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23 thoughts on “OPUS 148 Dont Mess w/ Trump!

  1. Chia Cha

    One gentleman is saying that B12 (or some other, I am not sure) of Alex Jones, helped his kid who got authism because of vaccination, to recover. Mostily they are targeting male kids. They want to end males. Those are orders from above. Trump, even if he would be fake, he cannnot be fake because someone who says and wants good things all the time he cannot be fake. He is cultural warrior, and that is economy. Societies with unsloved religious question cannot have technological advancments or middle class. States on who’s territory is society without solved religious question militarily cannot exist.

  2. Camus

    “All dhammas are manomaya.”
    “All states of being-existence are mindmade.”

    The Dhammapada

  3. Chia Cha

    There is evolution of God even at Jews. Jews when God was talking to prophets, they thought tree used by God was God. Therefore Jews thought for some time tree was God. On other hand Islam is not evolution, that is degradation, like hinduism, buddhism, paganism… Over there nothing can evolve.

  4. Jason

    Really looking forward to reading Pax Pacifica shortly. Just arrived. The table has been set. The choice is simple for Trump. Raise rates, or raise tariffs. Tariffs it is. Raising rates diminishes the value of every asset priced in dollars, not that our property taxes would reflect that mechanism, but it is true. Since corporations are people too, I wonder how long it will be before they are incarcerated for criminal activity, or have their weapons taken due to psychological deficiencies. Curious how a Constitutional Republic can sanction the birth of “entities” that are not bound by the same Constitution, while utilizing tax payer subsidies both economically and with intellectual property funded by we the people. Plus, we are bound under penalty of incarceration and asset seizure to render taxes unto the central bank to fund the whole cycle. What is wrong with this picture? It is time we started discussing the psychology of these “entities” that exist and are conscious far beyond their human constituency. What exactly have we created? Monster Island? Home to our very own Godzilla? Rodan? Megalon? The Smog Monster (a personal favorite of mine)? Inquiring minds want to know. Private companies my A$$!

    1. Chia Cha

      we need deflation so all those debts skyrocket for west to collect all that money… but only in combination with allowing access to new capital and markets, based on political base, decided by Dr. P, me, you and Trump. State department inteligent service. I think I do not even need this guys. I am central planner. And they are my bit@h@es. You will just need to find me cover company which would say, yes that is our guy. He is great guy.

      1. Jason

        Tariffs export deflation while providing gas pedal to domestic inflation. Interest rates provide a brake pedal to corral domestic inflation. China must devalue their currency even faster to compete, while providing low interest rates and a rising price floor to the USA side of the equation. The USA is poised for price equilibrium while allowing full floatation. China is quite mistaken that metal on metal is even necessary on our end. Investors will be forced to seek gains in domestic startups and corporations that return to the USA as rates will remain low, and tactical, surgical use of H1B visa program will vacuum global brain power. When this is over, east west paradigm will begin to give way to emergent north south paradigm.

        1. Chia Cha

          That is right, east is east, they do not like to be global, they do not prefer this east vs west narrative push by us. They want to be isolated. We must be ready to accomodate and shape future needs of south. Narrative must be our civilization vs our civilization not yet helped by us. South is culturally ours (Judeo-Christian), like north (Nordic, Scandinavia, Arctic, they are seperate civilization but ours). West and north, must help south, south have biggest rise of population. Fight must be cultural and technological against non state factors of south. While East must become unshaped by our interaction. We must give them nothing, not even fight. Chinese foreign policy is south china sea, and only because they have to do it to isolate them self. Chinese wants to be isolated. They can trade, they love to trade, and we can give them that, but only from our new digital Hong Kong were we control all trade routes behind. They are isolated and happy, we are happy. Of course only if they are really good, then they would be allowed to buy one bottle of perfume coming from south. For me it is biblical fornification to have Chinese building railroad in Tanzania if arficans can do it alone, without Chinese. Africans do not like it, chinese do not like it. Construction done on ecological way, of course. And decided by Bolton as head of UNESCO. East was always selling us luxury goods while we were losing gold. Pillage was bigger when we would occpuy them. When Roman Empire took Egypt, Greece, Syria we then even lost Greece as bacon of west. Imagine that. That does not mean, that on Sri Lanka there should not be US military base. I mean that is also south. Beside south can push from below east.

    2. Chia Cha

      to have deflation you need to control consumer prices, you control consumer prices if you have meat in tarrifs … therefore first you need tarrfis

    3. Chia Cha

      I do not even need capital, I just need free stuff other will give… everyone will give you his problems, those are free, please, I will solve all your problems for free, just let me please

      1. Jason

        Before I plan out next week, I have but one question. Is your solution FULLY compatible with the US Constitution and its defense? I have no interest in being a corporate fascist sock puppet.

        1. Chia Cha

          Free will, free assocation and respect for private property are basis of product. And those are highest values respected in US constitution and culture. Therefore it is fully american.

    4. Chia Cha

      Of course deflation with negative interest rates, labour camps for addicts, and salaries decided by facebook organized labour unions, where you can kick president in every moment from facebook group

  5. Chia Cha

    Trump is only human on position of power on world. Ok Salvini, Orban, Bolsanaro are also… But Trump is leading by example, by far. Even Trudeau, from day he become total bit@h of Trump, is becoming normal person.–4To_S5XL8

  6. Chia Cha

    About federal europe, green new deal, food stamp program (very good program unavailable in Europe)…

    1. Chia Cha

      Market based therefore capitalist new investments cycles are less and less possible. Unless of course we are not able to count how to divide fall of value item inside soci@l digital space. For fall in value to be invested in. This is now fight will central bank use private banks or not. Ideologically capitalist private banks are needed as propaganda, so politically they can legeitimize private owners of central banks, but they are very expensive propaganda totally uneconomical in communist economy we have now.

      1. Chia Cha

        We all cannot invest in government bonds, as only investable tool to get return from fall of value. We need my bonds.

  7. Chia Cha

    We must look China as Roman Empire in expansion. As society unable to expand without colonists and needed built infrastructure. Therefore China must fall like Romean Empire fell, by movement from behind. That movement of tribes outside of Roman Empire pushed by asiatic tribes (caused growth of real trade bigger then in roman empire, therefore roman empire to fall).

  8. Chia Cha

    Of course they had it. That is why politburo decided to abolish it self. There is nothing worse then unbaptized communist politburo. All such had to be killed. Ideology is used to protect few against one – king & people. Stalin had to establish monarchy and let me educate his successors. Central planning agency wanted ideologically count everything so nothing will be counted. Innovative aproach again destroyed another fascist enterpise. Similar we have in US today. From different angle. I mean world is round, you spit in one direction, you get hit from another.

    1. Chia Cha

      I mean US have communist economy from 2009, as good path toward soci@lism… When printed money gets out, then price of economic inputes (prices of resources established by owners of market shares only (for now), in combination with politically established minimum wage) is deciding economy, not economy deciding price of inputs (resources) decided by consumers. Rich are totally politically only rich. Work and inteligence is totally decoupled with personal wealth. Consumers are not deciding anything. Therefore we can say we have communist economy supporting hereditary rich on expense of slaves. Do not get me wrong, free market capitalism is even bigger slavery. When UK was free market liberal captialist before 1948, life of Brit was about 42 years, after soci@list reforms were introduced life excpectancy was 70 after 10 years of introduction of soci@l housing and free soci@list healthcare.

  9. Chia Cha

    This is cassus beli toward WASP and mid eastern traders. US is becoming insane with this Capitalist WASP PPPPPPPPP (protestant) Hllary trading policies. Pompeo is insane. MId eastern WASP PPPPP (protestant) traders are alienating only ally on world so few CIA NGO’s can get provision while rich can get richer more. US is becoming insane. Are there only rats on ship? This is becoming WASP PPPPPPP (protestant) pan germanic nationalist supremacy using germanic JEWS to destroy slavic JEws and unity with Slavs. Ask your gemanc PPPPPPP brothers to pay MF. You were killing them, not us. Trade is theft. Germanic ideologicalal mania at finest.

    1. Chia Cha

      HIllary is real example of WASP. Something non-existant. Racist, genocidal, eugenical. AP – for anglo protestant cannot stand, because anglos are anglicans and they have saints, therefore they are not protestant. Therefore english are out, british are out, Irish are out, americans are out bacuse most americans are mix between germans and english… german catholics are out… therefore we only have saxon protestant… one german tribe around berlin, and that is it… That is foundation of evil KKK – nazi capitalist trading self defeating ideological lunacy…

      1. Chia Cha

        Look at this racist frigid pagan KKK scum. Se@ educator. She can dance with Kissinger. and self-genocidal capitalist KKK south africans (their capitalists wanted to keep market united). They cannot even isolate them self properly as group. Paganism at finest. Stonehenge was cricle for sloughtering kids and calling aliens. Which would come. As always. Problem with powerful people is that they think Satan (aliens) are giving them technology and power, not God. And then they allocate of scarce production capacity toward innovation, enterpreneourship and trade, as final nail.

  10. Chia Cha

    I think in war between Russia and Nazis, China will collect what is to be collected, not USA. By Geely (chinese) owned Volvo is getting stakes in Mercedes. While Mercedes in Volvo (not in Geely). Because US capitalist government was so stingy in 2009 and because of pure ideology, Ford had to sell Volvo to chinese state run companies (because capitalism could not supporting bail outs to anything related to production because that goes against our semmitic muslim trading overlords, therefore it had to be sold, even to other governemnt (that is privatization for capitalists even when you sell it to other government) giving chinese 50 years ahead in car development. GM had to sell Open to french nazi capitalist. Capitalism at finest. Because stingy capitalist state could not ideologically save whole Ford and whole GM. Well again after 3 centuries try again reach european shores. They had to give money to their mid easterner traders. Ah also, jaguar and range rover were given to Indians by Ford. Fantastic moves. Moves of genius WASP brains.

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