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14 thoughts on “Opus 150 You’re Fired! Bolton and Pompeo!

  1. Chia Cha

    There are today only two western countries on world where worker on workers salary can after he get job next day enter bank and go buy home (if he have 10%-15% of deposit). Those are Norway and Denmark. If you are citizen, you can do that in Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, there even without deposit. Therefore we see that we are not allowed to have what our trading mid eastern overlords are allowed to. Here we will change of constitution to ban government from trying to push us to work until 67 years. We will have constitutional referendum to change constitution. Something impossible in capitalist democracies where laws are decided by private (therefore capitalist) media. People are fed off. We must try to rise minimum salary also by constitution that only way how to ban capitalist vampirisim and capitalist political parties from destroying us in totality. It is very hard with economically uneducated people. Even Church is supporiting changing of constitution.

    1. Chia Cha

      There is nothing worse then to be average guy living average life in capitalist western country. Working, and serving richer around you. Being full of hubris you will get chance even it is obvious your inheritance is not very big therefore you really od not have chance. Even worse is trying to change that fact that your inheritance is weak, by working. Imagine spending your self to try earn something, even by working it is impossible to earn on market anything, work is just trasfer of work for money, therefore there is no profit there. Rich even made it to be able to walk down the streets in capitalist countries without even getting hunted and killed. Our communist secret services had files about every person, had his family owned private business before revolution, was he a class enemy, does he understands greatnest on incoming shiney future. And it was better. Will that ever come back in my life? What is point of having anything if there is always someone with more who worked less for it, and he got it before you in his life. Capitalism is hell on earth. And all those idiots without inheritance really do think it will be somehow different for them. US was sending 40B in today’s $ every year to Tito. And all went to people. Of course all that was paid by cheap rent free soviet raw material resources. Soviet rent free economy was ONLY reason why rents on west were able to exist. China is not insane to repeat that soviet mistake. That is why there will be problems.

  2. Judy

    Your description of the war mongers wanting to wage war but not willing to personally participate reminds me of someone: Donald Trump do you really think he can see past his own gutless past:

    1. AL Tru

      ” Great Nations don’t fight endless wars ”
      – Pres Trump State of the Union address 2019

    2. Chia Cha

      Oh well, so you like Joe Biden and Hillary liberal capitalist economic policies then. Trump was in war, all the time, he was collecting datas about rich scum all around world. I think he knows for every pedophile NETWORK around THE WORLD. Do you know how many people he knows. Just here he is personal friend with 10 people. Now imagine whole world.

  3. Jason

    When I think of Venezuela, I think of Bush cabal operations being dismantled via friction. When I think of Iran, I think of bait and switch for eliminating who/what exactly? To work in an administration, I would imagine you have to officially surrender any semblance of privacy, which means there are many many eyes and ears on you without the requirement of a warrant or investigation. Trump has played the part of honey trap quite well so far. When everyone cried that Trump didn’t replace enough Obama holdovers, and when he did, they were Bush style neo-cons, I thought, how nice to continue spying on THEM and their activities by leaving them in to further incriminate themselves while serving in their official capacities. Useful idiots all around. The problem for me is that I can’t help but see RICO written all over this counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-inteligence operation of global proportions since day one. There are some extremely good acting performances going on while others are just lousy at it. Trump pretending to be mad at Sessions was WWE worthy role-playing, but good ole Jeff just glowed like a Christmas tree when in the presence of the president. Too funny. Sessions could barely contain his admiration for Trump. Perhaps the real target of sending ships to the gulf are the avatars of 666. 6 minutes. 6 years. 6 inches. You know who you are. Times up? There is hope.

    1. AL Tru

      ““It’s a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver.”

      information is a weapon.

      1. Jason

        One thing should be obvious by now. The power of narrative control is profound. This new mind web has too much harmonic distortion at higher frequencies to be listenable. In analog, subtle imperfections can add some charm if the volume is low. The current corporate propaganda is bullhorn to the ears and straight noise to a steady kick drum, marching left right left right to empty our pockets and drop our pants. Oh, and don’t forget this new medication to ask your doctor about. The worst thing that could possibly happen now to the MSM is a touch your heart feel good story that might accidentally harmonize millions of hearts in a moment of mutual understanding. The one thing the left have never ever bothered to offer, is forgiveness. There is no room for forgiveness when the religion is fascism. Those who demonstrate resistance can never be forgiven. That is their only point.

        1. Chia Cha

          Bush was too open dangerous german wing NAZI. Anthony Schaffer american wing NAZI (german NAZI’s are saying for american NAZI’s that american NAZI’s are not consistent enough by letting all those minorities live), he said that Iranians are not semitic therefore there can be some agreement with them. Therefore reservations are not for them (something tried in Iraq, Vietnam), especially not genocidal one… On other hand English (Teacher was only against that), wanted for serbs to win, while nazis helped us. Therefore imagine our destiny where we have only friends both US and German NAZIS. In US there is no any oppossition to American nazis. English does not have any influence. Again luckily for us here. Neocons where nothing else then american NAZIS (national-soci@lists) hiding them self behind Slavic Jews wanting to HELP unite Slavs with US. And help Russia to become america on american terms for good of Slavs. All by american NAZIS. American NAZIS are smarter, because they know tolerance is needed and policy. NAZI war model lost, but NAZI economic model won. Their banks. We here poor, can only choose between US-german national-soci@lism and russian international-soci@lism (communism). Imagine that luck. For us is better this first.

        2. Chia Cha

          WW1 created problems in mentality of germans on both side of atlantic. But victorious nazi banking model, same on both side of Atlantic won. And we only can work with NAZIS, even we would also get gassed later. Of course german nazis do not want wall toward russia so they can prepare for war in peace getting resources from Russia first properly. American NAZIS in their tolerant approach are more wise. I mean imagine open german surnames leading neocon invasion on to east. Even Bush was too much. Serbs when they started to go west, attacking, they have put Croats living in serbia to lead “uniting” serbia with croatia, as they were those wanting to help Croats most by uniting them with serbs. Luckily German and American nazi helped us. So how we can forget that. I cannot cooperate even with English, as they wanted both great Serbia and Turkey entering EU (only Teacher was against as more pro-american). New Versailles was their goal. You were right coin is NAZI / ZIO and then you add those who wants to connect their old country with US to go first. As alway, you must always help.

          1. Chia Cha

            ZIO side of coin is only for them to show that they are not NAZIS. LOL

          2. Jason

            Truth is stranger than fiction. It never disappoints.

        3. Chia Cha

          I like when there is no choice. I am now building bonds, and luckily US is glorius country on world, only one where you can protect business model in patent office. But for that name of one american citizen will be needed because I heard that if at least one applicant does not have (US) near name (there can be more of them), patent will be refused. Patent office was nationalistic even under Obama.

  4. Camus

    “Civilization might have been spared much of the damage suffered in the world wars of [the 20th] century if the influence of Clausewitz’s monumental tomes On War, which molded European military thought in the era preceding the First World War,… been blended with and balanced by a knowledge of Sun Tzu’s exposition… `The Art of War’….

    Sun Tzu’s realism and moderation contrasts with Clausewitz’s [German philosophical] tendency to emphasize the logical ideal and `the absolute’, which his disciples caught on to in developing the [modern] theory of `total war’ beyond all bounds of common sense. [The fatal turn can be summed up in Clausewitz’s famous pronouncement] that: `To introduce into the philosophy of war a principle of moderation would be an absurdity — war is an act of violence pushed to its utmost bounds’

    [Later, Clausewitz qualified his youthful absolutist position. He offered as a counter-statement that] `the political object, as the original motive of the war, should be the standard for determining both the aim of the military force and also the amount of effort to be made’. … [H]is eventual conclusion was that to pursue the logical extreme [by means of war] entailed that `the means would lose all relation to the end.’.”

    B.H. Liddell Hart
    SunTzu: The Art of War
    Oxford University Press, 1963. p. v.
    UNESCO Collection of Representative Works – Chinese Series

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