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14 thoughts on “OPUS 137 EU PU Belgium is a German Schill!

  1. Chia Cha

    They want so become Washington D.C. Idiots.

  2. Charles j schechter,md

    Id like a resource for learning
    Charcter analysis .I am a cardiologist
    Who retired from the cath lab and work in the clinic

  3. Chia Cha

    Weed and Christian culture is totally incompatible, Weed is muslim culture, drug acceptable for them. That is why God is punishing on west consuments with feces manufactured by islamic drug dealers. If you are member of western civilization, then get drugged by wine or beer. For me those are lowest form drug users. Wine is used in mass, therefore it is biblical. Weed is of islam – therefore demonic. That is product of Minnesota congresswomen. We connect that with feces.

  4. Chia Cha

    There can be only one Washington, while Bruxelles can be one Google HQ for Europe and that is all. Everything else is waste of resources inside logistical channel, and dangerous duplication, and for what? Let just look best US army coreagraphy from 0:40, supported by Rock & Roll, something for Melania to arrange again. Beauty of culture is that it is not changing. Now imagine all those who never were in US military? Can those people be alive at all?

    1. Chia Cha

      Only proper path is total end of all fake “friendly” relationships with pagan nations, meaning ending of respect toward different “cultures”, meaning toward un judeo-christian “cultures”, i.e. countries representing them. It is insane to respcet more Saudi Arabia then one Brazil, or have Turkey in NATO (still not kicking them out) and not have Brazil in NATO. Respecting those, is like sleeping with kids, you get peed in morning. Insane leftism and cultural relativism. Chinese and Russian, and muslims, and even, yes, even Indians, they cannot be treated equaly. That is bad for them. They go insane if we treat them equaly, because that goes against God. Even they knows that goes against will of God. They must be respected as individuals, yes, but their religions are unable to solve their problems, it is evil to do any investments in to their “cultures” and cement their inability to evolove..That is like paying money someone to never visit dentist.

    2. Chia Cha

      There is always cure for Germany. Germans were most problemetic to be absorbed in to western civilization. Mozart had some Jewsih blood. So they (germans) should really stop.

    1. Jason

      Brian Stelter would be great as Boss Hog in an LGBTQFUBAR reboot of the Dukes of Hazzard.

      1. Chia Cha

        You mean, B, for bestiality? Next will be, marring a dog, but say what you wish, fact that we have black dogs, and we are not looking them through racist lenses, can be of help in our relations with humans. I never heard anyone tell me: I do not like black dogs. I just heard I like cats, only. I mean even NAZIS were using black Dobermans keeping them on the “proper” side of a fence. Problem with leftism it is destroying too much to build too little.

  5. Always comes back to Blaming Adolf Hitler & The Third Reich! More Lies on Top of Lies will Never Justify United States Roll in taken down Germany just because is was a Rising Star!

    1. Chia Cha

      Dr. P. is a genius. Only genius can have such an accurate view of history. But, let’s not fool our self, it not to be enough to be a genius like Dr. P. alone, that is not enough. You need to be an educated like Dr. P. Only educated genius like Dr. P. can get, that in 1940. France and the UK attacked Belgium to stop Nazi aggression coming from Belgium and Germany. Bruxelles nazis were trying to delay liberation by UK and France in 1940 however long it was needed, even by proclaiming neutrality and threatening liberators. The goal of Belgium is always to subdue France to go NAZI, just how it was done in 1940 after France become allied with NAZIS when French capitalists betrayed France. As they always do in their anti-American insanty for no other reason than for one big nothing. I mean US now have pre-existing conditions protected in healthcare. There cannnot be any reason for such insanity by France.

  6. Chia Cha

    Only I have a solution to solve this problem of Silk Road. I called the office of that Bannon’s friend in Brussels of The Movement, with an aim to present my American digital silk road inside Three Seas initiative. I said I need a bank. God damn. He will be in office and I will call on Monday. If everyone is too stingy then and they think I do not deserve a bank and want to sell own kids to Chinese organ vans, then well I guess that what God has decided. Who am I to go against the will of God. Besides being rich is also an obligation and worry to not get poor. They must beg me to accept bank.

  7. Chia Cha

    Russia is also problematic lefty KGB country working against western Judeo-Christian national-soci@lism. We see here how RT attacks Jews in their anti-Semitic triad just to protect their Aztec pagans agents called MS-13 destroying America. Russia is afraid of going against their Genghis Khan version of non-Christianity that is why they have to bow to their PLO and Aztecs, they know they would have to be an equal partner respecting all, even smaller partners inside the concept of Judeo-Christianity. They are selling their souls to the devil.

    1. Chia Cha

      Both Aztecs and Russians are calculating with Satan to get their own Empires. That is why Wilson concept of carving them all is best. Every nationalism which is not American nationalism is dangerous nationalism because only America can be nationalistic country because only America solved national questions nations can have, as we have evidence inside America. That is why democratic party must be destroyed as an agent for foreign nations attacking only solution nations can have.

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