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12 thoughts on “OPUS 87 Raw Word to the Wise on Saudi Situ

  1. Chia Cha

    I never thought such avalanche of happening were possible after “End of History” and victory of technocrat liberal-democratic order.

    1. Chia Cha

      Western capitalists are destroying those who they can. And those are only us on west. All those others do not want to be destroyed by them so western capitalsits are angry. Because of such situation EU NAZIS think that we should work more and get even more of austerity measures so we can press those on east even more while we should be decimated even more. Well only Trump and Salvini are resistance to globalist EU NAZIS. Salvini is full resistance to EU because he entered alliance with real anti-globalist soci@lists, while Trump if he wants to avoid civil war cannot. Italy is size of California and Texas so EU will break their back there. Low minimum wage laws are legalized genocide.

      1. Chia Cha

        Americans must understand that hot 3rd world war between US and city of London against Moscow and Peking started in 1991. War on balkans was first such, then Iraq, then Chechnia, then Afghanistan, then Libya, then Syria, then Yemen. And Salvini is only our hope to win. Because with capitalism we will lose badly. Those capitalist low minumum wage traitors will destroy our relationship with our muslim allies by importing muslims. Never import your friends if you want to stay friend with them. Capitalists will destroy everything. And if those low miumum wage capitalsits continue with this imbecile austerity private property policies then many many nations between will have to deeply recalucate their allies. Italy is already doing that. Greece is on verge. Turkey did it. Saudi Arabia will be another our ally which is going to be destroyed by western capitalists (female rights) and privatization of state owned Saudi Economy. Saudis will not be able to sustain that. Western capitalists already destroyed Kosovo and Albanian muslims by allowing their females to be soldiers (such females will not ever come close kichen), same will happen to Kurd YPG because there females are also soldiers. After you give rights to females you can forget to exist for one generation more as political fact. Now foreigners down in comments are all congratulating Serbs (Russian and Chinese allies) for removing Kebab. American policies are chaos. City of London was wise to retreat from Europe and Middle East on time, but they live in illuzion that they can continue with capitalism (austeirty and low wages) at home.

  2. Chia Cha

    Only thing I see as something which would change trajectory is total destruction of global free trade with Trump tarrifs. That would make our western working class phisically closer to produced phisical goods which are only thing determening class position. Therefore militarily our hands would be closer to means of class differentiation used by legalized redistirbutitive monopoly rights of capitalist class. In combination with breakdown of 2008. as grand equalizer something could be changed. In UK prime minister May and conservative party said for 5th time in last 3 years that age of austeriy is history. Something like infrastructure bill and wall in US. Our only hope is finaly nail in to middle class, so 80% will be one low class, able to form some political power and block, for 2 years (before they become medical addicts and become usless for mutiny and revolution in style of OWS and Fergusson). But capitalists are too smart so they will never allow that to grow too soon. Tarpley said that Obama will cut you with 1000 cuts. Imagine working for CIA protecting rich against working class among your own people. No wonder CIA like all those organizations are crumb eating organization. When something is eating crumbs then such entities cannot be idealistic and are more servile to crumb givers. The less you give them the better they are.

  3. Tina Gregoire

    Why are we talking about Saudis when we should be doing something to stop 5G? Please watch. Get mad. Contact everyone you can think of from the President on down.

    Dr. Pieczenik, you have time to make videos. Maybe you have time to help us fight 5G Wifi. If you are in some venture that encourages 5G, just #walkaway. I guess we’ll all have to move to Israel to get away from it. Please help us Plebs.

  4. Chia Cha

    Merkel, Afd (which said to Bannon to FO), Kurtz, Orban… They all are german capitalist puppies installed by BND, Putin and Soros. Untimatelly by KGB. What Kurz is doing, he now will give Austrian citizenship to 100,000 Austrians (Germans) living in Italian southern Tirol. Salvini went crazy, but Kurtz rightly said to Salvini that Italians gave passports to all all Italians living in Croatia. HA HA HA. I think that next move by KGB should be that German/Austrian/Luxembourg/Beligan/French/Swiss/Liechenstain/Dannish passport be given by AfD to every american able to prove that he had one german (speaking or feeling) grandma or granpa. Something like 100M americans, and Salvini he can give to his 50M Italians americnas, passport. And they both should give bank account where american/italian american/german working class would be able to hide their income from IRS, just how rich americans are doing every day. That is freedom to do what rich and capitalists are allowed then. We need more equality. Of course if you are citizenship you get automotically free healthcare in Italy and Germany.

  5. Jason

    …and the beat goes on. More evidence that we are all just lab rats, a vessel for bankers to wash their money through, and run their experiments through their mobile corporate fascist circus. As the games play out, the air, water and earth become more toxic to the whole. The little grey aliens you find hiding under your bed are perhaps our future selves, their exterior the mirror image of our current interior, just waiting to emerge. As long as we remain in the worship of personalities, monarchies, and statism, we will all remain equal in our servitude towards self destruction. Live in the past, die in the past. For those seeking equality under the law, good luck. Holistic healers die everyday. Holistic murderers and profiteers live long and prosper. Man kind appears to have a yellow streak a mile wide, with eyes shut, and ears covered when the truth begins to hurt. We will reap what we have sewn. All men are created equal? Not even close. Let’s not forget who really had Jesus crucified, and for what reasons. I will believe in justice again when the children who have been victims of the cabal rise from the dead, and eat men like the pope long and slow while he breathes and bleeds his last drop of blood on the gorgeous marble of the Vatican. It would be a start. It would be even better to then bring him back to life to have him eaten again. Over and over until his spirit choses complete, total, absolute oblivion. And then kill him again. Have a nice day and be grateful to God for your blessings. And remember, any game that gets played too long, is no longer the same game anymore. Without absolute truth, we remain the lovable, expendable pawns of self destruction.

    1. Chia Cha

      You should write your own book. You write much better then Emanuel Kant and all those pagans I never red, which are very popular because they were needed for plutocrats to finally become capitalists (plutocrats + bureaucrats unopossed by clergy and aristocracy). We need some new idology. I would be able to accept some form of agreed capitalism where there are more crumbs for working class if working class would agree to abolish bureaucratic caste for capitalists to rule totally unopossed. Only problem of capitalism is that time needed to for capital to be formed to create competition. I solved that.

      1. Jason

        You have keen eye. The word Pagan is derived from my paternal bloodline. A word born of projection from those who were the real pagans, hypocrites to their public stage performances as judges, priests, popes and emperors. All the world’s monsters that have ever walked on two feet are here now, in one form or another. Karmic resonance draws them to the moment of truth. The Roman Colleseum meets Circus Maximus presented in 4K on your 80″ TV. Fear to apathy. Apathy to despair. Despair to silence?You are correct about ideology. Our language and imagination are profound limitations to our ability to evolve as a civilization and explore more expansive geometries of space. We are becoming binary zombies, filled with back doors, faulty code, and easily hacked, just like our digital mousetraps and tracking devices we worship as the great escape from our fear, apathy, despair, and eventual silence. The Quickening is upon us. I hope that your solution is actually a righteous solution. We shall learn soon enough I suppose. What is the orientation of your grain of sand as opposed to the z-pinch of the hourglass?

      2. Jason

        Perhaps new ideology would be a faith based on the US Constitution as it’s Bible or Koran. The forefathers being of America being presented as prophets of America. The Constitution would then be reinvented religion, each man woman and child the holographic representation of the body politic. It is perfect closed loop system that merges Christianity with Constitution as all oaths are to the Republic and the Constitution already. Natural law merges with God’s law. Protection of all amendments is then embedded back into the first amendment. The first amendment would then be squared.

        1. Chia Cha

          Yes I could add that, but not directly, therefore I would finance such author which would leave that for subject to “get it”. Something how intelectuals got that Kant is cool. I will think how to embbed it.

  6. Chia Cha

    Look that picture. HA HA HA. Capitalist feminist equality means that always smaller minority must have exponentionaly bigger rights (material resources) then any group which is bigger. Females are very big group, therefore in capitalism they will never be able to fulfill own material rights, not even on expense of guys. Au contraire. Look at that smile on podium. Everything goes that soon only rich guys with bigger inheritance will be allowed to win meddals in sports, after too many guys starts competing in female sports. I had to be boxer. People do not understand how capitalism work, there always must be majority which must suffer, for value system to be accepted. For instance if everyone would have same nice house then someone owning 5 houses would be pure drag, but if 50% lives in stables then that one owning 5 is value, force, capital.

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