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13 thoughts on “OPUS 153! Prez Xi Learn UR History if u Wanna Rule!

  1. Chia Cha

    Let s meet HQ for defending Judeo-Christian west.

  2. Chia Cha

    This coup is crueller than I thought. Hunta, holding Pelosi there to hold that hammer is human rights abuse. She should be replaced by Maxine and Democrats should get more seats in Congress.

  3. Chia Cha

    Without Russia financially destroying the Nazi economy in WW2 in the battle of Stalingrad, Washington would have been nuked with V2 without any problem. Whenever you have competition among corporations you must have them separate (private). And you must pay them in money they would accept. Hitler had to pay in gold own corporations for Stalingrad because private german nazi corporations would have not accepted German marks after German marks were not backed by gold after bankruptcy in Stalingrad. Stalin did not have to pay anything because there was only one corporation in USSR – Gulag. How much gold German people had to pay to German capitalists for the defence of Berlin. It is lying that all wars are bankers wars, not true, in USSR there were no private banks. Having rich people can be very expensive.

    1. Chia Cha

      West is in the horrible ideological trap thinking that Asian societies will accept deindustrialization and accept to enter slavery like we had (society without wealth multipliers (factories) are slave societies). Western bankers agreed to reduce the life span of westerners, infrastructure, job security, salaries on the expense of people who do not work (live of trade, rents and inheritance). That could have passed had rich were united all over the world, without one of them starting to spread wealth using factories (like China did). China is cheaters. Banon said that China is cheating because it is producing too much wealth for people in factories. And he is right. Trump needs to tell to Lockheed Martin that he wants F35 to be built for free. And that they must be of higher quality. So lets see.

      1. Chia Cha

        As long as there are peace and understanding between the rich of the world (countries they rule) and free trade among them, international law respected. It is worse for us. I mean you saw how that deindustrialized village in Italy looks like where Bannon will start. Not even Syria now looks like that, dental standards in combination with real capitalism are the face of the capitalist progress (system were richer are allowed to exist). People in Syria even today do not have such dental standard. Christians are bad traders because our religion is not allowing us to lie. Today only a few tourist villages and cities with financial centres can look attractive on the west. Therefore only Soviet model of equality is a path forward. Problem is I think that West will decay even more just to show deindustrialization is the only path forward. Hoping others will follow that genius path. They are holding Germany industrialized just so they can put pressure on others to stop producing wealth (for the rise of salaries is inflation going against their issued debts).

  4. Chia Cha

    Nazis also thought they had a perfect economy, fascist also, liberal capitalists also… The more our towns will look like s@it, the more, few of those hoods will look better and better. They would have to soon start selling us tickets to walk down the street there so we can rest our eyes from decay they are producing. There are also a few villages in Switzerland. Several gated hoods on SW. Something around Aspen. For system, those are Potemkin villages, costs existing by the system for all of us to be sure in every aspect that being rich is better from every angle then not being rich. And the majority, when they see this, the majority will want to become rich them self therefore, our towns looking like s@it is an unstoppable process.

    1. Chia Cha

      And under Obama and Biden, those castles in the video below grew 10 times. I mean if every idiot wants to have own theatre in his castle, you cannot have G5 standardized. Every corporation (rich) wants own network. So what is Russia starts sending to China raw materials not named in dollars to grow own middle class? How will the UK and France look at Germany as the only country able to defend Europe against Russia, getting a key new role in Europe? Only Russia has enough resources today, so will those castles have enough for heating tomorrow.

  5. Chia Cha

    I do not see any possibility for the US to remain the leader in Europe unless South Korea is made out of Poland. Therefore free-market liberal capitalism must end in eastern Europe, and right-wing presidential autocracy is must like in 1980es in the Republic of Korea. I mean US can try something else but then Biden son is the best shoot the US would be able to have in the fight against China. German capitalists and Merkel are going to be delighted to remove own factories to Poland, that is the ultimate dream of all capitalists, even German one.

  6. Chia Cha

    Minute 33, Soci@list China offered Mexico their soci@list broadband, micro-financing, Alibaba, Baidu… And told them let as allow us to make you rich like we are. Of course, Huawei is building broadband in Mexico and Brazil now. I think this is game over. Poor capitalists all over the world are bowing to 200M Chinese working in factories. If the Chinese adopt my consumer solution, and I do not see anyone calling me to adopt my solution it will be Oh, my-my. Huawei is already bombarding with commercials every user using their mobile phone. And my mother switched from her old iPhone to Huawei, even Huawei is worse, but the price was so much lower and quality better than Samsung that really there is no contest. F@gs (Tim Coock) and private nazi economics is the best way to lose all taxpayers money and war.

    1. Chia Cha

      If this continues for more than 2 months, and people with missing back side of the skull like Biden (Biden looks like regular Bosnian missing back side of the skull) are still outside of prison, Italy and Eastern Europe will be able only to turn to China for military protection against islamo-pan germanic Chicago school gangsta nazi austerity low wage, free-market capitalists playing yo-yo with Russian KGB liberal capitalist oligarchy. Liberal free market capitalism is the total negation of even Adam Smith. China is now like Union and USA is now confederacy if we look at the number of people working in factories. Only future I see is to become a cheap workforce for Chinese factories opened in my country. Workers in China already are earning 4$ per hour, while in the US you get 7 but for some s@it gig job while expenses are 5 times bigger. People stop illusions, all that you see is from the cold war. That all is history. All new what is built is of those who are sucking dry those left around and collecting it in few gated hoods . After Rome fell and factories were closed in 476 AD, Rome went from 1,8 M people to 20,000. All cities were wiped out, same is today happening. Without factories, a population must fall 20 times. Factories are their biggest enemies because factories are spreading the wealth, reducing their ability to collect the relative wealth faster by making workers cheaper… Look any archaeological shreds of evidence.

      1. Chia Cha

        Biden probably had syphilis, or his genetics is shaped by Bosnian endemic syphilis which made Bosnian people (especially from central Muslim Bosnia) to not have back of the head and flat intergenerationally. Making Biden’s mental capacity limited. This is not funny people. We all are in big trouble. Even this moron from Heritage Foundation is talking against right-wingers from central Europe turning to China against Bruxelles as that is something insane and it is because of right-wingers. Such level of ignorance is only possible in the minds of people who totally lost any connection with reality.

  7. Chia Cha

    Hyperinflation is best what can happen, I remember hyperinflation in 1988 here. Yes, money was worthless, but the economy was growing and salaries compared to hard currencies also because there was always enough money circulating. Economy grew. Private debts were also wiped out. You buy a car, next month rate is lower. Of course, getting in debt in forign currency, gold or anything else was illegal. Therefore it was able to function. And do not worry about car producer, he pays workers also in worthless money. Only who suffer are banker scum.

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