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21 thoughts on “Opus 143 Sri Lanka Revenge Pay Back is a Bitch

  1. Chia Cha

    I again agree with Dr. P. When america decides do go nationalistic, all other capitalist countries must do as center of accumulation do (leader of capitalism)… Otherwise they could abolish capitalism and invent something else. And I mean, nationalism is good. It is about economy.

    1. Jason

      Things are about to change for the better Chia. Patience is a virtue. I used to live by that as “osu!” meant respect, appreciation, and respect. I am learning that lesson yet again.

      1. Jason

        I am a moron today. I meant to say respect, appreciation, and patience. Still in a fog I suppose.

        1. Chia Cha

          When I said how I worry, that there were no interesting news from US, with that blockade of congress happening, few months ago, seemed like guys were just working behind curtain, like always. I liked Santa Barbara soap opera very much. I never watched whole episode, but Mason was my favorite character.

          1. Jason

            Mason was cool. I liked the hot lawyer lady that he was chasing. I think she still plays a lawyer on another soap opera today.

  2. Chia Cha

    Ah here in this video we see serbian pro-Tito advocate of US on left telling serbian anti-Tito capitalist nazi Stalinist pro-russia pro-china bolshevik chetnik pagan orthodox mongol that he as Stalinist scum destroyed all factories built by money from Marshall Plan. Those Stalnist came on power after Tito died, and they took all east europe to capitalism and they are controling us. And US advocate is right, there is nothing worse then russian capitalist and nothing worse then russian communist. They all are degenerate and violent meat bags sucking own people even more then american capitalsits are sucking americans. Russian KGB capitalist stalinists scum are cooperating with Merkel stasi LGBT farts. EAST EUROPE MUST LIBERATATED FROM THIS KGB YOKE. Fight starts in 49:12. Tito in 1948 was killing all that Stalinist scum… But not enough obviously.

    1. Jason

      Time is short for the cabal. I had a raging headache yesterday that got me close to puking. I decided to try and sleep it off, as sleep tends to cure many things. I had the rare lucid dream that I could remember in its entirety upon waking. I was in a parallel timeline that I have dreamt in many times before, but this time, instead of my house that was always invaded, I entered theirs. These people were not the typical people in my dreams. They were evil, and all of my hairs were electrified as I interacted with them, as their art, engineering, an appetites were wide open as they took me on a tour of their palace, each room a different realm and time. Ironically, they all stunk of fear, and were disturbed at my return to the neighborhood. We must all return to where we belong, and do what must be done, and carry compassion with us till the very end. Fortunately, when I woke up, my headache was gone. I sense a return of the music. Melodies from the heart. Atom Heart Mother.

      1. AL Tru

        Careful with that axe Jason

        1. Jason

          Thank you for that reminder! My main guitar needs to be restrung ASAP.

          1. Chia Cha

            I said it will be glass pyramid, muslim cement minaret or plastic p@nis. But it will be plastic p@nis. Like I said, communist are better then capitalists because communists are less successful, finishing all their plans.

          2. Jason

            That is why I will never visit the Freedom Tower in NYC. Rubbish.

          3. Chia Cha

            That is why Dr. P and you will love with this video.

          4. Jason

            I think China is too busy fighting itself. Their dealings with US corporations are a double edged sword slathered in honey. They have already lost as I have doubts that the Chinese military will allow Xi to destroy their own country.

          5. Chia Cha

            I said year and months ago that China cannot do economically much to US… I am always amazed how empires even when in crisis, they can only collapse (be sabotaged) from with in. Like would be different Muller report. I mean Trump orders is much more cost effective. Clinton way is, you polish and protect trade of others so others can jointly fool US while US is paying that. While Trump is more sane, you do not do it. You watch it from ashore and then you send calvary if market price is set according to price respecting both players. Problem with my solution is it too political. No one is allowed to say they interested, because of ideological reasons. In capitalism there is only one rule if you do not want to lose job as low level bureaucrat (state and corporate) and that is only one rule: 1. run away from anyone who says market can be influenced by any kind of human intelligence other then paid commerical or nuclear bomb (you can freely invent new type of nuclear bomb and put solution on market) 2. Never be too greedy and shape market 3. Not even military counter inteligence can have any power over any private bank, not even if filled with private money from Xi, about that only other private bank must find solution on markets 4. We all agree markets are infinte and market shares nor control of markets can exist, or it does not matter, because markets are infinite. Like I said, in capitalism you can talk ever you like about politics or military secrets, but if you say one thing about economical secrets, you get bullett in your head right away. In communism it is other way around.

          6. Chia Cha

            While with 1M dollars, (I need marketing and programming teams), I would turn whole economy of Laos direclty to US economic distribution channel in 6 months, while only few top would notice. I do not even need bank…

          7. Jason

            I like what you said there. Now is the time to support local commerce in way that is far less stingy than situation now. High altitude market place floats way above common people now, but they want to pull every penny they can out of a$$ of local people, which stifles the resilience of local economies, which in my opinion, should be considered as important element of national security.

          8. Chia Cha

            As you said, problem is ideological. As long as those little vampire sponges operating on local level are sucking with their lazy high prices blood out of blood bags for main bucket to to be filled (bucket always needs to be filled till top for blood to spil over from bucket, so those filling are sure that is that bucket getting filled by all, and for vampires to smell bellow), than there is no any ideological reason to care about those sucked by sponges (those unable to get anything from bucket). They can even be so dried that, even unable producing less blood, but as long Ideological role so sponge is operative problems really do not exist. I as catholic, I do not have any problem with main bucket, I just want to kill those small sponges, because those small sponges are problem. I want to show how bucket can be filled much more without those vampires. I would love to kill their families also. There must be discipline. I hate any kind of disorder and laziness against bucket. I am scientist and inventor. I just want to kill them and end their genetic code. That is when I would be happy.

          9. Chia Cha

            I hope I would be able to work for CIA and do that around countries, to all those not following our common goal for bucket to grow, more, and faster. Killing all those lazy thinking that is their, and they deserved it. While destroying efficency and giving wrong example to kids. My goal is not to become rich, I feel I would not be happy person then, I am not sponge, I do not want to be one of them, my only goal in my life is to kill them. That what I was born for. I would do it for food stamps. I promise I would be very good in my job.

          10. Chia Cha

            Only my banking product gives chance for US to recover own distribution channel after EMP attack in few days, or to destroy blockchain distortions of markets without having to impose state capitalism (communism) and centrally planned economy.

          11. Jason

            When you talk about killing the local “kulaks”, my interest in contacting you to learn of your proposal is negated. You of all people should understand that violence is what you do in private, not what you advertise to the entire world from a position of begging. If your solution is truly excellent, then ideology is not your external problem, but your internal problem. If you are always right, which of course I am not, then making a sale should be easier, where as I have little issue with selling my wares. I am not trying to be mean. I do respect your mind and understand your frustrations. Problem number one at the macro level is that the USA is about to be reinvigorated in ways that if I were to elaborate, would not make it through the sniffer. I am not always right, but my subconscious is. Problem for me number one is that my ideology is the US Constitution. If the 4th amendment is to be stepped on for my own prophet, then I choose no prophet. In this regard, I am a failure if I betray my own religion.

          12. Chia Cha

            Out of deep rescpet toward you, I will not repeat such language. I was trying to be really innovative. I apologize once again. But I need money for team I can trust.

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