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12 thoughts on “OPUS 97 SHOCKER! Election Fraud in Florida!!!


    The basic problem is the Zionist control of the U.S. government which is for open borders and illegal unlimited immigration as a stepping stone to the destruction of America and the entrapment of America into a zionst NWO.

    1. Chia Cha

      Without having armed workers start froming their militias and illegal labour unions, and killing rich people, here and there for fun, nothing can be done. Problem is few blocks away from you, there were rich are living. And they are not zionists, they are babylonians. Antifa as David Frum is saying are just police informants. No wonder they are police informants because they all are for open border. Plus antia are not wearing any guns. When Clinton started closing factories in 1990es workers had to protect factories with guns from rich. Now it is too late, now their kids are on drugs.

      1. DESERT FOX

        Read The Protocols of Zion, and you will get the answers to what the hell is going on in America.

        1. Chia Cha

          I read it, and this is part of that protocol.

    2. Chia Cha

      But do not worry, it is very good that always those who follow babylonian model gets destroyed by God first. When british started with new industrialization, India became colony and Inda started deindustrialization moving in to service sector (as butlers to english). Now India and China are getting new industralization and Europe and USA are becoming colonies and are deindustralized and moving in to service sector. Already top 1% in India and China have same wealth like top 1% in US. Even US and Europe are doing everything they can to fill own 1% with money of own poor people. Russia, US and Europe are capitalist history because of rigid capitalist model where supply goods are not allowed to be produced, because then workeres would not be so depserate of do job which already had to be robotized as dangeorus way of creating free people. For instance Paul Mason said that in england automated car washing stations are becoming thing of history, because it is cheaper to employ people working there now. They want you stupid and poor, doing stupid jobs so you do not compete with them so they can work less. They biggest worry was strong labour unions and EPA making workers too rich. Then they employed Chicago free market school and deregulation as finaly nail in to US republic.

      1. Chia Cha

        Biggest mistake was not to remove Obama in 2013. Now it is too late. West is too old, Trump measures are too late, substance is lost biologically. Every year afte 2013 till 2016 lost us 100 years of possibility to if ever catch ever again economically others, of course after we reach ultimate bottom and stonge age compared to India, China and Muslimania… Those 3 years gave so much power to Obama and Alex Jones and their Mises economic propaganda and solutions that now there are no more economic substance to do anything. Protenstatism destroyed west. Alex Jones and Obama were not removed on time. When Benghazi happened, that was chance to remove Obama and ban Alex Jones.

        1. Chia Cha

          On youtube, they are recomending me all the time videos attacking free stuff and Ocasio Cortez, promoting free markets and anti-soci@list CIA trolls, even I am non stop pressing that I do not want to get reccomendations from those specific channels ever again, they always pops up again. Prager, mises, gold bugs, capitalist market “experts”… West (and Russia also) so perfectly conserved it s own path to total destruction that only what you can do is to start supporting rich and help them reach all goals they are promoting for chinese army to liberate us sooner then later. Heck even Bannon wants free markets. I feel most sorry for all those experts, intelecuals thinking they can with some reason explain to rich how it would be better that they get rich, even more but by using some other way. We can say that those intelectuals are con artists so people listening then start believing that there is someone smarter who is doing something about stuff he talks, for them. Even that is 100% not true, as they do nothing, because they just talk.

  2. Jason

    Agenda 21 and agenda 2030. The strategy against mankind begins there. Alex Jones has been explaining this for years. Watch the latest Judge Dredd movie (the one without Stallone). That is agenda 2030 from perspective of common citizen. People need to wake up. The future is now. Are we to be controlled by a breed of man that cannot even control themselves? All must cross the river Styx eventually. Where will pride reside then?

    1. Chia Cha

      There are no any plans, not even poor Soros cannot understand that there are no any plan. Plan means you have some agreement, and any agreement means reduction of markets, and resemble planned economy. Those plans are just scare propganda for americans to hate planned economy, and for them to hope that there is even some plan. No, there are no agreement, nor any plan. Only agreement is total individualism carried by self carring ideology Chicago Mises school of economics, called More money, more slaves. And now it goes automatically. Deregulation, implosion, austarity, invasiaon, machette genocide. Therei is no planning of any kind. Soros has been conned also. There will be no Marshall plan :D. I mean look your self, for you it is also impossible to conficate land of some alcoholic leech who does not even know where his land lot is. Soros is lucky because his life extensions he is on now, will not be able to give him that much because he hopes to much. Unliike Larouche have best paid externsions I ever saw. As you see down there, prehistoric con news from 2016 now abondened, and switched for “plan” for africa. They are just talking about plans. No factories no planning.

      1. Jason

        Everyone has a plan until they have been hit. It is obvious who has been hit by that which they did not see. Thus, their plans are now a liability, as the show must go on. When piranha stop colluding together in the absence of prey, they turn cannibal. That is current plan.

        1. Chia Cha

          Well I agree, when ever you plan something that means your enemy knows for those plans. For instance few days ago elite soldiers in german army planned to kill all german politcians in one day. As they believed that collapse of state is imminent. I mean obviously they were not that stupid to not see that. Problem is that they used that plan in semi fear, to gain more people in, to disperse resposibility and develop democratic discourse. WRONG, you must be bold, plan must be known only by leader, and he must collect ideologically ready coconspirators by coordinating them as test without them knowing plan. Especially because in market economies if such plans are busted cospirators are never punished too much so why not be bold. In communism if you say something politicaly wrong you get bullett, but you can talk about crimes in economy whole day. In capitalism it is reverse. Try step on someones investment you get bullett right away, while you can plan in politics what ever you like, no one cares. Of course as long as cospirators are not communsits preparing to overthrow rich. Seems those german sodliers were just good boys preparing more freedoms for german corporations by giving little upgraded ideology, again. Just our good boys.

  3. Canus

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik,

    “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”
    MIT Prof. Hans-Lucas Teuber

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