,… [the American troops’ whose weight]… had [been] thrown onto… the scales at the crucial moment of Russia’s defection and the Italian collapse in Caporetto: these elements… [made] 1917… an hour of grace… [and] what seemed… the start of a lasting rapprochement [for French-American relations].

    Yet eighteen months later, relations had plummeted to a rarely attained degree of coldness, while the press of every stripe spouted attacks against the United States and its president… [T]he solidarity of 1917-1918 had no future… Even the memory of it would be spoiled… by the frustration of young veterans who had trouble finding their place in American society… [members of The Lost Generation: –] the preferred [literary] theme… epitomized by F. Scott Fitzgerald.”

    “The American Enemy: The History of French Anti-Americanism,” Philippe Roger, The University of Chicago Press, 2005, pp. 258-259. Originally published as “L’Ennemi Americain: Genealogie de l’antiamericanism francais”, Editions du Seuil, Septembre, 2002.

  5. Chia Cha

    USSR style economy is only possible way out. We need total abolishment of rich people. We need to start becoming richer only as collective. And we must decouple work from wealth. Everyone must have same wealth. Governement will set incentives. Chinese are obviously much more inteligent that these dirty arabs calling them self Jews running us. We now have some dirty arab atheists calling them Jews in panic fighting on Hardward for number of seats between them and chinese, but here in USA not there on their territory. Vox Poupli is right. This is not our order, we are infested with rats. We must start producing defensive blood cells and attack all rich and intelectuals. First we must kill family members of Rothbard, Reagan, Frreadman… And then apply my communist solution??

    1. Jason

      If you kill everyone on Earth, you will be whole. Then as last man on Earth, you can discuss with hungry wolves in winter your ideas on decoupling work from wealth…or survival. Since wolf by definition is capitalist, you can begin killing them too, since they require your labor to keep them at bay. Plants are capitalists too, then you can kill all of them. Then comes the rest of the carnivores after all plants and wolves are killed. Once you kill all the capitalists above ground, you can kill capitalist soil microbial systems, especially earthworms. They are pure capitalists and should be killed too. Last but not least, you will need to kill intestinal microbial life as they are first capitalists to begin eating you upon death. You will become perfect land based apex communist. To finance all of this, might I recommend selling your ideas through children’s books first. The Chinese will back it, no question, and Amazon will distribute. “The Sterilization of Earth” by Chia Cha.

      1. DESERT FOX

        He is insane.

        1. Chia Cha

          Your are insane. How much evidence more you need to see that your are 3-rd world countriy without industry destined for total colapse, papuerization and colonization. You cannot even hold your own borders any more. Chinese have central by government organized payment using mobile phone in every shop, social credit system, they can adopt my solution easitly and win for ever, they have 130M people working in factories, you have 12M, and they copy every innovation they need… Only advantage you had, controling sea routes is broken with chinese controling south china sea now… Now they will be able to start producing own consumer class by getting resources without USD for their 130M factory workers creating consumers out of them. While you will cerate out of your workers GIG slaves, ideologically impossible to become consumers. Becuse you abolished their political power. You are capitalist toaster.

          1. Chia Cha

            Only factory, phisically, as place where workers are able notice their shared destiny is able to produce workers consciesnous as only source of political power needed to make capitalists allow consumer class. Power is power only if it is not given but taken by workers them self, any other power, for instance one which is not taken by workers, but it is given power by capitalist state, is not power at all, therefore unable to create consumer class. You will not get consumer class ever back, but you will not get even one factory back ever. That is totaly impossible, you are zombies without any mechanisms for self preservations, talking how your system is greatest and you just have to belive in it more.

          2. Jason

            China will always be five kingdoms. Their strength is not warfare, and in warfare, they are susceptible to their own artistry. Warlords and would be emperors have struggled to tame the natural energies of their youth for thousands of years. They have learned nothing and do not accentuate their best and brightest enough to quell inevitable unrest. Mexico is cheaper labor, and my money is on the demographics of India. You are correct. I am supposed to believe that China wants to empower 130 million Chinese factory workers into middle class consumers without them yearning with western capitalist visions of their own future beyond central planning. I don’t buy it, and I am not sure you do either. The key to running massive RICO/counter-intelligence/sting operations is to sell what is obsolete and already neutralized technology for profit now, with more profit later. I am still happy go lucky so far. In God I trust. One more thing. Am I also supposed to believe that China rolls out a stealth fighter and an aircraft carrier and some hypersonic missiles and we are neutralized with no counter-measures? I doubt that. You put some average guy like me at the center of the web and I would be conning the whole world to maintain every advantage possible. People would be penetrating bubbles, nothing more. Traitors would vanish. I am sure our bright boys deep in the web know how to really play some games. You would be less stressed if you weren’t trying to sell your idea for profit. I understand. Capitalism can be scary. Good luck.

          3. Chia Cha

            No no it is impossible for you to survive. In your innovative concept model I am sure you have beating innovations in drawers, but who will have them, Chinese will before you. Mathematics is simple. In warfare to win war new weapon if it is going to be introduced to win it must be introduced in highest possible number, otherwise cumullatevily it is just drag on existing ability to produce older weapons. So, if you start employing that new weapon, time to produce and deploy that weapon will be bigger then for chinese to copy that weapon and employ it (because they have more of production capacity therefore their time of demployment is much lower. It is impossible. Plust you capitalist mode of counting class positons makes you not to employ new innovation in full, because it is more profitable to keep production of old stuff longer. Also about consumer class, chinese one party commuist state is now with this technical ability able to impose central control over economy able to accomodate to share political power with future consumer class, because they are controled. American capitalist state is unable to do that because techincally for them that is impossible, ideologically such level control is impossible, therefore americans will have to be controled by not giving them enough of produced goods. Even under price of having all factories in china as reasurance consumer class will never emerge on US territory. It is impossible for you to exist more then 5 years more.

          4. Chia Cha

            I mean my solution can ba applied to be used by your capitalist class also, but I think economic fascism is too strong now as your ideology (denial of supply goods to people, using austeriy and scarcity and low wages) that I think it is really over. Beside I do not have any economy incentive to invest my even more scarce resources so that some guy with money do cherry picking without even giving me some little badge, as showcase to all others who think they have any some other smart idea, where they belong, to 99%. Imagine if I would have to work in this system where some enterprenour would tell me what to do because I do not have money and he does. I am lucky I do not have to work. USA would be two times more stupid.

  6. Jean-Maxime Corneille


  7. Jean-Maxime Corneille

    [part 1] Doc, once again you mastering regarding France is questionnable : Macron is nothing but an anti-France traitor, it is a very good thing to see Trump treating him as MAcron deserves.
    BUT the US loved MAcron regarding economic warfare (he gave you Alstom, remember?) Since the FAlklands war the GB/US wanted to push us out of the world weapons market, because we once had all the stategic leverages… and said later no to irak war 2003.
    Rectification :
    -WW1 was initiated by the GB against De, GB acted on serbian nationalism and crafter the Belgium alliance as a trap against Germany. France was only obedient to GB after 1815.
    -Treaty of Versailles : imposed by GB/US banksters.
    -1923 west Rhine [Ruhr/Rhénanie] occupied? Pushed by GB to kneel De, while GB pretended officially to be De’s ally defending De against Fr’s voracity. Typically british, you should know that judging by what u usually say about GB.
    -many things to say about Churchill, who sacrified British Empire to “globalists” (to remain PC)…
    -honour to your father under french flag. But you fully ignore how French real high capitalistic and Intelligence networks sabotaged our army in parallel with the reds (multiple sabotages in french armaments plants), to avoid a long war against nationalist De, BECAUSE OTHERWISE the WHOLE Europe would have been red. BUT they thought have to deal with germans, not nazis financed by Wall Street/the City.

  8. Jean-Maxime Corneille

    [part 2]
    AND DO YO KNOW WHAT? the US business networks did the same, while wall street nurtured the bolcheviks from day one.
    -Our Maréchal Foch was the générallissime of the WW*1* not WW*2*. He is the father of the art of managing bigs operation, Toukhatchevski/Joukov studied him. Pity from you to make such a confusion. What did the US knew about modern war at that era?
    -Maybe you should forget the basic hate jewish Polish jewish people felt about France, as the FRENCH jews gave them to the nazis, therefore 95% of French jews were safe at the end of WW2. But when you had polish jews who were throwing bombs, after what 50 innocents French were picked by the germans and shot, what would have you done, as an anti-terror expert?
    -What do you really know about the beginning of indochina/Vietnam French War? YOUR US patriots knew Wall Street nurtured the reds to provide weapons to red asia. Where were the traitors? We had the same who led to Dien Bien Phu. The vietnamese DID NOT WANT to become red. BUT the fact is true, that we had many colonialists IDIOTS, but who KILLED the clever frenchmen (Leclerc)? The brits, for others reasons.

  9. Jean-Maxime Corneille


  10. Jean-Maxime Corneille

    [part 3]
    -It was a polite reason that was given you by the vietnamese, we know the US never killed civilians in Vietnam, sure…

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