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15 thoughts on “OPUS 145 CHANGE Partners! PLZ Potus

  1. Petra

    Change partners yes! Why her? She is another Pence!

    1. Chia Cha

      As an empty, suite she is best in town. Plus she as good example had mind suitable enough for reality to change her religion toward proper one. Athough many priests of catholic church should be … today, because they support genocide over catholics conducted by capitalism and scarcity. One priest had his new Mercedes burned in one village here, and next day he bought new. Meny of that should end up on labour therapy.

      1. Chia Cha

        On other hand Candace is hotter, and waaay much smarter, so she should be one. She is not empty.

        1. Chia Cha

          On other hand Candance should not be so amazed how conditions provided to wage destroyers (immigrants) by ICE are better then privatelly owen hotels and college rooms (those you acctually pay) because private sector stinks and is driven by profit. Yes you can go to some expensive hotel, but what is point to pay room which costs like one workers salary just to be feel like in ICE facilitly. For workers capitalism is totally unworkable. We all need to go to ICE camp so we can be saved from capitalism. That just shows how capitalism is producing ugly and dirty and stinky low quality stuff just so they can produce artificial scarcity. I am sure it is also much more clean in any ICE facitlity. Capitalism is punishment for greed.

  2. Chia Cha

    Capitalist are wise to not touch government, their cronies (bureaucrats) they are employing. Bureaucrats are only spending power inside capitalist economy. Without them (if US would only have private sector), size of US economy would be around 2% od today.


    Haley is just another zio/con warmonger, hell Trumps administration is full of zio/cons, and warmongers, enough already!

  4. Chia Cha

    I cannot go to chinese and russians… I cannot be that traitorous, maybe not just yet, but I never felt so alieneted from west and my own government. Common sense is totally privatized. Common is non exisitng. Everyone is turning in to Darwin. And Darwin is preparate also. Btw. there is not just west and east existing. There is south and north existing. I love how Daniel Estulin asks C. A. Fitts, so is this end of american empire, she tells him, well just of middle class (those technocrats unwilling to play ball).

  5. Chia Cha

    Ah I was talking with one gentleman how in communism it was impossible for old person if unable to care for him self to not get housed in proper facitly for old people. No matter income and family member. And local party members would intervene because it was ideologically unthinkable that person could live without proper care. Today old people in villages they die in front of fireplace alone, unable to properly warm them self. Because we have allowed private sector in sector for old people, therefore lack of place in government owned places. And place cost more then monthly pension. When we came on power in 1945 we had to kill all private entrepreneours together with their kids. That is wrong degenerate genetics. Genetic trash. Oh today old people unable to pay those capitalist bills for heating they throw them self from their flats also. Entrepreneours and private company owners are good only for raw meat. Real unemployment rate in US, is about 58% of working capable people + working poor. Bigger unemployment bigger pool of unemployed, therefore bigger job mobility, because of bigger reserve poor for entrepreneours.

    1. Chia Cha

      While Chrysler was producing tanks for US army (Sherman tanks), those tanks were cause of huge american looses because they we so bad and of low quality. That only after US govenrment nationalized tank production lines and impose government designs, US was able to produce tanks able to compete with soviet tanks – tank Patton. 5 years later. Private entrepreneours will produce good quality stuff only while they want to politically abolish government ownership as political showcase (Satan showcase), like in 1980 with Abrams tank. In Israel Merkava is produced by government and is much better then Abrams tank. New Russian tank Armata is produced also by government and can be run remotely and without soldiers. Chinese are now buying our tow big shipyards, builing here longest bridge in Europe, will build one railroad line. Getting control over G5 mobile network. Russia without Putin imposing government control over oil, military industry and banking, would be something like Bangladesh. We must have list of private bankers and start killing them. Government must nationalize whole economy and abolish private companies and put owners to labour camps. I do not see any way out of this. We need violent owerthow of capitalist government. Private crime networks are running all media propaganda today.

  6. Chia Cha

    That eagle behind that CIA ideological moron on overly paid salary by capitalist government will have to produce much blood for his plan to pass. Like I said, there are several kind of disasters. You can get incurable cancer, you can lose your kid, you can live in age of real capitalism, they can kill your whole family, they can kill you, but there is only one disaster which matters, and that is financial disaster. This time that fat (by government filled eagle behind him) is in financial disaster. So for eagle to stay fat, much of real blood will be needed.

  7. Chia Cha

    That CIA government leach, he does have not even one trace of economic exploatation on his face. Who gave money to Jerome Corsi to have so much money for lawyers. They are planning to live long time, seems to me. Who can pay all those leaches to crawl around so much. I am not going to pay that. Those scum they really think they can go against economy and that they should remain rich. Attacking economic marxism. Those people needs to be in mental institutions, they are people with defect brains. They are semi-inteligent lunatics.

    1. Chia Cha

      I mean this guy is right from point of culture and from point of nation, but they are dead wrong from point of economy, just like globalists are. You cannot not to have crony capitalism if cronism is giving more profit. Crony is negation of markets (therefore it reduces risks and rents – it is soci@lism therefore economically more effective). All those guys are idiots economically. You CANNOT forbid in capitalism to rich to do with their own money what they want. Like to BE CRONEIS. If you are allowed to be rich without limits that means you can do what every you want. Or one side will pillage other, and take their money or they will agree to suck people even more. I think at end, they will agree that people must give more blood to both. With Hillary that kind of agreement would not be possible among elite (luckily for people)…

      1. Chia Cha

        All their agreements must be paid. All secret services in US, they think rich people = republic. That is true, but that is end of republic. Because everything will be privatized.

  8. Chia Cha

    It is nice to see Venezuela going full Cuba. FARC should be reactivated or they will end up like soci@l-democrats in Europe. Venezuela won propaganda war against capitlist vampires, or Venezuela really have big ZOO’s there.

    1. Chia Cha

      Capitalist capital creation is based one thing, you enter village, you cut legs from 90% of people and you created capital out of legs of those 10%. You created rich vibrant capitalist economy. Especially when half of those 10% are so poor that they must sell one leg to 5% of those among bottom 90%. We can connect that with protestantism I guess. Protestantism is invention where one duke in germany invested in military protection of some priest who said that there is no point of sending wagons of gold rolling toward Vatican if that gold that be given to develop vibrant village capitalist economy.

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