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4 thoughts on “OPUS 84 Epic Egos RAW

  1. Chia Cha

    Dr. P. is engineer of combinatorics in finding patterns by discovering similarities. Someone should discover how is that if two smart parents have kid, that kid can be smarter then each of them. But when two imbeciles have kid, kid cannot be smarter then smarter parent. This is strange becuase, by law of decay and stupidy as two ulitmate laws of this world, case number one should not exist, because even in case no1 always one parent is more stupid then other, even both are above average therefrore stupidity of more stupid parent should drag down kid toward average of both. Size also matter and is not relative and have inflexion point, for instance Jupiter is failed sun, failed because Jupiter was unable to become big enough as only needed way to become sun. Therefore we can say that relativity is not aplicable in nature (genes). Only in sociology.

    1. Chia Cha

      Very good move by US army and now we can say serious Trump. Seems that US does not want to repeat mistakes of Roman Empire. 1. Barbarians and foreigners in army. 2. Army on limes, on border in colonies not in depth of interior (core). I recomend to Trump to build wall, and move army more in to depth to hunt MS-13 and gang members (for instance all those who does not like Kanye but J-Z) and wall use as way to be able to hunt them while they are trying to reach Mexico. Some are saying that Chinese used wall not to protect them from hordes attacking, but to hunt hordes while they were trying to run back with pillaged goods. Police and military members should get direct % from conficated property of drug dealers they hunt.

  2. I feel like this channel is much better than fake News. They have the whole story backwards.

  3. Chia Cha

    New Trump ambassador here is doing great job. He is real estate guy. In Europe, especially eastern, only accepted businesses are those connected with politics. Obama was, we can hope, last american ideolouge not understanding that there cannot be one global unified way to make deals. Simply because deals looks differently from culture to culture. People around world were afraid of deals done by Obama because it was obvious that those deals were not working, not even for americans. People can undnerstand one sided deals, ok, they can accept even that, but not deals where no one wins. That does not have any foundation in any tradition, anywhere. People do not like to do things they cannot rationalize, they get secared.

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