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12 thoughts on “OPUS 95 RAW- Dueling Founding Fathers!

  1. Chia Cha

    Well that was age when politics mattered, therefore that was before Rotschild created capitalist class (in co-dependance with bureaucratic caste) which would buy off any elections. Abolishing importance of politics. Capitalism cannot exist if capitalits cannot buy elections, and it cannot exist without factories and working class. With removal of factories and with abolishment of working class, we see that politics matters once again. That is evidence that capitalists lost their class position. HA HA HA.

  2. Chia Cha

    Capitalism and innovative concept is totally against innovation. There is no any incentive in capitalism innovative model for new medication to be ever produced, as long as there is old medication available which can be sold super expensive.

    1. Chia Cha

      Number of euro americans are falling not in relative terms, but in absolute terms, factories are banned, infrasturcture building is banned, life expectany is falling, number of kids is decimated… Well folks that is nothing else then capitalist genocide. And now those old white people will be genocided by newcomers because new people will not want to care for others peoples old, capitalists fiexed problem of social security. Euthanization will be voted in by new immigratns using liberal-capitalist democrats. Reagan economy won. Wait for capitalists to increase bills you must pay. And machine just started. After this election vampire ball is starting full. They will kill you will austerity Mitch McConnell (republicans) or with immigration with Cory Booker (democrat aztecuslims).

    2. Chia Cha

      When there are no government companies producing medicine then private companies do not have any incentives so start producing better medicine. And not even government company producing medicine can push private companies to put new better medicine on market if state controling that government company is capitalist state, meaning state where you have prive sector bigger then 20% of overall economy.

  3. Chia Cha

    Pelosi will now say to Ocasio, good, good my child, now come to me my child, see, dear, we are capitalsits and we must respect will of our people. You know people, people think they will be happy if they have more money, but that is wrong, people wants more mexican crimianls, and cheap labour on gig contracts. Therefore it is best that we put emphasis on your proposal of ending ICE, so one day in shiney capitalist future we can finally fill peoples pocket with money after we fill country with more of beautiful brown skinned people. You know problem is not money, problem are white working people. That is biggest problem. And you could get new brown teeths.

  4. Chia Cha

    Goal is total centralization of power and wealth. Everything else will die off, for them right now only problem is how to kill off finaly everything between two oceans. Europe also. And in those few center pockets have robots and techonologists on gig contracts. We are just weeds to them sprayed to be sprayed with monsanto. India and muslims will survive as they will continue breeding. They already are surviving.

    1. Chia Cha

      The more we work, move, shake, trying to fix things, only our transfer of energy toward them, for cage to be more stiff will be. It is impossible to run away. Only if you like living in Mumbai or Cairo. That is only place where there is no smell of death right now. Number of available goods per head in this innovative/enterprenour (many little economical subjects) model of economy followed now (together with number of actually deployed innovations), constantly will fall, making center of capitalist exploatation in relative terms stronger and richer, making process of centralization and control stronger and stronger. They have all numbers and statistics they need for us to not rebel (food stamps). Only good news is that Russia and Putin will lose it first as they are most capitalist (poorest) now, because they are most innovative (most new weapons invented unable to be mass produced) = collapsed birth rates. They will cease to exist for daring to go this path, first. As warning for those who will remain.

  5. Chia Cha

    Blatant coup d’etat. As I said, they will never allow, UNDER ANY, ANY, ANY possible price ANYONE to meddle in to their ability to lower market price of workers, on markets they own. Not just under price of civil war, but under price of nuclear world war. Slaves must be in highest possible number and cheap as possible. Everything else is anti-ideological lunacy. They invested in cold war, and no one will stop them now to take what is their.

  6. Camus

    Our generation has more ingenuity,
    It haunts not castle towers, it haunts industry.

    Voskovec Werich, Rub a Lic, 1936
    Czech satirical song

    Our generation has progressed immeasurably,
    It haunts not fields with dueling pistols,
    It haunts the election operations of modern civilizations
    With futuristic electromagnetic signalling technology.

    “Z”, 2018
    Post-Czech satirical song

  7. Chia Cha

    Trump as constitutional military leader must be ready to arrest military judges refusing to arrest those officers who would dare to not obey orders given to them by president. And even prepare FBI and state police forces to arrest such officers as russian capitalist agents if chain of command is not functional (army is disfunctional i.e. in service of capitalist election donors like Soros, Koch and other mexican capitalsits). Who knows maybe federal army in california and texas is already now in command of mexican capitalists like Soros and Koch brothers.

    1. Chia Cha

      Like in every totalitarian society model must replicate it self on every aspect of society. And models is always being able to care about less and less people. Like now, as they now care only about minorities. Capitalism is only system where number of slaves is larger then 50% in any given moment. It is now on 80%. Goal is to reach 90%.

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