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14 thoughts on “OPUS 142 Mueller’s Boomerang

  1. Chia Cha

    Dr P. is really an expert. Dr P. knows people reacted badly even unknowingly to the fact that billionaires gave billions to rebuild. While French cannot pay one $ to rebuild even they would do it much rather than them. Even my mother reacted to that fact.

  2. Chia Cha

    I am so glad here that fast foods cannot find drivers any more to do deliveries because salaries are so low, like never in history. Just like in France. Simply there are too many rich and the number of people is falling. And as long rich are getting richer system can continue. Yes, more cuts will be needed to sustain a system of rich getting richer, economy and number of people will need to shrink, yes total military disarmament and total open border will be needed for getting richer to continue getting richer. But real capitalism is about capital creation and accumulation. And there cannot be an alternative. And when rich are rich enough, only then in shiny capitalist future, we all will finally will live in capitalist paradise. Until then just little more of real capitalism is needed. Capitalism is about getting rich. Rich are not rich enough for us to enter paradise yet but if we work hard enough it will happen around corner.

    1. Chia Cha

      The problem of capitalism are those countries unwilling to follow the leadership of the centre. If we all would shrink economies together, multilaterally, just how LGBT Obama wanted, to impose collective cuts and shrinkage of the economy on the golobal level, like EU is doing in Europe, then mutiny of starved could not be a danger because everyone would shrink itself collectively. Because then no capitalist oligarchy would be able to emerge victorious by doing least cuts. This way evil workers who are not working enough, not respecting fantastic jobs offer by our knight job creators, while getting food to not start a mutiny, because some other capitalist oligarchy could benefit more but cutting less, are stopping rich getting richer fast enough for real capitalism to lead us into capitalist paradise.

  3. Chia Cha

    American people if they want for the US to remain as a cultural entity must protect own borders without any help of military or police because US military and police are not any more constitutional entities serving US constitution. Meaning militias must be formed. Serving for a country to exist must be voluntary because then others are those serve. Every small town, even on the border with Canada must form own militia units. Get guns on the shoulders and form units in front of sheriff office, elect new leader, and say everything opposite what they would. At least while you have guns. Also, find someone who would start printing propaganda leaflets for the town. Inform citizens about a new leader in town, one who would care about small business owners not hiring invaders and their families as new peoples courts. Then kill every member of the town who would then buy something from that small business owner. That is only possible way, everything else is an illusion.

  4. Chia Cha

    Ah serbian people are very happy because of Notre Dam, well orthodox “chirstians” are muslim slave version of “christianity” so they must be happy even more than their muslim masters. Not even one islam newspaper was capable to be so happy.

  5. Chia Cha

    For first time in my life I am sure humanity will not survive on this planet. Capitalism and christianity are totally incompatible. And there is no any conspiracy here. It is ONLY about money. Every documentary on cable TV’s have only one goal, and that is to end Christianity, as only obstable to have full return on investment from p@en@graphy. People in favelas and on Sicily, they need there Christianity to keep mental stability, but that goes against wish of capitalists to sell them some bottles as solution. And Christianity is too organized. Power of money in masonic lodges is only truth, there are no any conspiracies. It is only about money. People are so individual today, that we can just watch total decay and implosion. We can only wait how that new roof of Notre Dam built by capitalists will look like. It will look like pig with lipstic.They are not even mentioning that in last 20 days 20 cathedrals were set on fire by them.

  6. Chia Cha

    Only solution is total nationalization of economy and abolishment of wealth and income enquality. As long as demands are not set that way, and people are not ready to say that that is what they want, why should anyone listen them. They are scum greater then those on top. I do not see red flags with hammers and sickles.

    1. Chia Cha

      Demanding of rich to not be that rich, but somewhat less rich, not even telling how much is limit, just somewhere less… LOL. Wow, that is real position to enter negations. And negations in the name of the people against parasites will be led by f@gs, atheists and open borders advocates. Only soviet tanks are able to lower prices small business parasites are imposing on economy so we can subsidize their ideological foor soldiers. Every small business owner must be killed. Especially those employing people. Those on Wall Streets and really rich, are angels compared to those street stinky bottom ideological street stink crawling on street corners. Ideological scum and waste. Enterpreneours and mum and pappa store owners are hospital biohazard poluted with feces. Feces alone you use as compost in agriculture, but that in combination with hospital hazard (those capitalist foot soldiers) you can only launch on Venus and hope not get nuked by alies provoking them how little we advanced. Species prouducing such waste even as waste is dangerous for universe. It is better to eat uranium rods from Chernobyl then have one tobacco store owner one same coast where you passed by 10 years ago.

  7. Chia Cha

    I have one proposal for Macron, he can put one glass pyramid, one minaret and one big plastic falus on roof. Berlin as centere of g@y culture, especially before they sent Hitler to discipline them, is spreading to Paris. I mean it is EU. Every house in Nepal have little falus on facades of houses. They are pagan culture. I am always right.

    1. Chia Cha

      Like I said Christianity and capitlism have 4 common elements when capitalism relates to Christianity. 1. As market opportunity, hollydays when capitalist will join and celebreate, or produce to some TV shows. 2. Combination: joining two or more religions are way to unite markets 3. As investments in to imperial campaign to spread investments by force 4. Total destruction in sense of atheism as way to more easily sell things you do not need, i.e. to lower costs of commercials.

      1. Chia Cha

        The more markets are free, the lower costs for those 4 is. Satan loses less energy in free markets. That is why capitalism won, communism (state capitalism) was not tool liked by Satan. He did not like it very much to be stuck there.

  8. Chia Cha

    Those on power are atheists, we are ruled by atheists, and because they do not have manpower, for them manpower are muslims. They invested in Islam. For them Islam is future. Every atheist is person without any culture and tradition. They are animals. Of course athesits, muslims and pagans, they are all same. For bankers $ in hands of muslims is better then $ in hand of christian. In France only 5% of population cares about Catholicism. That is why French people are economically extreamly poor.

    1. Chia Cha

      Religious tolerance toward other religions is only cause of economic destruction. Also choosing economic model incompatible with Christianity is also cause of destruction . For Jews and Arabs, capitalism as trade oriented their economic, their prefered model is CAPITALISM. For us Christians, our economic model is SOCI@LISM, that is model closest to us. Communism is also not ours, because communism is state capitalism. We are infected on all fields. And unless we do not ban rich people. Nothing will happen. Every rich person is slave of ISLAM.

      1. Chia Cha

        This is genocide by most clean Jews, Arabs and their rich traders. Our blood are poisoned with capitalism (trading atheist ideology) which is arab ideology. We must start killing atheists as warning. Doing nothing, and tolerance will not help us. Ivanka could be good target as warnning and as example.

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